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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nashville...thousands to marathon...We are Women rally ....negligible turnout..

Saturday, April 28th was a busy day in Nashville, TN. It was  the day  of  Music City Marathon which starts in the morning. Thousands participated in the various marathons along with supporters, vendors and  marathon personnel made  for a lot of people in the city all day.  

Yet that afternoon just a few blocks away,  the  'We are Women' rally hosted by United  held  their 'nationwide' rally touted by their website  in 56 cities . The advertised rally  was  described in the previous post as a  panoply of the bizarre.

Despite beautiful weather , speakers and handing out refreshments...the crowds were barely recognizable. The speakers promoted  for Nashville rally were Park Overall, actress and activist – Democratic candidate for US Senate and Danielle Billingsley, concerned Tennessean. Ever hear of them???

A few interesting signs were ..... Think outside my box....and contrary to popular opinion the Bible does not fit inside my uterus???  Okay????  The rally was promoted from 3-6...ending in time for Happy Hour. 

Top picture from Tennessean online...other phots from Facebook page for We are Women.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Proliferations out takes

MN Concerned Citizens for Life announces the passage of important legislation banning using webcams to administer the dangerous abortion drug, RU 486. The bill is now on its way to Gov. Dayton who holds strong pro abortion credentials
 "At least six states, including North Dakota and Wisconsin, have already enacted webcam abortion bans, and other states are currently working to pass legislation to the same effect. Canada does not permit use of RU486 due to safety concerns." 

MCCL encourages Minnesotans to encourage Gov. Dayton to honor the will of the people through their elected legislators.... "Governor Dayton should recognize that such a serious and life-altering procedure as abortion deserves the presence of a physician," said MCCL Legislative Associate Jordan Harris. "His veto would greatly increase the health risks to women who are administered this abortion method remotely without being examined by a physician.

 "Vital Signs notes the recent Earth Day celebration continues to be 'anti-human.' It features the work of Robert Zubrin in the Washington Times, Earth Day's Dark Side that contends that the "Earth has a cancer and the cancer is man."

(Prolifer)ations 4-27-12

from Jill

Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli
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  • Wesley J. Smith posts the latest on a study of children conceived via IVF. Research shows a 37% higher risk of birth defects – and scientists can’t find the reason for it.
  • Women’s Rights Without Frontiers points out a real war on women – forced abortion and gendercide in China.
  • Right to Life of Michigan has the miracle story of twins who were born at 25 weeks, a month after their mother suffered two brain aneurysms and was declared brain dead.
  • Secular Pro-Life does a detailed breakdown of pro-choice and pro-life polling demographics.
  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life encourages Gov. Mark Dayton to consider the lives and health of women by signing into a law a recent MN Senate bill banning RU-486 webcam abortions.
  • Timmerie’s Blog reports that while other states are making pro-life gains, California moves closer to a bill that would allow non-physicians to perform abortions.
  • Suzy B updates readers on Ireland’s continuing fight against making abortion legal:
    This week, Ireland’s Dail, their legislative branch, defeated a bill that would have repealed the nation’s abortion ban by a landslide 109-20 margin. The bill would have legalized abortion, allowed doctors to perform abortions without a woman’s consent, and even made certain pro-life activity and protesting punishable by law. It would have also gutted the conscience protections that doctors currently enjoy in Ireland.
  • Moral Outcry rejoices that Gov. Phil Bryant will sign the bill that may end abortion in Mississippi. Not long ago, Planned Parenthood mocked and belittled the state during the fight to pass a personhood amendment:
    Their wounding statements made me think of the scripture, “Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?”… “Come and see,” said Philip. –John 1:46. The very state that Planned Parenthood schemed to manipulatively belittle in an effort to preserve their “baby womb-tomb empire” would be the very place Hope would be birthed. I believe God was echoing back: Watch and see the good that will come out of Mississippi.
  • John Smeaton shares a video poem entitled, “Interview With a Unborn Child”:

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rallies for "panoply of the bizzarre"

I don't know that I would be eager  to show up at a rally armed with my  cardboard uterus with sponsors such as "This Slut Votes" or  "Rock the Slut" vote.  

Pro Life Action League notes that copycat rallies planned for April 28th hope to counter the tremendous success  of the March 23rd rallies to Stand up for Religious Freedom that brought out 63K++ people in the middle of a work day in over 140++ cities across the US. I suspect their rallies will have to be held more in line with the local happy hours. 

