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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

From vision to reality: You won't have to walk it alone

Ann Ingram  sat down for an interview and shared the vision God gave her and her walk of obedience as she listened to  God's voice and direction. She shares her remarkable testimony of God's provision  and  seeing the fruits of that obedience as she  started  Open Door Pregnancy Center in Springfield, TN.  Her journey took her to Care-net .org where they gave her the instruction manual for starting Open Door. 

Listen to her own words and be encouraged.  
Ann said  that the song that God used during this time was by Casting Crowns called The Voice of Truth.  Enjoy!

Pro-life blog buzz 4-29-14

from Jill

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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Wesley J. Smith says that in an attempt to further normalize the killing of others, comedies are now being made about euthanasia.

At Stand True, Bryan Kemper wonders why society seems outraged over the burning of aborted baby parts for fuel, while there is little outrage over abortion itself. If these children are mere medical waste or products of conception, then why should we care about the inhumane disposal of their remains?

Reflections of a Paralytic links to bioethicist Jennifer Lahl’s article on “social” surrogacy, which is “defined as the use of a surrogate mother to carry your pregnancy to term for social reasons vs. medical reasons.” Lahl continues: 
There is no medical reason the intended mother can’t get pregnant and carry her child to term; she just doesn’t want to get pregnant for a variety of reasons.

In this article, we learn about women whose careers are taking off and they find that taking time out of the work force for pregnancy and childbirth would be a career breaker. One doctor at a fertility center in Los Angeles is happy to offer social surrogacy and says he’s been involved with about 20 such cases. He states, “They’re for reasons most people would find offensive” and “I don’t ask these people too many questions because I don’t want them to feel judged.”

ProLifeBlogs notes a post at Life Site News which states that President Obama sent abortion-supporting “Catholics” to represent the United States at the canonization of two former Popes in Rome: 
According to a White House press release, Rep. Xavier Becerra, D-CA, and Katie Beirne Fallon, assistant to the president and director of legislative affairs, will be part of a delegation led by Obama counselor John Podesta. Becerra, who chairs the House Democratic Caucus, praised former HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius when she retired and has received 100 percent ratings from the Human Rights Campaign and NARAL at least once.

At Real Choice, Christina Dunigan continues to point out how legal does not necessarily mean “safe” when it comes to abortion. The deaths of two women are mentioned in her post, one pre-Roe and one post-Roe.

Secular Pro-Life posts damning testimonials of abortion workers who became pro-life. The recurring theme is greed and a lack of care for women:

Joy Davis [pictured left], who directed six abortion clinics in Alabama and Mississippi but later became a pro-life activist, said that her boss, Dr. Tommy Tucker, was so greedy that he fired his anesthesiologist, the registered nurses and the lab technician. He trained Joy Davis to act as an abortionist. “I never spent the first day in medical school. I really know nothing about medicine, other than what I had seen other doctors do, but I started doing abortions.” Ms. Davis, who was only trained as an ultrasound technician, explained that staff had watched the doctors put women under anesthesia. “We started putting patients asleep ourselves, and we had no idea what we were doing.”

ProWomanProLife has some interesting thoughts about pro-life incrementalism: 
This matters, greatly. It’s no great secret that the pro-life movement is not unified on this matter. And we need unity if we are going to stand up and fight together.
I personally think, without wanting to be insulting, that those who are against incrementalism in the political sphere aren’t actually called to fight abortion in the political sphere. We need educators in the cultural sphere who won’t waver one bit: We know when life begins and we should teach this. But to preach non-incrementalism in the political environment is an exercise in futility.I say this as someone who is more on the educational side of the battle myself. (Three arms to being pro-life these days: Educational, Political and Charitable.)
Reproductive Research Audit gives facts to support the idea that the Affordable Care Act does indeed fund abortion with taxpayer dollars.

Right to Life of Michigan posts a slightly older man-on-the-street interview which proves that the media blackout on Kermit Gosnell was effective. (All the more reason to help fund the Gosnell drama.)

Obama silence on Kermit Gosnell is telling....

Cross Posted at Jill

by Kelli

… [W]hen it comes to commenting on domestic scandals, President Obama will never live down his cowardly refusal to speak out against Kermit Gosnell. Here was a man who, for thirty years, murdered black infants in his Philadelphia abortion clinic, while his activities were allowed to continue because of the complacency and tacit approval of local, state, and federal agencies. Here was a man who segregated his waiting room by race, and gave better, safer treatment to white patients. Here was a man involved in a murderous scandal that implicated — and still implicates — every level of political authority, and resulted in hundreds of born infants being decapitated, stabbed, and drowned in toilets.

