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Sunday, January 31, 2010

From one of the many Sancitity of Human Life events in TN

It was exciting to see nearly 600 hardy souls slogging through the deep water along Kingston Pike on Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t a sporting event or movie premier that had them lined up for blocks; it was the memory of nearly 50 million children whose lives have been lost to abortion since the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton Supreme Court decisions of 1973! Black and White, Yellow and Brown, young and old, teens and tweens, college students and babies in arms moved through the rain under colorful umbrellas that did little to keep them dry.

Pastor Jim Wood, who spoke during the prayer service preceding the March, encouraged all to stay strong. With the giant windows in the sanctuary darkened by massive low black clouds, he reminded us that “the stars come out at night. The darker it is the more brightly they shine. You are the light of the world, don’t hide that light.”

This is a serious call. He reminded us soberly that there is one place in Scripture where Jesus describes something worthless, “Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt hath lost its savor, with what shall it be salted? It is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot by men.”

As the first month of a new decade comes to a close, let us pray and fast that our “saltiness” will only increase and this will be the last decade of legalized abortion in our land.

In Him for life,

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ben Nelson Act to Ensure Political Integrity

 From Bobbie Patray and TN Eagle Forum

SB 3160 by *Bunch ( *HB 3123 by *Dunn)
Ethics - As introduced, enacts the"Ben Nelson Act to Ensure Political Integrity."
NOTE: You gotta love this—this bill would redefine the state’s definition of bribery to include circumstances in which elected officials agree to vote for or against legislation in exchange for special consideration for their districts. 

Tiller Killer a Murderer–No Other Verdict Possible » Secondhand Smoke | A First Things Blog

Tiller Killer a Murderer–No Other Verdict Possible » Secondhand Smoke | A First Things Blog

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Palin Vs. NOW

Palin vs. NOW

Tim Tebow is the home schooled college quarterback who uses the eye black to list biblical quotes.He was born in 1987 after his mother refused to get an abortion even though she was told he likely would be stillborn.

Nice story that seems to gnaw at the pro-abortion crowd.

So an anti-abortion group passed the plate around and collected enough money so that Tebow and his mom could tell their story in a Super Bowl ad.

Pro-abortion groups lobbied CBS to get it to refuse the ad. CBS said get bent.

Sarah Palin weighed in.

From her Facebook: NOW is looking at the pro-life issue backwards. Women should be reminded that they are strong enough and smart enough to make decisions that allow for career and educational opportunities while still giving their babies a chance at life. In my own home, my daughter Bristol has also been challenged by pro-abortion “women’s rights” groups who don’t agree with her decision to have her baby, nor do they like the abstinence message which she articulated as her personal commitment. NOW could gain ground and credibility with everyday Americans, thus allowing their pro-women message to be heard by more than just their ardent supporters, if they made wiser decisions regarding which battles to pick. They should call attention to and embrace the Tebows’ message, instead of covertly and overtly disrespecting what Mrs. Tebow, Bristol, and millions of other women have chosen to do (in less than ideal circumstances).”
NOW President Terry O’Neill fired back: “The goal of the Focus on the Family ad is not to empower women. It’s to create a climate in which Roe v. Wade can be overturned. There are always going to be women who need abortions. In this country, one in three women will have an abortion. Focus on the Family has cynically set it up so they can say anyone who disagrees with airing this ad is disrespecting one woman and her choice. NOW respects every woman’s right to plan her own family and insists our laws do the same.”

Harold Ford Jr.'s Posturing Has Planned Parenting Confused -

Harold Ford Jr.'s Posturing Has Planned Parenting Confused -

Friday, January 29, 2010

Proliferations from 10-29-10

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by Susie Allen, TN pro-life activist as posted  on

  • Culture Campaign reports on the increased rates of teen pregnancy between 2005 and 2006. From Rob Stein of the Washington Post:

  • The cause of the increase is the subject of debate. Several experts blamed the increase in teen pregnancies on sex-education programs that focus on encouraging abstinence. Others said the reversal could be due to a variety of factors, including an increase in poverty, an influx of Hispanics and complacency about AIDS, prompting lax use of birth control such as condoms.
    And who are the "experts" blaming the increase on abstinence education? According to ALL's Judie Brown:
    ... [P]erhaps the most telling aspect of Stein's report was that the federal government, in collaboration with the Alan Guttmacher Institute, an "independent" arm of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, issued its report just when Congress is debating how much of our tax money should be set aside to fund ever-failing sex-education programs. I doubt that it is a coincidence that this study came out at this time.
    Judie refers readers to a Time magazine analysis of the study, which reveals the highest increase was not among minors, but among young women aged 18-19. She also points out that teen pregnancy rates fell as abstinence education increased in the 1990s, but "by 2000, Planned Parenthood began lobbying various states to refuse abstinence money and reduce abstinence programs, and predictably, in 2006, the teen pregnancy rate increased for the first time in 15 years."

    Terri and Mom 2.jpg

  • At Blogs for Terri, Bobby Schindler (brother of Terri Schindler Schiavo), explains that untruths are still being reported by the media 5 years after his sister's death:

  • "Terri died because we took away her food and water," Schindler stated, "just like we would all die if our food and water was taken away... It took almost two weeks." According to Schindler, the media continues to report that Terri was brain-dead, that she was on artificial life support, and that she was unresponsive and blind.
    "These are simply not factually correct," Schindler stated to "It's patently false. If Terri were alive today she could be here to 'March for Life' with us. All she needed was a wheelchair, and we could have taken her anywhere....

  • At Bottom Line Up Front, Amy Proctor reports on the Obama administration's idea of "transparency" in regards to the healthcare debate. Senior White House advisor David Axelrod spoke a truth this weekend, "People will never know what's in that bill until we pass it...." See 1:10 on the video...

  • Sidewalk Counseling Training coming to Nashville next Saturday

    I have attended this training and it is excellent. I learned so much from this young lady. I highly recommend it. Review details here.

    Jury Finds Man Guilty of Murder in Kansas Abortion Provider's Death - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News -

    The pro life community does not condone violence against the born and pre born. This man was not part of any pro life group. No one wanted Dr. Tiller murdered. We wanted him to change his heart and mind.  The action of this man did not help the pro life cause.

    Jury Finds Man Guilty of Murder in Kansas Abortion Provider's Death - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News -

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    NOW tackles Palin over Tebow ad - Andy Barr -

    NOW tackles Palin over Tebow ad - Andy Barr -

    Update! Tyler and Catelynn of 16 and Pregnant Fame are in Hendersonville, TN today!!

    They will be filming at First Baptist Church in Hendersonville in the "Underground" area at 1PM today and is open to the public. They are the special guests of Decisions, Choices and Options and will be special guests at a Christian Rock Concert tonight also at the Underground First Baptist Church in Hendersonville (weather permitting). Come and meet Tyler and Catelynn.

    Thursday, January 28, 2010

    MTSU agrees to stop discriminating against pro life group

    Murfreesboro, TN ( -- Officials at Middle Tennessee State University have agreed to stop discriminating against a campus pro-life group now that a legal group has stepped into the fray. After receiving a letter from Alliance Defense Fund attorneys, Middle Tennessee State has agreed to retract a discriminatory requirement.
    MTSU had required that a pro-life student group pay a security fee for a campus display.
    ADF attorneys representing the student group, Pro-Life Collegians, argued that the fee was unconstitutional, noting that other student groups are not required to pay for campus security during their events.
    “Pro-life student groups shouldn't be penalized and discriminated against for expressing their beliefs,” said ADF Litigation Staff Counsel Joe Martins.
    “We are pleased that the officials at Middle Tennessee State University have changed their minds and refrained from singling out the Pro-Life Collegians for this type of fee. The courts have repeatedly ruled that as unconstitutional. The university has certainly done the right thing here in respecting the First Amendment rights of its students," he added.

    Separation of Pro Life and banned upon entering Federal Building

    Would nuns be asked to take off their"habit"???

    Separation of Pro–Life and State

    While visiting the National Gallery of Art this past Saturday, I ran into a pair of errant security guards who have taken to interpreting the Constitution in their spare time.

