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Monday, January 31, 2011

Carelton University (CA) upholds ban on pro life club

Life News reports that Carelton College in Canada continues the ban against the pro life club due to the support for abortion.

"Carleton University’s student association has upheld a decision it rendered last year about whether to kick out a pro-life group that won’t acquiesce to its demands that it rework its charter to support abortion.
Carleton Lifeline lost its club status in November because  of the student association’s policy against discrimination, which mandates that student clubs respect the so-called right to abortion. Without officially recognized status, the pro-life club won’t receive funding or access to space."
"The decision is so egregious that the pro-abortion Canadian Civil Liberties Association and Nathalie Des Rosiers, general counsel of the group are supporting Carleton Lifeline. Rosiers told the CBC the decision to revoke the status disrupts the group’s free speech rights."

Second Judge declares Obamacare unconstitutional

Daily Caller gives us the breaking story. Second judge declares Obamacare unconstitutional.
"Judge Roger Vinson of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida also warned in the ruling that Obamacare’s legal precedent could open the doors to virtually unlimited power by Congress."

"The ruling says the “individual mandate,” which imposes a fine on individuals who do not purchase health insurance, is unconstitutional and not “severable” from the full law. Therefore, “the entire act must be declared void,” the ruling says."

Film that romanticizes euthanasia wins award ...

Workplace Benefits  has a post about OR euthanasia law that romanticizes the  practice in  the documentary that won an award from the Sundance Festival. 

"Richardson also interviews uninsured prostate cancer patient Randy Stroup, who was denied further health care by Oregon’s insurance program after an initial operation was unsuccessful. In a notorious case that gained nationwide attention, the state offered him the Death With Dignity option instead of further surgery. Although the agency ultimately reversed its ruling and approved chemotherapy, Stroup succumbed, bringing further attention to the inadequacies of healthcare coverage for the uninsured."

“How to Die in Oregon” may well turn out to be a definitive social issue documentary in the expanding right to die movement and the national healthcare debate. Despite the policy implications, however, the most affecting aspects of the film are the subjects’ courage and openness discussing extremely private matters and the filmmakers’ compassionate approach."

OR: Pendergraft flees FL and sets up secret late term abortion shop in DC area

Operation Rescue  writes an informative and shocking post re: late term abortionist Jas. Pendergraft who defiantly   set up shop in a secret location in the DC area despite the fact that he is not licensed in DC, MD  or VA. He then posts  a website telling prospective clients how to contact him and receive  instructions including arrival  before they are spirited to a secret location for the procedure. The procedure  used will stop   the fetal heart beat. The patient then stays  approximately   15 minutes before being dismissed  to return to their private doctor to deliver the dead baby. This forces doctors and hospitals to comply with the abortion procedure. Not surprising that he relocates near our nation's capital  that has a high abortion rate and recently voted to use taxpayer funding to pay for abortions.

"Pendergraft also makes it clear in the defiant text of his new web site that he is engaging in this multi-state late-term abortion scheme to evade the laws of Florida and compel the participation of others in the abortion process."
“Once the fetal heart beat has stopped, the process of removing the fetus from the mother’s womb is no longer defined as an abortion,” stated Pendergraft. He offers this as a way to force hospitals and physicians that otherwise may balk at abortion to finish the abortion process since the woman now faces a serious life-threatening condition."
“Pendergraft is using women by placing them in harm’s way in order to make a political point in states that ban his pet procedure,” said Newman. “As despicable as this is, he is also apparently charging them exorbitant prices to do it. He says the process is ‘not inexpensive’ but does not list his fees. Secrecy shrouds his entire illicit operation.”

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Babies are such a nice way to start people...

Tennessean editorial: decries violence against minorities ....but shows support for abortion

Dwight Lewis is the editorial page editor  for the Tennessean.  They have previously stated that they are pro choice in their philosophy.   Mr. Lewis recently wrote an article that started with an email from a reader asking if he ever wrote anything that was not race related. He then goes on to write an editorial  talking about violence in TN and he quoted some stats showing how many minorities were the victim of violence  and makes the following quotes.
"These are human beings the Violence Policy Center is talking about. And if these same victims belonged to any other race, I hope I would be writing about them, as well.
As Sugarman said Friday, all too often these awful statistics are taken as being acceptable.
"We hope to draw attention to the lives lost so that communities, churches and others might come up with some solutions to stop these killings.''
And, he added, these homicides short-circuit opportunities, and that's the case regardless of race."

