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Friday, July 30, 2010

(Prolifer)ations 7-30-10

From Jill
by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

Culture Campaign heralds NJ 's Gov. Chris Christie's veto of a bill that would have given a $7.5M grant for family planning to Planned Parenthood.

 Professor Michael J. New reviews Clark Forsyth's book on pro-life political incrementalism, entitled Politics for the Greatest Good. Forsyth (senior counsel at AUL), discusses the incrementalist efforts of both William Wilberforce and Abraham Lincoln which led to the abolition of slavery.

 Big Blue Wave discusses an Abortioneer's dilemma about whether she should tell a woman the truth about the abortion pill and what it actually does, or allow the woman to continue to believe it simply "bring[s] on one's period." Commenters on the Abortioneers blog think it's best to keep the woman in the dark. And they accuse PRCs of peddling misinformation?

 Life Training Institute shows readers how to refute the "don't like abortion, don't have one" argument featured in a recent Birmingham Atheism Examiner article.

 Wesley J. Smith objects to use of the term "murder" when discussing the killing of animals: Murder is defined as the unlawful killing of a human being by another human being with malice aforethought.... Using the word 'murder' to describe the unlawful killing of animals is just another way to blur the crucial distinction between us and fauna.

The school year is upon us, and Mommy Life features some concerns regarding the National Education Association's continued support for abortion. It makes you wonder if these teaching professionals even like children.

 Generations for Life gives us an update on their recent tour and applauds the knowledge and compassion of pro-life teens by including footage of an on-the-street exchange between a pro-life student and a pro-choice man. You can tell this student has been well-schooled in pro-life apologetics:

Persistence pays off

How I love it when the left leaning MSM finally gets it and has to admit that they ,like the abortion industry,  were caught off guard. This politico story admits what that they were resting on the "wink wink " of the paper thin Executive Order and knowing  their friend and fellow pro abort Kathleen Sebelius in  HHS would sneak abortion in through the very  large loop holes.

“This is not the outcome we expected,” said Laurie Rubiner, Planned Parenthood vice president for public policy. “We now know we need to be vigilant to make sure there aren’t other areas of the law where there is silence. There is a whole host of areas that we’re going to be watching like a hawk.”

That doggone Douglas Johnson of NRTL was willing to actually read all the small print in the state exchanges coming down the pike and alas in PA, NM and MD....there it was.  Those pesky pro life advocates.....they sure are persistent. Then sound the alarm and embarrass all those mouthpieces saying of course abortion is not in in "You lie Mr. President" and then the backpeddling.

I guess having the most pro abortion president in history is not quite enough these days.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

(Prolifer)ations 7-23-10

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by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Live Action questions the lack of current yearly report from Planned Parenthood. The last one published was in 2007.
  • Pro Life Blogs posts good news from MI: abortions there declined by 13.9% in 2009....
  • Albert Mohler responds to the discovery of a sperm bank for "celebrity lookalikes" by lamenting society's obsession with "good looks" as opposed to simply being healthy. Who decides what is beautiful?
  • Wesley J. Smith takes exception to a negative review of his book that states he doesn't address animal abuse as "debasing our humanity" when, in fact, he does.
  • Big Blue Wave has some excellent thoughts on an Abortion Gang post which reveals feminism isn't really about promoting women.
  • Catherine Palmer at Ethika Politika examines the stranglehold of abortion on "modern feminism":
  • To say that abortion is fundamental to a woman's equal place in society is one of the lowest blows against my gender; for to say this is to propagate one among several discriminatory, anti-woman beliefs inherent in the pro-choice mentality....
    The responsible modern-day woman will go on the Pill so that her fertility does not become an undesired burden to society. Her biology is consistently high-maintenance and potentially expensive, so artificial birth control and abortion are necessary means of mastering her reproductive ability. On its own, a woman's body just isn't good enough.
    To strip women of their distinct sexuality in the name of feminism is senseless. It suggests an underlying belief that only those qualities which are male are valuable, or worth celebrating, or deserving of respect. It propagates the lie that pregnancy is a problem up to women to prevent at any and all costs - even the cost of their own dignity.
    [Photo by Planned Parenthood via Feminists for Choice]

    Friday, July 23, 2010

    Can I Live.....not if you are going to be a C!!!

    Chloe from Feministing finds this video repulsive...and worthy of mockery because the baby spared from abortion and allowed to live her estimation is just a C grade celebrity. You should have taken the knife mom because Chloe thinks your not worth much. Wonder if Chloe's mom is proud?