What did Obama say about it?…

“I can’t comment.”…

Forget everything else the man has done. Forget everything else he’s said. All you need to know about Barack Obama the man, and Barack Obama the President, can be summed up by the fact that he immediately and forcefully commented when a black Harvard professor was arrested by a white cop; he immediately and forcefully commented when a black teenager was killed by a Hispanic neighborhood watchman; and he immediately and forcefully commented when a white NBA owner allegedly made some insulting comments about black people — but when an abortionist was allowed to murder black infants for thirty years in the middle of an American city, he said nothing.

In all three of the cases where he did comment, the facts weren’t yet fully known, and the incident had no relevance outside of the area where it occurred. In Gosnell’s case, the facts were established, and the incident encompassed a wide range of local, state, and federal authorities. Yet on the first three he pounced, while on the last case he ran for the hills.

That’s all you need to know about Barack Obama.

~ Matt Walsh, The Matt Walsh Blog, April 28

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Jane Davenport: Passing of a special lady and advocate for the voiceless

Jane Davenport
I just received word that a dear lady, friend,and tireless pro life advocate has passed away.  It is our loss but heaven's gain. I have such fond memories of that lady and had so much fun serving with her.

I remember the first time I met her;  we were in the same car pool going to West TN to give Speaker Jimmy Naifeh some jazz as he was debating his opponent.  Jimmy Naifeh was solidly pro abortion and he used his  position to keep important pro life legislation in hostile sub committees with instructions to kill it. Anyway back to Jane. I was newly retired and Jane was dressed, as always,  in her dress and heels.  I never saw her in slacks. Don't be fooled by the dress, that lady had spunk!  She had her anti Naifeh sign and stood on the sidewalk next to me chanting away.....Hey Hey Ho Ho Jimmy Naifeh has got to go!  I looked at her and said...this is what retirement is all about. She agreed and  I knew we were kindred spirits and would be good friends. 

I so enjoyed working with her on any project. From stuffing envelopes, working on silent auction items and campaigning, she was tireless and fun! Her special gift was calling on the phone for pro life politicians. Most do it because it has to be done,  but she was not only good at it, she loved doing it !  You could  tell that in her voice. She  had a gift. When you got off the phone with her...she had your vote!

We traveled together often, as she was so gracious to go with me when I spoke. I remember one time traveling for an early morning radio debate and I was so nervous. I went the night before and stayed in a hotel so I could get to the station on time. She went with me and we had such laughs. She calmed me down.  Afterwards we tried to get into the Elephant Sanctuary in Hoenwald but were unsuccessful. 

She spoke lovingly of her children Russell and Mary who joined her family by adoption. She had been the wife of a  missionary to Tanzania and Ghana and we had such good talks about that since I go to Tanzania every year. She made every trip a fun adventure. We stayed in some strange places but we always had fun and shared good times.

She was honored in 2007 by TN Right to Life with a special lifetime advocate  award. At the banquet we found out all kinds of things about our Jane including her being crowned Miss Camp Petitt Jean! What a fitting tribute to Jane and she deserved every bit of it.

I remember her telling me a story about one of the  last times she worshiped with her husband and they took communion together.She had a feeling that only a spouse could. She took the communion cups and instead of disposing of them, she wrapped them in a tissue and put them in her purse. She later had them put in a special case because he passed away before they communed again. What a special memory. 

Jane was beautiful on the inside and out. She was strong woman of faith and had such convictions, a real role model. She never got frustrated or angry and  had a smile for everyone. Her laugh was contagious. Her motherly advice and friendship was  dear to me.

Well done, good and faithful servant. Your reward awaits you.

Pregnancy Centers minister from the heart to those experiencing unplanned pregnancies

Pregnancy  Centers are typically staffed by trained volunteer advocates. They give of their time and share their heart in a ministry to those experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. In this interview, Cynthia Kerr shares her personal experiences with two unplanned pregnancies and the different outcomes. This makes her uniquely qualified to minister to women and girls. 

Pregnancy  Centers offer  free and confidential services. They are funded by donations from pro life people. In this case, Kerr volunteers at Open Door Pregnancy Center in Springfield TN which has been open four years. They minister to all who need their assistance. 

They offer free pregnancy tests, material assistance, Earn While You Learn programs and minister to girls and women who choose adoption or parenting. They also do post abortion counseling offering healing to those who experienced an abortion. All their options are life affirming. Consider supporting these worthwhile ministries.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Pro-life blog buzz 4-25-14

from Jill

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN.

