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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pro-life blog buzz 7-30-13

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli
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  • 40 Days for Life looks back at the history of the infamous, now-closed Bryan/College Station Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. It was the site of the very first 40 Days campaign, and was also the place where former PP employee Abby Johnson experienced a pro-life conversion.
  • Americans United for Life shares the latest media poll numbers which show that “a plurality of Americans prefer reducing the limit on late-term abortions from 24 weeks to 20 weeks” and that women are more supportive of greater restrictions than men.
  • At Live Action, Nancy Flanders reports on Tuesday Cain (pictured left, with her supportive pro-choice father), the young teen who is proudly taking credit for creating a vulgar sign seen during the Texas Capitol protests which read, “Jesus isn't a d***, so keep him out of my vagina”:
    Now that she has made sure to receive the credit for creating the sign, Tuesday plans on creating T-shirts to express her feelings. And while Tuesday says she knows a post-abortive woman who is now pro-life, it doesn't change her stance. She says that this woman, likely with post-abortion syndrome, is one of the reasons she will continue to fight for abortion rights.
    And if witnessing someone’s pain and regret at killing her own children isn't enough to instill a sense of wrong when it comes to abortion, perhaps an education will. Tuesday is fourteen and she wants to be a science teacher. It is my hope that in learning about science, Tuesday will soon see that even females in the womb deserve rights, no matter the religion of their parents.
  • Fletcher Armstrong writes a stinging rebuke of church leadership’s excuses for refusing to address the abortion with their congregations. Many pastors have become social activities directors instead of getting involved in abolishing this “great injustice.” But this is nothing new:
    But has the [church's] response been anything more than ineffective half-measures, at best? Is that a surprise? Not if we look at how the Body of Christ responded to genocide against Jewish people and countless other crimes against humanity. To our eternal shame, the church has often been more concerned with saving face than saving lives….
    The church often seems preoccupied with other matters during times of great injustice.
  • Clinic Quotes highlights a statement from Drea Olmstead (pictured right), an Oregon OB/GYN who believes parents should know about their minor daughter’s abortion because “it is highly unlikely that a teenage girl will seek appropriate treatment for complications arising from secret abortion, thus endangering her health.”
  • Big Blue Wave finds it strange that – thanks to a gag order on the case – a New Zealand abortionist who has been fined, suspended for six months, prohibited from prescribing the misoprostol abortion drug for 3 years, and convicted of professional misconduct will not be publicly named. How does this protect the health and safety of women? After suspension, can we expect this abortionist to continue working without having to disclose past disciplinary actions?
  • Expectant father Jason writes honestly in his blog about how he reacted with worry when he found out his wife was pregnant with their “surprise” third child, and how he soon discovered that “the next big thing might be the small thing in front of you”:
    I probably should have felt thrilled about bringing new life into this world from the first moment I learned the news. But the truth is, I wasn't.
    I suspect that is often the case any time our story changes in a way we didn't anticipate, even if that change is mostly a good one. Our stories are bursting with opportunities for adventure. I’m slowly learning that the biggest among them might be hidden within the circumstances clothed in uncertainty.
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Friday, July 26, 2013

