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Monday, September 21, 2015

After two venues say no..... Nashville's synagogue agrees to host Planned Parenthood fundraiser

Jeff Teague , the CEO of Planned Parenthood of Middle and East Tennessee accused Nashville's Gordon Jewish Community Center of sub-cumming to bullies when they cancelled their October 1st fundraiser cocktail party called Amuse-Bouche, (entertaining the mouth). They had previously hosted such events for Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood reported that they were searching for a new venue but would not publicize the location once secured. Sorta hard to have a secret fund raiser. A follow up story by the Tennessean today disclosed that after being turned down by Second Harvest Bank ,which also had previously hosted their events, they are going to have their the fund raiser at The Temple , a Jewish synagogue in Nashville. The story alluded to the Jewish Center backing down due to pressure from Catholics!! While happy to have a venue, Teague, stated he did not know if the venue was donated or rented as the fund raising appeals went out.

However, on Facebook, the Yes on One, the pro life amendment that recently won handily in Tennessee had the following observation.
Having been kicked out of the local Jewish Community Center, Planned Parenthood announced this morning that its Oct. 1 fundraiser has been moved to The Temple, 5015 Harding Road, Nashville. Perhaps not surprising considering that the Temple's 3 rabbis and cantor were each outspoken opponents of pro-life Amendment 1 last fall.
In addition, Temple member Bob Doochin was reported as the sole donor to fund statewide newspaper ads last year comparing pro-life legislators to the Taliban