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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Making it to the Other Side of the Fence: Why I am now pro life and why I support defunding Planned Parenthood

Making it to the Other Side of the Fence: Why I am now pro life and why I support defunding Planned Parenthood

By: Anne Taylor

In my early 20s, four months into a relationship I found out I was pregnant. I was raised with sound values from family and church, yet felt alone thousands of miles away from home while attending college. I felt incredible shame that if family and friends knew of the choices I’d made they’d be let down. This led me on a path of self doubt that I did not know was possible. Fear is what it all comes down to and I have learned that it is distortion that masks itself in many forms more often than not.
Having no doctor at the time, there was a simple solution for this pregnancy: Planned Parenthood. There happened to be one just down the street from campus so I called and booked an appointment with a counselor. Prior to meeting with the counselor, my partner and I began to discuss various scenarios. Adoption sounded good. After all, we barely knew each other.

When we arrived at Planned Parenthood for our appointment, we were quickly sized up. “Adoption would not be a good course of action because more often than not, the girl becomes too attached to the baby by the time she’s given birth.” the counselor advised and continued to remind us we hardly knew one another. My partner then inquired if their clinic performed any ‘termination’ procedures.  My partner revealed to me that he once took a friend to have an abortion and she seemed to have no problems with it. “Well, yes!” the counselor responded enthusiastically. “We can certainly do that for you, and in your situation it is probably best for the both of you.” she said with a grin. We went on to ask more questions.

Friday, April 29, 2011

(Prolifer)ations 4-29-11

Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN
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  • Timmerie’s Blog has a post about engaging pro-choice environmentalists in the Survivors booth at the San Diego Earth Fair, and of competing with the well-supported Planned Parenthood booth. The group used graphic abortion and animal abuse displays to generate thoughtful discussion about respecting our own humanity and in turn respecting our environment.
  • Suzy B points out the case of abortionist Kermit Gosnell should be a sign and wake-up call to society that abortion is a poison.
  • Wesley J. Smith tracks a WA assisted suicide bill which “legally requires doctors to falsify death certificates by stating the cause of death as the underlying disease. That is not only false, but it makes tracking the procedure difficult, if not impossible.”
  • ProLifeBlogs highlights a post by Down on the Pharm which notes since Plan B “emergency contraception” was made available over the counter, usage has doubled – but the failure rate remains at 16% per use. A quoted Guttmacher spokeswoman seems discouraged the usage rate isn’t higher, and also credits the MSM, not healthcare professionals, with an increase in dependency on the drug.
  • Real Choice remembers the anniversary of the death of Sandra Milton, a mother who died as a result of a botched abortion and an unconcerned abortion clinic staff.
  • ProWomanProLife expresses disgust with an Irish student newspaper article which at first seems to see the blessing of children with Down syndrome, but goes on to lament the fact that since abortion is illegal in Ireland, prenatal screening for Down’s is pointless. Another case of “they’re not worth the trouble, so let’s eradicate them.”

TN: Teen Reality stars Catelynn and Tyler coming for community forum

Catelynn and Tyler are coming to TN! 

It is amazing that these two teens from a small MI town have come into prominence. It all started when they agreed to appear on the MTV show "16 and Pregnant" and allowing cameras to record their pregnancy. What was different about them is that they choose adoption for their baby. They both had come from broken and dysfunctional homes and wanted better for their baby girl. They choose a couple through Bethany Christian Services and  an open adoption situation. The scene where Catelynn gave birth and released her daughter for adoption was one of the most moving scenes I have seen. Such courage and maturity!! Such love!!  Tyler was the rock! Always putting the needs of the child first. Mature beyond his years.

Well this couple  who are still together went on to graduate from high school and Tyler is in his first semester of college.  Since their daughter Carly was adopted by a couple living in a different state the visits are not often but precious.  Tyler and Catelynn went on to star in "Teen Mom" and are coming to Hendersonville  TN  to participate in a panel discussion and talk to teens and their parents on the issue of teen's not always someone else's child.

Parents and are in for a treat and much needed education. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Long awaited explanation from Susan G Komen on funds to PP unacceptable

 While the issue of who funds Planned Parenthood may have been taken off the front burner as far as the MSM and top of the hour news...the issue of supporting the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure continues on. We do not forget. Susan G. Komen does indeed send money to the nation's largest provider of abortions . That is fact.  No pink ribbons for me. They have a pretty weak defense of why they pass on grant money and contributions from the tax payers to Planned Parenthood. They continue to put out their talking points that they give money to PP because PP uses that money for the education, screening and treatment of women in underserved areas. Well not really...

 Since the Race for the Cure is in my area, I wrote those sponsoring the race affiliated with Susan G. and asked for an explanation of why I should support an organization that takes my contribution and gives it to an organization that I vehemently oppose. I got back the cursory email stating they would forward my email to the development people to give me an explanation. When time passed with no response, I wrote back reminding them that I was waiting and the race was almost upon us. They curtly informed me that their people were busy with several tasks and answers inquiries such as mine was just  one of those duties and they would respond when they had time. Wow, not good PR for people wanting us to contribute to them.