     "This video isn’t just about “telling the story of his life,” it’s about encouraging other women to make the same decision his mother did. It’s about telling people that no matter what sacrifices it requires of her, a seventeen-year-old woman who gets pregnant should keep the pregnancy, even if she has to drop out of high school, go to night school and depend on government welfare programs. Even if she has dreams other than the ones in which she sees her baby (“you see me in your sleep, so you can’t kill your dreams”? Really, Nick?). And what’s his reasoning? Because that baby might end up being a C-grade celebrity who will thank you for your strength and sacrifice years later, in the form of a poorly-written rap with a barely-concealed political agenda!"

    Advice wanted from strangers on life and death decisions........

    This question was posted on one of those websites that you can post your question anonymously and get advice from strangers. Pretty serious question involving life and death got me to wondering about where we have come as a society. We do not know or speak to our next door neighbor but we go online and speak to strangers halfway across the world and tell them our deepest secrets.....we use Twitter and Facebook to communicate when we won't talk to our spouse about our issues.

    But back to this sad! Most of the answers affirm that we are by nature self centered and no one has to teach us this trait. It is all about us and if others get hurt by our decisions, so be it. Most of us learn the hard way when we pick up the broken pieces. This girl is not seeking advice from trusted advisers of the past such as parents or clergy......most of the answers are politically is all about what you FEEL......nothing about what is the right thing to what you want to do, what you can live one focused on what is the right thing for the child who is the only innocent person here.

    "I just found out that I am pregnant! About 7 weeks! I was in a relationship with my long term bf that we were planning on getting married. We broke up 3 weeks ago. And I guess the stress from that made me completely forget about a period. We have talked about it many times since I've found out 2 days ago. And we are thinking about abortion. We realize that we were not a good team and having a baby is BIG! But so is abortion! And I don't know if I could live with knowing what I have done. But I have 7 years left of college and he has 6. So thinking of it that way, this stands in the way of my goals. So I'm leaning toward it. But I think that its just selfish. Not to mention he is strongly pushing for abortion!"

    Wednesday, July 21, 2010

    Abortion , Third Pary Payer and the cost of healthcare

     This post popped up in my in box and I gave it a quick read and went on but then I started thinking some more about it..... of course the abortion industry is fighting hard to get the govt. to mandate the payment of abortions by Obamacare and third party payers......for many being that the price can skyrocket and their pockets can be fully lined at tax payers expense..... some excerpts below

    I just ran across another example, and this one could be important since it may resonate with those who normally are very suspicious of free markets. As the chart from the Alan Guttmacher Institute shows, the price of an abortion has been remarkably stable over the past 20-plus years. Let’s connect the dots to make everything clear. Abortions generally are financed by out-of-pocket payments. People therefore have an incentive to shop carefully and get good value since they are spending their own money. And because market forces are allowed, the cost of abortions is stable. The logical conclusion to draw from this, of course, is that allowing market forces for other medical services will generate the same positive results in terms of cost and efficiency.

     The only lesson to be learned is that market forces control costs and promote efficiency and that more government spending and intervention exacerbate the third-party payer crisis.

    IN: Another PP facility gives inaccurate information to encourage abortion

     Live Action release another video showing an employee of PP in IN giving false and misleading information to a young girl considering abortion. Remember PP is part of the lucrative abortion industry and they have a "sell abortion as the preferred option" mentality. Don't let the facts get in the way of making the sale. And they have the nerve of accusing Crisis Pregnancy Centers who offer their services free to all of giving inaccurate information.

    Another Study Finds Link Between Abortion and Breast Cancer

    Another study shows link between breast cancer and abortions. But of course you will not see this publicized and you will see an attack because this is not in the interest of the abortion industry....

    Malec argued that the NCI has for years been dodging the truth that its researchers finally — and somewhat reluctantly — admitted. “It is criminal that the U.S. National Cancer Institute has covered up this risk for over a half century,” Malec said. “It’s becoming increasingly difficult for the NCI to keep its fingers and toes in the dike, especially since many researchers in other parts of the world do not depend on the agency for grants.”

    Tuesday, July 20, 2010

    (Prolifer)ations 7-20-10

    by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Coming Home helps us understand how we arrived at our current point in history regarding euthanasia:

  • A society that commits itself to death as a solution to its self-inflicted financial wounds cannot long endure as a pioneer of extending and improving the quality of life through research in the biomedical sciences; not when the government that funds such research is busy eliminating the need for it.

  • Wesley J. Smith gives a quick preview of his second trip to Australia to lecture about euthanasia. 

  • Fr. Frank Pavone lists simple but essential things everyone can do to stop abortion, like memorizing the phone number for Option Line to pass on to someone contemplating abortion. In addition, an idea of my own is to keep in your pocket or purse a 9 week fetal model to give along with the hotline number.

