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Friday, September 30, 2011

Proliferations 9/30/11

from Jill

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli
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  • ProWomanProLife remarks on this week’s World Contraception Day, pointing out that despite the avalanche of government-funded comprehensive sex ed instruction, distribution of condoms, and dispensation of birth control pills, “unsafe sex” has increased: Young people across the globe are having more unprotected sex and know less about effective contraception options, a multinational survey revealed on Monday. [The study] reports that the number of young people having unsafe sex with a new partner increased by 111 percent in France, 39% in the USA and 19% in Britain in the last 3 years.
  • Wesley J. Smith discusses another unintentional consequence of IVF – in this case, a divorced Argentinian mother is having her frozen embryos implanted against her ex-husband’s wishes. The ex argues he is being “forced into fatherhood” – but the fact remains that since the embryos currently exist, he is already a father.
  • Reflections of a Paralytic reports some good news as 40 Days for Life begins – the loss of an abortion provider in Columbia, Missouri: This is not the first time they have been without an abortion provider. The PP in Columbia has gone through six different abortionists during the past two and a half years, including times during 40 Days for Life campaigns, and this facility has gone months at a time with absolutely no abortions.
  • Right to Life of Michigan posts the welcoming news that puts another dagger in the heart of the abortion industry advising for abortion for the health of the mother.
"A study which was recently presented at the European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress found children whose mothers were treated with chemotherapy during pregnancy were not affected by the chemotherapy. This led researchers to conclude pregnant cancer patients don't need to have abortions or delay chemotherapy beyond the first trimester."
  •  Doctors are advised  to avoid induced labor early if at all possible as that presents a greater risk to baby.
    • Real Choice asks who the pro-choicers will blame for the 1989 death of a 35-year-old who died from septic shock after her abortion. If this had occurred pre-Roe v Wade, the abortion industry would have blamed her death on pro-lifers. Who takes the blame now?
    • Star Studded Super Step discusses the Face the Truth Tour coming to Dallas on October 1st, sponsored by Pro-Life Texas:

    180....30 minutes that makes you think....

    When you compare abortion to the history of the makes you think. My mentor, Scott Klusendorf has some interesting thoughts about this film here. 


    Thursday, September 29, 2011

    Womb for a cradle and garbage can for a grave.....

    The Passionate Pro Lifer exposes just what cradle to grave means for the tiny aborted boys and girls that are dismembered at one abortion facility in CO. Ever wonder what they do with the remains? One facility that hauls them away is Colorado Medical Waste Disposal whose  own  motto is: “All waste is manifested for "cradle to grave" tracking.”  

    No pun intended I am sure. All I could think of was why does anyone want to  cooperate with evil?

    These babies had a womb for a cradle and a garbage can for a grave.

    Wednesday, September 28, 2011

    TN: Coaches in Sumner County told not to bow their heads in student led prayer

    Right here in Sumner County TN....Westmoreland...four coaches had the audacity to bow their heads after a football as a student led prayer. Teachers had been warned by email yesterday not to attend the annual See You At the Pole Day...they are to do their praying in private. I was proud to stand with the High School in prayer today.

    Baby Joseph dies at home with parents

    Baby Joseph dies at home 7 mos. after Canadian authorities agreed with the hospital to remove the vent which would bring immediate death. For back story, read here.
    The family argued for a trach and allowing him to go home to die. So he lived 7 mos. longer. The parents understood that his illness was terminal. 

    Blessings and peace to the family. Baby Joseph's short life was for a purpose.

    CNS:On issue after issue, president out of step with Catholic teaching

    I am glad to see this editorial but I have to wonder why some were duped by Obama in  the first place. His record was out there to see. But better late than never. If he is not right on the life issue, what else matters?

    Catholic News Service photo

President Obama speaks about immigration reform in Texas in May.

    Catholic News Service photo
    President Obama speaks about immigration reform in Texas in May.
    Catholic News Service

    Here is an unsigned editorial which appeared in the Tennessee Register, newspaper of the Diocese of Nashville.After President Barack Obama was elected in 2008, the Catholic bishops of the United States applauded the historic nature of the election of the first African-American as president while at the same time expressing fear that the new president would pursue an aggressive pro-abortion agenda as part of efforts to reform the nation's health care system.

    Despite protestations from the president and his administration, it's becoming ever clearer that that is exactly what is happening.

    But it's not just on life issues that the president is so out of step with Catholic teaching.

    On immigration reform, protecting the poor and vulnerable from carrying the burden of the recently enacted budget cuts, and defending the integrity of marriage, the president has done little to nothing.

    For all those Catholics who convinced themselves to vote for Obama despite his aggressive pro-choice positions because they believed that on balance he would pursue policies that would protect the poor, improve access to health care for all, bring sanity to the country's immigration system, the first three years of this administration must be more than disappointing.

    Viewed through the lens of the full breadth of Catholic social teaching, this administration must be seen as a disaster. In fact, its positions have been openly and aggressively hostile to our values.

    Tuesday, September 27, 2011

    Pro-Life Groups Cheer Upcoming Probe of Planned Parenthood

    by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | | 9/27/11 6:37 PM

    Leading pro-life groups applauded the news LifeNews first reported today that a congressional subcommittee will investigate the alleged financial impropriety and potential coverup of criminal activities at Planned Parenthood abortion clinics.