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Big Blue Wave reminds us that bodily autonomy isn’t absolute. Government can, and does, tell us what we can and cannot do with our bodies, in many instances.

Bound4Life notices how actress and abortion proponent Olivia Wilde’s pregnancy has been an eye-opening experience for her :She already loves her son and shares one of the most life affirming, endearing details of her pregnancy…. 
“He’s moving around in there and no one else can tell-it’s a little secret friendship.”
She never says “it” or calls him a “blob of tissue,” or “a choice.” Sadly the secret friendship that she developed with her son is the same secret friendship that she voted in favor of murdering for any reason even while he’s still growing and moving and flinching away from the poison needles and forceps.
Ms. Wilde gives one final life-affirming point. “Pregnancy does shed away all of the bull. It gives you more empathy because you look at everyone and you think, ‘You were a baby!’”
The merciful humanity of those words is the antithesis of all pro-abortion arguments. Even the most extreme abortion supporter was at one time in his or her mother’s womb-helpless, defenseless, alive, in desperate need of mercy to carry him full term.
Americans United for Life applauds the Oklahoma Legislature and governor for the passage of a bill mandating that dispensers of chemical abortion drugs follow Food and Drug Administration guidelines:

“We know that women have died after being given life-ending drugs such as RU-486 against the restrictions imposed by the FDA,” noted Dr. [Charmaine] Yoest. “But the Big Abortion lobby works to keep profits high, risking women’s lives by going against those protocols and handing drugs out to women later and later in pregnancy. Heroically, Oklahoma Representative Randy Grau and Senator Greg Treat worked to pass this life-saving legislation which addresses the court’s misconceptions and will allow the state to once again regulate these drugs in a meaningful manner.”

Clinic Quotes discusses how abortionist Mila Means (pictured above) used to be a pro-life physician. So what changed her mind? The money from doing abortions was too difficult to resist.

Culture Campaign discusses the free speech case brought by Rep. Steve Driehaus against the Susan B. Anthony List:Unbeknownst to virtually all Americans, yesterday the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a First Amendment case involving broken promises that ObamaCare would not result in federal funding of abortion. Nearly all media outlets stripped the abortion/ObamaCare essence from their coverage of the case of a pro-life organization that was muzzled by the Ohio law restricting political advertising.

Live Action notes what a difference “wantedness” makes – at least, in the case of unapologetic abortion advocates like Bill and Hillary Clinton, who have no trouble gushing over their new grandchild (or is it “products of conception”?):
So, why the dichotomy of terms, when science affirms that babies and fetuses are the same thing? Clearly, it is a form of sophistry utilized by the abortion camp, and the answer is wantedness (or lack thereof) in regards to pre-born children. Wanted offspring are “babies.” Unwanted offspring are “fetuses.” The latter term distances offspring from the warm, thriving, tiny humans with fingernails and beating hearts that they are. “Fetus” is a perfectly accurate term to describe an unborn baby, but it’s a term that has been relegated to textbooks, where medical nomenclature is predominantly Latin, and therefore, unfamiliar to most laymen.

At The Leading Edge, Brendan Malone wonders why sex abuse scandals involving the entertainment industry – most recently, A-list director Bryan Singer, who has been accused of sexually abusing an underage male – are greeted with a big yawn. There is always media frenzy over sex abuse in the Church but within the entertainment industry, it seems to be considered normal fare.

After Abortion features a sobering video from a breast cancer victim (now deceased) discussing the links between abortion, hormonal contraception and breast cancer:

