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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

TN Legislators voted to honor Hedy Weinberg ACLU head. Update !!!

Update 2-18-10!!
My what a difference a day makes.... it seems that the original resolution highlighted below was pulled off the consent calendar and replaced with this resolution. At first blush it looks like the same resolution but......someone has advised them to take out the references to her specific advocacy on certain issues that would be "hot button" to their constituents .....issues she is proud  enough of to highlight but in order to get votes needed....eliminated from the glaring view of the voters. This new and improved ??version was quickly voted on yesterday in the senate with a 26-0-4. It has now been placed on the House Calendar for Monday , the 22nd. Read both resolutions and see if how you want your Rep voting for you on this one. You can find contact info. for your rep here. As one rep. just told me....well we voted for a resolution to honor Michael Jackson, what next???

TN legislators of the liberal persuasion snuck one by with this resolution and little benign cooperation from the other side .

Today  the state senate  voted to honor the head of the TN ACLU! She was recently profiled by ultra liberal Tennessean editorial page director Dwight Lewis. Amazingly enough she was even nominated to be considered as Tennessean of the honor she did not receive. In this article, Lewis asked her what she was most proud of...... she  answered as follows:

"In the early '90s, there was a case out of East Tennessee, the frozen embryo case that dealt with who was going to have custody. The judge, I think it was Justice (Cissy) Daughtrey, issued an opinion ruling there was a right to privacy as it pertains to procreation. Recognizing that, ACLU decided that this was a good time to really try to expand and protect reproductive freedom rights for women in Tennessee. So, what we did was to look at what we understood had long been a problem with some of the provisions in the Tennessee abortion statute that were fairly burdensome restrictions on women's ability to access abortion services.

We decided it was best to challenge those provisions. We went to Planned Parenthood and asked them to join in with us, and we ... filed a lawsuit challenging several restrictions in the Tennessee abortion statute. It took a good six years, but it was a monumental decision that the Tennessee Supreme Court, in fact, issued and it was the first time the court dealt with the abortion issue. And what they said in their opinion was that there is a right to privacy that pertains to abortion. That was a very exciting decision because we were expanding rights for women in Tennessee."

 She is most proud  common sense regulations around abortion voted into law by duly elected bi partisan members of the legislature were struck down as unconstitutional and the activist judges found that our state constitution written in the 1800's held a right to abortion!


The public proclamation states in part........that she endeavors to ensure that the voiceless, receive the protections guaranteed them by our founding fathers; and........throughout her estimable career, Ms. Weinberg has sought to ensure  the constitutional rights of all Tennesseans.
 How many voices have been silenced for eternity, Ms Weinberg? How many women and men have been eternally wounded because they were vulnerable and received no or incomplete information or chance to reflect on their decision. How many women have been  harmed physically due to not receiving proper medical care in  abortion facilities that remain uninspected and  with no regulations  imposed on them. The abortion industry may smile on you but shame on the TN legislators who did.


Anonymous said...

OMG, so many particulars for a first time poster to write, but I will survive.

Any chance you folks might be interested in joining the 20th Century?

Anonymous said...

Can we take this to mean that Pro Life in TN *doesn't* believe in a right to privacy?

Nancy W. said...


Privacy has nothing to do with it. Abortion facilities still had to abide by HIPAA laws under the COMMON SENSE protections we used to have, which cover all aspects of privacy. That was a smokescreen and was totally irrelevant to what was actually happening in our state. Seriously, how can informed consent (being told the risks associated with a MAJOR SURGICAL procedure - which is a REQUIREMENT for all *REAL* physicians), time to reflect on your decision, and access to ALL RELEVANT INFORMATION AND OPTIONS be considered an invasion of privacy?

ALL laws invade the privacy of one person or another. Are you going to next argue that legislators and police officers should not be able to seize and search computers of suspected child abusers because it invades their "privacy". Please. A right to privacy ends when another human being is harmed. And that is PRECISELY what abortion does - it TERMINATES a life.

Shouldn't a person considering abortion have ALL the information? Or should they have only the information the pro-abortion crowd and the FACILITY THAT IS TAKING THEIR CASH UP FRONT wants them to have?

I guess your concern about "privacy" is the reason you posted as "anonymous." Very brave.

And last time I checked, it was the 21ST century. Might want to check up on 21st century embryology and the scientific definition of when human life begins.

Anonymous said...

The first time the RESOLUTION came up in the Senate Mae Beavers bumped it off the consent calendar. She wanted it bumped off again but was told to just vote no or pass. The rules say you can't have a no vote on a consent calendar.