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Friday, April 30, 2010

Grandmother and Grandson Having Baby Together

When I first read this I thought that the grandson might have had a sex change operation or something..... who knows these days.....but this is too much. I guess anything goes...listen to their reasoning....I just reread  the story and it is least to this pregnancy via the surrogate is going to happen. Clearly at 72, the eggs of the grandmother are past their prime. Perhaps the grandson is going to inseminate the surrogate...anyway I think this is a sick story of two people who are very toubled and if they want to have a sexual relationship, I wish they would not bring a child into the world. What are they trying to prove?


British newspaper  The Sun reports on a couple from Indiana, 72 year old Pearl Carter and 26 year old Phil Bailey, are having a sexual relationship and plan to have a child together through a surrogate mother.
No, we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of how bizarre and ill-advised this relationship is.
Carter and Baily are grandmother and grandson, respectively.
The Sun explains how this whole thing came together:
Phil is the son of Pearl’s daughter Lynette Bailey — who the pensioner put up for adoption when she was just 18.
When Lynette died, Phil tracked down his long lost gran — 46 years his senior — and they started their strange relationship.
Pearl added: “From the first moment that I saw him, I knew we would never have a grandmother-grandson relationship. For the first time in years I felt sexually alive.”
The pair spent their first week together shopping, bowling and eating out. During the second week, giggly on wine after a night out, Pearl decided she wasn’t going to deny her feelings anymore.
Pearl said: “I called Phil into my bedroom, sat him on the bed, and then I leant over and kissed him.
“I expected rejection but instead he kissed me back.”
Phil said he had the same feelings towards Pearl.
He revealed: “I wanted to kiss her there and then. My feelings were overwhelming.
“I love Pearl with all my heart. I’ve always been attracted to older women and I think Pearl is gorgeous. Now I’m going to be a dad and I can’t wait.
“Yes, we get laughed at and bullied when we go out and kiss in public but we don’t care. You can’t help who you fall for.”
So you think it is wrong for a grandmother and her grandson to have a sexual relationship? What kind of prude are you?  Why are you being so judgmental?  Who gave you the right to judge them?  They are slaves to their emotions and impulses.  They can’t help who they have affection for!  They are in love!  That is all that matters.  They were probably born this way (albeit 46 years apart)!
In fact, Pearl has clinical authority which confirms to her that it isn’t wrong!
Pearl says the relationship is not wrong after a friend told her about Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA) syndrome, which occurs when close relatives meet as adults and find they are attracted to each other.
She said: “I could now understand my feelings and realize they weren’t wrong.”
So you see, Pearl and Phil now have clinical sanction for their unusual union.  Who are we to judge this odd relationship?  After all, someone with a degree has pronounced it “Okay.”

Abortion Speech in Public High School

 Tomorrow my husband and I will go to Nashville to help judge the state oratory event I enjoy since I come away so inspired by the youth and  their dedication to life.... I came across this and was surprised to read that it was presented in a public high school and received an A. This is in Canada that is supposed to be so secular. I am researching it more but it seems  to be the US public schools get upset at any mention of the deity.

From: Soconor
April 29th, 2010 by Beneteau
How would you feel if the government wiped out an entire city the size of Kingston, and everyone in it every single year?  The majority of Canadians would probably not agree with this idea.  In fact there would probably be riots in the streets.  Yet that is precisely what is happening in hospitals and clinics all throughout Canada each year on a much smaller level.
In 1969, the Canadian government struck down all Canadian laws restricting abortion in Canada.  Many people mistakenly believe that abortion is legal in Canada, when in reality; we are the only western nation that simply does not have any law restricting abortion.  The result has been a steady increase in the number abortions performed each year in Canada, since 1969.  There are now around 100,000 abortions performed in Canada annually.
Abortion has seen a steady increase around the world, for example in China, families who choose to have more than one child are fined, punished, and the mothers are often forced to have abortions and are sterilized.  Since males are highly valued in China, girls are aborted at a much higher rate.  Girls that are fortunate enough to be born in China are often discarded and left to die.
Catholic teaching on the matter of abortion is very clear. In the book of Jeremiah chapter 1:5, it says “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you.” This forms the basis of section 2270 in the catechism of the Catholic Church which states “Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person. Among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life.” This teaching is very clear, abortion is always wrong, with no exceptions. While some people may not be prepared to be mothers and fathers, abortion is never the answer. The end never justifies the means; in other words, you can never commit an evil act (such as abortion) to ease the burden you are currently carrying (in this case the baby).
Many famous Catholics and non Catholics have spoken out against abortion.   Mother Teresa wrote “Abortion is a crime that kills not only the child but the consciences of all involved.”  Former US president Ronald Reagan once said “abortion concerns not only the unborn child; it concerns every one of us.”  And finally in a very harsh tone Martin Luther once said “those who have no love for children are swine, stocks, and logs unworthy of being called men or women.”
There are a number of things that each of us can do in order to help reduce the number or abortions in this country.   We can pray for the doctors and their associates who perform these evil acts.  We can also pray for the mothers and fathers who have chosen to avoid bringing one of their children into the world.  And then we can pray for the family members, grandparents and relatives who have been touched by abortion.  The more fearless among you could write a letter to your member of parliament or your local newspaper.  Or you could join my family and I as we attend the 14th annual March for Life in Ottawa this May 13th where thousands of ordinary Canadians will gather on Parliament Hill to prayerfully and peacefully to tell the government that we do not have social peace on abortion.  There will never be peace in the world while we allow children to die in the sanctuary of a mother’s womb.
Peter Beneteau, 13 years old,  received an “A” for this speech.