Let's also get concerned about the abortion rates among the minority population which is considerably higher than among whites. In fact the stats recently  released by the Health Dept. point this out. In TN the abortion rate among non whites recently  released at 21.5  as opposed to 5.7 for white population. In the Mid Cumberland  area (where the Tennessean appears) the rate for non whites is 15.5 versus 6.0 for whites. We should be concerned about all  violence including violence against the pre born.
I agree with his quotes against violence and call for his concern for the short circuiting opportunities for those lost to abortion the post abortive men and women who are left shattered by abortion. 

picture: from Tennessean

Creative Minority: Gov't Looking Into Pro Life Stealth Technology....

Creative Minority  whose byline is ....We laugh because we believe.
This is so cute and cleaver I post in its entirety.

The U.S. military is reportedly looking into state of the art stealth technology employed by pro-lifers at least once a year.

Said one Pentagon official: "Once a year on the same day they announce the time and the date they're going to have thousands of people march into Washington D.C. but every year they come and go without anyone even noticing them. It's quite amazing."

This is especially worrisome since the Department of Homeland Security previously labeled "opponents of abortion" as likely to engage in acts of terror.

This startling stealth capability is best shown by comparing the media's coverage of the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert rally that included live break-ins and extensive coverage by the media but there was hardly any mention at all of a pro-life rally attended by thousands more.

The Pentagon is reportedly looking into how these pro-lifers essentially invade a city without anyone noticing. Their hope is to employ such capability to update their own stealth ground attack maneuvers.

This pro-life operating capability has oddly become more effective the larger the crowds have become. In 1974, 20,000 people marched in the March for Life and were hardly noticed but in the past few years hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers have managed to enter the capitol of the United States of America without hardly any notice.

This invisibility seems to be effective on about 60% of the population, especially on the coasts.

An Ivy League researcher published a study of "Method of Anti-Choice Invisibility in the Physical Theory of Diffraction." The researcher attempted to interview pro-lifers for the paper but failed to locate even one, indicating that their stealth capabilities work exceedingly well on the coasts and on college campuses.

Oddly, liberal activists tend to have an exact opposite capability in that even if only a dozen anti-war or liberal activists show up anywhere with signs, it seems to attract the notice of all media organizations and the culture at large.

White House administration officials speaking on condition of anonymity said they're hoping that pro-lifers stealth capability proves so effective that perhaps pro-lifers might disappear the other 364 days a year.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Daily Beast : Reports and mocks Rand Paul 's support of bill stating life begins at conception. Read any biology books lately??

 Daily Beast  writes a sarcastic blog about Rand Paul  coming out swinging with a bevy of bills including a pro life one stating the scientific fact that life begins at conception.  Novel thought to declare this. They insinuate that he is different from his father who was for US isolation and fiscal conservatism. Well Ron Paul also a doctor is pro life but maybe they did not understand that. This piece is meant to mock Paul but the real concern among the liberals is the strong pro life nature of the newbies and their willingness to put their campaign words into action. This is what scares them the most. So they must not only disagree, they must mock and try to belittle. Good Luck.  You have your work cut out for pun intended.

"Whereas Ron Paul has focused his career on fiscal conservatism and foreign-policy isolationism, Rand Paul is promoting socially conservative positions.

On Monday, Paul announced that he is joining Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) in cosponsoring the Life at Conception Act. The law would declare that a person's life begins at conception. Paul and Wicker reason that if fetuses become legal persons protected under the Constitution's 14th Amendment, which guarantees equal protection under the laws, then it will override the constitutional right to an abortion that the Supreme Court found in Roe v. Wade.

That Paul is focusing on social issues suggests the new crop of Republicans in D.C. may not be any less socially conservative, or any less interested in social issues, than their predecessors.