Hi Susan,

Thank you for walking to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure and our promise to end breast cancer! Thank you also for writing us regarding your concerns over our community grants to Planned Parenthood. When these grants are given, it is because the local Komen Affiliate has assessed its community and determined that funds given to Planned Parenthood are meeting an unmet breast health need in that area. Komen does not fund abortions. In the interest of wanting our supporters to be informed, I am sending you a statement below with more details on where the money goes. We cannot overlook these needs.

Pro Life with Christ: Ending abortion by 2020

HT: Great video by Pro Life with Christ

The Canary in the Mineshaft: Kermit Gosnell and the Abortion Industry

The Canary in the Mineshaft: Kermit Gosnell and the Abortion Industry

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Created Equal video: What is abortion...they can't defend the indefensible...

This is really telling....they are so strongly supportive of abortion rights that they come out to loudly demonstrate...but when asked a gentle question of what is abortion.....they falter. They cannot defend it....who could?
HT: Jill

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NARAL: Alarm email sent out ...may have to cancel 28 abortions in DC...raised $25K..... but not enough

NARAL  sent out a broadcast email with many  tidbits but this caught my eye.

Urgent!! attention needed.........

As  the shutdown of tax payer funding for abortions  in DC went into effect ... 28 women  had appointments  on the books for "abortion care." Panic.... 28 babies lives were about to be saved. 

To the rescue....the abortion industry sent out a clarion call and raised $25,000 so these 28 babies will be no more. Whew, that was close!
Why did these champions of women not just do the deed for free?

Nice return though .....we need 28 abortions to go through....raise $25,000. They  then take a swipe at their Commander in Chief who never met an abortion he did not approve of....

"POTUS to Boehmer..."I will give you D.C. abortion. I am not happy about it.” :(

It's an impressive net $$$$, but it still falls far short of the $62,000 that D.C. Medicaid paid out to fund abortions in D.C. for just a few months.
 $62,000 in just a few months....your tax money at work.

Five Truths about Planned Parenthood - Charmaine Yoest - National Review Online

Five Truths about Planned Parenthood - Charmaine Yoest - National Review Online

(Prolifer)ations 4-26-11

from Jill

Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN
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  • At National Review, Kathryn Jean Lopez has an interview with new National Right to Life Committee president Carol Tobias.
  • American Life League discusses the shocking discovery that Senomyx Biotechnology – which produces flavor enhancers for Nestle, PepsiCo, Cadbury Adams LLC (a Kraft company) and Solae – uses aborted fetal cells. A pro-life group contacted partnering companies, and only Campbell’s Soup said they would cease to do business with Senomyx.
  • ProLifeNZ spotlights the book A Gift of Time, which encourages couples faced with terminal prenatal diagnoses to continue their pregnancies.
  • The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition decries the fact that UK high school students have received videos on “Philip Nitschke’s ‘death machine’, explanations on how it works and footage from his workshops explaining his other suicide methods.” With such high drama and emotions in the lives of teens, the last thing you would want is to introduce them to methods of suicide.
  • FRC Blog notes the importance of electing pro-life governors along with pro-life senators and reps. Montana currently has a governor who has vetoed pro-life legislation overwhelmingly passed by both the House and Senate, and overriding a veto proves difficult when even “pro-life” Dems decide to change their votes.
  • ProLifeBlogs posts a blog from Deacon for Life which reports the upcoming Catholics for Choice workshop is set to be hosted by Planned Parenthood. New website to document safety records of abortion clinics and doctors New website to document safety records of abortion clinics and doctors

BBC shows on death seem to be popular...from natural death in hospice to assisted suicide

Are we fascinated with appears in the UK they are...and we probably are as well. 

The BBC is airing the final days of a man who is being cared for in a hospice facility. This is in response to the previous airing of documentary of a man  traveling to Switzerland to partake of  assisted suicide  at Dignitas. BTW, the owner of Digitas is reported to be quite wealthy for his efforts in running a modest apartment where he offers a lethal cocktail and disposal of remains usually by  cremation. People arguing against assisted suicide felt that this feature was nothing more than a cheer leading for the practice which is not yet legal in the UK. BBC also aired a special about a woman going to Dignitas to have an assisted suicide because she did not want to die of old age. Yikes....are we that narcissistic ??