    In a September 15 letter obtained, Rep. Cliff Stearns, a Florida Republican who is the chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Investigations, writes to Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood. The letter requests any information related to improper billing related to federally-funded programs, proof that federal funds are not being improperly used to pay for abortions by PPFA or its affiliates, audits by state agencies of any Planned Parenthood affiliate, and documentation of how many affiliates currently receive Title X family planning funding.

    Planned Parenthood has come under heavy criticism in recent years for covering up cases of statutory rape by failing to report abortions on done unborn children of teen girls who have been victimized to authorities and by aiding and assisting alleged sex traffickers in obtaining abortions and other “services” for the women and girls they victimize. As such, as the Stearns letter asks for information related to those concerns.

    Live Action is the pro-life organization most responsible for bringing to light the problems of covering up alleged cases of sexual abuse and Lila Rose’s videos capturing Planned Parenthood employees aiding and abetting sex traffickers and covering up child rape and abuse were the catalysts in Congress calling for this investigation, she told LifeNews in response.

    “We applaud Congress’s first concrete steps to investigate Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortion business in the nation,” Rose said. “Last February, the Live Action team released undercover videos showing seven Planned Parenthood clinics aiding and abetting the sex trafficking of children. In the wake of the videos, the House of Representatives voted to defund the abortion giant of the over $360 million they receive in federal funds. This step by Rep. Stearns (R-FL) to further investigate Planned Parenthood’s abusive and lawless activities is essential to protecting victims of abuse, our young girls, and our unborn brothers and sisters.”

    (Prolifer)ations 9-27-11

    from Jill

    Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli
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    • Live Action dissects Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report (2008-09), which reveals that the largest portion of their funding comes from the taxpayers. No wonder they’re fighting defunding efforts so ferociously. What other nonprofit can count on taxpayer funding for 34% of their total revenue – less than their private contributions? Live Action notes: Without government funding and a robust abortion business, it isn’t likely that Planned Parenthood would be able to keep operating in its current form. In short, for PP to survive as-is, they are beholden to advance a robust abortion business and engage in controversial political involvement in an attempt to keep the taxpayer funding flowing.

    • Down on the Pharm plays the informative video produced by showing that the alliance between Guttmacher and Planned Parenthood continues with funding even though they like to tout their independence. They even call it “the divorce that did not work.” Could the continued funding be considered alimony?

    • The Abolitionist Society of OK shares the story of one of their members, a Korean abortion survivor who was later adopted by an American family. This young man, now age 15, writes: This is for those of you saying “well what will happen to the children if we don’t abort them? Their mothers don’t want them.” Trust me, they will be adopted. My adopted family has twelve children, ten of which were adopted! They will be adopted! I mean, if we would stop funding the stuff to do abortions and put it towards making adoption fees lower, many would adopt because many who want to adopt can’t afford the high adoption fees and therefore can’t adopt. So those children will be adopted.
    • Big Blue Wave laments the suspension of an elderly Canadian priest for making statements against abortion, cohabitation and homosexuality – none of which contradict the teaching of the Catholic Church – which angered an openly gay mayor and member of the parish council, who “demanded the priest’s suspension.” The bishop complied, “express[ing] regret that the comments had upset the faithful.”
    • Moral Outcry exposes abortion clinic workers in Montgomery, Alabama who routinely force pro-life protesters off the public sidewalk using their high-powered sprinkler system in order to have the protesters arrested for trespassing.
    • Abby Johnson spells out why Christians and other pro-lifers should not cooperate with evil, targeting the partnership of the Girl Scouts of America and Planned Parenthood.
    • The Culture Vulture shares a video on Chinese gendercide from All Girls Allowed:

    MD festival bans all faith based booths to shut down Respect Life participation

    In Baltimore  a fall festival called Hampdenfest banned the Respect Life booth from participating even though they had a history of having a booth in the past years.

    Appearing before the Hampden Community Council, Marty Taylor, a member of the Respect Life Committee at St. Thomas Aquinas, read a letter arguing that the group had had a pro-life booth at Hampdenfest for several years and that "we had pictures and models of normal baby development before birth."
    The booth also had information about local pregnancy centers and about post-abortion counseling, Taylor said. She told the Messenger the pro-life group is supported by the Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore.
    "Our experience at the booth over the years has been that many people are interested in our models and literature, and many people express approval of our point of view and the services we provide for women and their families," Taylor's letter states. "We also experience a few people who express disapproval of our point of view."
    But an unnamed vendor  who had  a booth next to them last year complained  to the organizers and that was all it took.  Planned Parenthood had a booth as well but since no one complained about them they were allowed to participate. The organizers got around this by banning all faith based booths at the festival.

    Well if this isn't discrimination against religion I don't know what is.  What are the citizens of hampden going to do about this?

    Monday, September 26, 2011

    Feministing cheers for abortion and gets her wish finally on Grey's Anatomy

    She's a heart in really smart but she has two unintended pregnancies and she is sure she does not want to be a mother. As in really sure...even though her husband wants a family. 

    She's the one on Grey's Anatomy that comes across as terribly self centered.  But she tells a friend that tries to talk her out of the abortion is that she is scared and sad but determined to abort and needs the friend to be there to hold her hand because she can't count on her husband to attend.