What is it with New York??

At first I thought this had to be the same story that was posted earlier about 8 nurses who received an apology from the  Nassau University Medical Center on Long Island for disciplining them for refusal to participate in abortions that were not emergency situations...but this is a similiar situation but different hospital. 
This is obviously more common than we want to think. I read yesterday on about nurses telling her that babies do survive late term abortions and despite the Born Alive Infant Protection Act being the law of the land Drs. tell nurses to list the baby's APGARE score as 0 -0 to indicate no life when that is not the fact.

Thursday, April 29, 2010
NEW YORK — Alliance Defense Fund attorneys filed a lawsuit Friday against Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York state court on behalf of a nurse forced to participate in a late-term abortion procedure under threat of disciplinary action, including possible termination and loss of her license. The state suit was filed in addition to pro-life nurse Cathy Cenzon-DeCarlo’s federal lawsuit, which is on appeal, because her rights of conscience are also protected by New York law.

“Pro-life nurses shouldn’t be forced to assist in abortions against their beliefs,” said ADF Legal Counsel Matt Bowman. “It is illegal, unethical, and a violation of Cathy’s rights of conscience as a devout Catholic to require her to participate in terminating the life of a 22-week pre-born child. It was not only wrong, it was needless.”

Administrators at Mt. Sinai Hospital threatened DeCarlo with disciplinary measures in May 2009 if she did not honor a last-minute summons to assist in a scheduled late-term abortion. Despite the fact that the patient was apparently not in crisis at the time of the surgery, the hospital insisted on her participation in the procedure on the grounds that it was an “emergency,” even though the procedure was not classified by the hospital as such. The hospital has known of the Catholic nurse’s religious objections to abortion since 2004.

In the newly filed state suit, ADF attorneys allege that Mt. Sinai is violating state conscience laws, as well as state laws against religious employment discrimination and intentionally inflicting emotional distress on an individual—along with five other claims based on DeCarlo’s coerced participation in the abortion.

Hillary Clinton's abortion grenade lobbed against Canada

Michael Gerson's Op Ed in the Washington Post examines the hubris of Hillary Clinton bringing her abortion ideology to the party when it wasn't invited.....some interesting lines in this article:

It seems like addressing poverty by doing away with the poor; like fighting disease by getting rid of those with diseases. 

Talking about the use of contraception.......The Catholic Church strongly dissents -- but most Catholics concede a wide moral difference between the prevention of a pregnancy and the ending of a life. Though it has not pleased everyone, the recent consensus on development spending has been pro-life, or at least neutral on abortion, and pro-contraception -- the position that Harper has taken and that Clinton has attacked.

Read the full article here

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Abortionist presents his life view.....

In a Portland, Oregon article from the Willamette Week, abortionist Jim Newhall gives his view on human value:
“Not everybody is meant to be born. I believe, for a baby, life begins when his mother wants him.”
How absurd is this! According to his logic, a person becomes human and real only when someone thinks he is meaningful and valuable. Women who go into abortion clinics are extremely vulnerable and are susceptible to take in any advice from clinic workers. These women are looking for help and for the truth, but to my deepest sorrow, they do not receive it.

What women hear from these clinics are terms used to dehumanize her baby, and turn the women against her child by calling the embryo or fetus “inconvenient”, “unwanted”, and a “clump of cells”. We see this type of thinking on human value in abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood.

You can view the undercover investigation videos of the lies that are being said within the walls of the clinics and that are being forced into the lives of young women. I deeply encourage you to pass these videos on and continue to be the light in this dark world we live in.

SOURCE: Why Pro-Life by Randy Alcorn (Download it here), Cited by Maureen O`Hagan, “Cross Hairs to Bears,” Willamette Week,   May 5, 1995

Long Island Hospital apologizes to nurses who were disciplined for refusing to help with abortion

A New York hospital has admitted it was wrong when it disciplined eight nurses for refusing to participate in an abortion.
Nassau University Medical Center on Long Island apologized to the nurses and said they did nothing wrong.
The nurses cited moral reasons for not taking part in the procedure involving a patient whose water broke prematurely on March 31. The doctor told her she possibly faced a life-threatening infection if her pregnancy wasn't terminated.
Under federal law, health care workers can opt out of a procedure for moral reasons, except in a life-threatening situation.
The doctor did not feel the patient was in immediate danger. The procedure was performed a few days later.
The hospital will more clearly define its policy on workers' participation in non-emergency procedures.

Calgary university students face expulsion over graphic photos in pro life display

I thought going  to college was for critical thinking and not for censorship.....first the university said that the students were guilty of trespassing on their own campus and then they said that they were guilty of misconduct for having a display of graphic photos comparing abortion to other atrocities.