Friday, January 28, 2011

(Prolifer)ations 1-28-11

from Jill

Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN
As always, we welcome your suggestions for additions to our Top Blogs! Please email
  • Big Blue Wave examines a medical study which shows infants with prenatally diagnosed congenital abnormalities are given substandard care compared to those diagnosed postnatally.
  • Accepting Abundance addresses some assertions made by Marge Berer, founding editor of Reproductive Health Matters, who claims being pro-choice means believing in an absolute, unfettered right to abortion at any time, for any reason.
  • Moral Outcry notes the mental gymnastics one must undertake to decry the killing of a wanted fetus (“feticide”) while supporting the killing of an unwanted fetus via abortion.
  • Coming Home comments on the rise of pro-life youth in an open letter to NARAL and Planned Parenthood.
  • The LTI blog outlines why this past week was a publicity nightmare for Planned Parenthood.
  • Wesley J. Smith discusses the latest news regarding VT’s proposed assisted suicide law. The loopholes of this proposed legislation is concerning as is the mixed messages sent to the teens in their suicide prevention programs.

Smith: Dutch Suicide Advocates Set Up Clinic of Death

Friday, January 28, 2011, 11:32 AM
Wesley J. Smith
The Netherlands is a lovely country where many people have eschewed true compassion–the root meaning of which is to “suffer with”–to promote suicide as the answer to human difficulty.  Euthanasia is available via lethal injection for the terminally ill, the chronically ill, people with serious disabilities, and the despairing who are not physically sick.  Infanticide is illegal, but allowed.  Non voluntary mercy killing by doctors is a routine event, with several a day according to studies. The Dutch Supreme Court approved assisted suicide for a woman who wanted to be buried between her two dead children.
One would think that would at last be enough “compassionate” killing, thank you very much. Nope.  Once a culture embraces this brand of nihilism, the appetite for suicide-as-the-answer is never satiated.  Now, some Dutch suicide activists–can you imagine?–are setting up a clinic for those whose doctors won’t make them dead. From Bioedge:
The Dutch voluntary euthanasia society (NVVE) is planning to open an eight-person clinic in 2012 where people can go to end their lives. It estimates that about 1,000 people a year would take advantage of its facilities.  It would cater for people whose doctors have refused to euthanase them. Not only people with an incurable illness, but also people with chronic psychiatric conditions and dementia would be welcome.
Some Dutch doctors are already in the business, compassionately giving their suicidal patients a how to do it yourself guide if they won’t do the deed themselves. They even gave it a name: Autoeuthanasia.
The Dutch like to think of themselves as enlightened leaders of society into modern ways.  I worry they are right. Culture of death, Wesley?  What culture of death?

Sr Keehan and CHA now endorse protective legislation they insisted was not necessary

 Amazing example of saying I was wrong or mislead or any such excuse now the infamous Sister Keehan and CHA endorse a piece of legislation banning abortion funding from Obamacare even though they supported the original legislation that they insisted already prevented it. Watch out sister Obama may ask for his pen back....
"The Catholic Health Association has endorsed legislation to restrict federal funding of abortion in the health care law passed last year despite its belief that the legislation already prevents it.
In a Jan. 24 letter to Rep. Joseph R. Pitts (R-Penn.), Catholic Health Association president and CEO Sr. Carol Keehan offered support for the Protect Life Act, H.R. 358. She praised the congressman’s efforts to “ensure the protection of the unborn and of providers’ conscience rights.”
President Obama gave Sr. Keehan a presidential pen he used to sign the final legislation.

Becauses personal testimonies matter...that is why MSM don't want to cover them

From Red State

"Every year, the “mainstream” media make a point of not covering the March for Life on the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade abortion ruling. They are especially careful to make sure we viewers/readers never see one particular group of people at the March whose presence refutes everything the “liberal” establishment wants us to believe about abortion: the women who have actually had them."
Testimonies from Silent No More  at the March for Life 2011 

Words Matter in the battle for hearts and minds

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Good story not real news but good to hear from someone who has personal first hand information. Words matter in the PR battle. Do you notice that all news media refers to us as "anti choice" No coincidence...they have an agenda and it is driven by who pays  the bills. Follow the money.