    Maya of Feministing cheers this as finally great TV.  She calls herself a long time advocate for showing abortion on TV. No she does not mean showing a real abortion on TV as in the dismemberment of the baby....that would be too much realism for Maya.  She means the  fairy tale abortion that just fades out when the suction machine turns on. In Friday Night Lights, Ms. Maya...wrote a blog stating she was rooting for an abortion . Yes, that was her headline.  Rooting for an abortion. But don't make her look at the remains please. Cover them up with the pom poms.

    Now Maya loves Grey's Anatomy ...her kind of show. But the first time Christina gets in a family way she intends to abort but drats the ectopic pregnancy angle takes it out of her hands.(Disappointed!!!) But this times she says the word and goes through with it and so Maya is thrilled with the outcome.

    Of course the other A word is never in adoption. Carry the baby to term and make an adoption plan of your choice, confidential, semi open or open....nah... why should I allow this child to live when it is all about me. 

    Christina  says she wants to be a heart surgeon. Could she be both a mother and a heart surgeon? Maybe even have some live in help. Heart surgeons make pretty good $$.

    The second point is that if she has had two unintended pregnancies and she is sure she never wants to be a mother....why does she not get her tubes tied?  She works in a hospital for goodness sakes.  She learned about the birds and bees way before med school. She also learned about fetal development and since she is a heart surgeon....that heart that beats 21 days after conception....??

    But hey Maya of Feministing is happy so that is the only important thing,  right?   Maya calls her abortion decision satisfying.  Of course   she says her  greatest delight would be to see an abortion with no sadness or conflict at all. But she understands that drama must prevail.

    Maya is satisfied....the baby is dead....Christina can deal with it and another drama is right around the corner. Life is good  ....for some.

    Beyonce feels empowered by her pregnancy......

    Article on Beyonce brings out her feelings on her pregnancy......great to see.

    AP: Does pregnancy make you feel more empowered?

    Beyonce: Absolutely. It is the most powerful creation for you to be able to have life growing inside of you. There is no bigger gift, nothing more empowering.

    AP: What is your pregnancy style?

    Beyonce: I think I have been trying to find things that of course are flattering to the silhouette. I think a woman's curves when she is pregnant are so beautiful. I don't want to get matronly, and I still find things that are sensual and feminine and funky. I have been mixing different textures and suit jackets and blazers. I don't want to be in the same dress every day.

    Bachelor winner looks for talent agent for her preborn child

    I have no idea who these people are but I love the idea of  showing the humanity of the preborn .   TMZ reports that Bachelor winner Shayne Lamas and and her hubby -- honcho Nik Richie" are discussing contracts for their  baby to be represented for the talent he/she will demonstrate upon entry into this world. Oh and the baby is named PRESS. They have not confirmed the sex yet but I am happy  they are not dismissing this clump of cells.

    Friday, September 23, 2011

    (Prolifer)ations 9-23-11

    from Jill

    Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli
    We welcome your suggestions for additions to our Top Blogs (see tab on right side of home page)! Email
    • Wesley J. Smith discusses the radical PETA movement now attempting to combine actual pornography and graphic video of animal abuse on the same website (yes, you read correctly). The more extreme PETA becomes, the less credibility they seem to have in the animal rights movement.

    • Secular ProLife voices support for “pro-choice” license plates in the interest of fairness, stating how overall, it will likely help pro-life causes: … [T]he availability of a pro-choice plate is no threat to us, and will probably help the pro-life movement in the long run. In those states where pro-choice plates have been introduced, they’ve been duds. For instance, in Montana, the state Right to Life organization raised $5,570 from specialty license plate sales between April and June 2011. Planned Parenthood of Montana, during the same time frame? $700.
    • Reflections of a Paralytic writes about an appeal filed by adult stem cell researchers seeking the reversal of the decision to allow taxpayer funding for human embryonic stem cell research.
    • Pro-Life Wisconsin’s recently scheduled debate, organized by nonpartisan political group Reach Out Wisconsin, was “aborted” by Planned Parenthood rep Nicole Safar, who refused to even be in the same room with anyone from PLW. Safar is an attorney and “advocate for late-term abortion” who supports the “right” of birth control for minors and opposes conscience protection laws. Clearly, the abortion industry cannot bear the scrutiny of an honest exchange of ideas.
    • ProWomanProLife posts a serious report about ectopic pregnancies and the high number of errors in proper diagnosis: While the reports of such mistakes are uncommon, the authors say there is evidence it is a broader problem. Not only has use of methotrexate boomed, but some research indicates the initial diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy ends up being wrong in 40% of cases.
    • Live Action comments on abortion activist Amanda Marcotte’s accidental truth-telling about the “mission of Planned Parenthood.”
    • Pro-Life Action League reveals important information on the Illinois Citizen Participation Act, which is important to pro-lifers especially because: … [the act] states that, when pursuing favorable governmental action, a person cannot be held responsible for public statements made in pursuit of that action, even if those statements are libelous.
      Scheidler v. Trombley began when Planned Parenthood ran a smear campaign on the [Pro-Life Action] League and local activists while trying to open their massive “Abortion Fortress” in Aurora, Illinois. When Eric [Scheidler] and the League sued for libel, PP counter-sued under the [Citizen Participation Act] and won, claiming that they weren’t responsible for their false claims about pro-lifers because they were seeking the favorable government action of getting the Aurora City Council to approve their new clinic.
      This is obviously ridiculous as it essentially grants PP, or anyone else invoking the CPA, a license to lie and say whatever they please about their opponents without being held responsible. It also takes away the right of victims of the CPA to defend and clear their good name in public.
    [Photo via]

    Memphis PP whine continues......

