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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Abortion pill fails and now woman fears for safety and health of her child she no longer wants to abort

This is one strange story out of the UK. Woman gets pregnant.... goes to UK health clinic and takes RU 486...the chemical abortion pill ............bleeding......trouble.......back to clinic.....whoops....ultrasound shows baby still there ........she sees the little mister and falls in love......says no to surgical abortion and now worries at 28 weeks of possible miscarriage and/or that little mister will be born with a handicap that may occur to babies who survive RU 486 abortions and get to be is called  Mobius syndrome...paralysis of face and eye muscle.

At the end of the article is an ad for the British version of Planned Parenthood....Marie Stopes. I kid you not!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

(Prolifer)ations 6-19-10

from Jill

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by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Jennifer Derwey at ProWomanProLife discusses the recent study from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists regarding fetal pain before 24 weeks. Pro-lifers dispute that pro-aborts authored the study for their own agenda. Nevertheless, as Jennifer states:
    The situation illuminates the problem with gestational time-lines as a basis for abortion law. When did pain become the determining factor for whether or not a person or animal is deserving of life... ? After all, there are adults who don't feel pain. May we kill them?
  • Gerard Nadal at Coming Home compares the civil war over abortion to the past struggle for abolition of slavery and the wisdom gained:

  • In the decades to come, our posterity too will look back and join in [John] Adams' words:
    "We understand now, we've been made to understand, and to embrace the understanding... that who we are IS who we were."

  • John Jakubczyk delivers his criticism of Kathleen Parker's latest article on feminism, in which she supports life but opposes the reversal of Roe v. Wade, one of the most poorly reasoned legal opinions of all time.
  • 40 Days for Life celebrates the ceasing of abortions at the Triangle Abortion Clinic in Raleigh, NC.
  • Wesley Smith juxtaposes health rationing in the UK due to the nursing shortage against worries about age discrimination lawsuits from women wanting IVF treatments after age 40:

  • So, some seriously ill patients might get rationed out of a stay in hospital, or receive less than optimal care due to a nursing shortage, as money will be diverted to older women so they can give birth past their time? I'm sorry, but that is just  plain  nuts.

    Monday, June 28, 2010

    Important federal court decision: Allows lawsuit to move forward to stop NIH funding of human embryo experimentation by Jill Stanek

    Important federal court decision: Allows lawsuit to move forward to stop NIH funding of human embryo experimentation by Jill Stanek

    Two Miracles: Adult Stem cell reverses blindness and Italian govt funds study of only adult stem cells

    From Suzy news from Italy ..... and from AP reports:
    "Its a miracle, and a huge win for proponents of adult stem cell use! The AP is reporting that in Italy, dozens of people who had been blinded as a result of chemical burns to their eyes had their sight restored after adult stem cell therapy......the study was partly funded by the Italian govt... the Italian government."
    " I'll tell you what the miracle is. Its a miracle that the Italian government funded a study involving only the use of adult stem cells. Here in the U.S., research with adult stem cells is only in the preliminary stages while after only two months in office, President Obama ended the ban on embryonic stem cell research. Since March 2009, there has been little to no success with embryonic cells. Hopefully the American science & research community will take this hint from our Italian friends!"

    Celebrating in TN: Clay Smith wins National Right to Life Oratory Contest

     Clay Smith of TN won first place in the National Right to Life Oratory contest held this past weekend in Pittsburgh. Clay lives in Nashville and graduated this year from David Lipscomb High School. He plans to attend Harding University in Searcy, AR next year.

    His speech on abortion summed it up with “America’s view of abortion defies common sense”. I did hear him deliver his speech at the state contest on May 1st when our historic storm and flood was being waged outside the building. We actually had to interrupt the contest to take shelter for a period of time. Clay went on to deliver his speech with maturity and conviction despite the obstacles presented by the weather.  

    Our youth are pro life because they can see what some of their elders fail to see.....America's view of abortion defies common encouraged by our youth!

    Congratulations to Clay and the other winners...

    1st – Clay Smith -TN
    2nd – Alexa Sleadd – Oregon
    3rd – Beth Maisane – Texas
    4th – Trisha Herbert - Kansas

    Saturday, June 26, 2010

    (Prolifer)ations 6-25-10

    From: Jill
    June 25, 2010

    by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

    •Fr. Frank Pavone discusses "settled law" assertions as Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan readies for her confirmation hearing. Though Kagan considers abortion rights to be "settled law," America's courts and legislatures have a history of changing such laws when new evidence is brought forward that makes it clear someone's rights, not previously recognized, are being violated....