    National Gallery of ArtI decided to visit the Gallery after attending the March for Life the day before. There was an exhibit on processes of photography before the digital age that I hoped would confirm me in my refusal to give up on film. After searching my bag, the two guards at the Gallery told me, “You’re good to go in, but first you need to remove that pro-life pin.” He was indicating the small lime green pin with the message “” and the silhouette of a small hand inside that of a larger hand that I had attached to the lapel of my coat. The pin, they informed me, was a “religious symbol” and a symbol of a particular political cause and it could not be worn inside a federal building. Why, I asked, can I not wear a religious or political symbol inside a federal building? Bringing to bear the full weight of the supreme law of the land, the guards informed that it was a violation of the First Amendment of the United States’ Constitution: The combination of me, wearing a pro-life pin, in a federal building was a violation of the separation of church and state.

    National Gallery of Art Tells Me To Remove the Pin or I Can’t Go In

    National Gallery of Art Tells Me To Remove the Pin or I Can’t Go In

    Wednesday, January 27, 2010

    Heartless Progressives Send Message to Tim Tebow: We Wish You Were Never Born

    Heartless Progressives Send Message to Tim Tebow: We Wish You Were Never Born

    Jill Stanek - Update on Newsweek's flagrantly false story on the March for Life

    Jill Stanek - Update on Newsweek's flagrantly false story on the March for Life

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    Bill O'Reilly Talks With Jehmu Greene, Who Is Urging CBS to Drop Tim Tebow Pro-Life Ad During the Super Bowl - Video 1/26/10

    Died during a "safe and legal" abortion

    Queens clinic A1 Medicine probed after Alexandra Nunez is fatally injured while undergoing abortion

    "The patient was transferred to the hospital, she didn't die at the clinic," said the woman, who refused to give her name. "Nothing happened here."

    (See how they are concerned with their reputation and not that a mother of five not four lost her life.)

    Detectives are investigating a Queens clinic where a 37-year-old woman was fatally injured while undergoing an abortion, officials said Tuesday.
    Alexandra Nuñez began bleeding heavily during the procedure at A1 Medicine in Jackson Heights on Monday, officials said.
    One of Nuñez's arteries was inadvertently severed and she went into cardiac arrest, according to police sources.
    She was taken to Elmhurst Hospital Center, where she died a short time later.
    Detectives have interviewed the staff at the Roosevelt Ave. clinic, but no charges have been filed, police said.
    "There is an investigation going forward," said Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, "but as of yet, there's no indication of any criminality."
    Nuñez, a single mother of four who lived in Plainfield, N.J., underwent the procedure at 3:30p.m., police said.
    She had told her family that she was going to a doctor's office in Newark to have a cyst removed - and her death stunned her eldest daughter.
    "I'm upset because I never got a chance to say goodbye," said Daisy Davila, 19. "She didn't want anyone to go with her. I made dinner and lunch [yesterday] hoping she would come back."
    "We're not angry. We just want to know what happened," said Davila, who insisted that her mother did not believe in abortions. "She was a strong woman, always happy. I looked up to her."
    An employee at the clinic - a one-stop gynecology and plastic surgery clinic that was still seeing patients yesterday - insisted that everything had gone well at the second-floor medical facility.
    "The patient was transferred to the hospital, she didn't die at the clinic," said the woman, who refused to give her name. "Nothing happened here."
    A1 Medicine was accredited in July to do office-based surgery that requires moderate or deep anesthesia - and that includes abortions, according to a spokeswoman for the state Health Department.

    Bill protects preborns after 20 weeks

    Bill protects preborns after 20 weeks

    Tuesday, January 26, 2010

    Jill Stanek - Newsweek wrong x2: DC March for Life was not shorter & older

    It is fun to  read the 87 comments this morning all blasting her for an inaccurate story and demanding a retraction. They pointed out that she actually posted her story before the march began!

    Jill Stanek - Newsweek wrong x2: DC March for Life was not shorter or older

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    37 years. 50 million lives lost.