         PLAL  notes the panoply of the bizarre on their website. From mocking scripture...compliments of their religious choice sponsors to the pictures stating that science must be taught...wonder if they are against teaching the life begins at conception...probably not and to online sales of onesies for babies who survived the pro abortion mentality. 

Hilltoppers for Life battle continues on the campus of WKU...student refuses to apologize and art teacher backs her......

The Art student who placed condoms on approved display of crosses put out by Hilltoppers for Life on the campus of Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green wrote the following email to the pro life group pointing out that contrary to reports of her apology...she does not legal action is now being taken according to Students for Life.  
Among their demands is that the offending student not receive credit and apologize  to the Hilltoppers from the student along with  the art teacher  and the authorities for not taking action against this offense.  

(View the ADF letter here.)

 Forwarded Message —– From: “Smith, Elaina, C” Sent: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 3:11 PM Subject: Elaina Smith During the week of April 16th, the Hilltoppers for Life’s pro-life display remained un-interrupted. The student body tolerated this intrusion without major incident. The voice of the pro-life community was heard. On the last day of this event, I attempted to add to the visual dialogue with my own voice and was met with strong resistance. I take this subject very seriously, and had hoped to remind people of the effectiveness of condoms and other forms of contraception in preventing unwanted pregnancies. I do not ask that everyone agree with my point of view or the way in which I tried to express it. However, I stand by my actions. I do not believe that I impeded anyone else’s freedom of expression. I did not break any laws. I did not damage any property. I voluntarily removed the condoms even though I was not required to do so. At the time, I thought that the matter had ended there. I do not feel that I should apologize for attempting to exercise the freedoms that we all are entitled to.
 Elaina Smith

TN: Landmark Session for Pro Life bills.....

 From TN Right to Life... this is remarkable and shows that being focused and not giving up brings results. I never thought I would see the day that the TN senate was down to two committed pro abortion votes!!This also shows that elections have consequences and to the pro life advocates who say we should not be involved in politics.... I say we must be involved because the culture of death is involved.  
It also shows the commitment to the culture of many lobbyists for Planned Parenthood labor for free?? I can tell you...nada! Thanks Karen for your selfless  and consistent stand.
Landmark Session for Pro-Life Tennesseans

When the Tennessee General Assembly adjourns later this week, it will close what has been a truly historic legislative session for the pro-life cause.  On Monday evening and Tuesday afternoon, pro-life state Senator Mae Beavers (R-Mt. Juliet) successfully passed two priorities for Right to Life supporters:  the requirement that abortion providers have admitting privileges at a licensed hospital (SB 3323) and the broadening of the state's longtime Unborn Victims of Violence Act (SB 3412), ensuring that every unborn child is considered a person when the victim of criminal assault or murder.

Senators voting in support of both pro-life bills include: Lt. Gov. Ramsey, Barnes, Beavers, Bell, Burks, Campfield, Crowe, Finney, Ford, Gresham, Henry, Johnson, Kelsey, Ketron, Massey, McNally, Norris, Overbey, Roberts, Southerland, Stewart, Summerville, Tate, Tracy, Watson, Yager (26).  

Voting pro-life for admitting privileges (SB 3323): Herron.

Voting pro-life for Unborn Victims Act (SB 3412): Berke and Faulk

Voting pro-abortion on admitting privileges: Berke, Harper, and Haynes

Voting consistently pro-abortion: Kyle and Marrero.  

Earlier in this session legislators also banned the use of webcam internet hookups for dispensing abortion drugs, gave final legislative approval to SJR 127 placing a proposed pro-life constitutional amendment on the ballot for 2014, and worked with the Governor to administratively defund Planned Parenthood's abortion facilities of tax dollars in Tennessee. Additionally, the state House passed HR 110 recognizing the work of life-affirming pregnancy resource centers which offer confidential care and counsel throughout the state.

"Tennessee Right to Life thanks the members of the 107th General Assembly for moving the pro-life agenda forward in such a profound way," said Brian Harris, the organization's president. "We are grateful to pro-life legislative leadership, our bill sponsors and the supermajorities who voted the will of their constituents for the protection of abortion-vulnerable women and their unborn children." 

Harris also acknowledged the work and fortitude of the organization's volunteer lobbyist, Karen Brukardt. "For the past 11 years Karen has dedicated herself to doing everything possible to ensure passage of SJR 127 so that Tennesseans can decide for ourselves what state laws will be on the fundamental matter of life and death," said Harris.  "The successful passage of SJR 127 and other protective policies are the fruit of Karen's hard work and Tennessee Right to Life is indebted to such a committed advocate," Harris said.