Pro-life blog buzz 7-26-13

from Jill

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli
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  • At National Review, Mona Charen says feminism has failed women if all it has to offer is the “hookup culture” in tandem with unfettered abortion:
    Welcome to the feminist paradise, where the ideal is for women to model themselves not just on men, but on the worst men….
    [The Feminine Mystique author Betty] Friedan and her many acolytes were pushing on an open door.
    But they pushed in the wrong direction. Not satisfied with encouraging women to pursue careers and correcting legal barriers to women’s equality, feminists sought nothing less than the obliteration of family life and traditional sexual mores. The “double standard” in matters of sex, they taught, favored men. The solution was promiscuity for everyone (enabled by unrestricted abortion).
    It was a foolish and self-defeating wrong turn.
  • Pro-Life New Mexico announces that a ban on late term abortion in Albuquerque will be on the ballot in October, thanks to a successful, pro-life grassroots effort to gather the signatures of 18,000 registered voters. A ban would take direct aim at Southwestern Women’s Options (abortionists Shelley Sella, Susan Robinson and Carmen Landau pictured left), infamous for regularly performing late-term abortions.
  • ProLife NZ says the UK’s 1967 Abortion Act is being used to abort healthy babies. The Act is meant to allow for late-term abortion if there is “substantial risk” of a “serious” disability or defect. Instead, it is being used to abort children with correctable defects such as cleft palate and club foot.
  • ProWomanProLife discusses a challenge being brought against the suppression of abortion-related data in Ontario, Canada. Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection Privacy Act (FIPPA) “prohibit[s] the official release of any abortion-related information”:
    Slipped in as part of Bill 122, an act purportedly about public sector financial accountability, the change to Section 65 effectively rendered provincial abortion data after 2010 untouchable to the general public.
  • According to Right to Life of Michigan, another lawsuit has been filed – this time by two pro-life brothers in Michigan, one Catholic and the other Protestant – challenging the HHS Mandate on behalf of their small, family-owned law firm in Kalamazoo.
  • At Reproductive Research Audit, Michael J. New says there is a consensus among peer-reviewed studies which shows parental notification laws lower the abortion rate for minors. Hmm… I wonder why the abortion industry opposes these laws:
    … [T]he knowledge that their parents will be involved with an abortion decision provides teen girls with a strong disincentive to engage in unprotected sexual activity. Indeed, there is a body of research on the positive public health effects associated with the presence of parental involvement laws.
    A 2003 study in the Journal of Health Economics… found that parental involvement laws reduce the pregnancy rate of 15 to 17 year olds by 4 to 9 percent… [and another] study… shows that parental involvement laws reduce the gonorrhea rate anywhere from 12 to 20 percent for females under 20…. [T]he enactment of parental involvement law is associated with an 11 to 21 percent reduction in the number of 15 to 17 year old females who commit suicide.
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Care2 ads appear uninvited in your in box spreading amazing misinformation...worse than spam

The  Obama never ending campaign has their talking points about abortion
after their loss in Texas. They come to your in box uninvited when you click on some ad unknowingly...there they are! 

They are really bad and don't make sense and are completely inaccurate but that does not stop them. Here are some bullet points from a latest email criticizing the TX ban on late term abortions....after the 5th month of pregnancy. They even mock the part of the bill that is about the safety of women. They don't care that the doctors are not qualified enough to have admitting privileges at local hospitals or that their abortion mills do not meet the standards required of other surgery centers but  the worst one is wanting to continue to administer RU 486 beyond what the FDA recommends. Do people fall for this?? Obviously some do but the truth wins out and the public is becoming more pro life. This is what has them so scared. Thus the uninvited emails where fact checking could debunk everyone of these items. But they count on people reading and believing and unfortunately some do. The latest blather...

  • the Bible does not speak about abortion
  • the evil Republicans are a bunch of fundamentalist who hate women
  • they want to force childbirth on women who were rape or the victims of incest- they think women who are raped might for some unknown reason wait until after their 5th month of pregnancy to abort.
  • their insistence that abortion centers meet requirements of other surgical treatment centers will not make abortion safer
  • making doctors have admitting privileges is medically unnecessary
  • they want to ban the abortion pill...reason not given except they just hate women
  • What they really want is to ban all abortions even in cases of rape, incest or when you are going to die.
  • These evil people want our children to live in poverty. They don't care. They are not pro life they are pro birth and don't forget they hate women.
They then ask you to sign a petition so they have your contact information. Worse than spam...

Pro-life blog buzz 7-23-13

from Jill

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli
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  • Down on the Pharm reviews the latest statistics from the Centers for Disease Control, which seem to support something pro-lifers have been saying for a long time – that minorites are targeted by the abortion industry:
    … 63 percent of the abortions in the U.S. end the lives of Black or Hispanic babies. This wildly outpaces the proportions of these minorities in the general population, and it directly relates to the locations of the abortion clinics.
  • Clinic Quotes discusses a stunningly dishonest statement made by an abortionist on the issue of multiple abortions. Most people are repulsed by the idea of using abortion as birth control – but this man even suggests that abortion enhances a woman’s fertility:
    Abortionist Dr. Lawrence Scott encourages women to get pregnant and have abortions:
    Getting pregnant now can be good family planning for the future even if you have a termination. I am convinced of that…. Contrary to how much people think, an aborted pregnancy can help preserve fertility and perhaps keep you from developing certain physical problems later in life.
    This, of course, flies in the face of studies and statistics that show women who have abortions are more likely to miscarry and give birth prematurely.
    fr. frank
  • Priests for Life’s Fr. Frank Pavone and other pro-life leaders were locked out of the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s office for attempting to deliver an official letter asking that the remains of the children killed by abortionist Kermit Gosnell be released for burial:
    About 50 pro-life activists participated in a prayer vigil outside the Medical Examiner’s Office on Friday morning. Afterwards, five of them attempted to hand-deliver the letter…. [T]he decision to lock the door took them by surprise, since previously staff had given the go-ahead for them to deliver the letter. The Medical Examiner also called the police, who asked to meet with the pro-life group’s attorney…. [Bryan Kemper stated,] “The attorney tried to go in, but they told her flat-out no, they will not talk to us, they already have a plan in place….
    The medical examiner’s office says that anyone can claim those bodies for a funeral…. We have papers, we had the legal paper we issued. And they are refusing to even talk to us.”
  • At National Review, Michael J. New is encouraged by the honesty displayed in a recent New York Times analysis of public opinion on abortion.
  • Euthanasia Prevention Coalition links to a must-read article by Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips, describing how centralized medicine leads to cost-over-care protocols and death by dehydration when the bureaucracy determines that quality of life no longer exists. EPC writes:
    The problems with the Liverpool Pathway are the same problems that are occurring across the “western-world.”
    In Canada we are experiencing a crisis of care within our medical system as we continue to build a more centralized, controlled, bureaucratic, financially bankrupt, morally negative system. We have stopped caring about individuals and we have turned “best practices” into a one-size fits all system.
    Every nation needs adopt systems of patient centred care.
  • At the Abolitionist Society of OK, Don Simmons shares five reasons why he believes Christians should support their Church Repent project, in which graphic images are used to picket outside churches.
  • Culture Campaign posts a video of OB/GYN Dr. Freda McKissic Bush, who describes 24-year-old Tonya Reaves’ autopsy report. Reaves died after receiving a second trimester abortion at a Chicago Planned Parenthood.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Pro-life blog buzz 7-19-13

from Jill

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli
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  • ProLifeBlogs links to an article by Dr. Miriam Grossman discussing how “today’s sex ed curricula are based on the widely-accepted teachings of depraved human beings”:
    [I]n 1964 Dr. Mary Calderone founded the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS)… with seed money provided by Hugh Hefner….
    She told parents, “Children are sexual and think sexual thoughts and do sexual things… parents must accept and honor their child’s erotic potential.”…
    Once I understood who the founders were — [Alfred] Kinsey, [Mary] Calderone, [Wardell] Pomeroy, [John] Money, and others — I understood how we got to today’s “comprehensive sexuality education.”…
    These men were pedophiles. It was in their interest to see children as miniature adults who enjoyed sexual contact, and had the right to consent to it, without other adults, or the law, interfering.
  • Secular Pro-Life shares a wonderful graphic exposing the fallacy of the pro-”choice” position:
  • ProLifeBlogs also links to Operation Rescue’s information about the real reasons behind the closing of Nova Healthcare (abortion mill) in Fairfax, Virginia. It was not because of new state regulations, as touted by the media, but because of the facility’s failure to pay rent and their “shoddy treatment” of women:
    In reality, the Nova abortion business was a shoddy operation that left women vomiting in common areas on a daily basis according to court records, and having to be carried out unconscious, rushed to emergency rooms, and even landing one woman in the morgue.
    To compound the troubles, Nova was a deadbeat tenant that created a nuisance, endangered women, ran off other tenants then refused to pay their rent.
  • Christina at RealChoice takes issue with the Huffington Post’s claim that the now-closed Nova Healthcare gave “exemplary care” to women:
    Is this “exemplary medical care”? To be treated by a doctor who doesn’t examine you or take your history before performing surgery? To have your records screwed up so that nobody can be sure exactly what happened? To be discharged from the facility when you’re still too weak to even walk?
  • ProWomanProLife features a Maclean’s article in which controversial British columnist Barbara Amiel (pictured left) writes about the late-term abortion she had in 1965. She refers to it as murder and wishes she had been informed of fetal development, but stops short of saying she regrets her decision:
    And until I looked at fetal development charts for this column, I never understood what was inside me: a tiny being with limbs and fingernails that might have felt discomfort as the doctor’s instruments murdered it. I couldn’t wait another four months and have the child adopted, let alone climb up a tall tree to find a safe home for it. Though I fully support legal abortion (as a dark necessity not as some precious human right) I rue our need for it.
  • At Reproductive Research Audit, Rebecca G. Oas gives details on a study which “found a ‘strong independent relationship’ between a history of abortion and the risk of a subsequent preterm birth,” vindicating “many years of work to draw attention to the link, despite a lack of attention from the medical community and outright denial from pro-abortion advocates.” But not to worry! In light of this, abortion advocates believe new and better methods of aborting will take care of the risk factors which they denied existed in the first place.
  • My Drop in the Ocean contrasts the demeanor of late-term abortion fans and pro-lifers seen in Texas last week during the Senate debate on a pro-life bill.
  • Right to Life of Michigan is seeking 350k registered voters to sign a petition to be submitted within 100 days to the Legislature to opt out of taxpayers funding of abortion under Obamacare. The petition is necessary because the governor originally vetoed the bill passed by legislators. RTL MI’s rallying cry is, “Abortion is not healthcare, and we are not going to pay for it”:

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pro-life blog buzz 7-16-13

from Jill

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli
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  • Live Action’s Lila Rose has been named one of the 25 Most Influential Washington Women under 35. In fact, she’s the youngest. Congratulations!
  • 40 Days for Life reports four more abortion center closings in Virginia, California, Washington and Ohio. The group is also gearing up for their fall campaign and will host a webcast tonight (July 16) on what they’re doing to prepare.
  • Euthanasia Prevention Coalition reveals that multimillionaire physician Dr. Chai Patel, “who oversees 230 nursing homes in Britain, is calling for establishment of suicide clinics” – purely for humanitarian reasons, of course.
  • Culture Campaign says the abortion-supporting Democratic Party will attempt to turn Texas blue by winning the votes of Hispanics. But in doing so, they are asking pro-life Latinos to align themselves with the party that supports the killing of a large number of Hispanic preborn children:
    Of those 77,152 babies aborted in Texas, 24,457 (or 31.7 percent) were non-Hispanic white babies, 19,152 (or 24.8 percent) were non-Hispanic black babies, 29,576 (or 38.3 percent) were Hispanic babies, and 3,967 (or 5.1 percent) were babies of other races or ethnicities.
  • At National Review, Michael J. New says that 2013 isn’t far behind 2011-2012 in terms of record-setting pro-life gains at the state level.
  • At Catholic Sistas, Martina has a detailed personal account and great photos of the events taking place during the vote on SB 1 at the Texas Capitol. She also points out media error, where a pro-choice protestor was incorrectly identified in a photo as “anti-abortion” during his arrest.
  • Americans United for Life was featured in two recent Bloomberg Business Week articles.
  • The Guiding Star Project features a post from a Natural Family Planning advocate who explains how she copes with society’s views on welcoming the possibility of having a large family.
  • At Coming Home, Dr. Gerard Nadal grieves Ireland’s decision to legalize abortion in some cases – including when the woman threatens suicide – and examines the role of the Church as the debate and vote unfolded:
    Central to this debate has been the assertion that abortion has become possible only because the Catholic Church has lost its hold on the people of Ireland. It is a point of agreement between both sides in this debate, albeit for different reasons.
    Dr. Nadal sees the significant drop in church attendance and the secularization of society as contributors.
  • Judie Brown details the issues raised by American Life League regarding Catholic Relief Services’ questionable connections and financial donations to organizations that remain “at odds” with Catholic teaching – including those involved in training of abortionists in Cambodia.
  • Josh Brahm posts a video on how to communicate with excellence on the issue of abortion, with “6 Tips for Arguing with Analogies Clearly”:

Friday, July 12, 2013

Pro-life blog buzz 7-12-13

from Jill

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli
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  • Action Alert: Saynsumthn’s Blog reports that some Atlanta area hotels are offering discounts to patients of Atlanta Center for Women’s Choice, which is operated by an indicted doctor who aborts up to 24 weeks gestation. Feel free to contact these businesses to respectfully share your thoughts on the matter.
EMCSecular Pro-Life blogs about an attack on the free speech of pregnancy resource centers in New York City. NARAL objects to EMC Frontline’s ad (pictured left), calling it “intimidating” and “untruthful.” Not sure what exactly is intimidating or untruthful about the ad, but that hasn’t stopped NARAL pal, NY Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, from “introduc[ing] federal legislation that would call on the Federal Trade Commission to regulate such ads and prevent advertisers from making what Maloney is calling false promises.” Could the problem be that NARAL just can’t handle the truth?
  • At National Review, Michael J. New discusses the latest decision by the Illinois Supreme Court to allow a 1995 law to stand, requiring parental notification before a minor abortion may be performed. He writes:
    At least 17 academic studies, analyzing different states, have found that parental-involvement laws reduce minor abortion rates.
  • In our last blog buzz, we featured Josh Brahm’s reasons in support of incremental pro-life legislation. Today, The Passionate Pro-Lifer gives her reasons for opposing it:
    The babies that have been saved over the past 40 years have not been saved by legislative regulations or incremental abortion bans. They have been saved by faithful counselors calling out to women at the “clinics,” faithful family members and friends holding their loved ones back from the slaughter, and faithful warriors and debaters crying aloud in this culture of death in hopes of changing individual hearts and minds.
  • Reflections of a Paralytic is happy to report that Germany is planning a memorial to honor victims of euthanasia under the Third Reich:
    Believe it or not, I’ve actually talked to people who think that the Holocaust was just about the extermination of the Jews. As physician assisted suicide of the terminally ill and disabled becomes increasingly more commonly accepted — and practiced — in our country and throughout the world, this is the part of the holocaust that people need much more education on.
  • At Reproductive Research Audit, Dr. Rebecca G. Oas shows that the Guttmacher Institute is ignoring Uganda’s anti-abortion, pro-family culture in order to push a flawed agenda of abortion and contraception on the country:
    If the Guttmacher Institute or the Center for Reproductive Rights were truly serious about saving women’s lives in Uganda, they would not rely on relatively unsubstantiated (and certainly debatable) numbers on abortion-related maternal mortality simply because they are the highest available estimates. To do so would be to risk underestimating the rates at which other complications occur, like hemorrhage or infection or underlying health problems caused by poor nutrition, such as anemia. Furthermore, promoting access to abortion would do nothing to improve the overall status of health care in Uganda, to say nothing of ensuring access to good roads and bridges that are crucial in ensuring prompt medical attention for everyone, including expectant mothers.
    Ultimately, the focus on Uganda from these pro-abortion groups comes down to one very important fact. As the Guttmacher report helpfully points out in its opening sentence:

    Uganda, a country of nearly 35 million (including 8 million women of reproductive age), has one of the highest rates of population growth in the world.
    And, what’s more, the Ugandan people don’t seem to share Guttmacher’s view that this is a bad thing.

  • Pro-Life Wisconsin supplies this uplifting video that estimates the pro-life crowd in Dublin, marching against anti-life legislation, at 60,000:
    What is interesting to note is that the pro-aborts in Ireland are not going for a Roe v. Wade, all-or-nothing approach. That would be far too controversial in such a pro-life country. Rather, they are seeking to open the door to abortion through a life of the mother exception — even though an international symposium of medical professionals declared that direct abortion is never necessary to save the life of the mother (ironically, the symposium met in Dublin, Ireland).

  • Tuesday, July 9, 2013

    Pro-life blog buzz 7-9-13

    from Jill

    by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli
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    • Down on the Pharm says that by reducing human life to nothing more than a dollar figure, we are one step away from forced abortions – in America:
      The Congressional Budget Office has announced that if we pass Trent Franks’ bill H.R. 1797 restricting late term abortions, it could add $400 billion to the federal deficit. Philip Hodges at Godfather politics points out that this might be the first time that the politicians ever cared about the deficit, now that it can be used to push abortion.
      CNS News has more on this.
    • New to our blogroll, Josh Brahm clearly explains why he supports incremental pro-life laws, despite the fact that some pro-lifers believe they are “evil”:
      I’m not saying that we should do evil that good may come. My argument is that when we pass incremental bills that will have a positive impact for the unborn, we are not actually doing evil. We are doing a good thing….
      Trust me, if pro-choice legal experts agreed that this [post 20-week abortion ban] bill would ultimately hurt the pro-life cause, they wouldn’t be fighting it so hard.
    • Big Blue Wave calls out Canadian abortion advocate Joyce Arthur (pictured left) for using the term “fetus porn” when referring to graphic abortion pictures – which she calls “callous.” BBW responds:
      It’s bad enough these human beings are killed, the representation of their dead bodies are likened to pornography. It`s not enough that you don`t think they have a right to life? You have to disrespect the images of their dead bodies?…
      A woman who is in favour of legal third trimester elective abortions… [has] no moral right to give anyone a lesson on the subject of how not to be callous….
      Abortions happen at all stages of gestation in Canada. So it’s hypocritical to hide behind the “that’s not a typical abortion” meme. The picture of the dead babies is the picture of what you support. Own it.
    • At Catholic Vote, Michael J. New discusses the decrease in Minnesota’s abortion rate over the past six years, after an increase in the 1990s:
      On June 16, 1994 a state district court ruled that Minnesota had to publicly fund therapeutic abortions for low income women through Medicaid…. There is a very broad body of academic research which shows that public funding for abortions increases abortion rates. Indeed, while nearly every other state saw its abortion numbers decrease during the mid to late 1990s, Minnesota actually saw its abortion rate increase between 1994 and 2000.
      However, eventually the tide turned. Minnesota still publicly funds abortions for low-income women through Medicaid. However, in 2003 Governor Tim Pawlenty signed a revamped informed consent law. This law is based on the Pennsylvania law the Supreme Court upheld in its 1992 Planned Parenthood v. Casey decision which gives women the opportunity to view color photos of fetal development before submitting to an abortion. In 2005 Governor Pawlenty included $2.5 million in his budget for pregnancy resource centers. These policy changes likely played a key role in Minnesota’s long term abortion decline.
    • My Drop in the Ocean links to recent article by Laura Peredo at Live Action, debunking the falsehoods about pregnancy resource centers which were spread during a recent Tweetfest.
    • Expose Abortion includes this chilling recent testimony from Deborah Edge, a former employee at Texas abortionist Douglas Karpen’s (pictured) clinic:
      Q. “You would see the baby alive and him to kill that baby outside the womb, and this would be done by jamming some sort of instrument into the soft spot?”
      A. “Either that, or actually twisting the head off the neck with his own bare hands.”
      Q. “And you saw that happen?”
      A. “Yes, sir.”
      Karpen is still performing abortions.
    • Fletcher Armstrong discusses the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform’s protest and appeal to the National Education Association at the recent Georgia World Congress to ask the NEA to adopt a neutral stance on abortion. It seems counterproductive for a teacher’s union to support even late-term and partial-birth abortion, but that is the case. Our children’s educators need to be informed of what the union uses their dues to support.
    • Big Blue Wave also shares a video that strangely claims “any child can be born gay. So marriage equality is every family’s issue.” BBW points out:
      Even if I accepted the premise that anyone can be born gay, so what? Anybody can be born autistic. Does that make everyone concerned with autism?
      Also, if science could determine who would be born gay, would society’s eugenic tendencies lead to “search and destroy” missions for those children in utero?
    [HT for CBO story: Matille T.; Arthur photo via; Karpen photo via]

    Friday, July 5, 2013

    Pro-life blog buzz 7-5-13

    by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli
    We welcome your suggestions for additions to our Top Blogs (see tab on right side of home page)! Email
    • At National Review, Michael J. New says that despite the media’s attempts to paint the views of Wendy Davis and abortion proponents as mainstream, they aren’t:
      The results of the National Journal poll indicate that 50 percent of women support the 20-week abortion ban. Similarly, individuals under 30 supported the ban by a 52-39 margin. Unfortunately, the media typically gives little attention to the demographic breakdown of abortion surveys. After all, they do not want to disrupt their narrative that young people and women support legal abortion.
    • Pro-Life Wisconsin links to a Life Site News story of baby boy, Walter Fretz (pictured left), born to parents Lexi and Joshua, at 19 weeks. He lived only a few minutes but touched so many.
    • At Reproductive Research Audit, Dr. Jacqueline Harvey examines “the science behind two aspects of the Texas bill” restricting abortions after 20 weeks, which are “1.) misrepresentations about studies on fetal pain and 2.) the effect of intimate partner violence on women seeking abortions.”
    • In celebrating Independence Day, Suzy B remembers that in a country which claims people have an inalienable right to life, we still do not protect that right for the preborn.
    • ProLifeBlogs features an FRC Blog article discussing the encouraging results with using adult stem cells to cure HIV. Unfortunately, most mainstream media articles on this news generically refer to “stem cells,” instead of specifying that these are not embryonic stem cells. Because after all, this wouldn’t fit their agenda.
    • Wesley J. Smith remains concerned that the ecology movement that has become “increasingly radical and anti-human.” By stipulating that the earth itself has a “right to life,” this movement appears to suggest that this trumps any notion of human exceptionalism. Smith writes:
      It means the forced continued destitution of those in resource rich/economically poor nations, because the life of earth will matter more than those of desperate masses.
    • Coming Home spotlights a study from the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer showing that in India, induced abortion increases breast cancer risk six-fold. This in a country where breast cancer used to be rare.
    • Right to Life of Michigan introduces the winning entry in the 2013 National Right to Life Video Contest by Northern Michigan University student Joshua Rapavi:

    Wendy Davis has become our Bull Connor...a gift to the pro life movement.

    The demonstrations over TX SB5 actually helps the pro life movement by showing just how radical the abortion industry really is. They actually got someone who was the product of an unplanned pregnancy and a teen mom herself to filibuster against a bill that says you cannot kill healthy babies past 20 weeks (5 mos.) pregnancy, abortion centers must meet the standards required by other surgical treatment centers . They go even further to say that drs. must be qualified enough to have admitting privileges at hospitals within 30 miles of the cts AND be present for the abortion . Qualified doctors and centers!! Shriek!!!! No way....cuts into profits....scream WAR ON WOMEN until you drop. Remember this bill has an exception for the health and life of the mother and fetal anomalies of the baby…so this is truly elective abortion on healthy babies by healthy moms.

    For this they filibuster , use mob rioting tactics to delay a democratic vote, pay supporters to assemble and hold up vulgar signs even using children and chant Hail Satan.

    Pro lifers this is a gift. Just as Bull Connor's ordering the hosing of civil rights demonstrators during the civil rights moment shocked and pricked the conscience of the watching nation. The mushy middle got off the fence and paid attention.

    The MSM , bless their hearts, focus on the dress and pink shoes of Wendy Davis and not the killing of healthy babies for profit. One person on Twitter chastised me for opposing death by dismemberment by saying that only occurred in the early "terminations" not in late term abortion which is done by injection to make his/her heart stop. Much better thank you.

    You just cannot make this stuff up!! A gift I say!!!

    Tuesday, July 2, 2013

    Pro-life blog buzz 7-2-13

    from Jill

    by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli
    We welcome your suggestions for additions to our Top Blogs (see tab on right side of home page)! Email
    • Fletcher Armstrong shares commentary from Center for Bio-Ethical Reform director Gregg Cunningham regarding Biola University’s discipline of nursing student Diana Jimenez, who posted graphic abortion signs on campus. Cunningham says at least one child’s life was saved as a direct result of Diana’s display.
      Wendy Davis, Texas
    • At Live Action News, Rebecca Downs tells it like it is for the new “hero” of the radical abortion industry, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis (pictured left), who filibustered under the guise of “women’s health.” In reality, she filibustered for infanticide:
      It would seem that when abortion advocates fight for abortion tooth and nail and say that they are supporting women, they are actually the ones taking advantage of women. They are just using women, and turning their reproductive function of conceiving children, to represent some sort of “choice.” That choice is really the cruel dismemberment or poisoning of children with nothing but the intent to kill them.
      It’s almost funny how pro-abortion organizations or individuals hardly ever use the word ‘abortion,’ because deep down, they know how divisive it is, but also how downright unpleasant. So, instead of fighting for abortion, they say that they’re fighting for women.
    • Wesley J. Smith says something similar about Wendy Davis’ defense of infanticide, further opining that the abortion industry would love to see Roe overturned, with an even more radical ruling taking its place.
    • Down on the Pharm has some interesting theories on why Texas abortionist Douglas Karpen’s late-term abortion/infanticide facility is still open.
    • Expose Abortion quotes late-term abortionist Warren Hern (pictured right), who says most women choose abortion for reasons other than medical concerns:
      At times, medical considerations enter into the picture, but decisions are usually made on the basis of such factors as desire or lack of desire for parenthood, stability of relationships, educational status, emotional status, or economic status, among others.
    • Kansans for Life says the Kansas Pro-Life Protections Act went into effect today with only two minor provisions blocked.
    • At Bound4Life, Ellie Saul mourns the self-imposed fertility dearth for women in America, where “one and done” has become the mantra for many – even for Christians. Saul says the church needs to go back to viewing children as a blessing, not as a hindrance to gaining greater wealth:
      We have two choices, as always. We can either keep flowing in the current of the system of the world that chooses barrenness and death for convenience without making any sudden movements or changes… Or we can choose life. We can choose to purposely oppose death by choosing and celebrating life as a reward and a gift from God.
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    Monday, July 1, 2013

    Live Action : Inhuman.....this is the radical abortion industry at work

    This is the abortion industry at work. Even secular Europe would call this barbaric. Latest from Live Action undercover video  showing how radical the abortion industry is.