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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Jane Davenport: Passing of a special lady and advocate for the voiceless

Jane Davenport
I just received word that a dear lady, friend,and tireless pro life advocate has passed away.  It is our loss but heaven's gain. I have such fond memories of that lady and had so much fun serving with her.

I remember the first time I met her;  we were in the same car pool going to West TN to give Speaker Jimmy Naifeh some jazz as he was debating his opponent.  Jimmy Naifeh was solidly pro abortion and he used his  position to keep important pro life legislation in hostile sub committees with instructions to kill it. Anyway back to Jane. I was newly retired and Jane was dressed, as always,  in her dress and heels.  I never saw her in slacks. Don't be fooled by the dress, that lady had spunk!  She had her anti Naifeh sign and stood on the sidewalk next to me chanting away.....Hey Hey Ho Ho Jimmy Naifeh has got to go!  I looked at her and said...this is what retirement is all about. She agreed and  I knew we were kindred spirits and would be good friends. 

I so enjoyed working with her on any project. From stuffing envelopes, working on silent auction items and campaigning, she was tireless and fun! Her special gift was calling on the phone for pro life politicians. Most do it because it has to be done,  but she was not only good at it, she loved doing it !  You could  tell that in her voice. She  had a gift. When you got off the phone with her...she had your vote!

We traveled together often, as she was so gracious to go with me when I spoke. I remember one time traveling for an early morning radio debate and I was so nervous. I went the night before and stayed in a hotel so I could get to the station on time. She went with me and we had such laughs. She calmed me down.  Afterwards we tried to get into the Elephant Sanctuary in Hoenwald but were unsuccessful. 

She spoke lovingly of her children Russell and Mary who joined her family by adoption. She had been the wife of a  missionary to Tanzania and Ghana and we had such good talks about that since I go to Tanzania every year. She made every trip a fun adventure. We stayed in some strange places but we always had fun and shared good times.

She was honored in 2007 by TN Right to Life with a special lifetime advocate  award. At the banquet we found out all kinds of things about our Jane including her being crowned Miss Camp Petitt Jean! What a fitting tribute to Jane and she deserved every bit of it.

I remember her telling me a story about one of the  last times she worshiped with her husband and they took communion together.She had a feeling that only a spouse could. She took the communion cups and instead of disposing of them, she wrapped them in a tissue and put them in her purse. She later had them put in a special case because he passed away before they communed again. What a special memory. 

Jane was beautiful on the inside and out. She was strong woman of faith and had such convictions, a real role model. She never got frustrated or angry and  had a smile for everyone. Her laugh was contagious. Her motherly advice and friendship was  dear to me.

Well done, good and faithful servant. Your reward awaits you.

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