Please thank members of the Senate who voted to protect abortion-vulnerable women and unborn children.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Proliferations out takes....

Interesting post from Abby Johnson in response to her post advising people that the "Christian company called “Thirty-One Gifts” is giving money to groups that fund Planned Parenthood."
" At first the responses to her post were positive but then "he “Thirty-One” all women’s mafia invaded my page. These all are Christian women who sell Thirty-One Gifts. However, based on their comments, you wouldn’t know they were Christians. One called me the devil. Several said that, as Christians, we should not be judging this organization (even though they are helping to fund abortion). Some wanted to know HOW MUCH money was given to Planned Parenthood by these organizations (as if that matters). And anyway, as most of them pointed out, Thirty-One Gifts does a lot of good…surely we can overlook this. A few of them came on my page to defend Planned Parenthood."
Scott Klusendorf on his Facebook account discusses Obama, HHS mandate and the war with the Catholic church as discussed in this Weekly Standard blog.....all I could think of was that video comes the Catholic Church. Wow, important and interesting times we are living in. May we be up to the task before us. This is not just for Catholics...this is our Bonheoffer moment....

From Scott...." From the Weekly Standard (HT: Michael Bauman): The bishops call on Catholics in America, “in solidarity with our fellow citizens,” not to obey the law. They implicitly compare the HHS regulation to a segregation-era statute, and even cite Martin Luther Kind Jr.’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” In a not-so-subtle manner, the bishops tell the Obama administration that they are willing to go to prison rather than comply with the mandate’s provisions."

Here comes the Catholic Church .... 

(Prolifer)ations 4-24-12

from Jill

Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli
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  • Fletcher Armstrong responds to a recent article by Erin McCann opposing a Genocide Awareness Project display:
    Ms. McCann’s piece actually illustrates some of the very points we make with our GAP display….
    She notes that, “Isn’t it interesting how the male can do whatever he pleases, but the female must live with the consequence? Only the female is left with the decision between ‘right and wrong.’” Sadly true. Reminds me of something Mark Crutcher often says, “Abortion is something done by men, to women, for the benefit of men.” So many males — I cannot use the term “men” to describe such people — want sex without responsibility….
    But when cancer-causing birth-control hormones are passed out, who gets to ingest those? When the worst symptoms of STDs show up, who bears that burden? When somebody gets pregnant, which one is it? It’s always the woman.
    His response is often to threaten abandonment. It can be an overt threat or a thinly veiled one, such as, “It’s not my decision, it’s yours … Whatever you want to do.” In other words, “The decision… and especially the guilt that goes with it… are yours alone; I’m going to go hide somewhere until you get it taken care of.

  • Abortion in Washington highlights a LifeSiteNews article on a Seattle fertility clinic that advertises sex-selective services in conjunction with IVF. Their ad (pictured left) seems to target a certain population, featuring photos of children dressed in ethnic garb.
  • Down on the Pharm exposes President Obama’s “slush fund” in Medicare Advantage. $8B will be used to assure the program continues… until just after the November election:
    The current regime understands that if seniors lose this particular Medicare plan, and get funneled back into the standard plan, they’ll get upset and vote Obama out.
  • Abstinence Clearinghouse says Tennessee legislators recently approved a bill that will require abstinence education to be taught in public schools:
    The bill was introduced to address Tennessee’s high teen pregnancy rate.
    Abstinence education has continued to gain momentum in the past decade. With new strains of STDs and unplanned pregnancies becoming more and more common among teens, many law makers see the need to teach adolescents abstinence. “Safe sex” isn’t safe. Abstinence from sexual activity is the only 100% way not to get pregnant or contract an STD.
  • Big Blue Wave believes there is a right way and a wrong way to debate abortion online:
    When you debate abortion online, your purpose is not to convince the person you`re talking to. So DON’T EXPECT ANY MOVEMENT ON THEIR PART and that will lessen your frustration. Abortion supporters will cling to their opinion even in the face of facts and logic because they have a strong emotional reason for doing so. It’s not your job to be their personal psychologist. Don’t play arm chair psychologist and try to get them to spill the beans about their reasons. That doesn’t convince anyone.
    Your purpose is to persuade anyone who might be reading. Because online debates often have silent readers, either at the time of posting or later on when people find your discussion through search engines.
[Image via]

Blogs rely on outrageous headlines not facts to sway

Can you get away with writing anything in a headline and get people to believe it? Apparently so. RH Reality and its sister blogs write outrageous headlines and parse their wording in the actual article to support these erroneous headlines and the readers eat it up with a spoon. You can try to post the actual wording of the bill and correct the misrepresentations but to no avail. It appears that headlines are believed! Such was the case with a bill that passed both the House and the Senate in TN by strong majorities.  House-80-18 and Senate 28-2. 

