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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Abortion Ad: Gentle, convenient, streamlined, no memory

HT to Accepting Abundance who wrote a great post examining this from a different angle. A good read and a real wake up call for us. But I looked at this ad in a different way. This if from an ad for Gentle Abortions that is from Dr. Emily in NYC.

Gentle Abortions- Streamlines for your convenience
  • Abortion service often completed within single 2 hour visit
  • Abortion available as early as a positive pregnancy test
  • We verify your insurance prior to the appointment

Updated Traditional Abortion
  • 1 day procedure-even up to 20 weeks
  • Oral medications, instead of vaginal inserts, for the added comfort, safety and convenience  of today's womanTIPS.

 20-24 Week Abortion Service
  • For larger pregnancies, a 2-day procedure helps ensure the safety of the patient. Anesthesia guarantees that patients have no pain and no recollection of the procedure.

Like going to the grocery store where they advertise no waiting in lines. We have express lift during your lunch hour.....oil change in 30 pizza delivered in one hour.....massage at the airport  while you wait for your plane.....No memory.....No pain......Gentle ......Convenient.

There is no way to pretty this up. Abortion kills your child. 

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