Students for Life: For such a time as this...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hawkins: Fact: 96% of Pregnant Women at Planned Parenthood Get Abortions

Fact: 96% of Pregnant Women at Planned Parenthood Get Abortions

by Kristan Hawkins | Washington, DC | | 4/19/11 1:12 P
from Life

I’ve been getting a lot of emails over the last week regarding a Planned Parenthood statistic that Students for Life of America has been using in emails and on our website. So, this morning I’m writing about it to address the facts and misinformation about there.
This is a Fact: Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider and 96% of its services for pregnant women are abortions.
For those who may try to rebut this, here is the documentation you need:
Looking at a 2010 fact sheet from their own website, Planned Parenthood provided 324, 008 abortion services, 2,405 adoption referrals, and 9,433 prenatal services in 2008. When calculated, abortion services accounted for 96% of the services provided to pregnant women.
Here is the math for those who still doubt:
2,405 +9,433 = 11,838 (services to pregnant women which are not abortions)
11,838 / 324,008 = .036 = 3.6%
100% – 3.6% = 96.4% (of services provided to pregnant women are abortions)
While this is an astounding number, the actual number of abortions that Planned Parenthood provides may actually be more than that!
The numbers Planned Parenthood provides in its reports are skewed and don’t give a full picture of the services Planned Parenthood is actually providing. Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood Director,  recently commented on the way Planned Parenthood reports on its numbers to ensure that the public will not know the truth of their business:
“And while Planned Parenthood says abortions make up just 3 percent of its services, I found they used an sleight of hand, unbundling family planning services so each patient shows anywhere from five to 20 “visits” per appointment (12 packs of birth control would show up as 12 individual visits). It does the opposite for abortion visits, bundling them together so each appointment shows as one visit. This skews the numbers. You have an overwhelming number of “visits” for family planning compared to abortion, even though you may have seen the same number of patients.”
The fact is, Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, has been caught time and again breaking federal and state laws by protecting racists, rapists, and sex traffickers of minors.
So why would we we trust them to provide accurate numbers of the abortions they provide?
The fact that 96% of Planned Parenthood services to pregnant women are abortions demonstrates that they aren’t about  promoting or facilitation “Parenthood” but about ending or stopping “Parenthood”.
From now on, I will call them Preventing Parenthood.

Does the constant texting annoy's our kids standing up for LIFE.....

The next  time you see young people walking and looking down as they text away....they may be doing something very important. I love it when the youth stand up for life...makes me proud. What a wonderful story of using the social media to quickly organize and stand up for the truth and LIFE.... love it and love the youth. I always said you are the generation that is going to fix the mess my generation started.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Russia introduces bill that abortion is no longer a medical service...

Now  this is interesting....Russian govt . is considering a bill to disqualify abortion as a medical service and allow doctors to opt out of performing them. It would also hold doctors who perform abortions in the second half of pregnancy criminally responsible. Wow! The hope is to bring down the number of abortions in Russia which is now currently over 1 million a year. Obviously a concern is the loss of population in Russia which is not known for valuing life.  Some commenters ask if that means that currently doctors are being made to perform abortions against their will but another noted that in Russia life is cheap. Are we far behind. While their motive to the declining population this is still good news. Abortion should not be considered a medical treatment. And as the grandmother to two precious children adopted from glad they survived this mindset.

"The bill aims to create the conditions for a pregnant woman to opt for giving birth," Yelena Mizulina, head of the State Duma committee for family, women and children, said.

MN: Pastor supports abortion funding with poem "No Small Thing" liberal press demonizes legislator who calls it disgusting

A bill to deny state tax money for abortions in MN brings out an  abortion supporting pastor who reads a poem called "No Small Thing."  A  legislator says he finds it "disgusting."  Well I searched and had to find the audio of  that meeting to hear the offending poem myself.  Rep. Cornish is being kind when he calls it disgusting. It was beyond the pale;  a poem about the unborn child developing in the mother's womb putting the mother's choice ahead of the child's right to live...."the mother is the source of life"...God knows....the mother knows  whether she chooses life or not.......elevating choice to that level. 

The article in this left leaning paper is mocking the legislator but I say he is  courageous for speaking the truth. 

Speaking in favor of abortion is a pastor of a denomination who is a member of Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.
"The Rev. T. Michael Rock of Robbinsdale United Church of Christ read a poem called “No Small Thing,” which relayed the perspectives of a fetus, a woman and God in the difficult choice about whether to terminate a pregnancy. The poem spoke of a sac of limbs, referring to the fetus and the amniotic sac."
“I’ve got to count to ten before I give my comment,” Cornish angrily told the committee. To Rev. Rock, he said, “I find your testimony particularly disgusting, to invoke the Lord’s word in support of abortion. That bag of limbs and bones you describe could be found outside an abortion clinic, sucked out of a mother’s womb.”

I could  tell how radical this rag was by some of the comments...the first one states:
"Dear Tony Cornish,
Jesus is an abortionist.
Yes, you read that correctly. As you may or may not know, 10-25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage–a natural abortion, if you will. If, however, you believe that your god is a protector of every life, then miscarriages raise the question of the culpability of your god in the process...."
Rep. Cornish explains  how he and his wife adopted a boy from a young girl who would fit all the categories  that [they]  said deserved a tax payer abortion...young, unmarried, financial distress, special needs...."you would have gladly convinced her abortion was the only answer for her but she found real help"     and made the choice for life and then for adoption and we were selected to raise that boy and he is now married and a father of five.  Important point.... abortion not only ends that life but wipes out generations.