Despite the actual wording of the bill, the headlines scream that women suffering miscarriage could be  criminally prosecuted.  So even the Democrats who stand up during debate and  recite talking points given to them by the abortion industry...most understand the bill and vote to the actual wording. A few who depend heavily on the support of the abortion industry in their upcoming campaigns...make strange arguments saying this will mean the pregnancy testing of all female  crime victims as was attributed to Senator Marrero (D) Memphis causing some in her own party to question  her common sense in the floor debate. not just read the headline and before jumping on the outrage bandwagon, it is best to read the bill.  

*HB 3517 by *Evans, Rich, Dean, Faison, Miller D, Butt. (SB 3412 by *Beavers, Bell, Gresham, Roberts.)

Criminal Offenses - As introduced, revises definitions of fetus as victim for criminal homicide and assaults to remove viability requirement and include an embryo; revises legislative intent statement. - Amends TCA Title 39, Chapter 13.

Bill Summary

Under present law, the victim of an assaultive offense or a homicide includes a fetus of a human being, regardless of viability of the fetus, when any such term refers to the victim of any act made criminal by the provisions governing such offenses, and when at the time of the criminal act the victim was pregnant. It is the legislative intent that such provision in no way affect abortion, and such provision may not apply to acts that are committed pursuant to usual and customary standards of medical practice during diagnostic or therapeutic treatment.

This bill rewrites the above provisions. This bill instead specifies that the victim of an assaultive offense or a homicide includes a human embryo or fetus at any stage of gestation in utero, when any such term refers to the victim of any act made criminal by the provisions governing such offenses, and when at the time of the criminal act the victim was pregnant. This provision would not apply to any act or omission by a pregnant woman with respect to an embryo or fetus with which she is pregnant, or to any lawful medical or surgical procedure to which a pregnant woman consents, performed by a health care professional who is licensed to perform such procedure.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Huff Post: PP scared they are the target of undercover videos on something they admit happens.....

Wow, Live Action really has them scared. It is amazing how a youth led grassroots organization can get them shaking in their boots even before anything is released. Huffington Post runs an article on behalf of their friends at Planned Parenthood. They are fearful that they have been the target of sting operations on women seeking sex selection  abortions.  They are doing a preemptive strike against Live Action making all sorts of claims that are not substantiated or outright lies.  But why are they doing that? So what if sting operations uncover that sex selections are being done routinely at Planned Parenthood. Here they are admitting it.....
" While Planned Parenthood condemns seeking abortions on the basis of the gender of the fetus, Cooney said the provider is also "committed to providing high-quality, confidential, nonjudgmental care to all who come into our health centers." While Planned Parenthood staffers are extensively trained to answer unusual and difficult questions and to refer women to necessary counseling, none of its clinics will deny a woman an abortion based on her reasons for wanting one, except in those states that explicitly prohibit sex-selection abortion (Arizona, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Illinois).
So did they not just state that they will abort for any reason or no reason except where prohibited by law and I am sure they will find a way to have some "judicial bypass" around that as well. And if it rarely happens why did four states just outlaw it? So why would they fear undercover videos that show what they just admitted to.  Did they not just acknowledge ...if you have the $$, they will abort. Why waste their time attacking Live Action for uncovering this? Their spin machine is working overtime.

Weekly Standard....Catholic Bishops Take on Obama

 From the Weekly Standard......this is our Bonhoeffer moment. May we be up to the task at hand. This is certainly interesting times we are living in.
Catholic Bishops Take on Obama
 "To their credit, the bishops appear to understand this and are now willing to lead the battle to preserve religious liberty for all, Catholics and non-Catholics, church institutions and private employers."

Pix: Weekly Standard

Sunday, April 22, 2012

PP in WI: discontinues chemical abortions when law mandates following FDA protocol...