  • Albert Mohler analyzes the recent NY Times Magazine cover story, The New Abortion Providers, which was previously mentioned here.
  • Pro Life with Christ features WI Right to Life's new "Pass this on for me" pro-life evangelism campaign.
  • Rick's Culture of Life reveals the MSM's untold story about the NAACP convention: the pro-life black genocide protests happening outside.
  • Reasoned Audacity hosts a video of Charmaine Yoest on FOX, giving her take on why the majority of Americans now self-identify as "pro-life" which also demonstrates how a compelling winsome and healthy arguments is what we all need to emulate.

  • Paralyzed British man sues to find out if wife would be prosecuted for killing him

    Oh my...what a story! He said all of that through blinking! I just listened this AM to Joni Erickson Tada who has been a quadriplegic since a diving accident at age 17. She is married but unable to have children. Now she is battling breast cancer. I can't begin to imagine the strength that she displays daily. Really made me ashamed of my small worries in life.

     The Canadian Press -
     The Associated Press 19/07/2010 4:10 PM

    | A British man paralyzed from the neck down is suing to find out whether his wife would face prosecution if she killed him. Tony Nicklinson suffered a catastrophic stroke in June 2005 and can only communicate by moving his eyes, blinking and nodding. In a witness statement provided to London's High Court Monday the 56-year-old said he was fed up with his life and wanted to die. Nicklinson is unable to end his own life and wants to know whether his wife, Jane, faces prosecution for murder if she kills him. Assisted suicide and mercy killing remain illegal in Britain, but attitudes have softened. Last year British prosecutors unveiled new guidelines which effectively decriminalized many forms of assisted suicide.

    Update: Univ. of Victoria settles lawsuit with college declares victory

    The campus pro life group at the University of Victoria received back money and was reinstated in an out of court settlement per report. Congratulations on the club for standing their ground and standing for principle.
    This is the outrageous picture that started this.
    "Youth Protecting Youth announced Monday that the two sides agreed to settle the lawsuit out of court and claimed victory in the process. Under the agreement, the anti-abortion group received more than $700 it should have been paid over the last two years. Youth Protecting Youth was also formally reinstated as a club, and the students' society revised its policies to expunge the sections that targeted anti-abortion groups. "Our goal as a club on campus is advocating the right to life for all human beings and it's unfortunate that we haven't been able to do that as much in the past two years because we've been having to deal with being denied funding, being denied status," Anastasia Pearse, the group's president, said in an interview."

    Monday, July 19, 2010

    Mark Pickup: Shame on the MS Society

    Mark Pickup  writes a strong and brave post taking to task the Multiple Sclerosis Society for their desire to use ESCR and encouraging others to support the passage of legislation. Since Mark suffers from MS he can say with boldness  what the  healthy cannot voice.
    "After more than 26 years with this progressive disability, I know what discrimination and exclusion is like. Why would I accept any treatment based upon the belief that other human life is of less value -- so much less value that it is expendable?!"

    Keep her title but let's strip her of her power.

    Planned Parenthood Names Pelosi “Champion of Women’s Health” 
    from Suzy

    Thursday night, as reported by Lifenews, Planned Parenthood threw a party-featuring 300 cheering high school students and college students where Cecile Richards presented Nancy Pelosi with the “Champion of Women’s Health” award. Since “Women’s Health" is primarily a euphemism for abortion, I’m actually inclined, for once, to agree with Planned Parenthood. Pelosi certainly is their champion!

    Her efforts to ram health care that includes taxpayer funding of abortion down the throats of Americans, for which she is being rewarded, practically make her the abortion queen. Or maybe Cecile Richards is the queen? Pelosi can be abortion princess. Another thing Pelosi is the champion of : hypocrisy. The prime example of this being her blatant actions and words against life while still, bizarrely, claiming to be a faithful Catholic. 

    Pelosi has earned her title. We’ll let her keep it, but let’s do everything we can to take away her power.

    Saturday, July 17, 2010

    (Prolifer)ations 7-16-10

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    by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Big Blue Wave posts an excerpt from The Abortioneers mocking those women who stress over what "god" thinks of their abortions. They muse that if there were a "god," he would not care about any one woman's abortion but would instead be focused on global warming, genocide and civil wars....
  • Mommy Life has a well-documented post about Jim Wallis, editor of Sojourners magazine and "self-anointed evangelical king of Social Justice." His magazine received a $200k grant in 2004 from pro-abort George Soros.
  • ProWomanProLife reports the government of Quebec will now pay for fertility treatments to increase their population. They will cover up to 3 cycles of IVF, estimated to cost $25M+ for 1 year.
  • Wesley J. Smith gives an example of the broad agenda of the euthanasia movement. In Australia, a bill seeks to define a "terminal illness" as one which would result in a patient's death within 2 years. It also affords doctors immunity from criminal and civil penalties for performing euthanasia.
  • American Papist hosts a video applauding the Catholic Health Association's help in passing Obamacare. The CHA "not once in this nearly 10-minute video discusses the abortion-funding controversy, the inadequate conscience clause protection, or the fact that their co-advocates for the legislation were groups like Planned Parenthood." Jump to 8:09 to hear Obama himself congratulate CHA:
  • Did abortion views lead to firing?

