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Monday, May 21, 2012

TN mom banned from Facebook for posting pics baby with defects....who lived 8 hrs.

Facebook has been known for banning pro life pics  of aborted babies.   They have also  been known to relax their standards on other social issues.  Millington, TN mom fights back and was subsequently banned from Facebook for 24 hours for re-posting pictures of her baby Grayson James Walker  who lived only 8 hours following birth.
(Heather) Walker learned of her baby’s fatal birth defect 16 weeks into her pregnancy. Though doctors said she could choose to abort, she decided to carry her son to term, turning to her faith to help with the months ahead.
 This family has a right to grieve their loss anyway they want. They hired a photographer from the non profit Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep to capture the short hours God gave them with their third child.
Heather and family are not taking this rebuff lightly as she reports in this video. I had posted previously about another TN family who had the same issue with their son Isaiah who lived  barely an hour but this  artistic family had the most beautiful way to honor his short life during their celebration of his life. 


Anonymous said...

beautiful. i love that they honored their child's life like that. i think that it is amazing that she chose to accept that her baby was going to die and made the most out of it for her baby. life is sacred.

andrea chiu said...

I'm so touched with their story, really I am. They've made the best of time with their baby and I am so proud of both of them.