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pro-life blog buzz 4-22-14

from Jill

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN.
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At Reproductive Research Audit, Dr. Jacqueline Harvey dismantles three popular myths about the Hobby Lobby case against the HHS Mandate.
Priests for Life calls upon the faithful to stand with them on May 8, the day the U.S. Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments on their lawsuit against the HHS mandate. If you cannot be at the rally in DC on that day, they invite you to take to social media to express your support:
The rally and a related social media campaign, #IStandWithPFL, is meant to call attention to the fact that the concerns of the religious not-for-profits have not been addressed by the Obama administration’s so-called “accommodation” to faith-based employers.
Reflections of a Paralytic says one Los Angeles gallery has chosen to display “artwork” done by famed assisted suicide enthusiast, the late Dr. Jack Kevorkian, who was reportedly “obsessed with death and human experimentation.” Says the Huffington Post:
“The Last Paintings By Jack ‘Dr. Death’ Kevorkian” at the Gallerie Sparta is showcasing 11 original oil paintings of the late suicide enthusiast. Many of these paintings depict some aspect of disease and human suffering. One, called “Coma,” [pictured above  left] depicts an unconscious patient, silhouetted by an ominous pair of skeletal hands, being sucked into a death mask which resembles a CAT scan machine.Each Painting comes with a price tag of between $28-45k. All of the proceeds will go to his estate and the West Hollywood gallery where they are being sold. Whatever does not get sold will reportedly be donated to the Smithsonian.The exhibition also includes the assisted suicide machine that Kevorkian designed and built…. That’s right. The very same contraption helped inject a series of lethal drugs into over 100 terminal — and some non-terminal — patients. It too is for sale to the highest bidder with a starting price of $25,000.

Pro-Life in TN reports that a Good Friday Way of the Cross prayer vigil in front of unregulated abortion facility in Nashville uplifted many, but apparently offended some. One man did not like the cross being displayed, and one woman tried to drown out the peaceful prayer vigil by honking her horn while shouting obscenities. One mother from Kentucky said her children, whom she brought with her, needed to be prepared for the fact that some people are hostile to the Christian witness.
Pro-Life Wisconsin reports on several Holy Week pro-life events in the state. In one instance, Bishop Donald Hying led the “first-ever Eucharistic Procession to the doors of the Affiliated Medical Services abortion clinic in Milwaukee“, accompanied by pro-lifers, where they prayed “for the end of abortion in Milwaukee and around the world.”
Right to Life of Michigan notes that a study published by human ESCR proponent Robert Lanza claims to have been successful “in creating human clones from two adult men and then killing the clones for their stem cells.”
Secular Pro-Life says the popular meme – pictured above – doesn't hold water if one is truly pro-life. An anonymous blogger writes an honest, thought-provoking post about her pregnancy scare and about pregnancy resource centers:I knew that I would always give my hypothetical baby life, but thinking I could be pregnant caused me to think a little about pregnancy, privacy, and pregnancy centers….
I would never have an abortion, for any reason. Regardless, thinking I was pregnant was emotional enough for me. I knew that if I were not so set in my beliefs, especially since I am a person who seeks the advice of others, I could listened to someone convince me to have an abortion. It is not anti-women to say that women are often talked into their abortions. It is anti-women to take advantage and make that decision for them. 
I turned to a pregnancy center for a pregnancy test. The staffer there was kind, helpful and non-judgmental. I was also promised confidentiality. The test was explained to me, and was free. My partner, who is neither pro-life nor a Christian, felt being at the center went positively.
[Photos via Reflections of a Paralytic and Secular Pro-Life]

Monday, April 21, 2014

Nashville, TN: Way of the Cross prayer vigil uplifts many and offends two

Nashville TN had a successful Way of the Cross prayer vigil  in front of  the abortion facility known as the Women's Center. Approximately 125 men, women and children participated in the peaceful prayer vigil.

Apparently some people took offense at the first amendment freedom of speech being offered on Good Friday. One man in the neighborhood complained about the cross...I guess that is what is known as the offense of the cross. One lady decided that reverent prayer was offensive to her and drove her car close to the curb,  yelling at the attendees daring them to step off the curb, along with other obscenities and hand gestures. She stopped and laid on her horn.The prayers continued.

 I apologized to one family who had driven from KY to participate. The mother said she did not want to shield her children from the fact that some people are hostile to Christian witness and they needed to be prepared for it. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Pro-life blog buzz 4-18-14

from Jill

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN.

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Culture Campaign says Planned Parenthood is not happy about a new Arizona law allowing unannounced inspections of abortion facilities. (My hairdresser gets unannounced inspections and no one has ever died in her chair.) Why should the abortion industry be exempt? Josh Kredit, legal counsel of the Center for Arizona Policy remarked:
It was brought to our attention that every health-care institution in the state is subject to unannounced inspections by [ADHS] if they have reasonable cause to believe something is going on inside, except for abortion clinics. We’re almost saying we value the women that go into abortion clinics less than everyone else.