    37 years.  50 million lives lost

    Those just seem like numbers until the realization of the impact dawns on you.
    1973:  Remembering where I was in my life then, is a staggering thought all on it’s own.  How I thought.  What seemed important, and what did not.  Roe versus Wade was just a story in the news to me.  I can’t wrap my mind around that even as I write this.
    What does 50 million of anything look like?  How can you comprehend a number that is almost abstract in it’s enormity until you have someway to compare the numbers.  Georgia (9.7 million), Florida(18.3 million), Mississippi (2.9 million), Alabama(4.6 million), Tennessee (6.2 million), South Carolina(4.8 million), Arkansas (2.8 million), Alaska (686,000).  That gives us something to work with.
    And, if we still fall short of our goal to reach 50 million by a few hundred thousand, it won’t take long to reach that goal if we continue to add to that number at a rate of 4,000 per day.
    So, there you go.  The population of eight states (including our own) approximately give us our number.  That is something we can grasp because we live in Tennessee.  We have relatives in Alabama.  We vacation in Florida.  Now, we can see the number 50 million with skin on.  Those become people in our minds, and not just a number on paper.

    2010 Rally for Life in TN- and Eugenics -- the evil roots of abortion

     TN  Rally for Life 2010.....thoughts
    TN Right to Life had another good rally on Sunday, January 24th. I could not find anything about it in the MSM. I don't know why I bother to look. They never cover it or do so with such a short clip that if you blink you miss it. I saw nothing in the papers.  I remember one year writing an angry letter to the Tennessean stating that 1,000 people showed up on a cold January Sunday afternoon on the steps of the Capital with the Bishop of TN and Richard Land among others addressing the crowd and not one word in the Tennessean but let 20 pro aborts show up and they are all over it. He wrote back and apologized and said they would try to do better in the future. But of course they don't. Nary a word. 

    Oh well, I attend every year and it is always inspiring. Hard to keep topping yourself. This year it was indoors at the Sheraton. I appreciated the comfort of being indoors but sometimes it is more exciting to be outside on the Capital steps. I am not good at estimating but the room was STO so maybe 7-800 in attendance. There were a couple of  people doing private videos  there, one who was making an HBO documentary.  Citizen  documentaries are replacing the MSM anyway.

    The speaker was Rev Walter Hoye from CA who gained notoriety in the pro life world when he was arrested for peaceful sidewalk counseling in front of an abortion mill. It was quite a story. As an African American pastor, he said one sentence that I cannot forget.....he talked about the African American community being so hard hit by abortion that they are not replacing themselves. "For every 100 births to African Americans, there are 77 abortions." Wow, what a sobering thought!  But that is exactly what Margaret Sanger intended when she founded Planned Parenthood. She would be proud. Here is an article about the documentary Maafa 21. It should be required viewing by all members of Congress....

    Eugenics -- the evil roots of abortion
    A documentary and expose' on the abortion business has caught the attention of some members of Congress.
    The documentary, Maafa 21,  traces the history of Planned Parenthood to its founder, Margaret Sanger, who believed in eugenics -- controlling and eliminating certain population groups, especially including minorities such as African-Americans. Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics produced the film. He says the project has proven itself effective after having been shown and discussed by a number of churches and media outlets.

    Monday, January 25, 2010

    CBS urged to scrap Super Bowl ad with Tebow, mom

    NEW YORK -- A national coalition of women's groups called on CBS on Monday to scrap its plan to broadcast an ad during the Super Bowl featuring college football star Tim Tebow and his mother, which critics say is likely to convey an anti-abortion message.
    "An ad that uses sports to divide rather than to unite has no place in the biggest national sports event of the year - an event designed to bring Americans together," said Jehmu Greene, president of the New York-based Women's Media Center.
    The center was coordinating the protest with backing from the National Organization for Women, the Feminist Majority and other groups.

    Taxing them "for" death
    January 25, 2010

    Death tax for suicide trips considered.