    Austin, TX

    Driver wouldn't take woman to Planned Parenthood

    Updated: Friday, 16 Jul 2010, 6:28 PM CDT
    Published : Friday, 16 Jul 2010, 3:26 PM CDT
    AUSTIN (KXAN) - A federal lawsuit filed on Wednesday claims that a former driver for the Capital Area Rural Transportation System was fired because he refused to drive a passenger to Planned Parenthood .
    According to the lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court , the former driver, Edwin A. Graning, was instructed to pick up a woman on January 29 at 7:30 a.m. and take her and another woman to Planned Parenthood in Austin.
    The lawsuit claims Graning is an ordained minister who is “strongly opposed to abortion.”
    According to the lawsuit , Graning told his supervisor that he could not “in good conscience” take someone to have an abortion.
    Graning’s supervisor allegedly responded by saying, “Then you are resigning.” Graning said he was not resigning. According to the lawsuit, Graning was later told to drive his bus back to the yard and park it. He was then fired.
    “I think we have a very good case,” said one of Graning’s attorneys, Edward White with the American Center for Law and Justice . “Once Mr. Graning expressed his religious objection to his employer, his employer had an obligation to attempt to accommodate Mr. Graning.”
    The lawsuit does say that Graning did not know if the client was going to get an abortion, only that he thought she might.
    Graning and his legal team are claiming CARTS violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 .
    In the lawsuit Graning seeks reinstatement, back pay, and damages for pain, suffering and emotional distress.
    A lawyer representing C.A.R.T.S said they are looking forward to responding to the lawsuit. She also denies that Graining was discriminated against.

    Friday, July 16, 2010

    The Obamacare Abortion Lie Is Up ...three out of five states checked planned to pay for abortions with tax dollars

    PA, NM, and now MD.... As soon as NRTL finds them and publishes hits the fan and then the back tracking. No longer it is not true...but whoops how did that happen. The Hyde Amendment which has to be renewed annually and only pertains to medicaid the worthless EO is not even classified as a fig. Lie exposed and now the backtracking and roll back by the states. So mad are the pro aborts...hey this is why we put up with the sham EO but to think you are really going to do it....well we will just see about that. You were supposed to be our guy! Pro lifers will keep checking....stay tuned. Great wrap up from NRO

    From NRO
    [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

    Douglas Johnson from the National Right to Life Committee points out this afternoon that the federally funded Maryland high-risk pool was going to use federal funds for abortion coverage in their new Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP), too. Just like in Pennsylvania and New Mexico. (National Right to Life Committee has looked through five states' documentation, and an abortion-funding siren has gone off in three of them.) After NRLC, NR, the House Republican leader, and others highlighted this from the Pennsylvania and New Mexico plans this week, the Department of Health and Human Services finally issued a release yesterday assuring that they will, in fact, issue guidelines forbidding abortion coverage in the Obamacare federally funded PCIP state programs. And today, the National Women's Law Center, among others, are upset with the administration for saying they'll do such a thing. Which means the lie is up: Obamcare never prohibited abortion funding. It's a matter of administrative discretion. The Obama administration and other Democrats have been hawking the myths that a) there is some kind of global Hyde amendment that forbids all federally funded abortions and b) the executive order solves all problems. If a and b were true, how were any state plans approved that were covering abortions? The truth of the matter is that news today that Maryland was planning on funding abortions in their high-risk pool is but the tip of the iceberg. Don't be surprised if another story drops. And if it's not a high-risk pool. And the administration will have to provide a new myth or actually act — as HHS is saying it plans to — to prohibit that which is not currently prohibited. But don't expect them to admit they've been lying to us all this time.

    Jill Stanek's Pro-Life & Abortion News and Information

    Jill Stanek's Pro-Life & Abortion News and Information

    Thursday, July 15, 2010

    PA, NM and Kenya.

    PA and NM and Kenya....what do they all have in common. Obama wants to support abortion using our tax money. I already blogged about PA setting up high risk pools using tax money to pay for abortions and now New Mexico From  NRO 
    "In New Mexico, the new $37 million high-risk pool began enrolling individuals on July 1. They will start receiving benefits in August, including elective-abortion services, according to the state insurance department's website. Once a deductible is paid, 80 percent of the elective abortion is covered."
    Now what's this about Kenya ? Well, in violation of the Siljander Amendment which carries civil and criminal penalties, Obama is funneling monies to NGO's that are rallying for the change in the constitution to include abortions.

