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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lila Rose on The Factor wipes the floor with her opponent

 Lila Rose wipes the floor on this issue. The other girl looked pathetic even though she was armed with PP talking points.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nashville PP hosts speakeasy fundraiser... $35/one drink & chance to cry in your beer with them...

PP Middle and East TN is advertising a fund raiser for drinks in the back room of a local bar entitling it 
"Speakeasy for Planned Parenthood
For $35 you get one drink and the opportunity to "cry in your beer" about how bad it is for the women of Nashville  to go to the Metro Health Dept. for cancer screenings.  National PP  advices focusing on re branding  themselves  and not talk  about the "A"  word  cause that makes people uneasy and  uneasy people tend to close their wallets. So how does  a speakeasy image fit that challenge??   Well perhaps they are saying  they are not the pretty girl but the back room girl .  Does that fit the re branding charge given by headquarters??

Holland House Speakeasy
PP fundraiser ad

"After the aggressive legislative session that had the Tennessee state legislators "go home with the pretty girl," (meaning they defunded Planned Parenthood in TN by blocking Federal Title X Family Planning funding), you'd think it's an all out Prohibition-style criminalization of reproductive rights and access to critical care like cancer screenings, sexually transmitted infection testing and treatement(sic) and birth control!"
So, we invite you to join us Saturday, July 30th, at Holland House Bar & Refuge - a bar reminscent (sic) of the Prohibition Speakeasies of the jazz age - celebrate what we do have: our commitment to serving the women, men and teens who need us and the best supporters and volunteers who are committed to keeping our doors open.
Tickets are $35 per person and include one drink.
Meet us in a secret room in the back and we will enjoy throw back drinks like Vodka Longs and Gimlets while ensconced in jazz age ambience (sic), including the unforgettable music -- no need to dress like a flapper, but we won't discourage it either!"

Analyzing PP reports show facts not covered in MSM talking points...

For an eye opening primer on the financial standing of Planned Parenthood Federation of America check out this report.

Some highlights include...
"Planned Parenthood is extraordinarily wealthy in its own right, and does not need tax dollars to continue to operate.
According to its most currently published annual report, PP has nearly one billion dollars of net assets ($1,197,300,000.00 assets, and $202,600,000.00 liabilities).2
Planned Parenthood’s most current Annual Report discloses a total of 997 million dollars in revenue to its affiliates (broken down into 404 million dollars in health center income, 363 million in government grants and contracts, 209 million dollars in private contributions, and 20 million additional dollars from other operating revenue). This means that excluding government grants and contracts Planned Parenthood affiliates brought in 634 million dollars in revenue in their fiscal year 2008-2009. This does not include 117 million dollars in revenue to the national office."
Of course they are looking for a future windfall from Obamacare that will make their current defunding  look like small potatoes and fix them for life...whoops play on words....death.

Another eye popping entry...
Planned Parenthood’s pregnancy services are extremely skewed toward abortion.
For every adoption referral Planned Parenthood makes, it performs 340 abortions.12
Ninety eight percent of Planned Parenthood’s services to pregnant women (abortion, adoption and prenatal care) are abortion (according to its 2009 report: 332,278 abortions, 7,021 prenatal care clients, and 977 adoption referrals to other agencies).13
The number of pregnancy services other than abortion have been declining recently. For example, in 2007, it provided 4,912 adoption referrals, but in 2008, only 2,405, and in 2009, only 977. In 2007, it provided over 10,914 prenatal care services, but only 9,433 in 2008, and now 7,021 in 2009.
Wouldn't it be nice if the MSM would do some research before spitting out  talking points...Just a suggestion.

Nashville TV station infers PP gives prenatal care for expectant moms...

Channel 4 Nashville (WSM) had the following write up on their website....Get this headline....

"Lack of funding leaves expectant moms looking for options...."
Expectant moms!!! Really!!!I did walk in on the video of  this story playing  on the local news coverage, but since I missed most of it I wanted to go to their website and see the actual script.

I wish there was a place for comments. What a totally inaccurate write up!!
First of all, Planned Parenthood / Nashville  does not do prenatal care...  in fact only a tiny proportion of PP centers around the country report providing this care....63 out of 800+ and as for Nashville from their own website, they clearly  state that if you are pregnant and wish to continue the pregnancy, they refer you out for prenatal care....but this headline suggests that expectant moms will be out of luck for prenatal care ????

Expectant moms going to PP come out  not pregnant as in abortion. Oh ya, they say they do adoption counseling as in what???? carry the baby for 9 mos. and choose adoption???? need an abortion. Adoption  referrals as in you want to do adoption???...go somewhere else. 

If I did not know better and heard/read this report, I would think that the govt. cut the Title X monies for STD testing, well women check ups and birth control.... instead of just said that the services in Nashville would be done  at the county health dept. instead of the nation's largest promoter and provider for abortion. The person who wrote this report was clueless.  