TX: Body parts found in abortion clinic dumpster....local police refuse request to give baby funeral and proper burial


UPDATE AND ACTION: El Paso police are refusing to release this child into the hands of those who are wanting to provide a proper burial.  Police say that they are going to give the remain of the child to an environmental group to dispose of. Call the El Paso police department and demand justice for this child! This baby deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Demand a proper burial for this tiny child! Please call 915-564-7000.
UPDATE II: El Paso police are now saying that they will not be investigating this incident because the unborn child’s young age of approximately 9 to 12 weeks old. We have contacted the Texas Department of Health and the Texas Abortion Compliance Department to ensure that this matter is investigated by them.

Sad story of this Easter week of the remains of a baby found in a dumpster in TX where it had been discarded  outside an abortion facility. It was discovered by a neighbor who saw a dog sniffing around the dumpster. He saw the body parts and put them in a bag and gave them to the sidewalk counselors and prayer warriors the next day. 

"Federico notified police, who arrived at the abortion center late this morning and investigated the situation and interviewed abortion facility staff. Staffers told officials the body of the baby did not come from the abortion facility and said they “dispose of bodies properly” by using a hazardous waste company to process the remains of the babies victimized in abortions."
Of course they do !

A local bishop has asked for the body in order to perform a funeral and proper burial but the local police is refusing to release the body. 

"Upon viewing photographs of the body parts, former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson said they were remarkably well-developed.
“The findings are consistent with the remains of an abortion procedure,” Johnson, who was the director of the Bryan/College Station Planned Parenthood abortion center for years and was also a “products of conception technician,” the term for someone who reassembles baby body parts after an abortion to ensure the abortion was complete. “Based on the development of the foot and the formation of the leg, and what appears to be a tear at the top of the leg, this looks like an abortion done through vacuum aspiration on a child at 12 to 14 weeks LMP.”

Friday, April 22, 2011

(Prolifer)ations 4-22-11

from Jill

Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN
As always, we welcome your suggestions for additions to our Top Blogs (see tab on right side of home page)! Email
  • Bryan Kemper points out that pro-abortion people like the blogger at Wonkette, who this week called Trig Palin “retarded” and “somewhat alive” (causing the blog to lose advertisers) actually believe what they’re saying, despite attempts to pass their crassness off as “humor.”
  • Pro Life Wisconsin picks up on a recent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article examining the fact that African Americans, which make up just over 6% of the WI population, have 24% of the state’s abortions and up to 3 times the rate of premature birth compared with Caucasians. The Sentinel neglected to explain that preterm delivery and past abortion are linked.
  • Wesley J. Smith completes the story of Baby Joseph Maraachli who is back in Canada after his US-performed tracheotomy enabled him to come home with his family for the duration of his terminal illness – no thanks to the “futile care” Canadian system which would have ensured his untimely death.
  • Stand for Life features the testimony of a woman who received birth control pills at a clinic, got pregnant despite the pills, and was counseled by the same clinic – who assured her the baby would be deformed – to have an abortion. When she tried to back out of the procedure they sedated her and went forward with it against her wishes. So much for “choice.”
  • ProWomanProLife promotes an upcoming benefit to support the pro-life missionaries and silenced students from Carleton University in Canada.
  • Real Choice chronicles the chilling 1993 abortion death of Lou Ann Herron.
  • John Smeaton writes about the powerful pro-abortion lobby (UNFPA, EU, Britain, and President Obama) at the United Nations, and its influence on the final document of the Commission on Population and Development, in which the term “reproductive health” is used synonymously with abortion. Several countries have objected to abortion being included in this category.

Daily Telegraph: Late abortion figures must be released, High Court rules

Daily  Telegraph: Late abortion figures must be released, High Court rules

This is  causing consternation in the UK. The abortion industry decries this ruling stating that abortion after 24 weeks for cases of abnormalities must be revealed. In the UK abortions for social reasons prior to that time is permitted but after that period the doctor is supposed to have discretion and perform abortions for serious risk to the mother or seriously handicap of the child. The pro life movement contends that babies are being aborted for minimal defects such as club feet or cleft pallet.

Pro life movement state that this lax rule with no auditing created an "outrageous  imbalance" between the rights of the mother and unborn child. The abortion industry says that the privacy rights however remote might be breached causing  the women choosing abortion and the doctors concern. So I thought doctors were proud of their service and women proud of their choice.

"The health department stopped publishing a full breakdown of figures for the previous year in 2003. The last set of statistics, for 2001, showed that a foetus was aborted after 24 weeks because it had a cleft palate, a defect surgeons can in most cases remedy."
Demanding perfect babies and the willingness of doctors to terminate the less than perfect. Hmmm where have I heard that justification before. Slippery bet.