Abortion and the media (a personal story)

For more than 20 years I worked part-time for the local Public Radio station WXXI. For most of those years, I was part of the news department - delivering weekend newscasts, doing spot news coverage, writing news copy, filling in on some daily news shifts during vacations, and so on.

One Saturday I came in to find a memo about covering abortion-related stories. From now on in our reports we were told to refer to all groups that support or promote legal abortion as "pro-choice," and all groups that oppose abortion as "anti-abortion." We were never to refer to pro-life groups as "pro-life" unless that was part of their official name.

Some background.

I've spent almost my entire adult life as either a journalist or an English teacher. I'm also a poet and playwright. I'm aware of the power of words. I'm aware that words have not only their literal meanings, but also connotations - added meanings that evoke emotions.

"Pro," for example, immediately adds a little positive spin to whatever it's attached. "Anti" gives a slightly negative spin.
"Abortion" is one of those words with strong negative connotations. "Life" has similar positive connotations.

The forces behind legal abortion are well aware of the power of words. Long ago they concluded that they had to try to control the debate by controlling the language used, and so they sought for more positive word with which to associate their cause.

The chose "choice," a word with strong positive connotations in our society.

Thus they named themselves "pro-choice."

At the same time, they wanted the negative sounding "anti-abortion" label on the opposition. They were adamant that opposition must absolutely not be called the positive sounding "pro-life."

Back to our newsroom.

I contacted my supervisor about the new policy. I said that if the pro-choice groups want to be called "pro-choice," and we were going to respect that, out of fairness shouldn't we extend the same courtesy to the pro-life groups and call them by the name they wanted to be called?

He got back to me.


The new policy as stated was the official policy.

I don't know if that was his decision, or it came from higher up in the organization.

Nor am I sure who pushed for the change in policy in the first place.

But I found it interesting that this policy change came down after Carol Love, the head of the local Planned Parenthood, a business that makes a substantial portion of its profits off abortion, had become the Chair of the WXXI Board of Trustees.


Maybe ...

Still, the next time you hear - or don't hear - coverage of abortion or the pro-life cause, you might be wise to wonder who's controlling the news you hear.

Jezebel in defense of late term abortions...we shouldn't question why she waited, we perform the deed

 Jezebel joins the others in the abortion industry trying to salvage what they can from a PR disaster of a week  when the grisly details of Gosnell's "House of Horrors" became media fodder. They have to justify what they do and this doc dares to say it ....we kill at the mother's request ....and this should be through all stages of pregnancy .   We just have to do it cleaner and safer for the woman. We are not to judge why she presents in the later part of her pregnancy with a viable infant.We perform. Such nasty work but someone has to do it. So I ask, what of the woman who presents with a toddler she cannot parent anymore. Should we kill  the toddler to achieve her preferences and make her life better. After all the only difference between the toddler and her baby is size, level of development, environment and degree of dependence. 
"...What I do know is that women who do seek later abortions, no matter how uncomfortable they make us, deserve nothing less than access to compassionate, respectful, quality medical care. If we don't want these women to be hurt or worse, killed by amateur doctors willing to break the law, we need to give them legal options to terminate their pregnancies.The only answer that makes sense to me, that corresponds to my value of reproductive justice, is to demand better access to safe abortion, as late in the pregnancy as necessary."

Knoxville parents and PP clash over student presentation...

 This is just  the way Planned Parenthood likes parental knowledge and involvement.
Knox County teacher fails to send home a notice advising parents of a Planned Parenthood sex education talk. Student hears the presentation and is upset and tells her mother. The word abstinence is never mentioned in the talk. Mom and daughter go to website and see that the only thing about virginity mentioned is ways to lose it. Anyone who further examines their website outreach such as better be sitting down. As someone who used to do sex abuse investigations  as a part of my job, I was even shocked .
This mother along with other who are concerned are fighting to get PP out of schools.  Read the story.