Down on the Pharm links to some comments made by former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who seems to feel his accomplishments have earned him a special place in the afterlife. Did he forgot about his promotion of prenatal homicide? What hubris. The Weekly Standard states:
Pointing to his work on gun safety, obesity and smoking cessation, he said with a grin: “I am telling you if there is a God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed. I am heading straight in. I have earned my place in heaven. It’s not even close.
Abolitionist Society of Oklahoma wonders why many of the people who stood with the Bundy family in Nevada against the government don’t also stand with preborn children:
I know that many of those who went to Nevada to support the Bundy family are Christians and consider themselves to be pro-life. Some may even speak out against the practice of human abortion from time to time, but action is taken on this and not on the legal murdering of human beings created in the image and likeness of the living and true God? Apparently child sacrifice just isn’t “enough”.
At Coming Home, Dr. Gerard Nadal compares the case of a woman who allowed her dog to die via dehydration and starvation with the case of Terri Schiavo:
The outrage in all of this isn’t that Gammon was punished for her crime against Roxy, it’s that the deaths of the Terri Schiavo’s among us aren’t considered criminal at all. It is that our legislators and judges do not “behave as any normal person would have,” protecting humans with the same ferocity as they would if the subject in consideration were a dog.The greatest tragedy of all is that humans have a long way to go before we enjoy equal dignity, equal standing with our pets in a court of law.
At Bound4Life, Ellie Saul says that while she is a coupon fanatic, abortion coupons are over the top. Some abortion mills offer Sunday abortion coupons and discounts, as well as coupons for Plan B. What’s next – bring a friend coupons, two for the price of one coupons, or Happy Hour coupons?

Big Blue Wave takes abortion proponent Amanda Marcotte to task for attempting to smear the Duggar family in an article that’s actually about someone the Duggars know. The headline, picture and the wording of the article initially lead you to believe that the subject of the article is the Duggar family, which is irresponsible journalism. It is interesting how, while Marcotte believes other people should stay out of women’s reproductive choices, she and her ilk (like the anti-bullying bully Dan Savage, who recently made hideous comments about one of the Duggar daughters) can’t seem to stop spewing hate about the Duggars’ reproductive choices.

Kansans for Life shares a letter to the editor of the Wichita Eagle which puts the newspaper and the abortion industry in their place. The letter, written by “an ordinary pro-life citizen”, states that despite the Eagle’s “gushing” over the 1,200 abortions performed by South Wind Women’s Center, “in only six weeks, just one Wichita pro-life center alone sees 1,200 women! And rather than offer death, it offers true ‘service.’

American Life League’s Judie Brown never shies away from controversy, and in this article chastising surrogate parenting, she cuts right to the chase:
Recently, Christopher White wrote a commentary on the ethical problems associated with “surrogate parenthood for money.” He argued that paying for surrogate parenting is actually a form of human trafficking. His position is an interesting one, particularly because he presents his perspective in the context of many surrogate mothers who have later regretted their decision to carry someone else’s child….
Pope Benedict warned against “the lure of the technology of artificial insemination” in which “scientism and the logic of profit seem to dominate the field of infertility and human procreation, to the point of limiting many other areas of research.”
Such technology denigrates God’s design and very frequently makes false promises to those who suffer because of infertility while never mentioning the perverted uses to which the technology is being put today.
Isn’t it long past time to proclaim that God’s plan never causes the kind of suffering and anguish man brings on himself when he attempts to ignore God? Some things will never be normal, but they can be—and are—exceedingly wrong.

White’s commentary even mentions a fertility program that caters to homosexuals but doesn’t mention their specialty – perhaps wanting to avoid controversy. Brown notes that has many issues with advanced technology have gotten out of control. The liberal media has jumped on the bandwagon of the “new families” that advanced technology can create, but Brown lauds the view of the Catholic Church and the wisdom of their teaching about the sinfulness of IVF and surrogate parenting. Hard messages are not always well received.
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Way of the Cross...Nashville at noon in front of Women's Center abortion facility

On Good Friday we remember all the victims of abortion—the children lost, the mothers wounded, the communities blighted—in a solemn, ecumenical prayer service:
  • Event: Way of the Cross for Victims of Abortion
  • When: Friday, April 18, 2014 at noon.
  • Where: The Women's Center, 419 Welshwood Drive, Nashville, TN. Click here for map
Join us as we pray for healing for the victims of abortion and for a final end to this injustice in our land. This is a peaceful prayer vigil, not a protest. Family friendly....

Pro-life blog buzz 4-15-14

from Jill

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN.

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Pro-Life Action League says a recent 911 call from the Planned Parenthood in Aurora, Illinois, shows how little they truly “care, no matter what” about women’s safety. When the emergency operator asks for the patient’s condition, the PP staffer offers nothing – except instructions on where to park:

Priests for Life notes that horrific conditions in abortion facilities are the norm, not the exception.