Photo: REX

Live Action ad contest...see the entries...excellent work!

Live Action  has a wonderful contest up with over 100 entries for a pro life ad. Wow, go and look and vote on your favorites. Pretty good stuff out there...very catchy and thought provoking.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

You named me no one by Sarah Jane Roberts

Cross Posted at Live
A moving song and video by Sarah Jane Roberts:

The story behind the video as written in the video’s YouTube description:
One day I was cooking dinner in my kitchen, and I felt a burden for the babies around the world that never have a chance to live their lives because of abortion. I prayed at that moment about how I could make a difference with the limited time and energy that I had, having four children of my own including a newborn. I felt compelled by the Lord to be a voice for these babies using my own voice…I sat at my piano and as I wept, these are the words and the music that flowed from that moment. I asked God to tell me what these babies would want to say if they had a voice…”You named me no one, but I wanted to be known.”
Learn more about Sarah Jane Robert’s music at:

Memphis PP CEO bemoans the possible loss of TN tax $$....ignores the A word and forgets the recent sting video from Live Action...

Memphis Flyer posts an op ed by Barry Chase CEO of Memphis PP... who is so concerned that Title X money in Memphis may go to the public health departments and end his cozy deal for all these years. Last year the General Assembly ended the preferential treatment of PP  saying they cannot automatically get a cool 1 MM of TN tax dollars into their coffers. They have to compete for the money along with other venues such a county health departments. Of course in two metropolitan areas, Nashville and Memphis, their alliance with PP has caused them to bow out of the business but that may change. 

Of course his op ed never mentions that A word and of course does not refer to the embarrasing undercover sting opereation showing a staffer in his venable PP clinic covering up sex abuse of a minor and advising a girl posing as underage how to circumvent the parental notification law and cover up for her "cash up front"  much older man who impregnanted her. This is a violation of the law to report sex abuse of minors. So this worthy  organization can certainly be trusted to keep immaculate records nd make sure the  invisible firewall between tax money and abortion money is kept separate. They hire and pay the staff  with benefits and rent etc  with fungible money. The same  hand  that hands out  birth control pills is the same hand that assists and/or performs abortions and mammograms. Wait... sorry wrong....PP does not do mammograms, do they? Someone needs to tell the president of PP to stop saying that. How embarrassing when the national President of PP goes on national TV to state this "misinformation."

"And to be very clear, long-standing federal law prohibits the use of any of these funds for abortion services either directly or indirectly."

SSSSUUUURRRREEEE... and the auditing of this takes place??? Not on your life. Say isn't this the same PP that was caught aiding and abetting sex abuse of minors??? Well, yes it is....PP is the nation's largest abortion chain. Title X money belongs in county health depts and by the way they do mammograms. If you place is so wonderful use private money raised by true believers.

To refresh your memory Barry....

Trig Palin's birthday:Wonkette author tries to apologize for classless post after readers and advertisers shun him...

 Update: Original post was deleted due to onslaught of  advertisers deserted the site and comments continue to condemn. They are still trying to justify the post but have removed it.

 After reading the Quote of the Day at Jill I had to go over to Wonkette and see that stuff for myself. Weird writing... to appeal to the hard left and/or those on pot early in the AM. Cruel jokes and of course they hate Palin. But one article contained this telling line. Wow, these people are sick and mean.

"See? Sarah Palin had to have had the baby, because she was really old and therefore knew having one would give her a Down-syndrome prop. Jackpot!"
But the article referenced by Jill Stanek was so over  the top classless  that even the faithful were offended...
"My God, what in the name of decency were you thinking in posting this column? Can your life be so shallow and your integrity so brittle that you would take it upon yourself to demean a developmentally challenged child for political kicks? Your website has been deleted from my Favourites list."

The author was so taken to task by his readers and also the advertisers dropping out that he was forced to give a half hearted apology.
"UPDATE: I regret this post and using the word “retarded” in a reference to Sarah Palin’s child. It’s not nice, and is not necessary, but I take responsibility for writing it. For those who came and are offended by this post: I’m sorry, of course. But I stand by my criticism of Sarah Palin using her child as a political prop.
–Jack Stuef"
I  would say to the reader that Wonkette is not worthy of your favorites list and making fun of children with any special needs is not funny even to Wonkette fans....hey, why are you so angry with Sarah for being a mom and not aborting him. Your anger is telling...



No liberal love for disabled kids named Palin

No liberal love for disabled kids named Palin

Baby Joseph home with family and breathing without mechanical assistance for his final days

Baby Joseph is now home in Canada with his family  to finish out however many days he has left. After all the fighting, he is breathing without mechanical assistance. Yes, he is still going to die because he has a terminal illness. The parents always understood that. They wanted a trach so he could be cared for at home during his final days. 