     Whine  alert!  

    Barry Chase of PP Memphis says  ...IT'S JUST NOT FAIR .....from Commercial Appeal

    "Planned Parenthood president and CEO Barry Chase complained about the process. "We just learned what the standards were for comparing the proposals this morning," he said Wednesday."
    Ummmm you did not know about standards or you are just not used to caring about standards???  Standards ??? Are we are supposed  to have standards???

    In a written statement, Planned Parenthood said it is better equipped for the task than is Christ Community. "This change disrupts the lives of the many women and girls who understand that at (Planned Parenthood) they will receive unbiased, accurate, nonjudgmental, nonreligious health care," the statement reads.
    So you don't like people of faith providing care for people even though they do not proselytize?

    Christ Community is a Memphis-based organization that operates six medical clinics, a mobile clinic for the homeless and three dental clinics.
    PP has one facility......but hey they are better prepared????

    CEO Burt Waller said the organization is nondenominational. "Everyone who we encounter, we want to experience the love, compassion, grace and mercy that Christ exhibited. That doesn't mean we expect them to believe what we believe."
    He said the group already offers family planning.
    Love, compassion, grace and mercy....gosh who would want that ??? At PP  a minor can get thrown under the bus by sexual predators with cash!! Perhaps Christ Community might actually obey the law!! What  a novel approach!!!

    Hardened conscience and heart can call abortion life giving.......

    Cross posted at Jivin J, ...It is amazing the way people can excuse anything. Paige Johnson  grew up to be Vice President for Public Policy at Planned Parenthood Central North Carolina.

    Only a hardened conscience and heart can say this with a smile.
    Paige Johnson

    "Abortion is a life-giving, life-saving, dream-granting, mistake-forgiving medical procedure. No one likes being told what they should be grateful for but I don’t know anything more life-changing or central as the right to decide when to have a child."

    Ms. this life saving...dream granting. What about her dreams, her life. You decided that your wishes takes precedent over her right to exist.  Many people even pro life people get angry when you show them graphic abortion pictures because they are so hard to look at but sometimes you have to put the ugly truth in their face when  their hearts are so hardened.

    Thursday, September 22, 2011

    Let's Turn off the music....Susan B Anthony ad

    Memphis PP fights for program they would operate at a loss?? Why??

     What should have been a cut and dry situation never is that way when Planned Parenthood is involved. As the article noted this mess all started when Yvonne Madlock Director of Shelby County (Memphis)Health Dept. indicated she would not accept all of the Title X monies for family planning services because of capacity issues and insisted she would outsource a portion of it. All other 94 counties in TN provide these services through the health dept. 

    Madlock temporized, advising the state Health Department that the Shelby County Health Department was not equipped to provide a full level of services on its own and would have to sub-contract or “partner” with one or more local agencies if it was to administer the entire local package of $1,345,000 in Title X funding. (The portion of the grant being out-sourced is $397,900.)
    Previously all of this money was automatically given to Planned Parenthood. This time a Request for Proposal (RFP) was used after pressure from TN citizens came into play. Sounds logical doesn't it. Isn't this Standard Operation Procedure for businesses. Madlock admitted that all 3 bidders met basic standards but based on scores on service related criteria, the recommended provider was Christ Community Health Services.

    A six-person panel of officials from the Health Department and county government recommended approval of the bid from Christ Community on the basis of the Center’s higher cumulative score on a checklist of previously established service-related criteria. According to Yvonne Madlock, Health Department director, the aggregate scores were: Christ Community Center, 95.33; Planned Parenthood, 88.88; Memphis Health Center, 84.54.
    Over and done and on with business, right?  We want the citizens to have the benefit of the best provider. No....Barry Chase CEO of Planned Parenthood came to whine and complain that they did not know what they were doing when they scored the bidders and PP should win what they acknowledge is a "loss leader."
     Commissioner Heidi Shafer, who chairs the commission’s Hospital and Health Committee, noted pointedly during Wednesday’s discussion that all of the agencies that had bid for the Title X contract would necessarily be operating at a loss.
    So Barry Chase being a good CEO is fighting tooth and nail over a contract that is acknowledged to be operated at a loss. Why would he do that? Because $$ is fungible and as former directors of Planned Parenthood Abby Johnson has told us that PP needs tax payers $$ to survive and increase foot traffic for the profitable end of their business....abortion. Listen to her say.....they can't survive without our tax dollars.

    Photo: Memphis Flyer

    Wednesday, September 21, 2011

    Abandoned in a war zone....alive and singing.....

    Cross Posted at Pro Life NZ. I dare you to say that he and his brothers are better off dead. Tissue alert!!

    Memphis....its not fair and now wants 2nd chance at getting tax $$

    Barry Chase CEO can't stop whining and complaining and stomping his feet until he gets his way. 

    Christ Community Health Services scored higher than Planned Parenthood  in their ability to supply the needed services for family planning and was  awarded the Title X money.  But fair is fair right? Not when it comes to PP. 

    They convinced the Shelby County Commision to hold off a final decision and give PP another chance to make its case. The vote to give them a 2nd chance was along party line 6-4 with Democrats siding with PP.