CALGARY - Some University of Calgary students face expulsion over their refusal to remove a graphic anti-abortion display.
A dispute has simmered since 2008 when the university charged the students with trespassing after they refused to turn around graphic signs during a protest.
The charges were later stayed by the Alberta Crown.
Earlier this month, the students received letters that said they had violated a university misconduct policy.
Hearings for the students before the university provost are to be held Wednesday and Friday.
The incoming president of Campus Pro-Life says the fight is over freedom of speech and the school is practicing censorship.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Abortion doulas help women through pain and emotions of abortions

  I  kid you not on this photo from the actual article....look it up yourself. How very strange for such a picture to accompany an article about doulas helping women in an abortion procedure. Does this look like a waiting room at the typical abortion facility? Maybe for late term abortionist Dr Carhart in NE?  Baby pictures on the wall?? I don't' think so ...but on with the article..

For those who have never heard of a doula.....A doula is an assistant who provides various forms of non-medical and non-midwifery support (physical and emotional) in the childbirth process.

From: The

Marisa Meltzer writes about doulas who assist in abortions:
Abortion doula services were unheard of until three years ago, when pro-choice activists within the birth community decided that they should serve the full spectrum of pregnancy choices, whether it’s birth, adoption, or abortion. Mary Mahoney and Lauren Mitchell created New York City’s Doula Project, a volunteer-based service that provides free doula services to women in New York City. They work with pregnant women who can’t afford doulas, expectant birth-mothers at a pro-choice???( maybe they mistyped this one....  SA) adoption agency, and provide abortion doula services in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Though the public perception of doulas is that they are liberal crunchy types, the community has a strong pro-life contingent. These anti-abortion doulas are less-than-thrilled with the Doula Project. And they’re not the only ones who are skeptical. Even as a pro-choice feminist, when I heard about abortion doulas my first thought was: Are women really so fragile that they need to hire a complete stranger to hold their hand at the doctor’s?
Meltzer is writing about this new phenomenon because of an article about the Doula Project in the February/March issue of Bust where Lisa Hix reports:
Currently working out of a public hospital in New York City, the diverse group of 20 volunteers keeps women company and provides relaxation techniques during abortion procedures for no cost. “To me, it seemed like a very intuitive idea,” says Lauren Mitchell, who co-founded the Project. “Why aren’t there doulas for abortions? It’s usually an un- comfortable procedure, it can be emotional, it encompasses a huge range—life, sex, death. It’s intense.”
Three things struck me. The first is that there is no getting away from the truth about abortion: notice that Mitchell acknowledges that there is death in abortion. I assume she is (inadvertently?) referring to the unborn child who is killed. Second, don’t most abortion facilities frown on anyone joining the abortion-minded patient during the procedure for good reasons (it is surgery and there are safety and privacy concerns) and bad reasons (lest anyone talk the client out of the abortion). Which leads me to my last thought: perhaps abortion doulas are exerting an influence on women to stick by an initial decision to have an abortion, thereby preventing them from changing their minds.

Wonder if next is half off days at abortion mills....

I just heard about Groupons...where a business offers something at a deep discount if a certain number of people sign up ....the deal is on!

Or bring a friend discount.  Or like Supercuts where you get a card punched and the  when all the punches are done the next haircut is free.....

Women's Center in Nashville is offering an online coupon discount for an abortion procedure. How neat to think you can save money while offing  your offspring (English translation for fetus....look it up!)

Instead of offering discounts for abortions I wish Women's Center would spend the profits on cleaning up their place....I have seen it personally both inside and out and it needs it. Also, it would be nice if they would be inspected by the Health Dept and get licensed as an ambulatory surgical treatment center ( as in meet the requirements ).

from website of Women's Center....

Procedure Discount

• $25 Discount available for current students with ID, Medicaid, or Military ID

(IDs must have current date or bring class schedule to show currently enrolled for students)

 OR $25 Discount also available for patients traveling more than 50 miles from home.

• OR Click Here for an Exclusive Online Coupon ($25 Discount) shown above

• Only one discount per patient.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We are so the environment....forget the human

I don't understand.....if you take your loved one to be killed at the Dignitas ( the assisted suicide place in Zurich), don't you take the remains home  to be buried?  It cost about $10K for the death but does that include burial? The owners of Dignitas have been caught dumping their clients in  Lake Zurich. The Swiss are outraged...Zurich Church spokesman Nicolas Mori said "It is like getting rid of the rubbish, just getting it out of sight and out of mind, and we condemn it totally."
Not the killing mind you, that is legal but  the cost to the environment from the remains. Dignitas boss Ludwig Minelli now faces up to three years jail and a £3,000 fine for carrying out unauthorized burials.My what a confused world we live in.Read more:

Meanwhile across the pond...Good news from Canada on this issue: From Pro

The Canadian Parliament has strongly defeated a bill that would have legalized assisted suicide and euthanasia. Bill C-384, a private member’s bill, was defeated by 228 votes to 59 on Wednesday 21 April. This defeat followed a similar attempt to legalize euthanasia in France last year which was also heavily defeated.

Family Guy Creator Seth MacFarlane Can’t See His Own Hate

 TV sure is hard for laughs these days....