"In class, it was definitely about how they never mentioned abstinence.  The word was never brought up at all," says student Alaynna McCormick.

"Unless a parent is willing to drop off their children at a Planned Parenthood office and leave them with them unattended for an hour, they ought to also not expect Planned Parenthood to have unfettered access behind closed doors in classrooms with their sons and daughters," said Paul Simoneau with the Catholic Diocese of Knoxville.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cynthia: letting go of secrets...

Open Door - Cynthia from Crowmatic Productions on Vimeo.

Personal testimonies always are important because they cannot dispute what is your own experience.

Company deplores the use of product in capital punishment but does not comment on use in assisted suicide.

AP story about how OK and OH use  Pentobarbital in combination with other drugs  in their executions. I get that the company is upset about that but no outrage or comment about OR using this for assisted suicides?? Can they explain that? So does  this mean opposing capital punishment is politically correct but assisted suicide is off limits?

"That drug's sole U.S. manufacturer, Hospira Inc., of Lake Forest, Ill., deplored the drug's use in executions and also asked states not to use it, to no avail. The company announced last week it was discontinuing the product.Pentobarbital maker Lundbeck Inc. says it never intended for the drug to be used to put inmates to death.

The drug has been used in 200 of the 525 assisted suicides in Oregon since 1998, according to data compiled by the Oregon Public Health Division. It also was prescribed for 5 of 47 assisted-suicide patients in Washington state in 2009, state health statistics show."

American Idol contestants lift up life....

 I may have to start watching American Idol as they are showcasing the youth who exemplify the culture of life and again stand tribute to the fact that the youth are pro life. May their tribe increase.

53 MM and counting....

Bad PR week for the abortion industry

 .I would hate to be working for the PR function of the abortion industry trying to put a positive spin on this. Now the Gosnell House of Horrors is featured on O'Reilly tonight
From LTI:

"This has been a really bad publicity week for abortion providers. First the national controversy over the horrors that went on behind the scenes at “Doctor” Gosnell’s abortion facility. Now an Associated Press story is implying that Live Action is getting ready to release videos exposing several Planned Parenthood employees of covering up sex trafficking with various PP health services. All of this while Abby Johnson’s tell-all book “Unplanned” has been on’s Top 100 Bestselling Books List for two weeks. Abby’s book is hardly the first book to be written that exposes what goes on at many abortion facilities (see here, here, and here), though it will probably forever be the most notable."
Read  the rest of his article for what next pro lifers...what is our responsibility.

Pro life Sarah makes them crazy. She must be destroyed!!

Too funny....I used to wonder why they hate her so much. It is because they fear her and most of all because she is pro life. YIKES!!!!
But commenter Gordon summed it up well....
:Leftists HATE Palin.Good for Steyn for publishing a cartoon which embodies everything the pinksters especially leftist women hate about her.She truly is a self-made woman who bears children,doesn't abort and can dress an elk and is one good lookin' Mama.
Lefty men hate her because she could probably beat them in an arm wrestle  and the women hate her because she exudes femininity,wholesome sex appeal,uses a gun like the tool it is, and the fact that they consider her a traitor to their immoral sacred cows.But ESPECIALLY that "she could rock a suit like that and they NEVER could..."

HT: Big Blue Wave

New Study Denying Abortion-Mental Health Link Contains Flaws |

New Study Denying Abortion-Mental Health Link Contains Flaws |

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

After all, sex traffickers need Planned Parenthood, too

After all, sex traffickers need Planned Parenthood, too

Gov. Christie...tells it like it is and NJ pro aborts faint....

 Gov. Christie....I just love that man!

Cross posted at JivinJehoshaphat

On Monday, NJ Gov. Chris Christie spoke at a pro-life rally in NJ:
“What I encourage all of you to do is what I will continue to do, which is to speak calmly and clearly and forthrightly for the idea that this is an issue whose time has come,” Christie said.
Christie told the crowd that he has not always been anti-abortion. It wasn’t until his wife Mary Pat Christie became pregnant with their daughter Sarah, who is 14, that he changed his position.
“It was at that moment that it became clear to me that being on the sidelines on that issue was not something that I could live with,” Christie said. “That child is a life which deserves protection.”
This led the Star-Ledger editorial board to wet their collective pants.  :)

MT, HI and VT: as they contemplate legalizing assisted suicide should study the latest results from OR

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He does such a good job of keeping up with the issues surrounding euthanasia....