    Suzy B showcases a Wall Street Journal article article which shows the single and childless are the least happy in society, not parents.

    Mark Pickup lauds the safety of Catholic hospitals in a society that views death as preferable to disability, and discusses the pressure to sign a "Do Not Resuscitate" (DNR) order upon entering most hospitals.

    Pro Life with Christ reports VP Joe Biden traveled to Kenya to personally urge the country to pass a new constitution that would legalize abortion - and to assure Kenyans that such a change would "allow money to flow" from foreign aid treasuries.

    Albert Mohler writes an article regarding the disappearance of manhood in society.

    Real Choice notes the LA Legislature has decided doctors shouldn't be covered under medical malpractice laws when they are providing elective abortions.

    Friday, June 25, 2010

    LA: Unsafe abortion facilities can be shut down by state Health Secy

    TN needs to do this.....

    The Health Secretary of the State of Louisiana now has the sole ability to shut down clinics that provide abortion, according to CNBC:

    BATON ROUGE, La. - Louisiana's health secretary now has more discretion to shut down an abortion clinic for safety or health concerns.

    Gov. Bobby Jindal signed the bill into law Wednesday that gives the head of the Department of Health and Hospitals the ability to quickly suspend a license if he decides there is an immediate health or safety threat at one of a handful of clinics in the state that provide abortions.

    Clinics can appeal the license suspension.

    Parks Rep. Fred Mills, sponsor of the new law, has said the change puts the health secretary's authority over outpatient abortion clinics in line with the authority he has over other kinds of health care facilities, like substance abuse and adult day care facilities.

    Prior to this piece of legislation, it took a panel of three judges to approve a clinic's license suspension.

    Thursday, June 24, 2010

    Criminal complaint against telemed abortions filed with IA AG

    From Pro Life Blogs

    DES MOINES, IA/June 24, 2010/Christian Newswire --Operation Rescue has filed a formal complaint with the IA Attorney General's office asking for a criminal investigation of a remote-controlled push-button Internet abortion pill scheme operated by Planned Parenthood of the Heartland known as "telemed abortion."
    "We believe that telemed abortions are illegal for several reasons and may rise to the threshold of criminal negligence," said OR President Troy Newman. "PP's scheme to deny women personal access to licensed physicians is a prescription for disaster."
    In addition to PP of the Heartland, the complaint names abortionists Thomas William Ross and Susan Haskell, both osteopaths who are employed with PPH and are known to participate in the telemed abortion scheme.
    The complaint centers on 5 major areas of concern regarding telemed abortions:
    1. Violation of the IA law requiring that only licensed physicians perform abortions.

    2. PPH's remote dispensing practice for abortion drugs RU-486 and misoprostol so ignores FDA protocols that they are intentionally endangering the lives of women.

    3. Criminal negligence and consumer protection laws may have been violated since evidence shows that PP intentionally exceeds manufacturer warnings and safety limits, and misrepresents to patients the actual failure rate of the medical abortion process.

    4. Consumer protection violations regarding insurance company over-billing.

    5. Patient abandonment since the licensed physician only speaks with the patient for a brief time over an Internet teleconferencing hookup, and never interacts with the patient again even in the case of emergency.
    OR has also filed a supplemental information packet with the IA Board of Medicine as an amendment to their complaint, along with a request to expand their investigation to include abortionist Thomas Ross.
    OR uncovered the IA telemed abortion scheme during an undercover investigation of abortion clinics throughout the U.S. It published a special report describing the remote controlled abortion process then followed up with a formal complaint to the IA Medical Board. The IMB notified OR in April that the complaint was placed with an investigator.
    In interviews, PP officials indicated that the group had plans to expand telemed abortions to every PP clinic by 2015 beginning with two clinics associated with PP of East Central Iowa. Public outcry against the dangerous push-button abortion process caused PPECI to backtrack from their original statements.

    Schiendler to Page: No unwanted children.....just unwanting parents

     Pro Life Action League has a good series of posts called Today in League History.  It is not only interesting but encouraging to look back, remember  events and see progress. The  post  on this particular  day remembers  pro abortion  Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page , who participated in a debate with League Director  Joe Schiendler. Page, father of a son of three weeks in June of 1989,  declared his newborn son to be "pro choice"  because he was a wanted child.  Schiendler reminds him that there are no unwanted children, just unwanting parents — but that’s not the child’s fault. Recently Page wrote about being  honored for overcoming the disability of stuttering and having  a full professional life in communications  despite that disability.  As I read about these two events, I wondered if Page's parents would have been informed  prenatally  that their son would have a speech impediment.......would they declare him unwanted and end his life prematurely. This had a special meaning to me as my late husband was a stutter but an successful, intelligent engineer.