ProLife NZ comments on the Academy Award-winning film, 12 Years a Slave, drawing comparisons between abortion and slavery:
Just like the current practice of abortion, slavery was once a culturally accepted norm that most people either supported or were unwilling to publicly express their opposition to. 
ProWomanProLife extrapolates on how the Pill is not a good thing for women:
It forces women to take an artificial hormone every day. It causes side effects including physical pain and mental problems. It makes us dumb and dumber about the way our own bodies work. It changes incentives so that women and men who aren’t remotely compatible sleep together – causing untold emotional pain and the odd “unwanted” baby, now to be considered an ill-begotten side effect.
Reproductive Research Audit’s Dr. Jacqueline Harvey writes an open letter to Sen. Barbara Boxer refuting her statement that “women take birth control, more than half of them, as a medication for other conditions.” Harvey was asked to evaluate Boxer’s statement for Politifact:
In sum, contraception is overwhelmingly the reason why women use contraceptives, while any secondary and tertiary side-effects are a mere afterthought of most users according to the study the senator herself hides behind to authenticate her statement. While Sen. Boxer’s choice to pull one figure from a larger study makes her carefully-worded statement appear half-true, it is completely false. Truly, it is also completely offensive. 
Secular Pro-Life has an informative article and graphic (shown below) showing how New York is completely backwards when it comes to the life issue:
New York City may not have a desire to inspect its abortion facilities, but it is very interested in policing the interactions that pro-life pregnancy centers have with the mothers who come to them for pregnancy tests, sonograms, counseling, diapers, and other assistance. The City has spent who knows how much money defending its unconstitutional anti-pregnancy-center law in court for the past three years. SPL also notes that “no woman has ever had her uterus perforated, had pieces of her dead fetus left inside her, or hemorrhaged to death at a pro-life pregnancy center.”  

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pro-life blog buzz 4-8-14

from Jill

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN.

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Bound for Life reports: In January, the owner of the only abortion clinic in Flathead County, Montana was told that she had 90 days to move her business off of the premises. Little did she know the new owners of the building where her clinic was located were Michelle Reimer, Executive Director of pro-life pregnancy center Hope Pregnancy Ministries, and her husband.

In a statement, Reimer told Democracy Now that the building was purchased as “a stand for the pro-life position in a legal, peaceful and non-confrontational way, purchasing the building in order to advance the cause of life.”
Certainly Genesis 50:20 applies! “You planned to harm me. But God planned it for good. He planned to do what is now being done. He wanted to save many lives.”

Coming Home quotes an article by Wesley J. Smith about Oxford bioethicist Julian Savulescu’s proposal of making babies via IVF, screen for intelligence, and only implant those who possess a certain IQ. Coming Home suggests a new meaning for Ph.D:
If we are to salvage a crumbling western civilization, then the formation of our young in universities and colleges will need to be done by Ph.D.’s who understand and live the three cardinal virtues of academics: Prudence, Humility, Decorum.

Big Blue Wave cheers and adds, “Promote that Bishop!” He would be Bishop Thomas Paprocki, who has given his blessing to the pastor of pro-abortion U.S. Senator Dick Durbin’s home parish in Springfield, Illinois, to withhold Holy Communion, in accordance with canon 915 of the Code of Canon Law. This is important to show him the seriousness of his actions and to restore him spiritually.

Josh Brahm is asking us to start thinking ahead for next year’s March for Life and consider how we can use our signage and chanting more effectively:I would just really love for the people of the pro-life movement to be represented as what they hopefully are, caring and thoughtful. I don’t think that is necessarily what is being seen now.

Down on the Pharm posts “Adams’ abortion commentary,” a satirical take on why abortion good, or was it?
Adam tried to go farther and crazier than the abortion supporters of today to elicit the laughter from his peers. The problem is that being crazier than the abortion extremists is impossible, and that’s what has some people wondering if Adam was kidding. Decide for yourself…

Kansans for Life applauds Senator Pat Roberts for his proposed legislation, “Repeal Rationing in Support of Life Act.” See video here.
Mary Kay Culp, executive director of Kansans for Life, stated, “Obamacare authorizes Washington bureaucrats to create one uniform, national standard of care that is designed to limit what private citizens are allowed to spend to save their own lives. We commend Senator Roberts for his bill and his consistent leadership to end Obamacare’s rationing.”