The Canadian health care  system disagreed and felt it was futile care , intrusive and perhaps unnecessarily painful to the patient. An international fight ensues. Allegation are hurled and people question the status and motives of the parents. People become offended on behalf of their country.  These are some of the issues we are going to have to wrestle through as technology allows the end of life treatment to be extended.  

But what is at the center of much value does the human life have. This expense and care appears futile because he is not going to be cured. I feel that clearly over the years we have stopped valuing life and turned to a utilitarian viewpoint.  People that have to care for terminally ill people often have to make these hard decisions and accept the inevitability of death. Often the problem is that the family members are not ready to accept that. Let's hope that this tiny life is honored regardless of the status of his family and his final days are peaceful.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Politico: Recognizes the fight the abortion industry does not want to take on.....

Politico has a news story showing the abortion industry is full of bluster but do not necessarily want to go to court to fight because they are not so sure of the outcome. Tough to be a pro abort with the new state laws and scientific evidence coming at them from every direction. They can holler all they want but the wave of elected officials in the state are overwhelmingly pro life. Now they are just stuck with saying, hey what about the jobs....why are we talking about this? When you are wrong on the issue, change the subject to the economy.
From the article:

But the turf of abortion opponents is growing. A wave of Republicans coming into office have made state legislatures more amenable to restrictions, with governors signing laws that previously languished in committee. The number of anti-abortion governors rose from 21 to 29 in the past election, according to a NARAL Pro-Choice America analysis. The number of states with fully anti-abortion governments — where the governor and the legislature find themselves on the same side of the issue — increased from 10 to 15.
Experts who study the Supreme Court and abortion politics concur that, at the high court, abortion rights supporters are not necessarily in a safe place.

Even the reporters supporting the abortion industry try with their terminology calling us anti choice and them abortion rights supporters are losing the PR battle as the people just  don't buy it. They look at ultra sound pictures and the medical evidence and rightly discern that this is a human baby being killed and why are we doing this?

The abortion industry is just not sure of the votes in the Supreme Court. They are nervous over Kennedy and even their darling Ginsburg has publicly said that Roe Vs. Wade went too far. Then we have people like Abby Johnson who defected from Planned Parenthood Employee of the Year to a pro life activist who  as they say "knows where the bodies are buried."  Yuk,  that play on words is oh so appropriate.
It is not a good time to be pro abortion.

TN: SJR 127 one step closer to a public vote...

 Cross Posted at National Right to Life

Just as they did in 2001, 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2009, members of Tennessee’s state Senate overwhelmingly passed SJR 127, a pro-life resolution calling for a public vote to undo a radical pro-abortion ruling by the Tennessee Supreme Court in 2000 which established a so-called ‘right to abortion’ in the Tennessee Constitution.
As a result of the 2000 ruling in Planned Parenthood of Middle Tennessee v. Sundquist, common sense protections were immediately stripped from state law books including informed consent for women considering abortion, a 48 hour waiting period and a requirement that second and third trimester abortions be performed in regulated hospitals rather than out-patient abortion facilities.
Subsequently the 2000 ruling was also used as precedent to strike state law requiring the inspection, regulation and licensure of abortion facilities in Tennessee.
“Tennessee’s pro-life senators, led by Senator Mae Beavers, deserve great credit for staying the course and keeping the focus for more than a decade on restoring common sense protections which were stripped away by activist state court judges,” said Brian Harris, president of Tennessee Right to Life. “Tennessee is a pro-life state and it’s only appropriate that the people of Tennessee—not a handful of judges—decide what protections will be enacted for women and children in our state,” said Harris.
 Here are a few added details, according to the Tennessee Commercial Appeal newspaper.
* A two-thirds vote in the state Senate was required. Supporters secured 3/4ths–24-8.
* If the state House approves the resolution by the required 2/3rds majority, as is expected, the resolution will be on the November 2014 general election ballot.
* The language of the resolution reads, “Nothing in this Constitution secures or protects a right to abortion or requires the funding of an abortion. The people retain the right through their elected state representatives and state senators to enact, amend, or repeal statutes regarding abortion, including, but not limited to, circumstances of pregnancy resulting from rape or incest or when necessary to save the life of the mother.”
* In its 4-1 decision, the state Supreme Court found that “the Tennessee Constitution contains a stronger right to privacy and abortion than the U.S. Constitution and that the restrictions lawmakers had previously imposed violated those rights.” The “restrictions” are, as noted by Tennessee RTL, commonsense limitations.

Cecile Richards avoiding the A word....she can't defend

Live Action notes that even pro aborts are calling out Richards for her lack luster performance in defending the A word. She doesn't want to talk about it.