    Wednesday, June 23, 2010

    First Things: House opening to assist with your suicide in OR

    First things  reports on what would seem like a plot from a sick movie except it is true. Oregon psychiatrist Dr. Stuart Weisberg plans to open a house where the terminally ill can kill themselves under a new Death with Dignity Law. Weisberg says he was inspired to act after watching a TV interview with Dr. Jack Kevorkian, who pioneered assisted suicide. Here’s a novel idea: How about a clinic to help people not want to commit assisted suicide?

    Mohler: The End of Men-A Hard Look at the Future

    Albert Mohler  writes a fascinating article "The End of Men? — A Hard Look at the Future." Hanna Rosin makes the case for this claim in the current issue of The Atlantic, and  it is the cover story. While this may seem slightly off the pro life topic, the trend of sex selection is now slanting toward women and the continued feminization of men, perhaps an unintended consequence of the feminist movement,  along with their displacement in leadership roles in society and the family shows the  real issue here , as Mohler states,  is not the end of men, but the disappearance of manhood. Here are some excerpts:

    For Christians, the importance of this article is even greater. God intended for men to have a role as workers, reflecting God’s own image in their vocation. The most important issue here it not the gains made by women, but the displacement of men. This has undeniable consequences for these men, and for everyone who loves and depends on them.
    What does it mean for large sectors of our society to become virtual matriarchies? How do we prepare the church to deal with such a world while maintaining biblical models of manhood and womanhood?
    The elites are awakening to the fact that these vast changes point to a very different future. Christians had better know that matters far more important than economics are at stake. These trends represent nothing less than a collapse of male responsibility, leadership, and expectations. The real issue here is not the end of men, but the disappearance of manhood.

    University of Toronto....Students for Life....thinking of the orphans

    June 23, 2010 
    From the University of Toronto Students for Life blog

     The good thing about pro-choice arguments is that we can get a good laugh.
     Here is an article in the Winnipeg Free Press regarding the G8 initiative by Stephen Harper with my comments:

     Women’s and reproductive-rights organizations have written a last-minute letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper urging him to include abortion funding in his G8 maternal- and child-health initiative.”No woman and no child should pay with their lives for the ideologically based decisions of one man named Stephen Harper,” said Katherine McDonald, executive director of Action Canada for Population and Development.
     But unborn children should pay with their lives for the ideologically-based decisions of pro-choicers…but I digress. 

     Vicki Saporta, president and CEO of the National Abortion Federation Canada, told a news conference Tuesday that Harper’s decision to exclude abortion funding from his initiative will create generations of orphans in developing countries.
    Of course! We are forgetting about the orphans! It’s good that pro-choicers will make that decision for them that their lives will suck bad enough that they should die before they are born.

    The World Health Organization reports nearly 70,000 women die each year from complications from unsafe abortions, while another five million are hospitalized and three million more go untreated. The Conservative prime minister has said he won’t include abortion or family planning and contraception in the maternal- and child-health initiative he’ll introduce at the G8 summit in Muskoka, Ont., this week, even though abortion has been legal across Canada since 1988. The letter signed by more than 100 women’s and abortion-rights groups throughout the G8 and other countries commends Harper’s commitment to women’s health, but it says the initiative will fail as it now stands.
     Yes, it will fail. Both mother and child will be alive. We can’t have that!

    “The scientific evidence is overwhelming,” says the letter. “Access to safe, legal abortion care preserves women’s health and saves women’s lives. Unsafe abortion remains one of the leading causes of maternal mortality in developing countries. …
     The evidence is overwhelming…such as???? 

     “We ask that you honour Canada’s long-standing tradition of recognizing women’s reproductive rights and urge you to include access to contraception and abortion care in your initiative to improve maternal health care.”
     Canada is 143 years old and abortion has been legal for about the last 40 years. What a long-standing tradition!

     An accountability report released last weekend cited improvements to disease prevention and child- and maternal-health care in the Third World as two of the most poorly kept promises among G8 countries. “The (goals) on child mortality and maternal health are proving the toughest area in which to make progress,” said the report.
      What about unborn children mortality? Any progress on that?