    Tell us again Barry how you lose $$ on family planning!!

    In response, Tennessee Right to Life called on (Governor) Haslam to keep his campaign promise not to fund Planned Parenthood if elected to office. ACTION: Contact the Shelby County Commission "

    Tuesday, September 20, 2011

    (Prolifer)ations 9-20-11

    from Jill

    Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli
    We welcome your suggestions for additions to our Top Blogs (see tab on right side of home page)! Email
    • Catholic Vote analyzes the HPV controversy which continues to dog Gov. Rick Perry in his presidential race. Dr. Diane Harper, a professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City (and former researcher on the Gardasil vaccine) is against the vaccine for school children and for that reason, has pulled her support. She states, “Ninety-five percent of women who are infected with HPV never, ever get cervical cancer…. It seemed very odd to be mandating something for which 95 percent of infections never amount to anything.”
    • Susan Tyrrell at Moral Outcry takes on the controversy caused by Rev. Pat Robertson’s callous statements to a man whose wife suffers from Alzheimer’s. His life-affirming advice? Dump her and marry your girlfriend – just make sure your wife gets medical care. Tyrrell compares Robertson’s statements to those made by last year by Calvary Chapel founder Chuck Smith, who advised a woman that abortion was acceptable in her case of conjoined twins. She writes: At first glance I mourned Robertson’s response but dismissed it as being relevant…; it’s very relevant, though. Robertson’s comments are the result of what happens when a culture of death permeates a society so much it creeps into the church.

    • The Anti-Abortion Gang posts on abortion apologist Rachel Maddow’s refusal to let the truth get in the way of a good tweet. Recently she posted a photo (shown left; click to enlarge) of pro-lifers supposedly picketing a child’s middle school during a parents’ night because of an abortionist in attendance. Maddow’s attempt at spin failed miserably, though, as the photo shows an assembly of 200 – far more than the 5 people actually in attendance – and the crowd is even dressed for the wrong season! The photo was actually taken at a December pro-life rally outside abortionist LeRoy Carhart’s clinic.
    • Fletcher Armstrong tells how the Alliance Defense Fund is helping Christian and conservative college campus groups to apply for free money available to student groups. Universities have been doling out money to left wing organizations routinely and in some cases illegally denied the same consideration for religious and/or conservative organizations.
    • Coming Home asks readers to allow the Catholic Church to work out its own issues in regards to Fr. Frank Pavone and Priests for Life, rather than allow bitterness to reign.
    • Oops… did Cecile say it again? Live Action scoops on Randi Zuckerberg’s (Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s sister) public note on Facebook, which relays her conversation with Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards. It appears Cecile may have led Zuckerberg to believe “that Planned Parenthood provides countless services around women’s health that many of us don’t even know about: preventative services, screenings for depression, pap smears, STD tests, vaccines for cervical cancer, mammograms, and much much more.” When confronted with the post, PP denied ever making the claim but we recall the TV interview of Richards in which she claimed PP offers mammograms. So much for that darn fact-checking thing.
    • Family Research Council’s blog reports more success stories with adult stem cells including quarterback Peyton Manning’s recent surgery.
    • Accepting Abundance discusses the desensitization of children to evil, and describes a teachable moment when her daughter was moved to tears by the Biblical adoption story of Moses as seen in the movie, The Prince of Egypt.

    Monday, September 19, 2011

    Gender much is enough??

    Reasoned Audacity  reprints an article that originally appeared in 2002 but is still relevant. You might think this is a tongue in cheek spoof except it isn't.  What were the feminists doing on the night before the 911 attacks? Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services  was meeting in the Pentagon to discuss  breastfeeding, how to enforce gender neutral usage warrior terminology, uniforms with maternity tops and recruiting slogans such as " A gynecologist on every aircraft carrier!"   The article suggests that the military is not a law firm or country club  that needs to be integrated. 

    They bring up a good point....can we go to far with political correctness and gender equality. There are non combat jobs in the military but are women physically built for combat and does their gender give them an equal opportunity to survive the battle and what about the men who depend on their "fellow soldiers" for their survival??

    My grandson's football team faced a team that included one girl. One player hit her and when he was told he just took down a girl he was horrified.  

    How far is too far for gender equality??

    Does advance techology bring out the worst in us....results show it does

    12:56 PM
    Update: The jury awarded the parents $4.5MM. They were asking for $9MM.
    From Natl Right to Life
    I hope when little Bryan grows up he never Googles himself or his parents. I can’t imagine the horror when he reads that his parents wish they would have killed him. I wonder how quickly he will grasp that his parents think his life, since he has disabilities, isn’t worth living.  I wonder if that jury considered how the disabled community would feel if they knew that a jury awarded these parents millions because they missed the opportunity to abort their disabled son.”

    This case in FL is that is still being decided as I write. It is of a child born with no arms and one leg. The couple is suing for $9MM for pain but they are not asking for any $$ for their suffering...I suppose wanting to sound noble.

    No the dr. did nothing wrong in his care. The pbl is the ultra sound did not detect these issues and they did not have the opportunity to kill their son Bryan who is now 3 and described as a happy toddler. It makes me mad to read about this case. They were told that tests showed a slight possibility of their child having Down's Syndrome and offered an amniocentesis to confirm but they turned that down due to the slight risk of miscarriage but hey....had they known this they say he would have chosen abortion.  If I were the defense atty. I would bring in Nick  Vujicic, an inspirational speaker and advocate for the disabled who has no arms  or legs and just a "chicken wing" for one leg.

    In another article , we read about a couple in the UK suing  the NHS Trust ( their version of universal healthcare) for wrongful birth. Yes, birth!!  The 20 week ultrasound failed to pick up that the baby had brain abnormalities which led to him being retarded with physical difficulties. They complain that the ultrasound technician was busy trying to get the baby to face the right direction for a good souvenir shot. While claiming to love their child the parents who underwent fertility  treatments to conceive state they would have aborted had they realized the boy had problems.
    "Mr Glancy said the boy is well cared for by his parents and is a much-loved and cherished part of their family"
    Really! But they would have killed him had they known about the disabilities!

    The next article from 2010 was about a Baltimore couple  who sued the radiologist for $20MM in a wrongful birth suit. In this unusual case the first ultrasound showing the abnormalities  was sent to the wrong dr. When the  couple's dr. called to find out where the ultrasound  were was he was told the results were normal. When the later ultrasound showed the correct results, the baby was delivered prematurely and received medical treatment.  The article did not indicate what disabilities remain although the report indicates that the hole in his heart was surgically repaired. But here is the kicker....
    " Had they known at the time they did the sonogram,” Snyder said, “the family would have made the difficult decision to terminate the pregnancy.”
    Just google wrongful birth suits and your page will fill up with actual cases of radiologists and OB/Gyn's being sued for wrongful birth when the children don't come out perfect. Amazing! Some states have even banned wrongful birth suits.
    "Patients who had disabled children in the past didn't think of suing the doctor. . . . But as technology has grown, some women think that their child's disability is someone ease's fault,"
    But the reason they are suing is  that they did not get a chance to abort them and now have to care for their children.
    "A mounting number of obstetrician/gynecologists are being sued by patients who say they would have had abortions if prenatal tests had detected fetal abnormalities.

    "This is directly contrary to our national and state policies promoting the lives and livelihoods of people with disabilities," said Clark Forsythe, president of Chicago-based Americans United for Life. "What we're dealing with here is the promotion of eugenics as a birth policy whereby doctors are sued for not weeding out the 'unfit."
    Sometimes technology can bring out the worst in us.... 

    Photo: from

    Pink or blue .....a fun game of guessing or demands for $$ back guarantee???

    I woke up thinking about an article from  the UK considering a bill banning radiologists from telling their patients the sex of the preborn child  they are carrying and the resulting cries of dissent.  One lesser point in the article said that drs. feared being sued by the couple if they told them the wrong gender.

    I thought....what??? They would sue because they were expecting one gender and got another??? Does that mean they repaint the nursery walls??? Of course I come from the day when we bought green and yellow and the nursery walls were white because until that first appearance we did not know. 

    My oldest grandchild's one and only ultrasound was before the sex could be identified. My daughter just felt it was a girl so she brought a dress to the hospital and the nursery was pink but alas my strapping grandson appeared. We were just as delighted. No, he did not come home in a dress  and remain gender confused and he did not notice the walls at all.  But today we are so used to having it our way that we would a $$ back guarantee.  

    Today's' Tennessean had a lighthearted article about what expectant parents are doing to generate excitement about the blessed arrival. They are having Pink or Blue parties where they ask the guests to come dressed in pink or blue and cast their vote for the gender they are guessing. Until they cut the cake to display the pink or blue guests are not told. Some office personnel  have pools guessing the gender.
    This new technology is fun and can be an asset but as we will see in other posts that technology can be a curse as well as a blessing.

    Photo: Tennessean 

    Friday, September 16, 2011

    (Prolifer)ations 9-16-11

    from Jill

    Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli
    We welcome your suggestions for additions to our Top Blogs (see tab on right side of home page)! Email
    • ProLifeBlogs links to Pro-Life in TN’s post regarding the rerouting of Shelby County’s Title X funding from Planned Parenthood to Christ Community Health Services, a non-profit health service provider which does not perform or refer for abortion. Before this passed, an attempt by yet unnamed TN legislators to restore money to PP ultimately failed. This ends “a decade long practice of automatically funneling this $$ to PP.” Persistence pays off for life.

    • Suzy B remarks on the Obama administration’s disregard for states’ rights, as this week it bailed out Planned Parenthood in New Hampshire (to the tune of $1M) after it was defunded by the state. The only thing PP provides that NH programs currently do not? Abortion.

    • Pro-Life Wisconsin discusses Milwaukee’s new “Strong Baby Campaign” to fight the high infant death rate among African-American babies, ignoring the obvious connection to abortion. PLW notes: Black infants were 3 times more likely to die than white infants [black infants are 3 times more likely to be aborted as well]…. One of the causes of infant death is preterm delivery. Abortions increase the risk of low birth weight in future pregnancies by a factor of 3, and of premature birth by a factor of 2.
      Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (pictured above left), a pro-abortion Catholic, is endorsed by NARAL and Planned Parenthood.
    • ProWomanProLife links to a study on a failed chemical abortion’s adverse effects on a surviving child. The child’s mother had an RU-486 abortion, which failed, and she later opted to continue the pregnancy rather than have a surgical abortion: And lest there be any confusion on the matter, this abortion survivor is a person too, fully human and fully loved, even with some disabilities. I’m sadly quite sure that the report offers this advice in order that some women should choose to get the job done right, once and for all.
      The abortion industry has a double dip opportunity when a chemical abortion fails to kill the baby, as a surgical abortion is the next option recommended.
    • Secular ProLife promotes the Life Matters Journal, a new publication that presents excellent articles on things like “family planning, war, the 2012 presidential candidates, fetal pain legislation, and capital punishment.”
    • At Priests for Life, Alveda King writes about the upcoming “Redeem the Dream” dedication of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial scheduled for October 16.
    [Photo via The Cap Times]

    Attack Watch the list you want to get on....

    Mommy Life comments on Obama's newest site...Attack Watch. The list you want to get on. "AttackWatch - Obama's Big Brother information gathering portal which looks so sinister but has become the laughingstock of the Internet - see #AttackWatch - is currently following 19. Bet you can't wait until you join the ranks" One of the tweets about Attack Watch lists this video mocking it that has 186K+ hits so far. You think the Obama campaign could come up with a better title than this.

    TN: Infanticide of twins.....the shame is ours....

    Two recent news stories are so terrible and heart wrenching. The latest one is in my backyard...Hendersonville, TN. 

    A young woman hides her pregnancy with twins and delivers two boys in the toilet of her home. When they cry she smothers them to death and hides them in a laundry basket.  Details are still sketchy but she managed to hide the pregnancy of twins from her parents, friends and co workers. One report even said she stood up for a friend's wedding just weeks prior to the delivery. It is not confirmed that she knew she was pregnant. This is so tragic it is hard to write about. By all accounts this seems to be totally out of character for her. Two lives are lost, she and her family will never be the same.

    As the news accounts point out....there is a safe haven law in TN and she could have taken her babies  to a number of places such as police or fire station or hospital and left them no questions asked. She also could have sought the services of a pregnancy resource center right in her hometown. And most of all she could have made the courageous decision to choose adoption for her sons  so they could live. No one ever seems to consider that possibility anymore and what a tragedy. Many choose abortion rather than adoption thinking that the latter would make them a bad mother. A birth mother who makes an adoption plan is a selfless and courageous person making a decision  that puts  the best interest of the child ahead of herself.

    The other case in the news has been  referred to as a fourth trimester abortion. This case is from Canada and the  19 year old woman delivers her son and strangles him , throwing his body over the fence. Two juries found her guilty of second degree murder but the judge reduced the charge to infanticide and gave her no jail time. In Canada abortion on demand and at govt. expense through all 9 mos. of pregnancy is the rule. So infanticide seems less egregious. Fourth trimester abortion. 

    And people are still fuming over the Caylee Anthony death at age three and her mother walking around free.

    What is the take away.....abortion has cheapened  human life in our society.  The mother's quality of  life trumps the right to life of the child. Why should we be horrified at infanticide  at birth or three years of age. This is what we have allowed in the name of choice. 

    The shame is ours!

    Thursday, September 15, 2011

    Too pro life....don't pray outside abortion clinics...what is going on in the Catholic Church???

    Okay, what is going on here? First the uproar over Father Pavone of Priests for Life being called back to TX by his bishop. The latest is that a letter has been released stating he is in good standing with the church and is not accused of ANYTHING! He is just too well known, too independent and is needed by in Amaarillo. Are you kidding me?? Jill Stanek covers the breaking story with updates by the hour.

    Now from Spokanne WA, Bishop Blase J. Cupich as reported by LifeSite News is asking his priests not to pray outside of abortion clinics. 40 Days for Life which is slated to start in a few weeks relies heavily on parishioners being able to recruit church members following services.

    A Catholic commentator writes on his blog

    Bishop Cupich has informed all of his priests and seminarians that they cannot:
    - pray outside of Planned Parenthood
    - promote or organize peaceful protest outside Planned Parenthood in their parishes (naming 40 Days for Life specifically)
    - or allow pro-life material to be distributed in their parishes unless it is published by the Washington State Conference of Catholic Bishops or the USCCB--who, ironically, support 40 DFL.

    This information came to us directly from multiple Spokane priests. We were also told by these priests that Bishop Cupich identifies himself as pro-life, but disagrees with the "tactic" of praying outside of abortion clinics. The reason he gave for his decision is that he does not want his priests being identified with "extreme" pro-life persons.

    We know you all understand the great concern that comes when a bishop is 1) not overtly supportive of pro-life activities and 2) will not allow his priests to fight for the pro-life cause by praying and giving witness to the sanctity of human life outside of Planned Parenthood.
    Now the Bishop of Spokanne is traveling  and unavailable after dropping this bombshell as is the Bishop of Amarillo who called in Father Pavonne for being too well known  and then goes on vacation until the end of the month.

    I have been invited to speak to a Diocesan Council of Catholic Women  in a week to encourage participation in 40 Days for Life. While 40 Days is not an exclusively Catholic event they have always been the most faithful participants. I am sure many are asking....what is going on here?? With friends like this..who need enemies.

    Wednesday, September 14, 2011

    Abby to Fr. Frank: He saves babies, he heals me.