In Oregon, the 2010 Death with Dignity report was released. Once again, the number of assisted suicide deaths have increased. In 2010, there were 65 reported cases of assisted suicide in Oregon. There were 59 reported deaths from the 96 lethal prescriptions that were written with an additional 6 deaths from lethal prescriptions written in previous years. The Oregon stats continue to indicate that elder abuse is likely. Those who died by assisted suicide indicated that: 61 (93.8%) of the people felt a loss of autonomy, 61 (93.8%) felt a decreasing ability to participate in activities, while 51 (78.5%) of the people felt that they had lost dignity. Link:

In Montana, Senator Greg Hinkle has been working to convince the majority of the legislators to support Bill SB 116 that would reverse the Baxter court decision and clearly prohibit assisted suicide. Montana Senator Blewett has introduced Bill SB 167 that would officially legalize assisted suicide in Montana. Last week, former New Hampshire representative Nancy Elliott, had a successful week in Montana speaking to legislators about why they should support SB 116.

If you know any like-minded Montana citizen, please send them an email and ask them to call: 406-444-4800 (between 7:30 am - 5:00 pm) to ask their legislator to support SB 116 - Senator Hinkle's Elder Abuse Prevention Act.

In Vermont, the work to defeat Governor Peter Shumlin's proposed bill to legalize assisted suicide is heating up. A website has been established by a group of concerned Vermont citizens who are working in coalition with groups across Vermont at:

In Hawaii, a bill has been introduced to legalize assisted suicide. Senate Bill SB 803 was introduced by Senator IGE.

Vermont nurse - offers a vision of caring rather than assisted suicide

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Worth we want the US to become like the Netherlands....

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin has made the legalization of assisted suicide in Vermont a priority for his government.

In response to Shumlin, Lynne Caulfield, a registered nurse from Dummerston Vermont wrote an inspiring letter that was published in the Rutland Herald paper on January 23, 2011. Caufield made several valid points and she referred to her own personal experience in the death of her husband.

Caufield first stated:
It is hard to believe that with all the pressing budget issues facing the 2011 Legislature, Gov. Peter Shumlin has made doctor-prescribed death one of his first priorities. 

Funded with money outside of Vermont, the proponents of doctor-prescribed death have targeted Vermont as their next victim. It is a sad day when human beings want to help other human beings to die rather than extending compassionate and respectful care to ease suffering and pain. It is especially disturbing that health care professionals are being called upon to assist patients to die rather than live.

She then brings home her point by writing about the ethical code that she follows as a registered nurse. She stated:
As part of the Florence Nightingale pledge, nurses have sworn an oath to “abstain from whatever is deleterious … to not knowingly administer any harmful drug.” The pledge also says, “With loyalty I will endeavor to aid the physician in his work and devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care.” 

Doctors and nurses are expected to exercise beneficence, which is to “do good,” and non-maleficence, which is to “do no harm.” We have pledged to care, not destroy. To expect a doctor to prescribe a lethal dose of barbiturates is the ultimate violation of non-maleficence. 

Death is permanent and irreversible. Doctor-prescribed death should not be legalized in Vermont, because it is not needed. The legalization of doctor-prescribed death could lead to potential abuse and is not without complications.

You’ve heard it said, “Nothing is certain in life except death and taxes.” (Some add housework!)... With the advancements in the medical treatment of pain and palliative care, we should assist the chronically ill and dying with compassionate care to make each day comfortable, valuable and precious
She then opened her life to us by telling us about her personal family experience.

Ryan Bomberger: Abortion Industry:Their big lie: unintended =unwanted =unloved.

 I am so impressed with Ryan Bomberger who started the Radiance Foundation. Check it out here.