    Tuesday, June 22, 2010

    TN: Primary Endorsements for State Legislature

    Go to www.vote4life. for list of endorsed candidates.
    Primary Endorsements for State Legislature

    (Nashville)  Following a legislative session marked by passage of Right to Life priorities including amendment resolution SJR 127, the political action committee of the state's leading pro-life organization has announced their endorsements for the upcoming primary elections.

    "Tennesseans have made great progress in electing demonstrated pro-life leaders to the General Assembly," said Brian Harris, president of Tennessee Right to life.  "With so much at stake and the fate of unborn children in the balance, we urge every pro-life Tennessean to work and vote for the election of women and men of conscience who understand the value and dignity of every human life," said Harris.

    In addition to first passage of SJR 127, a resolution to put an amendment before state voters in 2014 which would again make the Tennessee Constitution abortion-neutral, pro-life leadership and majorities in both chambers of the Legislature passed bills requiring the posting of non-coercion law in facilities where abortions are performed, ensuring that first priority in distribution of family planning funds be given to local health departments rather than abortion facilities, and establishing that abortion not be a funded benefit in exchanges to be established as part of the federal health care plan.
    Abortion has become an increasingly important matter in state races following a landmark ruling by the Tennessee Supreme Court in 2000 which found a fundamental right to abortion and struck down popularly supported measures such as informed consent and 2 day waiting periods for women considering abortion and other laws regulating the operation of abortion facilities in Tennessee.
    "Tennessee is a strongly pro-life state and it is only appropriate that our public policies reflect the views of that majority," Harris said.  "It is a top priority of Tennessee Right to Life to see that the men and women who fill those seats next January are people of principle who will not only vote the right way but who will lead dramatically for the protection of the weak and vulnerable among us."
    Please visit for a list of endorsed candidates.

    (Prolifer)ations 6-22-10

    by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

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  • Coming Home features a Michael Coren Show interview onCanadian TV with a panel of 4 experts on the subjects of the ABC link, thePill-breast cancer link, Kinsey's "research" on human sexuality, and euthanasia. Experts interviewed were Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, Dr. Chris Kahlenborn, Dr. Judith Reisman and Dr. Margaret Somerville.

  • Culture Campaign links to an article about Britain beginning sex education at age 5 in hopes of delaying sexual activity of their children. Previous legislation to make sex education compulsory in primary and secondary schools (disallowing parents to withdraw children from sex education once they turned 15) was abandoned.

  • John Jacubczyk tells of Phoenix physician and abortionist Dr. Galen Johnson, who was arrested in June for the alleged assault and sexual abuse of a 28-year-old patient. Jackubczyk asks, "Is there a connection between the abortion mentality... and the propensity to abuse women who are vulnerable...?"

    • Excellent video by Christine Reid. At about the 6:15 mark she talks about what we can do to support LIFE.

    Pro-life message "silenced" at Ichthus Christian Music Festival by Jill Stanek

    Pro-life message "silenced" at Ichthus Christian Music Festival by Jill Stanek

    I was adding this to my proliferations column that will be out today, but Jill did a post on it. How sad that the Church has allowed themselves to be marginalized on the issue of Life.

    Dr Death: Worst moment of my life, the day I was born.....

    From Jill

    This gives me the chills just reading it. He regrets the day he was born.  Dr. one person commented...." This statement explains a lot.Kevorkian should have been getting help for depression rather than "helping" others with theirs."

    Quote of the Day 6-22-10

    sanjay gupta kevorkian.jpg
    "I have no regrets, none whatsoever," he said. It was windy outside, but it was also over 90 degrees in sunny Ann ArborMI. I was now sweating, and he was... well, cold.
    He shifted his gaze from his lawyer back to me. "Sanjay, you want to know the single worst moment of my life?"
    That wasn't the question I asked, but in fact I was curious to know the answer.
    "OK," I replied - a little uneasily.
    He smiled now and said in a very deliberate, almost staccato voice: "The single worst moment of my life... was the moment I was born." And, we had officially begun my sit-down interview with Dr. Jack Kevorkian.
    CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta, reporting on his interview with physician-suicide enthusiast Dr. Jack Kevorkian, June 14

    Blue MA: Choose Life plates are now available

    From even the bluest of states.....a church secretary worked on this for seven years...a good biblical number.
    It is not easy to get this through and includes pre selling 1500 plates as  just one hurdle . The plates will cost $90 for two years. There's an initial $50 registration fee and $40 dollars charged for the special plate. $12 goes to the making of the plate and $28 goes to Choose Life Inc., a Massachusetts based nonprofit who then  distribute the money to crisis pregnancy centers in the states.