From: Second Hand Smoke
Wesley J Smith

Last night, Family Guy’s creator, Seth MacFarlane was on Larry King and the program allowed Terri’s brother, Bobby Schindler, to send in a question.  From the transcript:
KING: Seth MacFarlane’s our guest. His show provoked an outcry with a musical about the late Terri Schiavo. We reached out to them today and Terri’s brother Bobby had this question for you. “How do you justify using the term vegetable to describe any human being when its only intention is to denigrate and dehumanize just like the “N” word?”
MACFARLANE: My first response would be it’s not a human being, it is a cartoon. But you know, I think — this is — this was a touchy area because the idea was, keep in mind, this is a play within a play. And this is an instance where you see the Griffin family in the audience reacting and in a way that is — they themselves are a little put off and we have done this a few times on the show in which there’s something that’s done in extreme — you know, one could argue questionable taste but you got to have somebody there who’s reacting to that in a negative way and that’s something that we sort of tried to include with Brian and Chris sitting in the audience reacting wide eyed at this show. It is kids putting on a play. You know, whether the — whether that term is denigrating is for the viewer to judge.
MacFarlane’s elliptical answer indicates to me that he has never considered the question.  He wasn’t asked about the show, he was asked about the epithet. Read the rest of the article here

States seek new ways to restrict abortions

Sometimes it takes a set back like the signing of the Healthcare legislation to wake  people up on issues like abortion.  I am proud that TN is the first state that said   Abortion is not health care and we will not use tax dollars to fund abortions. Even  many of the   politicians friendly to the abortion industry did not vote against it.....people like Roy Herron who would try to sound pro life with his homespun stories but support the  abortion industry  sometimes in a stealth manner. I wasn't surprised since he is running for  Tanner's seat, he is going to have to try really hard to cover his tracks and sound ...oh so pro life....

Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman walks into the Governors Hearing Room 
in Lincoln, Neb., on April 13, to sign into law two landmark abortion 
bills that both sides of the abortion debate say are firsts in the 
By Nati Harnik, AP
Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman walks into the Governors Hearing Room in Lincoln, Neb., on April 13, to sign into law two landmark abortion bills that both sides of the abortion debate say are firsts in the country.

Dozens of states are passing or debating new restrictions on abortion, a trend fueled in part by passage of the nation's new health care law.
Both sides of the hot-button issue are seeing new approaches to reduce abortions.
"This year, particularly in the past couple of weeks, it's really turned into a free-for-all on trying to restrict abortions," said Elizabeth Nash of the Guttmacher Institute, a research group focused on reproductive health and rights.
So far, 2010 has been "very successful," said Mary Spaulding Balch of the National Right to Life Committee.
The most significant legislation, both sides say, is a Nebraska law signed by the governor this month that would ban most abortions at the 20th week of pregnancy based on a new rationale that the fetus feels pain. Legal challenges are likely. Previously, abortion bans were based on when a fetus could survive outside the womb, generally beginning around 22 weeks, according to medical studies.
At least 22 states have bills to increase counseling or waiting periods; 18 states have bills to expand the use of ultrasound, Nash said.
A debate in Congress over abortion coverage through insurance sold in future government-run health marketplaces — called exchanges — nearly derailed passage of the health care law. Even though President Obama issued an executive order stating that no public funds would go for abortions, several states are seeking to ban abortion coverage from plans sold through their exchanges.
Tennessee lawmakers last week passed a bill that would ban abortion coverage in any plan sold through its exchange. It applies even if premiums were paid with private funds because public funds would help run the exchange, said the bill's sponsor, Republican Sen. Diane Black. 
Mississippi, Missouri, Louisiana and Oklahoma are considering similar bills. "I think you'll see a lot more next year," said Spaulding Balch.
Other legislation includes:
• Oklahoma. One of five abortion bills the Senate passed last week would require doctors to show an ultrasound image to the woman, but she can avert her eyes. Gov. Brad Henry, a Democrat, vetoed it Friday, and an override attempt is expected.
• Kansas. Doctors must give a medical diagnosis justifying late-term abortions under a new bill, which was vetoed by the governor April 15. An override attempt is expected.
• Utah. A new law makes self-induced abortion a homicide. It was prompted by a girl who paid a man $150 to beat her to try to induce a miscarriage.

Monday, April 26, 2010

American Idol Gives Big Bucks to Groups that back Abortion

From  Vital Signs.

The program, which aired last night, sent viewer donations to, among others, Save the Children and the United Nations Foundation. But the fact that both of these organizations support abortion was withheld from the public. Why? Because the producers of American Idol well knew that the money gathered would be dramatically less if viewers were aware, for instance, that Save the Children partners with the Center for Reproductive Rights legal group, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Population Action International, and the U.S. Committee for UNICEF.

It should have been a clue when President and Mrs. Obama made a personal pitch.

If you believe the plight of pre-born children is as important as the plight of the poor, do not participate in 'Idol Gives Back,'" Scott urged. "We are caring people who want to do our part to help those less fortunate, but we will do so through organizations that do not view the killing of human beings as a 'solution' to poverty and other adult-created problems."