American Life League advises you to be careful what you sign. Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment may sound like it has your best interest at heart, but ALL advises that it is another of several laws being proposed to further strengthen the ability of the hospital or long term care facility to make your signature mandatory, and even allow physicians to sign for you if they think it is in your best interest. Even more frightening is that these are being given to those not terminally ill. The words “cost savings” are becoming a familiar sound bite.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Pro Life Blog Buzz for April 4,2014

from Jill
by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli
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Pro-Life Wisconsin shares a clever informational video about the economics of sex:

Fr. Frank Pavone denounces the recent death of Lakisha Wilson and her preborn child during an abortion. He calls on the US Senate to pass a ban on abortions past 20 weeks: 
This bill is meant to protect unborn children from the brutal and painful death of a dismemberment abortion, but it also would save the young mothers who are often butchered during this procedure. Lakisha Wilson had her whole life ahead of her but she died because our nation still allows abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy. 
Pro-Life in TN says many pro-lifers are wondering why on earth pro-life Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has chosen a vocal pro-choicer as his office’s spokesperson.

Reflections of a Paralytic has a post regarding the miscarriage suffered by the wife of Florida’s head basketball coach, Billy Donovan. Donovan found solace and comfort from two other coaches who had also lost children.

Michele Herzog says a group of concerned citizens in Kissimmee, Florida, have taken a stand by asking city commissioners not to allow Planned Parenthood to build a mega-facility in their community. The outpouring from post-abortive women, pastors, parents of children with special needs and others moved the commission from “we can’t do anything about this” to contacting state legislators.

Right to Life of Michigan says that potential Democratic gubernatorial nominee Mark Schauer “has selected Oakland County Clerk Lisa Brown as his running mate” who is reportedly “one of the most pro-abortion politicians in the state of Michigan.” One of Brown’s former employees even reported Brown’s extremely inappropriate behavior toward her when she was pregnant:
… [Ericah Caughey] said Brown made her “feel very uncomfortable” with unprofessional behavior, including an incident in which she says Brown made a vulgar suggestion alluding to abortion.
She was looking out of a window at the Capitol lawn, where there was a pro-life rally happening. She kept saying to me, ‘those people disgust me,’” Caughey said. “She told me, ‘I should take you down there and walk behind you with a coat hanger.’”
Pro-Life New Mexico is increasing public awareness of the lucrative late-term abortion industry in Albuquerque. A local abortion business recently relocated, and some in the new area aren’t happy with the negative attention. One neighborhood resident commented:
It is just not a good look for Albuquerque as a whole to have tourists come off the airplane and see hundreds and hundreds of people picketing on your main stretch of street about abortion and pro-life….
As a neighborhood leader, we are not against the abortion clinic, but we are against where they are putting the abortion clinic.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Adoption is just give me a chance

Song: Give me a Karl Kohlhase

Walker's choice for spokesperson draws concerns despite his otherwise solid pro life credentials

Scott Walker is gaining attention each day as speculation grows that he may become  a presidential candidate.  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel posts an article about the  strong pro life governor being in trouble with the state's pro life organizations for selecting a spokeswoman who is a Planned Parenthood supporter.  Alleigh Marre, has previously worked for pro choice Republicans such as Scott Brown,  but she draws special ire for not keeping her abortion opinions to herself instead  of blogging about it.

"Obviously, naturally, that's a problem," said Matt Sande, legislative director for Pro-Life Wisconsin, which endorsed Walker in 2010 election and his recall contest. "I think he needs a new spokeswoman, immediately."

"As a person in the public representing the governor, I think it is a problem," said [Barbara]Lyons of WI Right to Life, a longtime Walker ally. "It's a problem for people who believe in Scott Walker and his pro-life position."

"America is a great country where people can have differing points of view on various issues," said Tom Evenson, Walker's campaign communications director."

"One unnammed activists suggested it was a matter of sloppy vetting but others have suggested it is a preamble to a national campaign to soft peddle his pro life views. Pro lifer Gary Bauer is less than impressed with the impression of being pro life but not wanting to talk about it."
 Pro lifers have been used and taken for granted in the past. There is a litany of state pro life politicians who suddenly forget those stands once national office beckons.  Here's hoping Walker is not one of them. If you want to employ a abortion supporter for a job,  please don't make him/her your spokesperson.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Funding site refuses to allow documentary based on facts about Kermit Gosnell...past documentaries about serial killer fair game

Even  though this documentary is going to be taken from actual sworn testimony, Hollywood and  political powers do not want the story told. They have resorted to refusing to allow these film makers to use their crowdfunding website. The certainly have done films about other murders but Gosnell is off limits. Why do I think the Planned Parenthood money has something to do with it.