    Now the Obama administration is doing a double take and a quick soft shoe. First they said abortion is not in there and when proven wrong....they quickly pulled out the language proving their untruthfulness or incompetence...  take your pick. So now they are correcting the language stating their support for funding of abortion.
    This makes NARAL  furious and they sent out a email blast demanding the pro choicers  remind this pro choice president who brought him to the dance.

    Help us fight back. Tell President Obama that the abortion-coverage ban was not part of the agreement on health reform.

    Tuesday, July 13, 2010

    PA:tax payer abortion under Obama Care.....this is just the start

     Well Mr. President what about that Executive Order...

    Washington, DC ( - The Obama administration has officially approved the first instance of taxpayer funded abortions under the new national government-run health care program. This is the kind of abortion funding the pro-life movement warned about when Congress considered the bill.
    The Obama Administration will give Pennsylvania $160 million to set up a new "high-risk" insurance program under a provision of the federal health care legislation enacted in March.
    It has quietly approved a plan submitted by an appointee of pro-abortion Governor Edward Rendell under which the new program will cover any abortion that is legal in Pennsylvania.

    The high-risk pool program is one of the new programs created by the sweeping health care legislation, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, President Obama signed into law on March 23. The law authorizes $5 billion in federal funds for the program, which will cover as many as 400,000 people when it is implemented nationwide.

    "The Obama Administration will give Pennsylvania $160 million in federal tax funds, which we've discovered will pay for insurance plans that cover any legal abortion," said Douglas Johnson, legislative director for the National Right to Life Committee.

    Johnson told "This is just the first proof of the phoniness of President Obama's assurances that federal funds would not subsidize abortion -- but it will not be the last."

    (Prolifer)ations 7-13-10

    From Jill

    by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN
    • # Catherine Palmer at Ethika Politika discusses the coming new role for doctors as "physician-euthanizer" and "healer-destroyer" and points out the dichotomy: The physician's aim is to heal; our focus should remain on this aim, not his potential power over life and death. It is not only unjust, but also illogical, to eliminate suffering by eliminating the sufferer. # Americans United for Life expresses concerns about a new, inexpensive blood test due out in 4 years that can detect Down Syndrome and other congenital health problems in the preborn baby through a simple blood draw from the mother. 
    •  Thomas Peters writes in American Papist of the continuing push by the Obama administration to force hospitals into providing abortions and contraception or be forced out of health care. He encourages people to sign the Protect Life Amendment petition so Catholic hospitals can practice medicine without violating their beliefs. 
    •  Disability Matters discusses the recess appointment of Dr. Donald Berwick, who is an " unabashed fan of health care rationing." 
    •  Scott Klusendorf of Life Training Institute conducted a recent summer camp for high school and college students in IN. He shares his notes on Advanced Pro-Life Apologetics. A must-read for pro-lifers. 
    •  Stand for Life calls the National Defense Authorization Act for 2011 to allow abortions in military hospitals the "biggest political war over abortion since the passage of the health care overhaul." # Judie Brown of American Life League discusses the growing concern of the potential takeover of a Catholic hospital in Boston and how the alleged agreement under consideration would allow the hospital to operate under Catholic principles unless they are deemed "unlawful or materially burdensome." She asks, "why the charade to mislead the public that Caritas will remain Catholic?"

    Monday, July 12, 2010

    Abortion and ice cream flavor...are they both a preference item??

     Precious 12 year old Lia Mills teaches us again....this time about ice cream preference and abortion.

    Eveyone has an opinon on fate of Becky's baby

    Feministing is rooting for Becky to get an abortion. Why,  because 15 year old Becky wants to get out of small town Dillon and she is being raised by a single mother and does not want to relive her mother's life.

    Hmmmm Becky's baby gets no life and Becky just elected to become the mother of a baby that is now dead by her own choice. May sound harsh but true. Throughout all this was the adoption word even muttered. There was an option that could allow Becky to return to her giggly carefree life that ended in her pregnancy and allow the child to live. 

    New York Times writes an opinion piece on it and of course does not bring up adoption but focuses on what they call the anti choice nature of most movies but one line that jumps out is

    "Friday Night Lights” chose to maintain its commitment, above all, to the world it renders — and to its quasi-Marxist understanding that economics dictate everything."
     So true.......but after all it is all about in going through a selfish phase.

    This made me think of a young girl age 18 who was raised by a single mother. She was pregnant and trying to decide what to do. She said she was sad because she will never know what her child looked like and had to live with that. A child was an 18 year burden she said  and she choose abortion because that is what her mom and much older boyfriend wanted. The rest I will have to learn to live with, she said.