Sive then turned to Richards’ April 13th appearance on the Rachel Maddow Show, and criticized Richards for twice dodging Maddow’s question about whether abortion services are worth fighting for.
In a clear sign of worry, her own supporters are calling her out. Richards’ inability to speak without making false claims is catching up to her. Richards’ unwillingness to debate abortion, however, is a calculated move. She knows she’d lose.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TN: Robertson County Right to Life Oratory Contest Winners

Robertson County Right to Life president, Susan Allen, announces that the winners of the Robertson County Right to Life Oratory Contest.

RCRTL Oratory contest winners
From Left to Right: Senator Kerry Roberts, Austin Plymill, 3rd place, Caleb Hardin, 2nd place and Tori Johnstone 1st place, Susan Allen President of Robertson County Right to Life. Ms. Johnstone is in the 10th grade at Christian Community High School in White House. She will represent the county at the state contest in Nashville on April 30th. Congratulations to all contestants.

Abby Johnson Television Ad

(Prolifer)ations 4-19-11

Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpg from Jill
by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN
As always, we welcome your suggestions for additions to our Top Blogs (see tab on right side of home page)! Email

  • The Culture Vulture addresses the issue of the modern day eugenic movement, which is currently on a mission to identify and eliminate autistic children before birth. CV also shares the video story of Jason McElwain, an autistic teen who puts thoughts of this eugenic barbarism to shame:
  • Fletcher Armstrong writes about his participation in a recent radio debate which focused on father’s rights in an abortion v. mother’s rights, instead of on the rights of the preborn human: But if the preborn child is a human being — science tells us he/she is a living human being from the moment of fertilization — then it is the baby’s rights which are at stake, not the father’s.”
  • Coming Home posts the first article in a series on the issues of embryo adoption, IVF, and the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • Catholic Vote discusses a 40 Days for Life pro-choice counter protest in Seattle.
  • Big Blue Wave discusses an article which claims women are being denied medication for extreme morning sickness and are therefore choosing to abort.
  • Accepting Abundance contrasts the peaceful prayer vigil at a Planned Parenthood with an act of vandalism across the street at a pregnancy resource center.
  • Abortion State has more information on the botched abortion call to 911 in WA. Thanks to a public record law, we now know the patient transported via ambulance was 16 years old.

YOEST & FRANZONELLO: Nation’s largest abortion provider: Planned Parenthood

 Great editorial on the issue of Planned Parenthood.... they keep running from the truth but we keep reminding them of the facts.

Planned Parenthood always has been selectively proud of its abortion affiliation. But throughout the congressional debate over its funding, Planned Parenthood has worked hard to keep under wraps the fact that it is increasingly synonymous with abortion.
Since 1970, Planned Parenthood’s involvement in the abortion business has grown tremendously. With each passing year, it performs more abortions, even though the national abortion rate has declined steadily since 1990. Today, Planned Parenthood performs and profits from one in every four abortions in the United States.
There was a time when Planned Parenthood did not advocate abortion. In a 1952 brochure on birth control, Planned Parenthood responds to the question “Is it an abortion?” with the following answer: “Definitely not. An abortion requires an operation. It kills the life of a baby after it has begun. It is dangerous to your life and health. It may make you sterile so that when you want to have a child you cannot have it. Birth control merely postpones the beginning of life.”
However, during the tenure of Dr. Alan Guttmacher, who was Planned Parenthood’s president from 1962 to 1974, the organization experienced its “abortion-defining moment.” Planned Parenthood went from warning women about the dangers of abortion to being among the first to eagerly profit from its legalization.

Women ingests rat poisoning during late pregnancy and baby dies four days after birth

Bei Bei Shuai, a pregnant woman, tried unsuccessfully to commit suicide by eating rat poison. Shortly after she had her baby, who subsequently died a few days later. Now, Shuai is being charged with murder. What kind of legal precedent is this case setting?

Starting at the video of those claiming that if this woman is charged with murder it discriminates against all pregnant women....she compares taking rat poison to someone taking diabetic medicine during pregnancy. She was depressed so instead of  getting help or delivering the baby and making an adoption plan, she delivered a baby having seizures that died four days later.

Monday, April 18, 2011

TN:Senator Beavers: SJR 127 pro life amendment passes Senate 24-8

Congratulations to Senator Mae Beavers (R) Wilson County, TN for successfully passing SJR 127 24-8 . Now on to the House and finally the ballot on 2014. This is what the ACLU and the abortion industry feared....allowing the people to vote. SJR 127 would state that our state constitution written in the 1800's did not speak to the issue of abortion. It would once again allow our elected legislators instead of judges who do not answer to anyone to make regulations around the issue of abortion.

Thank you Senator Beavers.

TN:Senator Roy Herron loses fight against important pro life amendment

"Be Not Confused. Be Not Misled." 

This senator is NOT PRO LIFE. I am so sick of his story telling. Instead of being a stand up person who admits  they are pro choice he pretends to be pro life and only interested in changing the language of SJR 127 .It has taken 11 years to get this far so his his amendment   to change the language would  make this amendment have to start  all over again. That is his real agenda. As a lawyer, he knows that his  language  would not pass legal scrutiny unless the constiution is changed. 