Pass the word. Contact Fox and let them know your opinions about this matter. And carefully consider doing something else with your time when American Idol is on.
Read the full  article here

KY: It's very hard to find a doctor to do abortions....maybe they are remembering their Hippocratic Oath

The Hippocratic Oath (Modern Version) I SWEAR in the presence of the Almighty and before my family, my teachers and my peers that according to my ability and judgment I will keep this Oath and Stipulation. TO RECKON all who have taught me this art equally dear to me as my parents and in the same spirit and dedication to impart a knowledge of the art of medicine to others. I will continue with diligence to keep abreast of advances in medicine. I will treat without exception all who seek my ministrations, so long as the treatment of others is not compromised thereby, and I will seek the counsel of particularly skilled physicians where indicated for the benefit of my patient. I WILL FOLLOW that method of treatment which according to my ability and judgment, I consider for the benefit of my patient and abstain from whatever is harmful or mischievous.  

I will neither prescribe nor administer a lethal dose of medicine to any patient even if asked nor counsel any such thing nor perform the utmost respect for every human life from fertilization to natural death and reject abortion that deliberately takes a unique human life.

WITH PURITY, HOLINESS AND BENEFICENCE I will pass my life and practice my art. Except for the prudent correction of an imminent danger, I will neither treat any patient nor carry out any research on any human being without the valid informed consent of the subject or the appropriate legal protector thereof, understanding that research must have as its purpose the furtherance of the health of that individual. Into whatever patient setting I enter, I will go for the benefit of the sick and will abstain from every voluntary act of mischief or corruption and further from the seduction of any patient. WHATEVER IN CONNECTION with my professional practice or not in connection with it I may see or hear in the lives of my patients which ought not be spoken abroad, I will not divulge, reckoning that all such should be kept secret. WHILE I CONTINUE to keep this Oath unviolated may it be granted to me to enjoy life and the practice of the art and science of medicine with the blessing of the Almighty and respected by my peers and society, but should I trespass and violate this Oath, may the reverse by my lot.

What in the World is happening......TN Center for Bioethics and Culture


TN Center for Bioethics and Culture   has upgraded their wonderful site  and it is filled with such interesting things to could stay on it all day. Good resource. Bookmark their site. I have listed it on my blogs to read.  But here is a neat feature. Click on Globe and see what is going on in each part of the world in the areas of bioethics and culture with the sanctity of human life. Remember that the world is getting smaller all the time.

The Pill Turns 50 — TIME Considers the Contraceptive Revolution

 Who hasn't tried  to use the pill as a means of birth control. Sometimes  it had side effects  that  made this an unacceptable method of bc.  I think 50 years later we are probably seeing more of the unintended consequences of the pill both physically and culturally........

Nancy Gibbs is fair and accurate in her use of my words and arguments. I do indeed believe that the development of the Pill “has done more to reorder human life than any event since Adam and Eve ate the apple.” Why? Because sex, sexuality, and reproduction are so central to human life, to marriage, and to the future of humanity.

The Pill turned pregnancy — and thus children — into elective choices, rather than natural gifts of the marital union. But then again, the marital union was itself weakened by the Pill, because the avoidance of pregnancy facilitated adultery and other forms of non-marital sex. In some hands, the Pill became a human pesticide.

The above are few excerpts from Albert Mohler's review of the Time's coverage .Read the full article here.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Planned Parenthood president poses with live babies for 2006 article but declines comment on her aborted child...strange PR or what

This is a picture from a Vogue  2006 article they did about Cecile Richards who had recently taken over the reins of Planned Parenthood. The caption for the picture which was added by  the blog Reasoned Audacity with an accompanying article by Jack Yoest  made me look twice. Apparently Ms. Richards in her inaugural speech revealed that she had an an abortion . Their PR dept. obviously had her pose for this unusual  picture.  Is this the same Planned Parenthood that said that babies are loud, smelly and expensive unless you want one??                                                                                                                                             

Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood,
in Vogue tells of her aborted child
[not pictured]

A little more research on this picture  brought me to an interesting article  written by Jim 
Jim Sedlak director of STOPP 

"In her inaugural speech to the national conference of Planned Parenthood affiliates, she admitted that she, like millions of American women, once made the difficult decision to have an abortion." The author of the Vogue article said that, when she asked Richards about the abortion, "she declined to discuss it any further."

So, here we
have the president of the largest abortion chain in the country refusing to discuss her own abortion and surrounding herself with live, cute babies in an obviously staged picture to accompany an article in a fashion magazine. Not the stuff of which "major" Planned Parenthood presidents are made.

The Vogue feature is revealing in other ways.

First, the thing that strikes you about the babies in the staged shot with
Cecile is that none of them are smiling. The child in Cecile's lap has the most neutral look, while the one standing at the front of the desk appears to be screaming. An African-American baby, who is standing in the back against a credenza, seems to have a fearful look on his face. The baby closest to the camera has a wide-eyed expression that almost screams, "Get me out of here!"
Read the full article here

A little Lithuanian orphan stole her heart

A positive adoption story on this beautiful Sunday after a stormy Saturday. This lady is an acquaintance and one I would like to know better so I can say "friend." A good story with a few inaccurate terms describing adoption but all in all a good story. Good for Mom...Good for child. It will not be without bumps in the road but that is parenthood. There are no "unwanted" children...all children are wanted by someone.

