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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Peter Singer hosts conference on abortion inspired by President Obama

Open Hearts, Open Minds and Fair Minded Words is the name of the conference that will be hosted in October by Princeton University. Sounds good, huh? The topic abortion. Let's look at the organizing committee first....two names jump out at you. Frances Kissling, Yikes and Peter Singer!!! Double Yikes!!! Singer advocates infanticide for babies born with disabilities. From his book Rethinking Life and Death he states
"Since neither a newborn human infant nor a fish is a person, the wrongness of killing such beings is not as great as the wrongness of killing a person."

So if he is part of the organizing  committee, I am very suspicious. I look at the speaker list and do not see any well known speakers. Yes, there is Kristen Day from Dems for Life but she lost credibility when she sold out to Obamacare and tried in vain to protect the Dems who caved.
 Then I see another committee member and speaker....Frances Kissingler of Catholics for Choice (an oxymoron) I  examine her bio and in part it reads..." Her primary interest is the development of a new ethic of abortion that seeks to infuse the traditional feminist approach to abortion as a human right with a commitment to personal responsibility and respect for the value of fetal life." Now what does that mean in real terms...that we are to show respect for the fetus(offspring)  that is about to be the gladiators...those who are about to die salute you or the Peta training one friend went through where they were taught to show respect for the animals they were about to kill.

We oppose abortion because it takes the life of a defenseless human being.  You can pretty it up all you want and talk about the feelings and the plight of the woman. I get that. But the end result is that someone dies here and in a cruel manner. I often wonder if we would put convicted criminals to death in the same manner what kind of outcry we would have. The gist of Roe Vs. Wade was that the woman has dominion over the life in her womb. Her choice to destroy.
They said that this conference was inspired by the words of Obama when he addressed Notre Dame at their commencement. Oh to be inspired by the president who voted against the ban on partial birth abortion and that babies that survived botched abortions should be shelved to die without medical intervention and care because it would place a burden on the mother who made the decision to end the life.  Yes, the one who said babies were a punishment. Oh for such inspiration!
I would love to see honest work on this, but the bridge between life and death is too far. When we use euphemisms and lofty ideas to justify dismembering  human lives  regardless of their disability or wishes of the mother;  we know that this conference is an attempt by the culture of death to try to gain some respect!  They can read the polls and they know they are in trouble. I wonder who is funding this conference?

Issues to be explored:
  •  Emerging opportunities to bridge the abortion divide
  •  Moral status of the fetus
  •  Whether some reasons for abortion exacerbate discrimination against persons
  •  When might a fetus feel pain and what should we do about it
  • How far the right of conscientious refusal extends
  •  Should abortion be a matter for the courts or the legislatures


Anonymous said...

John Finnis is debating Peter Singer on the Moral Status of the fetus and is probably the most famous pro-life philosopher in the world. The Madison Program, a pro-life institution at Princeton, is a co-sponsor. Helen Alvare is a famous is William Hurlbut...he was on President Bush's bioethics council.

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