 Cross Posted at Wisconsin Right to Life.....Good work. The cheerleaders for the abortion industry will cry a river over this saying it is unnecessary....well take it up withe the FDA...note that per the protocol put out by the FDA is 3-4 separate visits with a doctor.  Sorry to inconvenience you but not that number of deaths and adverse incidents with the use of this killer drug. It is not a magic pill.....

 WI Right to Life Applauds Suspension of RU 486 Abortions. Suspension Likely to Spur Decline in Wisconsin Abortions

In a true victory for Wisconsin women, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin announced that it is suspending dangerous RU 486 chemical abortions because of the new law, Act 217,  which takes effect today. The FDA reports that 14 American women have died during RU 486 abortions and there were over 2,200 adverse incidents for women through use of this drug.
 Act 217, the Coercive and Web Cam Abortion Prevention Act, requires the abortionist to determine if a woman is being coerced into having an abortion and prohibits web cam RU 486 abortions.   The purpose of the law is to ensure the health and safety of women in these situations. 
Wisconsin Right to Life was the major organizational force behind the enactment of the law.
People mistakenly believe that women who have chemical abortions pop a pill and, magically, they are no longer pregnant.   Yet, FDA protocol for use of this two-drug regime is three to four visits to a doctor with close supervision.  “With the advent of web cam abortions, now taking place at Planned Parenthood clinics in Iowa and Minnesota, instead of this close supervision, women discuss their abortion over a web cam without a physical exam by a doctor.  Planned Parenthood envisions bringing web cam RU 486 abortions into local communities.  But now, not in Wisconsin, thanks to Act 217.   And, because chemical abortions comprise 26% of Wisconsin abortions, their suspension will result in another decline in Wisconsin abortions which is great news for mothers and babies.
 Opponents of Act 217 complain that the requirement of a private discussion with the woman to learn if she is being coerced is somehow detrimental.  Yet, women who are coerced are many times accompanied to the abortion clinic by the person doing the coercing who want to make sure she has the abortion.  This common sense law protects women at a time when it is most needed and provides help if she is a potential or real victim of domestic abuse.
Wisconsin Right to Life applauds Senator Mary Lazich, Rep. Michelle Litjens and the state legislature for passing this important bill and Governor Scott Walker for signing it into law.
Barbara Lyons

Friday, April 20, 2012

Proliferations out takes.....

While blogger Pro Life Pro Woman is busy taking a course in Israel, readers are being a watch dog for her.
"But for now, enough of you have emailed me this link about six hospitals in Toronto hiding the knowledge of fetal sex.It’s amazing how slow people are to wake up to the fact that yes, this is happening in Canada. And it’s further amazing to me that some women defend it and claim they are “defenders of women’s rights.”
Priests for Life is excited to about  the  new  series call The New Catholic View for Women. " The idea for the show was conceived by host Janet Morana, executive director  of Priests for Life and co-founder of the Silent No More awareness campaign.
" I’m so upset with the lack of objectivity in the secular media; it’s  absolutely devastating to women,” said  [show's co-host Teresa] Tomeo. “The media can do so much good,  but, lately, they’ve been doing so much damage.

 Sara Flushing of Women of Faith in Culture  asks the your faith a fraud as she reviews bookSaving Jesus from Those Who are Right 

"And it seems that in the last two years or so there has been a fervent effort under the big tent of evangelicalism to usher in postmodern theologies with a clearly liberal feminist slant, seeking to normalize positions that undermine the authority of scripture."
Women's Rights  without Frontiers has a post that should wake up the conscience of all Americans who take their freedoms for granted.  It appears that  Broadcasting Board of Governors had planned to stop radio broadcasts  of Voice of America China in Tibetan and Cantonese. It is easy to make a budgetary decision but a letter from holocaust survivor Annette Lantos, wife of the late Congressman Tom Lantos, is urging them to  reconsider.
"Mrs. Lantos recounted the way that VOA broadcasts “fanned the fires of resistance in the brave underground fighters who sought to destroy the brutal Nazi totalitarianism from within.”  Her letter states:
“I well remember as a girl in Nazi-occupied Hungary, how every Sunday afternoon my family would draw the shades, close the curtains, and gather around the shortwave radio, pressing our ears close so that we could catch each precious word of freedom and hope that poured out of that radio receiver like manna from heaven . . . The VOA and BBC broadcasts were our one connection to freedom, our one connection to hope, and our lifeline that gave the resistance the courage to endure to the end. . . To cut off the VOA broadcasts would have been to cut off the very legs of the resistance.”