Forty-nine years old and divorced, the Nashvillian had already lost two children. One was stillborn, and her oldest son died in Iraq. Her remaining son is 20 and about to leave the nest.As the director of Bethany Christian Services' Nashville branch, Bass has helped many families find fulfillment through adoption, but it wasn't until this year that she was able to fill her own yearning for another child. Bass adopted Greta in February.

Read the heartwarming story here
Story and photo from the

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Former Planned Parenthood Board Member Knows the Truth

 There is nothing like a the video and then read her story. As a pastors daughter she goes from being firmly pro choice  to five years on a board of directors for Planned Parenthood....what she saw and learned there made her a pro life advocate.

Read her story here

Friday, April 23, 2010

Changing hearts one video at a time....

Planned Parenthood takes Title X money for birth control services and then requires a donation from client

 An interesting and innocent question online shows the true character of Planned Parenthood. They receive Title X money from the government (i.e. the taxpayers) to dispense birth control  and they turn around and require a donation for giving them to people in need. Another online reader did a good job of pointing this out. Doesn't this just frost you.....taxpayers pay for Title X money....PP takes it to give free birth control etc. and then requires a donation....well this is the same organization that was audited in Washington State and fined $700,000. for  over billing medicaid for abortions and birth control. And this is the industry  that stands to gain handsomely from the new health care program coming our way.

Question: What is the minimum donation that Planned Parenthood requires for Birth Control? April 23rd, 2010

 I have an appointment with Planned Parenthood tomorrow to get birth control. The guy on the phone said that I qualify for free birth control pills (since I’m a student and don’t have an income) but I am required to give a donation. Does anyone know the minimum donation required and what is a good amount to give? Thanks!

April 23rd, 2010 at 06:33

 Neill O answers:
I’d say $10-15. This is why I hate Planned Parenthood. You are getting covered by Title X of the Public Health Service Act of 1970. This provides free-low cost reproductive health services (i.e. birth control, tests, exams etc.) to low income people (i.e. students, YES!!!). This is a government subsidy given to the clinic (Planned Parenthood); however PP preys upon us and ” requires” us pay their donation. They  will tell you tomorrow how much you have to fork over. I had to pay about $60 for the shot, but after that she went on the IUD at another clinic (run by her school, but also got Title X money) which cost me (I was a nice bf) $45 total. In the future I’d recommend finding a new clinic. It took me forever to find this, but here is a database of Title X clinics nation wide. It needs to be updated so some of the phone number might have changed… but it’s a great resource to have and I think every one should know about it! So in a nut shell, under law you are not required to pay @@@@! (hence ‘donation’). There are other clinics out there PP is just the most known. They’ll tell you how much to pay tomorrow. I hope this helped, best of luck. Sorry if this was a rant!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Rock star" embryonic researcher protests his photo in pro-life display at UCI by Jill Stanek

"Rock star" embryonic researcher protests his photo in pro-life display at UCI by Jill Stanek

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The Death-trap of amazing story

 As I read this article I am astonished and it brings tears to my eyes. The first question I thought 
was , how did they maintain his nourishment?? Was he on feeding tubes? I researched further and found that he was spoon fed by his devoted wife and moved frequently to prevent bed sores. Amazing....but the part that was so personal to me is that while in a coma for 19 years he could hear everything going on around him including the doctors saying he would not survive.....this is personal to me. 

Ten years ago my husband was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Long story short is that he was put into an induced coma while they tried to fight pneumonia etc....but the point is that while in the coma on the last day of his life, the doctor stood over his bed and gave me a very bad report of his status. When I realized what he was saying I asked if we should not step outside to continue the conversation......but he nodded toward my comatose husband and said he can't hear us . I asked him to give me one positive piece of information to hang on to and he looked at the machines plugged into my husband and said well for now he is still husband died at 7 that evening. No one pulled any plugs and discontinued anything, he just slipped quietly away.....but as I feel strongly and experts since then have confirmed that hearing is the last to go. I believe my husband heard the bad report and lost his fighting spirit and let go.  


Wednesday, April 21, 2010
By Clemente Ferrer

Nineteen years in a coma,  the case of Jan Grzebski, a 65 year-old Polish man, was reported by various media around the world. He became known for the extraordinary fact that he woke up from a long physical absence, rather than a spiritual one.
A rail worker, in 1988 he suffered a serious labor related accident and fell into a deep coma. However, he regained his consciousness back completely in 2007. He affirms that, during those years of apparent unconsciousness, he was aware of all that was happening around him, even though he couldn’t move nor speak.
His wife Gertruda never abandoned him. Her profound faith in God made her hope for a miracle: that her husband, and father of her children, would come back to life. She never lost hope in God. She strongly opposed the euthanasia that was suggested so that Jan would not to suffer. She didn’t accept it because she had faith and believed that her husband would recover.

What great confusion for those scholars blinded by their arrogance, who believe themselves to be in possession of the truth about good and evil and the destinies of human beings. Jan affirmed that he owes his life to his wife, for whom he professed a profound gratitude for the rest of his life. 

While apparently unconscious, Jan could hear his doctors’ conversations and their arrogant predictions that he would not survive. The only thing he wanted to do was live. He ardently wished to simply exist while his doctors planned for his elimination. He heard everything the doctors said: Jan was alive and conscious of all that was happening around him.

It is not licit to kill a human being just for the sake of preventing suffering, nor to avoid seeing suffering. No one can authorize the death of a transcendental being, even an incurable and agonizingly ill person, or on in a deep state of coma. Medical experts can remedy these hurtful situations.

The incitement to euthanasia – a trap leading to death – putting an end to one’s own existence is truly perverse. We are on a collision course towards the culture of death so prevalent in opulent societies.
The wise words of Pope John Paul II come to mind: “I confirm that euthanasia is a grave violation of God’s Law, for it is the deliberate and morally unacceptable elimination of a human being.”
Clemente Ferrer is a media consultant in Spain. See his website here.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

No hooking up, no sex for some coeds

 What an interesting column....I have a reader who is faithful to comment under anonymous...always to disagree with my postings....of course. She made some unfavorable comments about Bristol Palin recommending abstinence since she has already had a baby.  She thought is quite unlikely to refrain once you have been active but this column points out that even in very secular environments this is being done.  Brave young lady to tell her story and I commend her. She a lovely young lady.

From Living section
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* While hook-up culture dominates campuses, some students are choosing not to participate

* Studies: At least 75 percent of college students have participated in hook-up culture

* Love and Fidelity Network provides colleges with materials to discuss alternatives to hooking up

* Since 2007, there are at least 12 colleges participating in Love and Fidelity Network

Nashville, Tennessee (CNN) -- Almost every weekend, there is a tradition called raging at Vanderbilt University.

It's a recurring, drunken activity that isn't the proudest moment for student Frannie Boyle. After consuming large quantities of alcohol before a party, her night would sometimes end in making out with a stranger or acquaintance.

Casual hook ups fueled by alcohol may be the norm across college campuses, but Boyle, now a 21-year-old junior at the school, chose to stop. Her reasons to quit hooking up echo the emotional devastation of many college students, particularly girls whose hearts are broken by the hook-up scene.

"I saw it [hooking up] as a way to be recognized and get satisfaction," said Boyle, shaking her blond ponytail. "I felt so empty then."

The hook-up culture on campuses may seem more pervasive than ever, especially as media outlets, books and documentaries rush to dissect the subject, but some college women and men are saying no.

Some, like Boyle, experimented with hooking up and quit. Though she is Catholic, she says her reason for disengaging herself from the hook-up culture had more to do with the unhappiness she experienced afterward. Others influenced by religion have abstained from casual physical activity from the moment they set foot on campus.

The idea of rejecting hook-ups may not be as strange as it sounds in a generation surrounded by sex. Pop star Lady Gaga recently announced she was celibate and encouraged others to follow. In Kelly Clarkson's song "I Don't Hook Up," she addresses the dominant hook-up culture: "I do not hook up, up I go slow, so if you want me I don't come cheap."

The term "hook up" is ambiguous, usually defined as a no-commitment, physical encounter with a stranger or acquaintance. Hooking up can range from just a make-out session all the way to sex. Other lingo for the no-commitment sexual encounters are "booty calls" or "friends with benefits."

Various academic studies have cited at least 75 percent of women have engaged in hooking up on campus, and the number is usually higher for men. The activity is most likely precipitated by alcohol, studies show. Boyle's decision to quit hooking up leaves her in the minority.

Evidence of the backlash on hooking up on campuses can be seen in the growing popularity of the Love and Fidelity Network, a secular, nonprofit group dedicated to helping college students open the discussion for a lifestyle that doesn't involve casual sexual activity with anonymous or uncommitted partners.

The organization, which promotes sexual integrity and defends marriage though discussion and speakers, has gained a presence on at least 20 schools from Harvard University to the University of Notre Dame since its inception in 2007. There is no official count on the number of students who participate in the Love and Fidelity Network. But at Princeton University, about 40 students have joined.

The group says it does not judge those who hook up, but it does promote abstinence.

"A majority of college campuses, when it comes to discussing marriage and sexual relationships, tend to be very one-sided," said Cassandra Hough, founding director of the Love and Fidelity Network. "We feel that it does add to pressures for young men and women to participate in a certain type of culture."

At Vanderbilt University, a pristine campus defined by elegant, Southern-style architecture and manicured lawns, the hook-up culture can be hard to avoid, Boyle said. The Greek scene also can create more pressure to hook up, added Boyle, who is a member of a sorority.

Boyle explained the warm weather compels some students to engage in "day fratting," imbibing for hours in the front yard of a fraternity. Day fratting can result in "afternoon delight," noncommittal physical activity between two people that can include casual sex.

"Right now, people conceive the idea of what they think from the media and friends -- that the only options are to extremes: to deny everything fun, including sex, or just to hook up," says Emily O'Connell, a freshman at the College of William and Mary in Virginia.

After observing the hook-up scene as a freshman, O'Connell is starting a nonreligious group to talk about alternatives to hooking up.

"There's definitely a middle ground, and it's not that outrageous," she said.

In addition to protection from STDs, some students may have good reasons not to hook up. Over the past decade, scholars, researchers and authors have begun to examine the psychological toll of hooking up.

An April 2010 study from James Madison University in Virginia revealed more college women tend to want a relationship out of a hook up compared with men who prefer to stay independent. Other studies have shown the instability from hooking up can cause depression. Repeated rejection and detached relationships can also damage self-esteem.

But Laura Sessions Stepp, author of "Unhooked: How Young Women Pursue Sex, Delay Love, and Lose at Both," said not all hook-ups have a negative impact. Some students can engage in no-strings relationships without suffering emotional trauma. Some women say casual sexual activity allows them the benefits of experimentation.

It's unclear at what point hooking up eclipsed traditional dates. But what is clear is that some students, like Boyle, want old-fashioned courtship to return.

Kathleen Bogle, who wrote "Hooking Up: Sex, Dating, and Relationships on Campus" in 2008, says she's found there is a strong and growing desire to bring back traditional dating. Bogle points to the uptick in college students participating in online dating.

On, several groups are rooting for the traditional dates. The motto on the group Bring Dating Back reads, "This group is for all those girls who wish that once in a while a guy would take her out on a date before trying to get her into bed. At least invite us to dinner before expecting us to get down and dirty!"

Vanderbilt student Boyle says her decision she made at the end of her freshman year to quit hooking up came with criticism. She is still surrounded by friends and peers who do it.
She's already lost some guy friends who couldn't understand her decision. But Boyle counters, "They probably weren't my friends anyway."

Several students from her school participated in the Love and Fidelity Network's annual conference earlier this year. There is a possibility that Vanderbilt may start a similar nonreligious group that provides an alternative discussion to hooking up.

"I'm respecting myself," Boyle said confidently one sunny morning before class. "And I won't waste my time with some guy who doesn't care about me."

Photo from CNN

Second video shows employee of abortion clinic giving medically inaccurate information....and don't tell me she is not pushing abortion! Watch!

Louisville, we go again....abortion industry at work with a minor and breaking the law

How easily they do this concern for the child...more than willing to do this behind parents back...and get the price!!! Their website has this banner..."Meeting a woman's need for qualified, sensitive health care." KY  attorney, Mickey Adams says call her at home about getting a judicial bypass...she is not concerned either about older boyfriend. I bet her practice is made up of things like this....older boyfriends always have the cash. Notice how the young girl says that her 31 year old boyfriend says this cannot happen again...almost sounds threatening.
EMW Women's Surgical Center (A National Abortion Federation Center) 138 W Market Street Louisville, KY 40202 502-589-2124

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

(Prolifer)ations 4-20-10

from Jill
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by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Parenting Freedom highlights a Daily Mail article on a 38-year-old, post-abortive woman named Sarah, who, during her college years, aborted the only child she would ever conceive. Her college boyfriend, however, went on to marry and father two boys.
  • Mark Pickup has a good write-up on NPR and other MSM outlets who use "newspeak" (reminiscent of Orwell's 1984 novel) when dealing with life issues. 
  • As Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens approaches retirement and receives accolades from Obama and company, Pro-Life Action League's Ann Scheidler chronicles their long history with Justice Stevens. Ann ends with a warning for pro life advocates: Do not count on judges, legislators or presidents. It is our job to build a Culture of Life.
  • ProWomanProLife catches an MSNBC article about a British clothing store which attempted to sell a child's bathing suit, complete with padded bikini bra. Outraged parents in an online forum stated such clothing "encourages a culture in which children are viewed as sexually available." And we wonder why pregnancy rates are increasing?
  • Monday, April 19, 2010

    Proud to be from TN....Abortion is not healthcare

    Kudos to Karen Brukhardt, Brian Harris and company....
    The Senate did not put up as much of a fight as I expected.  Could they be getting the message...TN is a pro life state. 

     Nashville, TN ( -- A bill in the Tennessee legislature has gone further than any other across the country that would make it to the first state to opt out of some of the abortion funding in the new health care law President Barack Obama signed into law.
    The Tennessee state House has approved legislation to have the state opt out of using state tax money to pay for abortions in state health care exchanges and, today, the state Senate followed suit.

    Voting 27-3, senators showed how state residents strongly oppose taxpayer funding of abortion as a bipartisan majority of lawmakers voted against abortion financing. That came after the state House voted 70-23 for the measure.
    SB 2686 strictly limits the use of public funds in health exchanges mandated by the new federal health plan.
    The language of the measure states: "No health care plan required to be established in this state through an exchange pursuant to federal health care reform legislation enacted by the 111th Congress shall offer coverage for abortion services."
    Tennessee Right to Life worked feverishly for passage of the measure and informed of the victory.
    Representative Hill, the sponsor of the measure, talked about it before House passage.
    "The state has to take action on it to opt ourselves out of it so our tax money isn't used for (abortion),” he said previously. “I feel it is extremely necessary because ... we can continue to ensure our Tennessee tax money does not go to fund abortions at the federal level."