    He saves babies, he heals me.

    by Abby Brannam Johnson on Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 4:24pm
    Fr. Frank Pavone has been a staple in my house for many years…even
    during my Planned Parenthood years. Every week I would record and watch
    “Defending Life.”  I enjoyed watching him, even if I disagreed.  I loved how
    outspoken he was and how he didn’t seem to live in the gray…you know, everything
    seemed black and white for him…right and wrong was clear.
    I remember watching him during the Terri Schiavo tragedy.  I was
    drawn to his gentle spirit.  I had seen two sides to him…or was it? One side was
    so unabashedly, unapologetically and passionately against abortion.  The other
    was a man who had an incredibly compassionate heart and a kind spirit…this was
    the man who was helping a family grieve the loss of their daughter.  But now, I
    see they are the same.  Fr. Frank is for life...all life.  His compassion for
    life fuels his passion.

    Heartbeat movment in OH....mixed support from pro lifers

    Jill Stanek posts about the Heartbeat bill in OH and the rally this coming Tuesday.... 

    Dr. Dobson's program on the Heartbeat Bill in OH... and tells how the pro life movement is divided on whether to support this.

    "Those include Ohio Right to Life, National Right to Life’s state affiliate (although many of its county right to life groups have defected) and many in the Personhood movement, including the American Life League and Dr. Alan Keyes.
    Those in Ohio Right to Life’s camp think the heartbeat bill will ultimately fail in court and may do more harm than good, and those in the Personhood camp disavow it because it doesn’t seek to protect all preborn babies."

    PP in Memphis finally defunded....

    Official Announcement from TN RTL...Good work.

    Planned Parenthood of Memphis Defunded 

    The Commercial Appeal reported Wednesday morning that the Shelby County Public Health Department will no longer be contracting with Planned Parenthood's Memphis affiliate, a decision which effectively ends a decades long practice in which the Tennessee Department of Health automatically awarded federal Title X family planning funds to Planned Parenthood's abortion facilities.  Tennessee Right to Life has led the public fight since 2006 to defund the nation's foremost abortion provider by directing the funds to ethical health care providers instead.

    Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell stated that the family planning contract will awarded to Christ Community Health Services, a non-profit health service provider which does not perform or refer for abortion.   Luttrell said that a six-person team of local health care professionals and members of his administration ranked three proposals and selected Christ Community.  The contract must now be approved by the Shelby County Commission, likely within the next several weeks.

    TN: Shelby Co. finally awards Title X money to private agency....not PP ...last of the TN counties....

    Did Shelby County and Yvonne Madlock just blink??? Commercial Appeal writes 
    [Shelby] County government leaders have decided not to contract with the local Planned Parenthood organization to provide family planning services for low-income people. Instead, Christ Community Health Services has been chosen for the $397,900 contract, Shelby County Health Department director Yvonne Madlock confirmed Tuesday.
    The contract must still be approved by the County Commission. Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell hopes to have it before that board by the end of September.
    This is the Title X monies from the federal govt. for family planning services. You may recall that previous to this announcement, Shelby County was the only hold out with Madlock  stating she did not have the capacity to provide these services and would outsource it  not ruling out PP who routinely got this $$ in the past.. She acknowledged the controversy generated around this but the mayor insists that the decision was not politics. 

    PP does not have immediate comment.  Their Facebook is mum on this as well and they are concentrating on repairing their brand and having friendlies express their indignation via comments insinuating that Memphis will not be served with this new arrangement. However as one commenter states:
    A Moment of Truth writes
    CCHS has 7 clinics in Memphis all in underserved parts of Memphis. This will make these much needed services much more accessible to the residents that desperately need them. This decision is a win/win for our city and its residents.
    They are also focusing on the $75 K they got funneled to them Shelby County Health Dept. to do STD  testing . Shelby county was awarded the grant by  CDC because it  ranked fifteenth of all counties in the U.S. for symptomatic syphilis. Shelby County has the highest number of newly-diagnosed syphilis cases in Tennessee, and the infection rate for all stages of syphilis is five times higher in Shelby County than in the U.S. overall. Of course, PP mocks abstinence education but their past efforts at sex ed and  family planning certainly cannot be declared successful with the STD and teen pregnancy rate garnering national attention.

    PP free for TN...sounds like a good slogan for us.

    CA PP nixes new site when business next door refuses to allow them to use parking spots.....

    Pro life laborer in CA sends this along.....and I think of a sermon by Fr. of those sermons you hide in your mind and heart. He said that if everyone stopped cooperating with the abortion industry, the no laws would need to be passed but abortion would go away because of the lack  of resources. That means the landscaper who refuses to do their lawns, the electrician who won't wire their buildings, the refuse business that will not haul away their "medical waste."  You get the picture. Sometimes the pro life people have to help the business step up to the plate with their activism and withdrawal of business to those who cooperate with the abortion industry.  Please consider subscribing to the boycott list put out by Life Decisions International. Pressure works...I have seen this first hand. Back to the success in blue state CA.
    Abortion  supporting blog reports  that  Redwood City PP canceled its plans to open a site there when Enterprise Rent A Car agency next door who had originally agreed to allow them to use 9 of their parking spots changed their mind after hearing from pro life Californians. So bye bye Redwood City and now PP plans to go to San Mateo. What makes me think the pro life activists in San Mateo will be heard from. Great work!!!  Let's continue to refuse to cooperate with the abortion industry in all ways. Let those businesses know that you will not patronize any business that goes along to get along. I think I will go and rent a car from Enterprise now.

    HT: Wynette Sills, Sacramento 40 Days for Life...keep up the good work.