"Phelim McAleer and his wife and creative partner, Ann McElhinney, have joined with Magdalena Segieda to make a move about Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia late-term abortion doctor who was recently convicted of multiple murders and 21 illegal abortions, including the horrific killings of many babies as they were being delivered. The trio has previously collaborated to produce the documentary FrackNation.  
But their plans to raise in excess of $2 million via the crowdfunding website Kickstarter was derailed recently when the site's operators objected to the description of the project and raised concerns about the political machinations behind it.
"There have been four movies about Ted Bundy, five about the Zodiac killer, three about John Wayne Gacy, and the Lifetime network has already made and broadcast a film about Jodie Arias -- who killed one person. Kermit Gosnell killed more than them all put together," McAleer said.
"Rather than go to Hollywood for financing -- something the trio believes is a lost cause -- they have now turned to Indiegogo, a crowdfunding rival to Kickstarter."

Pro-life blog buzz 4-1-14

from Jill

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli We welcome your suggestions for additions to our Top Blogs (see tab on right side of home page)! Email

Americans United for Life is glad that a higher court upheld the Fifth Circuit Court’s ruling on Texas’ abortion clinic regulations: 
“Women in Texas will now be protected from abortion industry misuse of life-ending drugs and will be provided greater protections from deadly events inside under-regulated, under-monitored and under-supervised clinics, run by profiteers,” said Dr. [Charmaine] Yoest. “I’m not surprised that an all-woman panel of judges understood the nuances of laws designed to protect women.”

At Live Action, Calvin Freiburger believes there’s a reason why even some pro-choice authors can’t avoid sounding pro-life:
 First, to exclude the unborn, you have to consciously go out of your way. “Every human life except x, y, or z is worth the same, and worth saving.” In the case of [Dr. Seuss'] Horton, not only do you have to add an exception, but you also have to remove [the] “no matter how small” – half of the quote!
Second, there’s no way around the fact that accepting abortion is an affront to all the other values we associate with basic human dignity. If some of us may be killed by another human being for any reason, we cannot be equal. Suctioning and slicing apart a tiny human being can’t be considered “compassionate” per any sane understanding of the term. The “pre-viability” argument for abortion turns the idea of weakness on its head, changing it from sign of needing protection into a license to kill. And the cheap rationalization that “unwanted” or disabled babies wouldn’t have lives worth living anyway is the ultimate in cynicism, a declaration that we’re all ultimately hopeless slaves of circumstance.
Like it or not, these quotes are inherently pro-life, and pro-lifers who use them as such are hardly guilty of twisting anything. If anything, our only crime is assuming their own authors actually meant what they wrote.
Big Blue Wave discusses the case of a Georgia abortionist who is being prosecuted for Medicaid fraud:
Over the course of three years, Malloy charged the state Medicaid program $255,000 for ultrasounds that he never performed. He also charged $132,000 for abortion office consultations and procedures.
Bound4Life responds to a Politico article which suggests that some SCOTUS Justices are skeptical about the Obama administration’s claim “that for-profit companies have no religious rights under federal law.”

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition is happy to have the support of UK Prime Minister David Cameron (pictured above), who has publicly stated he would vote against the Assisted Suicide Bill which is being debated in the House of Lords.

Josh Brahm invites you to listen to his podcast about understanding and responding to the pro-choice bodily rights argument.

The latest 40 Days for Life campaign is more than halfway complete, and the fruits of their labor are pouring in. In one case, an abortion worker in Sacramento quit and asked sidewalk counselors for prayer. Please pray that more workers will have the courage to leave this grisly profession.

Ethika Politika has a lengthy post which challenges the views and practices of adoption in America: 
… [M]uch like American Exceptionalism or capitalism, [adoption] has become one of those topics that many conservatives, particularly religious conservatives, do not dare criticize. In fact, many conservatives, especially Christian pro-lifers — and I am one — may not even realize that the subject of modern adoption warrants reflection.
The Lost Generation has a message for those “kinda, sorta pro-life” candidates: 
Where do a focus on the economy and a neglect of vital social issues get us? In the past, they’ve gotten us slavery and discrimination. They gave Germany the Holocaust. When moral people focus on the economy and put their blinders on for social issues, do we think our opposition ignores the social issues?

FRC Blog shares video of remarks made by FRC’s own Cathy Ruse regarding what she heard when listening to the Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Supreme Court oral arguments: