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Friday, July 5, 2013

Wendy Davis has become our Bull Connor...a gift to the pro life movement.

The demonstrations over TX SB5 actually helps the pro life movement by showing just how radical the abortion industry really is. They actually got someone who was the product of an unplanned pregnancy and a teen mom herself to filibuster against a bill that says you cannot kill healthy babies past 20 weeks (5 mos.) pregnancy, abortion centers must meet the standards required by other surgical treatment centers . They go even further to say that drs. must be qualified enough to have admitting privileges at hospitals within 30 miles of the cts AND be present for the abortion . Qualified doctors and centers!! Shriek!!!! No way....cuts into profits....scream WAR ON WOMEN until you drop. Remember this bill has an exception for the health and life of the mother and fetal anomalies of the baby…so this is truly elective abortion on healthy babies by healthy moms.

For this they filibuster , use mob rioting tactics to delay a democratic vote, pay supporters to assemble and hold up vulgar signs even using children and chant Hail Satan.

Pro lifers this is a gift. Just as Bull Connor's ordering the hosing of civil rights demonstrators during the civil rights moment shocked and pricked the conscience of the watching nation. The mushy middle got off the fence and paid attention.

The MSM , bless their hearts, focus on the dress and pink shoes of Wendy Davis and not the killing of healthy babies for profit. One person on Twitter chastised me for opposing death by dismemberment by saying that only occurred in the early "terminations" not in late term abortion which is done by injection to make his/her heart stop. Much better thank you.

You just cannot make this stuff up!! A gift I say!!!

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