    Of course the pro abortion groups are not happy ......stating their displeasure with not the message but the money going to crisis pregnancy centers. These are non profit entities who support life affirming options to crisis pregnancy and provide their services free of charge. What's not to like....well they don't  support abortions.

    Recently a NY Times article states that abortion clinics are to training their counselors about adoption as a choice in an unplanned pregnancy.  Their referral rate for adoptions  is laughable compared to their abortion rate. Even the article expressed some skepticism about this approach...
    Discussing these choices is always delicate, but perhaps even more so in this setting. Social workers in abortion clinics run the risk of sounding as if they’re offering a refutation of the service they are there to provide. As Ms. Page put it: “It’s like you’ve come to this Italian restaurant — do you really want the waiter saying, ‘There’s this great German place down the block, not sure how much you know about it, but you might like it’?”
    Telling comment.......don't send paying business away.

     To many who have labored for abortion rights, it might seem at first blush that abortion clinics need adoption specialists the way fish need bicycles — that it represents an infiltration of the opposition. Corinna Lohser, one of the founders of the Adoption Access Network, said that when she worked at an abortion clinic in Cleveland years ago, she and many of her colleagues were wary of adoption, noting that abortion providers are “the ones getting all this harassment from protesters about adoption.”
    Now Ms. Lohser, 33, works for Spence-Chapin Adoption Services, a New York adoption agency that supports abortion rights, and has come to regret the lack of information she had been able to provide women in Cleveland. If a client said she didn’t think she could carry a pregnancy to term, then never see the child again, Ms. Lohser’s response was, she recalled, “Yup, check, me either.” She did not realize how much more common open adoptions had become; she knew of no adoption agency that would speak to women with an open mind about abortion.  
    Have you ever been in an abortion clinic and heard what a trained counselor says....I have. They push abortion as the only choice to solve the problem. Make it go away it never happened. Quick Fix....  I have heard those who left the industry state that they were trained to target those who seemed  especially desperate to get them in right away even if you need to rearrange appointments....get them while they still were in the crisis mode.

    It is hard for me to understand an adoption counselor being pro choice but I know some. I understand compartmentalizing your thinking.....have done it myself. But once you get that abortion ends the life of a human being.....and that person is not given his or her is hard to justify all the other slogans that take you down the path that ends the life of another human being.

    Anyway good for the church secretary and good for MA...the bluest of the blue. Read the full article here.

    Sign of the Times....or like yelling "jump" to someone perched on a bridge??

    A  billboard in San Fransico is attracting attention alright. Here is an article   in the Bay Citizen on the feelings from this recent addition to the scenery. Here are some excerpts.

    This is irresponsible and downright dangerous; it is the equivalent of handing a gun to someone who is suicidal,” wrote Lanny Berman, president of the International Association of Suicide Prevention, in an email.
     Forty-five years ago, San Francisco had the highest suicide rate in the world. In 1962, the city developed the first crisis hotline in the United States, a model now replicated around the country. Since then, the annual suicide rate in San Francisco has dropped by half.
    Final Exit Network paid for the billboard and said it hoped it would provoke discussion about “the right to die.”
    Members of Final Exit Network, which was founded in 2005, have been present at the deaths of about 130 people.

    Monday, June 21, 2010

    DILLER: Planned Parenthood's missing millions...New GAO report reveals disturbing financial discrepancies

     Well surprise the full report here. Here are some excerpts.
    A new report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) on federal tax money funneled into Planned Parenthood and similar organizations raises more questions than it answers about the nation's largest abortion chain.
    Planned Parenthood Federation of America's (PPFA) audits show the organization spent just $657.1 million between 2002 and 2008 from federal government grants and programs, but the abortion behemoth's own annual reports show that it took in $2.3 billion from government grants and programs during the same time period.
    Planned Parenthood's abortion business has increased year after year in lock step with its increasing government funding, as evidenced by the included chart.
    Obviously, every penny Planned Parenthood receives feeds its abortion business in one way or another.

    Our president speaks to the Born Alive Infant Protection Act when he was Senator Obama

    Friday, June 18, 2010

    (Prolifer)ations 6-18-10

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  • National Pro Life Radio
    discusses an investigation by the WI Attorney General
    into a possible violation of state law for paying resident U of
    physicians to train by committing abortions at Planned

  • Eric Scheidler of Pro-Life
    Action League
    discusses the encouraging pro-life Gallup
    poll numbers and posts his reply to an Abortion Gang
    blog on the subject.

  • Pro-Life With Christ posts an
    article by ALL's Judie Brown
    on the new morning-after pill, which isn't just for the "morning after."

  • ProWomanProLife posts Dr.
    Joel Brind's
    response to a published letter from Dr.
    Gail Erlick Robinson
    , dismissing post abortive psychological
    problems. Brind points out esteemed medical studies that confirm women
    who had abortions in the past 12 months were 3 times more likely to
    commit suicide than other women and 6 times more likely than women who
    gave birth in the past 12 months.

  • Scott
    of the Life Training Institute
    comments on an ABC News video featuring some
    left-wing Evangelicals discussing what they believe to
    be the most important issues of our day.  Not one mentioned abortion...all focused on social justice issues.  Jo Jo Ruba put an excellent response on his Facebook page and Scott posts it to his part it reads... "Frankly, if Christians don't think the killing of unborn children merits even a mention in an
    interview, then they not only misunderstand the moral gravity of the
    situation but they have failed to live up to their mandate of loving
    their neighbor as themselves."
  • AK Dept of Health discloses that state supported DenaliKidCare includes abortions.....Kid Care??

    Well how about this for hubris....naming a program KidCare and then using state money to pay for abortions.....Kid Care or Kid Kill. Well there is another kid taken care of!.....

    by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • Looks like AK Gov. Sean Parnell was right:

  • The AK Dept. of Health and Social Services said today that 664 abortions were funded last year through Denali KidCare.
    Gov. Sean Parnell (pictured below left) recently vetoed money to expand Denali KidCare, the health care program for low income kids and pregnant women, because some of the money funds abortions. Parnell said at the time that the program funded "hundreds" of abortions. Anchorage Democratic Sen. Bettye Davis had disputed that, saying a "very small number" of abortions are funded.
    Women on Denali KidCare can have an abortion funded if a physician decides it's "medically necessary." The state doesn't define what is "medically necessary," leaving that to be determined by the treating physician....
    There were 55,754 Alaskans enrolled in Denali KidCare last year, including 7,947 pregnant women.
    There were 1,875 abortions performed in AK in 2009. It's quite obvious that AK abortionists are using their own definition "medically necessary" when around 8% of the pregnant women enrolled in Denali KidCare get "medically necessary" abortions and "medically necessary" abortions make up more than a third of the state's abortions.Alaskans have their Supreme Court to thank for this ridiculous scenario where a fund designed to help children and give prenatal care to pregnant women turns into an abortion fund which funds a third of the state's abortions.

    Dr. Mark: Dutch Surprised that euthanasia is on the rise?? Why??

    Ahead of the official release of last year’s euthanasia stats in the Netherlands, the Dutch press is reporting that euthanasia is on the increase over previous years.

    What surprises me is that the Dutch authorities continue to be surprised by the increase.

    Let’s see:

    Take the social taboo of euthanasia, allow it to happen undercover, then tut-tut that instead of happening behind closed doors, it should be regulated and ‘transparent.” This doltish idea was meant to ensure that undercover euthanasia was stopped and only happened under very rare and highly controlled circumstances.

    It hasn’t turned out that way, as some of us predicted years ago.

    Here’s the slippery slope:

    First, euthanasia was meant for only those adults who were terminally ill and in unbearable and uncontrollable physical pain.

    Then, euthanasia was allowed for those with unbearable physical pain, even if it could be controlled, and even f they were not terminally ill.

    Then euthanasia was allowed for those who were not only not terminally ill, but for people in no physical pain whatsoever – psychological pain, controllable or not, was enough.

    Then the age limit was extended to adolescents.

    So, from
    The number of reported deaths by euthanasia rose 13% last year to 2,636, following an increase of 10% in 2008, the NRC reports, quoting figures due to be published at the beginning of July.
    The 2008 increase led the health ministry to set up an investigation into the increase. That investigation is due to start this month.
    This is not the whole macabre picture, either: These stats reflect ONLY patients who requested to be killed.

    It does not include hundreds, and perhaps thousands, who are euthanized even though they never requested it.

    It does not include the hundreds of newborns with disabilities that are murdered under the so-called Groningen Protocol.

    It does not include legalized assisted suicides.

    Here’s the truth: Euthanasia is now increasingly accepted as just another medical procedure. The social constraints have collapsed.

    Need any more proof?

    A recent survey in the Netherlands showed that there was strong public sentiment for making euthanasia available for anyone over 70 even if the only reason to die was because they were “tired” of living.

    One final point: No, we’re not at the bottom of the slippery slope. It will get worse.