When he said this line I had to write it down.
Abortion Industry:Their big lie: unintended =unwanted =unloved.
 I heard him on the Prolifecon. You can watch the whole conference but his part starts at 37:40

My how the abortion industry must hate him.  Biracial...conceived in rape....adoptee and father by adoption.  Anytime you can put a human face on their lies, they slink away in shame.

Does the size of the baby make the abortion more or less gruesome

Blogger for Red State posts this as while reading  through the long gut wrenching testimony of the Grand Jury indictment of Dr. Gosnell in Philadelphia.  Heartlander  recalls a conference on the issue of "reproductive rights" where one statement continues to stand out.
"Finally, one pert young lady stood up and ended the debate by saying — and it made such a huge impression on me that 19 years later, I can still quote her word for word from memory — “Look. We all know that abortion kills a baby. But that’s not the issue. The issue is women’s lives.”
But the real issue Heartlander is struggling with the lateness of the abortion. Who waits until they are 7 mos. pregnant to get an abortion? Is Heartlander  struggling with the size of the preborn baby dying?  That is what typically happens. Everyone is disgusted with late term abortions because it looks so much more like a baby and of course the method of killing and disposal  is gruesome. But with a smaller version, it is quicker and easier  to dispose of  the remains.
Dismembering a first trimester baby is just as horrible so let's not get carried away with size. As Scott Klusendorf's teaches us size, level of development, environment and degree of dependence. That is what we are discussing. Is is less horrible if she is small, not able to survive outside of the womb yet, inside the womb totally.... instead of half out and half in and totally dependent on mother.
Let's examine our well founded disgust and translate that to all abortions.

Knoxville: PP presents to students without parental consent in violation of law

CALL TO ACTION for Knoxville's Pro-Life Community

Planned Parenthood has been given access to Knox County students and at least one presentation has been done without parental consent, which is required by Tennessee law.  Beyond the fact that Planned Parenthood is the nation's largest abortion provider (well over 300,000 in 2009), their "wellness education" includes elements that most parents would consider unacceptable, if not pornographic.  

Please help us get the word out.  Visit to print flyers for Thursday's meeting, view a brochure detailing what Planned Parenthood is advocating with our students, or to link to their website to view some of their videos for yourself.

We are asking every concerned leader and parent to take a clear and immediate stand against this effort to corrupt our students and degrade the gift of human sexuality with their unacceptable materials.


Thursday, January 27th from 6:30 until 8:00 pm
at The Chancery Office at 805 Northshore Drive, SW (Map)

There will be a presentation of additional information on Planned Parenthood's agenda and history, along with a discussion of a strategy for action to remove them and their endorsed materials from our schools.  Our unity in this effort will be critical for success, so please share this information with friends, family and pastors and invite them to join you for this important meeting.


Dr. James McIntyre, Superintendent of Knox County Schools
(865) 594-1620

Mayor Tim Burchett, Knox County Mayor
(865) 215-2005

Governor Bill Haslam, Tennessee Governor
(615) 741-2001

The connection between organ transplation and euthanasia

I follow the work of  Alex Shadenberg who fights against euthanasia. This is an article that points out another danger of euthanasia and that is coercion of the practice to harvest healthy organs for  transplantation. Currently in the US if someone dies of cancer, their organs are not used even if they signed the consent form. But of course is someone is otherwise healthy and they either consent or are euthanized  ( a nice long word for killed) their organs are considered "high quality."
"How much pressure to convince people to die by euthanasia will be on people. First there is pressure based on the cost of medical care. Then there is pressure from family members who are tired of caring for the person. Then there is pressure on a person because society has made them feel like a burden. Now there is pressure because good will come from euthanasia if they donate their healthy organs.

The reason the organs are healthy is that the person is often not yet dying, but of course euthanasia takes care of that problem."
But of course they separate the euthanasia and transplantation to "wash their hands" of the subtle evil.
Euthanasia for organ transplant is a bit different from normal euthanasia, the doctors say, because they prefer that patients die in hospital rather than at home.