He always tells the story of his wife's pregnancy with twins. He has been forced to change it since he started inferring that his wife's life was in danger when she was carrying the twins.  He admitted to me when I confronted him on the issue that she was not in danger but the twins lives that was in danger.  Tonight he said that the doctor twice advised abortion because the twins might not make it. Wow! You think your twins might die so you decide to kill them first!! 

Senator Herron, the storyteller, goes off on tangents talking about high risk pregnancies and girls being raped and he knows full well that this has nothing to do with SJR 127 but that is the way he operates....telling stories until you forget what the question is in the first place.

Senator Roy Herron, be not confused, be not misled. This is a pro abortion senator from Dresden.

Lisa Graas: IRS Questions Pro-Life Organization Over Involvement with ’40 Days for Life’ and ‘Life Chain’

IRS Questions Pro-Life Organization Over Involvement with ’40 Days for Life’ and ‘Life Chain’

Posted By Lisa Graas on April 13, 2011

40 Days for Life campaign in Little Rock, Ark. PHOTO: National Catholic Register
The Thomas More Society is defending pro-lifers against the thought police at the IRS. Thank God for the Thomas More Society.
Sugar Land, TX, April 13, 2011 — The Thomas More Society issued a letter response to the Internal Revenue Service, contending that the IRS’ repeated requests for information about the viewpoint and content of the communications, prayer vigils, and other activities of “Christian Voices for Life” violate the group’s First Amendment rights. In its demand letters, the IRS has sought to know whether the group does “education on both sides of the issues,” whether members of the group “try to block people to [sic] enter a … medical clinic” during “40 Days for Life” and “Life Chain” events, whether members of the group “attempt to talk to someone trying to enter a medical clinic,” and to “please explain what you are [doing] during” 40 Days for Life and Life Chain vigils.
“The application of Christian Voices for Life clearly indicates that the organization qualifies as a charitable organization under section 501(c)(3),” stated Thomas More Society executive director and legal counsel Peter Breen. “These requests suggest that the IRS may be denying or delaying tax-exempt status based upon the organization’s pro-life message, rather than any legitimate exemption concern. Moreover, the implication in these questions that Christian Voices for Life somehow intends to engage in illegal activity is insulting.”
Christian Voices for Life is a small charitable organization based in Fort Bend County, Texas, and dedicated to promoting a culture of life through education, prayer and other ministry activities. Its funds go almost entirely to education and the “advancement of religious beliefs,” expenditure categories which the Internal Revenue Code recognizes as appropriate for a public charity. The organization’s activities consist of posting factual information on its website, making speakers available who similarly rely on and speak about fact-based information and positions, and holding prayer vigils and peaceable assemblies that demonstrate Christian compassion and love.
The letter response, which was drafted by Thomas More Society special counsel Sally Wagenmaker, highlights IRS regulations that it must take a position of “disinterested neutrality” with respect to the viewpoint advocated by an organization and cannot force an organization to take a position against its beliefs in order to provide “both sides.” The response also states that the organization more than adequately follows the law in the activities it conducts.

KY woman obsessed with baby, kills pregnant friend to steal the baby...

What a horrific story about a woman so obsessed with having a baby that she killed a pregnant friend and took the almost full term baby. I notice that the politically correct story keeps saying fetus. But the fetus which happens to be a boy is being held at a local hospital.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Abortion supporters rail at informed consent laws with twisted logic

It  is tough to be an abortion supporter when the medical evidence does not support you. Reality Check rails against a MI   piece of proposed legislation on informed consent prior to abortion. She feels it is outrageous with logic that condemns and then changes the subject to non abortion related examples. 

Abortion is irreversible.  That is a sad fact. The baby cannot be resurrected.  Many post abortive men and women bemoan that sad fact. So is childbirth you say? Well, I am aware of people who have given birth and decided to make an adoption plan for that child later in life.  I have encountered many people who hold a fetal model representing the same age of the child they aborted and cry saying they told me it was nothing but a blob of cells or tissue.

"Where are the laws mandating that women be told they might experience depression and a diminished sex-drive while caring for a newborn?" Wow, that is a strong argument!! Postpartum depression is not permanent....

"Women should, of course, be given straightforward and accurate information about the nature of the procedure that will be performed, as well as necessary information about any possible complications and warning signs of those complications during recovery—the same that would be expected for any medical procedure, for anyone. But—and this feels like stating the obvious—the precise measurements and features of a fetus are simply not part of the information required to make an educated choice about abortion, nor do they have any bearing whatsoever on the safety of the procedure."

(OH Really??? The women have no need to have medically accurate information about the development of the life in their womb that they are contracting with the abortionist to kill??)

It is tough these days to support abortion with all the medical evidence in front of you.  But they try!!