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Friday, April 27, 2012

Proliferations out takes

MN Concerned Citizens for Life announces the passage of important legislation banning using webcams to administer the dangerous abortion drug, RU 486. The bill is now on its way to Gov. Dayton who holds strong pro abortion credentials
 "At least six states, including North Dakota and Wisconsin, have already enacted webcam abortion bans, and other states are currently working to pass legislation to the same effect. Canada does not permit use of RU486 due to safety concerns." 

MCCL encourages Minnesotans to encourage Gov. Dayton to honor the will of the people through their elected legislators.... "Governor Dayton should recognize that such a serious and life-altering procedure as abortion deserves the presence of a physician," said MCCL Legislative Associate Jordan Harris. "His veto would greatly increase the health risks to women who are administered this abortion method remotely without being examined by a physician.

 "Vital Signs notes the recent Earth Day celebration continues to be 'anti-human.' It features the work of Robert Zubrin in the Washington Times, Earth Day's Dark Side that contends that the "Earth has a cancer and the cancer is man."

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