They have developed a protocol for the procedure. 
- There has to be a strict separation between the euthanasia request, the euthanasia procedure, and the organ procurement. 
- The donor and his (or her) relatives have to consent. 
- The euthanasia is performed by a neurologist or psychiatrist and two house physicians. 
- Organ retrieval begins after clinical diagnosis of death by the three physicians. 
- And, of course, staff participation is voluntary.
 It sounds very similar to the Groningen Protocol, the Protocol that allows Dutch physicians to euthanize newborns with disabilities.

Mumbai:Young nurse attacked in 1973 now journalist petitions for death by stravation for her

What a story out of India where euthanasia is still illegal! A young nurse is attacked, raped and strangled in 1973 and is considered brain dead since then.  Amazingly her attacker was sentenced to only 7 years in  prison.She is in a persistent vegetative state  PVS  per the article. At one point they say that she is being force fed by nurses twice a day. But further in the article, it states that she accepts food voluntarily and makes facial expressions and responds to commands by making sounds. This does not sound like force feeding to me or a persistent vegetative state. No mention of family but the person making the official plea to end her life by stopping her food is a journalist by the name of Pinki Virani who wrote a book about her.

"India's Supreme Court has directed three doctors to examine the medical condition of a woman who has been in a vegetative state since 1973."
They expect a decision next month.

Forget gun laws...let's start respecting life

 Good for her. She is not afraid to state the obvious.

"Huntington Post writes that  Linda Gray, a Republican state senator from Arizona, claimed over the weekend that abortion rights preserved by Roe v. Wade were more of a contributing factor to the shooting in Tucson earlier this month than the state's gun-control laws."
"Training of people to respect human life," Gray replied. "It is ironic that today is the day 38 years ago that the Supreme Court said we do not have to respect the life of an unborn, and we have gone through now more than a generation of people, a large number of people who believe that it is fine to take an infant prior to it being born and to kill it. What type of respect is that for human life?"

Growing Threat: Abortion Conscience Coercion at Med Schools

Excellent article pointing out that what just happened at Vanderbilt is not unique or an isolated incident causing pro life medical and nursing students to form alliances to fight back.

"NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Pro-life medical and nursing students across the country say they face the same pressures to violate their consciences as two recent applicants to Vanderbilt University’s nursing residency program who were told that they would have been required to participate in abortions."

"They not only want to increase abortions — they want to require medical professionals to be involved in them,” he said. “The abortion industry is declining. They know if they do not attack conscience rights and force pro-life people and Christians to assist in abortions, then the abortion industry will wither on the vine for lack of participation.”

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

March for Life 2011 ....a story in pictures

 Thanks for sharing your pictures of the March. Great shots!



2011 March For Life in Washington DC

There was great excitement in Washington DC today as over 250,000 people converged on the National Mall for a pro-life rally and the 38th annual March For Life.  The atmosphere is super-charged every year as young and old alike show their support for overturning the infamous Roe v. Wade court case which legalized abortion-on-demand.

They came from all over the country and from distant lands overseas:  from as far as Alaska, Texas, Maine, Florida, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, and Vietnam.  There were mostly Catholics it seemed, but also Methodists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Baptists, as well as some Jewish Rabbis on hand.  And this is not merely a white man's battle.  All races have a dog in this fight.  And all were in good spirits as they celebrated life, and seemed filled with the Grace of God when explaining our pro-life position to the almost 10 so-called pro-choicers that showed up.  Yes, whereas last year they numbered almost 60, this year they barely broke double digits.

Unfortunately the Main Stream Media is likely to almost completely ignore this march, or they might claim there were an equal number of pro-choice participants to the pro-life ones, because they have their agenda and are determined to promote it, even to the detriment of their credibility on the world stage.  Pravda will get it right before our media does, and that's by choice!

The rest of the 105 pictures are up on Flickr and available now. And do click on them to make them larger.  They are 8 megapixels and will show much detail.  Enjoy!

It took some doing, but we found the so-called pro-choicers floundering in the crowd near the Supreme Court Building, their last refuge.

Orthodox Jewish people don't like to spell out the Almighty.  Click on this to enlarge and read his sign.

And this one should give you at least an idea of the size of the pro-life crowd.  It went on forever...