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Monday, October 26, 2015

U of MN and PP shared signage....weathered the storm or in your face defiance ??

University of Minnesota appears to be  stonewalling after being exposed by a Center for Medical Progress video featuring  a manager for Advanced Bioscience Research  casually chatting  about the process of purchasing fetal tissue with an potential buyer according to the  Daily Caller.
"In a recent Center for Medical Progress video, a manager for Advanced Bioscience Resources discusses the process of procuring body parts from abortion clinics, including Minnesota clinics. Advanced Bioscience Resources has a location in St. Paul and is listed in good standing in the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office records."
This caused Students for Life at University of Minnesota to stage a demonstration calling for President Kaler to clarify that the University's  position of fetal tissue research. 

Alpha News is following this  issue  closely and reports  that a state legislator  has written a formal request to the University's Board of Regents turning up the heat. 
Yesterday afternoon, Rep. Marion O’Neill, (R-Maple Lake), sent a letter to the University’s Board of Regents and asked for some answers regarding fetal tissue research at the state institution.
Pro life activist, Anne Taylor was traveling westbound on Highway 394 out of Minneapolis and noticed a new billboard put up by Planned Parenthood  supporters .

Taylor noted that the signage on the eastbound side of the billboard from the University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital has been up for some time.

Taylor notes...."There are no words to describe the sickness pervading such a yin/yang message.  Apparently PP thinks 'they've weathered the storm."

Have they weathered the storm or just placing taunting messages as an in your face defiance ?

H/T: Anne Taylor

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