    Adoption is an option that all can live with...but going through a selfish stage...

    Democrats For Life Promises Counterfeit ‘Whole-Life’ PAC

    Democrats For Life Promises Counterfeit ‘Whole-Life’ PAC

    Sunday, July 11, 2010

    Coming Soon: With a simple blood draw from the mother, defects may be spotted in the preborn...but what happens next?

    Do all medical advances bring improvements to our lives?? I asked that question as I read the story that  in about 4 years medical experts hope to have an accurate and non invasive means of testing a pregnant woman with a simple blood draw to detect for Down Syndrome  and other defects. The point to detecting Down Syndrome in the womb is not to treat but to offer to kill.

    Dr. Brian Skotko, a physician at the Children's Hospital Boston who is on the board of directors of the National Down Syndrome Society, told that many doctors aren't adequately trained to counsel women on having children with Down syndrome, and worse, some who diagnose an expecting couple's child with Down syndrome encourage them to terminate the pregnancy.
    "The age is swiftly coming where not all possible technologic advances may bring welcomed change. Parents who have children with Down syndrome have already found much richness in life with an extra chromosome," Skotko wrote in an article published in the BMJ in October 2009.
    In this day of designer  babies, defects detected have  become a death sentence.

    Friday, July 9, 2010

    Pro Life oxymoron??

    Great article in Weekly Standard on pro life Democrats....are they an endangered species? It seems that way after they caved so during the Healthcare vote. They will have a target on their backs for certain. Pro lifers may not be very wealthy but they are loyal and hard working. When you need "boots on the ground" these are the people you look to.

    (Prolifer)ations 7-9-10

    by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Real Choice reports the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against Planned Parenthood in a fraud case in CA:

  • The allegation is PP affiliates in CA illegally marked up the cost of various birth control drugs when seeking government reimbursement, resulting in tens of millions of dollars of over-billing - at taxpayer expense. State audits in both CA and WA have found PP affiliates guilty of over-billing.

  • Mark Crutcher points out how easily pro-life advocates can fall into the trap of using inaccurate language when it comes to abortion, and reminds us to be aware of the rhetoric we use.
  • Suzy B is compiling signatures for a petition to investigate Planned Parenthood for their $1.6B "accounting error" with taxpayer money.
  • Life Training Institute puts forth the argument that humanity is no more or less evil today than it was in the past.
  • Pro-Life Action League looks back at July 8, 2006 when a Face the Truth Tour in Mundelein, IL was shut down and pro-lifers were threatened with arrest. 2 years later, the Tour returned and a baby was saved from abortion.
  • Albert Mohler analyzes a recent New York Magazine article that states parents are "less happy" than non-parents, and the reasons why that might be so.
  • Ginsburg: We will never go back to the way it once was...speaking of Roe

     This article from Politico...leads with a discussion of abortion.

    ASPEN, Colo. — Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg declared Thursday that abortions would continue to be available to women regardless of the legal challenges now being waged by opponents of Roe v. Wade.

    "Over a generation of young women have grown up, understanding they can control their own reproductive capacity, and in fact their life's destiny," Ginsburg said in rare public remarks. "We will never go back to the way it once was."

    Ginsburg said that any changes in access to abortion simply hurts poor women.

    "If people realize that, maybe they will have a different attitude," she said.

    Photo from

    Thursday, July 8, 2010

    Nortre Dame: Values-based decision making award to GE despite their involvement in ESCR

     Here we go again with Notre Dame. They have no shame.

    From Spero News

    The University of Notre Dame has ignored a request to rescind the University’s May 2010 honor to General Electric (GE) for “values-based decision making,despite the company’s involvement with embryonic stem cell research, according to a press release from the Cardinal Newman Society.

    In a letter dated June 1 to Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins, C.S.C., Cardinal Newman Society President Patrick J. Reilly wrote, “Given Notre Dame’s Catholic identity, especially considering its ‘Statement Supporting the Choice for Life’ issued a month ago, it is contradictory and potentially scandalous for the University to honor a company which is in clear conflict with the teaching of the Catholic Church.”

    “Although the award has already been given to General Electric,” continued Reilly, “I strongly encourage you to publicly revoke the honor so that progress made by Notre Dame as a Catholic, pro-life institution may continue. Most importantly, I suggest that this honor and last year’s commencement controversy point to the value of a consistent university policy on honors and platforms to uphold Notre Dame’s Catholic mission.”

    As of this date, The Cardinal Newman Society has not received a response from the University.

    On May 28, the University of Notre Dame issued a press release announcing the 2010 recipients of the Mendoza School of Business’s Notre Dame Executive Education awards. GE was among the awardees honored for “commitment to values-based decision making.