    As a way to try and reduce death tourism the Swiss Government is thinking of levying a tax on people that travel to the country to visit one of the clinics that offer assisted suicide. The government’s current law states that someone must live in the city of Zurich for at least a year before being allowed to use one of these clinics. The government is proposing to fine the clinics for breach of the law, which will then be passed on to their patients. The average cost of an assisted suicide in Zurich is currently around £5,000, with the tax the cost would increase by more than six times, which they believe would reduce the numbers of visitors coming for these types of services.
    In 2009 there were 23 Brits that used the clinics for assisting in their suicide and there are thought to be hundreds more on a waiting list to visit the clinics in Switzerland. A poll in the coming year will ask voters if they should be a tax levied on foreigners who come to Zurich to use the clinics. All they need is a majority 51 per cent of the votes for it to become law. The vote has been welcomed by anti euthanasia groups in the UK who are asking the government in Britain not to change its laws regarding prosecution of individuals who assist in suicides. So far no one has ever been found guilty of assisted suicide when a Briton has used a clinic in Zurich.

    Proliferations 1-25-10

    (Prolifer)ations 1-25-10

    Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpg
    by Susie Allen, TN pro-life activist

  • ProWomanProLife blogger Andrea comments on Canada's National Post's use of graphic images from the Haiti earthquake aftermath to pro-lifers' use of graphic abortion images.

  • Rick's Blog reports on the ethics complaints brought by pro-aborts against former KS attorney general Phill Kline - simply for upholding the law.

  • Parenting Freedom highlights a UK study showing that children who are breastfed for at least 6 months have a lesser likelihood of developing mental health issues later on.

  • Stand for Life blogs about the CDC's 2006 report on causes of death in the US:
    How many deaths by abortion were there in 2006? The total is over 1,206,200 unborn humans dying.  Consequently, if that 1.2 million is added to the 2.4 million deaths that the CDC reports, then abortion is the cause of death for 1/3 of

  • Catch the sign...won't get laid without Roe V Wade!!!!!! Here's a novel thought...abstain!

    The girl looks about 12 years old!!
     Photo from:DCist]

    Jill Stanek - WaPo columnist after attending March for Life: "Roe supporters (including me) are justifiably nervous"

    Jill Stanek - WaPo columnist after attending March for Life: "Roe supporters (including me) are justifiably nervous"

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    Indiana Rewards Planned Parenthood Negligence | Live Action Blog – Human Rights, Abortion, and Life

    Indiana Rewards Planned Parenthood Negligence Live Action Blog – Human Rights, Abortion, and Life: "Indiana Rewards Planned Parenthood Negligence"

    Giving God A Break

    It's the biggest day of the year for US advertising with companies spending between $2.5m and $2.8m to ensure their product is seen by the widest possible audience, but this year's Super Bowl Sunday threatens to be overshadowed by controversy over one of the 30-second slots.

    The advert in question? A commercial on behalf of the evangelical Christian organisation Focus on the Family, featuring the University of Florida's star ­quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother Pam, which is expected to focus on her decision to ignore medical advice to have an abortion.

    The almost $3m advert, which Focus on the Family says was paid for by donations, contravenes a network policy regarding the type of ads shown during the Super Bowl. Several online petitions have called on CBS to pull the ad and 2,288 people joined a Facebook group pointing out the hypocrisy by saying: "Tell CBS Reject The Focus On The Family Ad Or Accept The UCC's!" UCC refers to the United Church of Christ.
    "Super Bowl ads are traditionally about making people laugh and, while there's no doubting the sincerity of Tebow's beliefs, I think people will find this jarring," says Clay Travis, an author and journalist who has written extensively about Tebow.

    Rejected ads
    "It's such a flashpoint subject and I'm surprised that CBS would go there after the fuss that was caused by Janet Jackson's nipple. It's not even a matter of whether you're pro-life or pro-choice, I think most people would find an advert dealing with abortion to be out of place during the Super Bowl," Travis adds.
    Nor is it just a case of the ad appearing to be a bad fit with the Super Bowl's dancing lizards, singing frogs and magic fridges. Networks have previously made a point of rejecting advocacy adverts for Super Bowl slots – last year NBC rejected an anti-abortion advertisement on behalf of which used images of President Obama alongside the caption "Life. Imagine The Potential", in addition to one about marriage equality.

    Sunday, January 24, 2010

    If Judges Think Corporations Are People, They Probably Think Fetuses Are, Too from Jezebel

    New York, 10:09 PM
    Sun Jan 24

    What a novel idea Jezebel. You were once a fetus. Miriam Webster states fetus is a developing  human from two mos. following conception until birth.

    Pro Abortion Activists see threat to Roe precedent

    Saturday, January 23, 2010

    Great Sign

    Photo by Jill Stanek

    I wish I could have gone to Washington DC for the 37th annual March for Life but it was not meant to be. I look for an accurate account of what happened. Here is how the Washington Times portrayed it.
    I will be looking for other accounts.

    Planned Parenthood ‘Registers’ in Haiti and Other Places

    Planned Parenthood takes full advantage of the tragedy in Haiti to raise funds!

    Friday, January 22, 2010

    Virtual March for Life

    Scottish bill allows active euthanasia to teens even by non medical personnel

    You know how you may say in jest, I could just kill my teenager! Well a new bill just past by the Scottish Parliament has authorized active euthanasia even by non doctors and does not mandate the method! And no parental consent needed! Can you imagine!
    Under the bill, qualified teenagers ( meant for disabled or dying teens)can be killed without regard to parental approval, doctors need to OK the euthanasia/assisted suicide but need not perform the act–demonstrating yet again, that euthanasia is not a medical act–and any swift method of killing is okay so long as it is done in private. Good grief! Whatever method the dying person deems appropriate and with "dignity" is acceptable. So a gunshot to the head would qualify since it would be quick!
    Oh you say, this is in Scotland not the United States....well.....aren't we emulating Europe in these things. Read the article here.

    Thursday, January 21, 2010

    Woman delivers a 9# baby and did not know she was pregnant

    Big Blue Wave asks a provocative question: If a mother finds she is pregnant in the 3rd trimester but doesn't want children, is she entitled to an abortion? This was asked in response to the story of a MI mother of 3 who didn't realize she was pregnant until delivering a healthy 9# boy in her bathtub. Read the story here.Listen to the 911 call here. It is hysterical.

    Pro Life Blogging Conference on Friday, January 22nd streaming live


    Hosted by Family Research Council

    Blogs for Life - THIS FRIDAY!
    Topics: Action items, Conference Information

    The 5th annual Blogs for Life Conference will be this Friday from 8:30 to 11:30a EST, hosted by Family Research Council.

    You can still register to attend in person. Or make plans to view online. Bloggers can live stream the conference on their sites. Get the embed code here.

    Here is the tentative speakers' schedule, which even as late as yesterday changed. So it's by no means written in stone.

    Choosing Life with no regrets...

    For those who still believe that partial birth abortion is a rare act done only to save the life of the mother need to listen to this program recently aired on Focus on the Family. This is a story of what happened to Jacqueline Ivel in the 198o's. Listen here

    When is premeditated murder desirable?

    Chris Matthews gets a little excited two hours before the polls closed in MA on the night of the big election. Yes, Brown campaigned that he would be the 41st vote against Obamacare which would use tax money to fund abortions among other undesirable elements. Even in ultra Blue liberal MA, the voters made their wishes well known as we now know. I wonder if Matthews would think abortion is premeditated murder Chris used to work for Tip O'Neill so his unabashed liberal support for abortion is no secret. No thrills for Chris on Tuesday night, I guess.

    Roe Vs. Wade and Doe Vs much do you know?

    Take this test and see how much you really know about abortion law in the United States. It may surprise you

    Cyber relationship leads to adoption

    Tom and Wendy Curry of Memphis have two sons; Stephen, 21, and Shawn, 15. Although they had been trying for another child for quite some time, they probably could not have imagined what God had planned for them and how He would bring another child into their life.

    Wednesday, January 20, 2010

    Excellent Sidewalk Counselor Training coming to Nashville

    Since March of last year, there has been a consistent pro-life presence outside of the Women's Center in Nashville. Sidewalk counselors have been present on the weekday mornings offering hope and help to abortion minded parents. Since then, many women and families have been turned away from the Women's Center after receiving counsel at this difficult time. With the right training, anyone can be a sidewalk counselor. I know I have spoken to many of you who feel called to pro-life ministry, but are unsure of where to begin. Now is the perfect opportunity for you to become better equipped to effectively offer hope to mothers who are skeptical of hope and desperate for help.