    Last year, GE launched a partnership with Geron Corp., a world leader in embryonic stem cell research and cloning, to sell products derived from embryonic stem cells. Reuters reported that Konstantin Fiedler, general manager of cell technologies at GE Healthcare, said, “This could replace, to a large extent, animal trials. Once you have human cells and you can get them in a standardized way, like you get right now your lab rats in a standardized way, you can actually do those experiments on those cells.”

    In April, Forbes Magazine identified Geron (citing the partnership with General Electric) as one of four “standard-bearers for stem cell therapies.” Forbes noted that “Geron’s treatment for spinal cord injury was the first human embryonic stem cell therapy to receive FDA approval for a clinical trial.” In 2000, Geron patented the technologies used to create the infamous cloned sheep “Dolly.”

    According to the Cardinal Newman Society, there are also indications that GE may itself be engaged in embryonic stem cell research, or at least intends to pursue it. In 2008, GE identified “[r]esearch involving embryonic stem cells” as a company priority in demonstrating “responsible citizenship.”

    Since 2005, GE company policy has allowed research using embryonic stem cell lines that are approved for use by the federal government. Last year President Barack Obama allowed federal funding for research using new stem cell lines from destroyed human embryos—but even President George W. Bush’s limited approval or research on pre-existing stem cell lines was condemned by the U.S. bishops as “morally unacceptable.”

    The U.S. bishops also mandated in 2004: “The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions.”

    In June 2010, The Cardinal Newman Society protested Boston College’s decision to honor General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt, who delivered the university’s commencement address and was awarded an honorary degree.
    Notre Dame University has come under fire from Catholics and other Christians for its invitation to President Barack Obama despite his fervent defense of women's right to abortion.

    West Seattle Summer Fest: First it was no it is yes abortion advocay booths..... but just one each please

     Interesting post from West Seattle re: their problems trying to run a family friendly summer fest. At first they said no pro life or abortion rights booths because of complaints and then this dictate caused a stir and so their new compromise is to allow one booth representing each side and they are hopeful this will resolve the issue.
    I remember when I was in charge of the Pro Life Sunday at church and wanted children to do the white rose display which is a gentle but moving reminder of the number of lives lost to abortion since Roe V Wade. Children carry white roses to a cradle at the center of the stage and place the rose in the cradle while Brahm's Lullaby is being played. It is very moving. I had asked one family who adopted two children from another country to participate but they declined since they do not want their children to know about the horror of  abortion. I can understand that but I continue to struggle with hiding abortion because it is too awful to show or talk about.....but we allow it, promote it, legalize it, justify it.

    Black Endorsed By Leading Pro-Life Group

    Susan B. Anthony List endorses Senator Diane Black in Sixth District

    GALLATIN, TN – – Tennessee State Senator Diane Black was honored to received the endorsement today from Susan B. Anthony List, the nation's leading advocacy group for pro-life women in politics. They have endorsed Black in Tennessee's Sixth District Congressional Primary.

    "I am incredibly honored to receive the endorsement of such a high-profile and influential pro-life organization like the Susan B. Anthony List," Black said. "They have worked tirelessly to protect the unborn, and I will continue to be a voice for the unborn as a Congressman from the Sixth District, just as I have been while serving in the Tennessee General Assembly. As a nurse, a mother and a grandmother, I know how precious life is, and I will continue to value life in all I do."

    "Tennessee and all American women deserve the pro-life feminine leadership Diane Black has already evidenced in the state legislature. No one in the nation has done more than she in advancing the true needs of women and their unborn children in the law," said SBA List Candidate Fund President Marjorie Dannenfelser. "Black's commitment to rescind taxpayer funding of abortion in health care and in every aspect of federal spending is urgently needed in the coming Congress. A new women's movement which affirms its original pro-life roots is making its way to the House of Representatives, and Diane Black is one of its brightest new stars."

    Black, having served in the Tennessee State Senate since 2004 has worked tirelessly introducing various pro-life bills in the General Assembly. This year, she sponsored a bill in the State Senate that prohibited taxpayer-funded coverage associated with the federal healthcare bill for abortion services in Tennessee. She fought against the Executive Order signed by President Obama as part of an agreement to gain the votes of a key block of anti-abortion Democrats as the price for the massive federal health care law will not stop federal funding of the procedure. Black was opposed to the federal health care law, which allowed for the funding of elective abortions. The bill sponsored by Black prohibited any health care plan established pursuant to federal health care reform legislation enacted by the 111th United States Congress from offering coverage for abortion services.

    Currently, the TennCare program in Tennessee reimburses for abortions in cases of rape or incest as required by current federal law. Black was sponsor of a resolution to give Tennesseans the opportunity to determine, by the states, what the law should be regarding common sense protections for abortions. Black also sponsored a new law to defund Planned Parenthood by ensuring that family planning funds go to public women's health service providers first.

    The Susan B. Anthony List's stated goals are to increase the percentage of pro-life women in Congress and high public office. They work to increase the representation of pro-life women in national and state politics. They endorse only select pro-life candidates and they must fulfill criteria such as being a pro-life woman running for election to Congress or statewide office and earning the official approval of the Susan B. Anthony List Candidate Selection Committee. Other leaders endorsed by the Susan B. Anthony List include Tennessee Congressman Marsha Blackburn, and Representatives Michelle Bachman (MN) and Kevin McCarthy (CA).

    Wednesday, July 7, 2010

    Pro Life in Knoxville | Witness against Planned Parenthood

    Fletcher posts this report.
    "Choice" signs on display at Market Square. Last week, the Pro-Life Coalition of East Tennessee (ProCET) organized a protest at a Planned Parenthood (PP) fundraiser in Knoxville. About 30 people came to peacefully witness against baby killing. The Tomato Head restaurant was closed to everyone but PP, and probably 20 or 30 people attended their event. It was mostly an older crowd. Our ProCET group was much more diverse, ranging in age from 7 to 70. A few of us held the CBR “Choice” signs, and passersby studied them very intently. Several people thanked us for being there, which we appreciated. One man, probably in his mid to late 30’s, told us that many years ago he had gotten a girl pregnant. She had aborted without his consent. It was devastating; he even ended up on the streets for a while. He still misses that child. He said he was grateful for our presence and he and his friend encouraged us to “Keep it up!” Protesting Planned Parenthood at Market Square We are very grateful to Paul Simoneau and Lisa Morris of ProCET for organizing this and many other pro-life efforts in Knoxville.

    Tuesday, July 6, 2010

    Proliferations for 7-6-2010

    from Jill

  • Sarah Flashing at Women of Faith in Culture asks the question, "Is IVF a sin?" and points out the trouble with the Christian sentiment which states, "if you have prayed about it and strongly feel it is the right thing to do, then go for it."
  • Big Blue Wave revisits the plight of pro-life Canadian sidewalk counselor Linda Gibbons, who has served almost as much collective jail time for her "crimes" as female murderer and rapist Karla Holmolka.
  • At Coming Home, Dr. Gerard Nadal addresses the need for less territoriality and greater sharing of resources within the pro-life movement in order to end abortion.
  • Genuine GOP Mom hosts a video from Fr. Frank Pavone's series on praying to end abortion:

  • Friday, July 2, 2010

    Prolifer)ations 7-2-10

    Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgfrom Jill

    by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Parenting Freedom points to a Daily Mail article regarding the discovery of an ancient Roman dumping ground (likely a brothel) containing the bodies of 97 newborns.
  • Pro-Life Action League compares graphic abortion photos to depictions of the Cross. Both are graphic, both are true.
  • Ethika Politika discusses modern American utilitarianism which affects both the preborn and the elderly.
  • Voices Carry highlights The Demographic Winter DVD, which shows the fallacy of the "population bomb."
  • Fr. Frank Pavone responds to the argument that the pro-life movement should focus on changing hearts instead of laws:
  • In fact, changing people's hearts is the solution to every problem that the world faces. But that doesn't mean that we don't have laws.... As Martin Luther King Jr. said, the law cannot get the white man to love me, but it can stop him from lynching me.
    ... When our children learn in school that something is legal, they are learning that such a thing is right.
    [Roman excavation photo via DailyMail]

    If you are willing to die for a cause, you must be prepared to kill for it, too.”

    Albert Mohler reviews an article that just appeared in the London Times that is totally honest but totally chilling to the bone... in the callousness of the admission. She affirms that abortion is killing but calls it the lesser of two evils....and something that must be done to perserve the issue of feminism. This is the basis for Roe Vs. Wade, that the woman has dominion over the life in her womb and that her wishes take precedent over the child's right to exist.
    Here are some excerpts....
    "She takes the pro-choice side of the argument to task for the moral evasion and dishonesty of arguing against the fact that the fetus is a human life. “Any other conclusion is a convenient lie that we on the pro-choice side of the debate tell ourselves to make us feel better about the action of taking a life.”

    " Yes, that fetus is a human life, she argues, but that life must yield to the inviolable feminist principle of abortion rights."You simply cannot “decouple feminism from abortion rights,” she insists, adding, “you cannot separate women’s rights from their right to fertility control.”
    "Even as she admits that her position on the moral status of the unborn child has been utterly changed, she insists that her absolutist position on abortion rights has not. When it comes down to the right of the fetus to live versus the right of the mother to abort, the abortion right wins."