    Tuesday, January 19, 2010

    Sharpton now switching to Ford?

    Ford may have convinced Al Sharpton to change his mind at MLK

    "Someone asked the other day how long I have known Harold Ford," Sharpton said. "I’ve known Harold Ford all of his life, just about. His father wrote one of the first checks for me to run for president. And the Ford family. In his congressional career…he has supported and worked with us, and I’m glad he’s here today." Al Sharpton

    Ford then delivered a folksy speech about growing up in his Memphis grandmother's house, going to church on Sundays and eating fried chicken that was clearly designed to say to the largely African-American crowd: I'm one of you. He noted MLK was shot and killed during a visit to his hometown.

    Russia should reduce abortions due to population problem

    Russia should cut abortions to boost population: minister

    "The topic of reducing abortions is definitely on today's agenda. This won't solve the birthrate problem 100 percent, but around 20 to 30 percent," Health Minister Tatyana Golikova said, quoted by Russian news agencies.

    This is of special interest to me since the bookends in this picture of my grandchildren were adopted from Russia. We are blessed to have them.

    Anytime the headline starts out with "anti abortion" I know it is going to be an angry post. Free speech is only glorified by supporters of abortion when it agrees with them. I think Nat Hentoff wrote about it in his great book,Free Speech for Me — But Not for Thee: How the American Left and Right Relentlessly Censor each other.
    Self described "hip hop addicted columnist" Sara Libby writes an angry column about Tim Tebow making a commercial with his mother about choosing life.
    She hasn't even seen the commercial yet but is angry that a pro life opinion is out there in the marketplace of ideas she writes her post with dripping sarcasm.
    Tim Tebow to Star in Anti-Abortion Super Bowl Ad

    Sarah Palin makes a statement AGAIN

    story from National Catholic Register
    by Danielle Bean Friday, January 15, 2010

    Well, this is bound to stick in someone’s craw. Pretty much everything Sarah Palin does seems to, so it might as well be a bold pro-life statement that gets her into trouble this time.

    She and daughter Bristol are featured on the cover of the latest issue of In Touch Weekly which hits news stands today. I like the simplicity of the mother-daughter message:

    “We’re Glad We Chose Life.”

    Saturday, January 16, 2010

    Multi Choice candidate Ford

    Douglas Johnson, legislative director for National Right to Life Committee, said Ford also voted for an amendment that would have gutted the effectiveness of the 2005 bill. Ford tried to be on both sides of that issue, he said.

    “I guess he’s not pro-choice,” Johnson said. “He’s multiple-choice. He’s a carpet-bagging, political chameleon.”

    Friday, January 15, 2010

    Obama and preferred life

    Only ‘preferred’ life matters to Obama. He has chosen in his brief career to make his real legacy by voting for every kind of abortion known to human kind, including partial birth abortion and infanticide. You understand… can’t have the little baby who survived the vicious murder attempt getting any medical help to stay alive.

    Excellent article by Dr. Laurie Roth here.

    When in Rome do as the Romans do

    Ford spent much of his time on the issue of abortion trying to avoid the issue and disguise his view (if indeed he had one) and now that is what is haunting him as he tries for the "extreme makeover."

    "If he gets into the primary in New York, there will be some great debates: Ford vs. Ford," said Douglas Johnson, legislative director of the National Right to Life Committee, who derides him as a "political chameleon." Read the NY Daily thoughts on Ford here.

    Wednesday, January 13, 2010

    Abortion is the issue in tight MA senate race

    This is getting more and more interesting in MA. Even though Scott Brown is not labeled pro life, this is the issue. MA has typically been a Catholic stronghold although as Democrats the Catholics seem to compartmentalize the issue of abortion. While Martha Coakley is cloaking the issue as denying rape victims emergency contraception, Brown argues in favor of the right of doctors and hospitals to follow their sincerely held religious beliefs. This forces the individual to really think through what they believe. Nancy Reyes is a retired physician and has interesting thoughts on this issue and where it could lead.

    Coakley in Favor of Forcing Catholic Hospitals to Provide Abortions