Again, they kept saying poor women are going to be denied necessary care and  try to paint PP as a totally benevolent organization bemoaning that the abortion giant cares only about women and not the sweetheart annual grant of  $335K from our taxes. Look at this fact sheet about  Maybe their non profit prez can chip in something from $100K++ salary?

Silent auction for pro choice pics of babies....

 I found this post from abortioneer's interesting.....

"I love the arts and I love abortion work. As I was trying to find some obviously pro-choice artists and artwork, I came across the following. If you're an art lover - and an abortioneer - hopefully you'll appreciate these!

Pro-Choice Resources in Minnesota had a silent art auction in 2008. Some of the pieces were quite wonderful, as you can see..."
Silent auction as in silent scream of the young one being aborted???  Here one of the pictures...strange...
 Then the commenters got in the game promoting their own art pieces. I looked at a few of them but they were pretty graphic and weird and posting them would necessitate a viewer warning so if you are so inclined here is the website.

Citizens with a out misinformation by PP spin machine

Lila Rose and her team of citizens armed with a telephone and yellow page listings  continue to embarrass Planned Parenthood and the abortion supporting administration.  Aided  by the complicit MSM they  spread the lie that taking $$ from the abortion giant will take away care for medicaid eligible  women. Just not true....the care is still available ....listen.

Live Action writes :
According to Planned Parenthood’s own statistics, their 28 clinics serve less than 1% of Indiana Medicaid patients, yet they do more than 50% of Indiana abortions,” notes Rose. There are over 800 other Medicaid providers available to these women in the counties with Planned Parenthood clinics alone.”
Sign the petition to stand with IN....which Lila Rose has called the  "Ground Zero in the national battle to defund Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortion business in America..." Obama sure believes it....he is willing to go to the mat for PP....wish he had the same fervor for America....

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

SBA: Defunding Scoreboard

Proud of my home state of WI (You go Scott Walker) and proud of what we have accomplished so far in TN but need to work on Shelby County (Memphis). Read all of this at Susan B Anthony.

(Prolifer)ations 6-28-11

from Jill

Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN and Kelli
As always, we welcome your suggestions for additions to our Top Blogs (see tab on right side of home page)! Email

  • MN Citizens Concerned for Life is proud to call Dave Hrbacek of The Catholic Spirit one of their own. Hrbacek was recently awarded National Right to Life’s 14th Annual Excellence in Journalism Award.

  • Lisa Graas notes the number of Republican candidates’ children and the liberal reaction to those who are blessed with large families.
  • Big Blue Wave points to the reigning Miss Florida as evidence that not everyone with spina bifida is condemned to a life of suffering. A large number of children diagnosed with spina bifida are aborted.
  • Real Choice compares public reaction to 2 deaths at the same FL abortion clinic – one, a young woman who died from a horribly botched abortion, and the other, one of the clinic’s abortionists who was shot to death one month later.

  • Pro-Life Action League reports many of the posts on, a community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard, deal with abortion (as shown in the postcard pictured right). Perhaps confession truly can be good for the soul, even when it is anonymous.
  • Reasoned Audacity reprints Florida Family Policy Council president John Stemberger’s article on 10 recent signs of hope that pro-lifers are winning the battle.
  • ProWomanProLife links to an article on the hotly debated Woman’s Right to Know Act in Canada. Opponents of the Act claim the law would interfere with the doctor/patient relationship, but the article notes: I was curious about how much doctor interaction was available to patients seeking an abortion so I called a Woman’s Choice center to schedule the procedure. They informed me that I could come that same day and wouldn’t have to talk to anyone before my appointment; I could be “in and out.”
    Regardless of your stance on abortion, this is not right. No woman or young girl should be able to have an abortion without a doctor consult. This is a decision and medical procedure that she will live with for the rest of her life; meanwhile abortion clinics treat patients as if they were customers at a drive-thru fast food restaurant.

TN: No Title X funding is denied to state's citizens

June 28, 2011

Letter writer Kathryn Parks ("Cuts to Planned Parenthood send Tennessee to the dark ages," June 25) is misinformed, and unfortunately The Tennessean is happy to publicize this misinformation.

No Title X money for family planning and cancer screening is being denied to the people of Tennessee.
In Nashville, these funds will go to the Metro Health Department, which will perform these services.
So the money is there and the population will be served by a different vendor.
Why is that offensive to Ms. Parks?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Secular Pro Life: PP advises to donate blood to get HIV Testing....

Cross Posted at Secular Pro Life

PP that advised "go donate blood" listed on CDC site for National HIV Testing Day

Back in February, Live Action released footage of Planned Parenthood's Roanoke office. In the video, an undercover "patient" shares that he is suspects he has an STD. The PP employee's response?
I tell a lot of people, I say if you know, you're not quite sure, you're not having any symptoms, but for peace of mind, go donate blood-- 'cause if you go donate blood, they have to test for everything anyway.
Blood donation groups were quick to point out what terrible advice that is:
Donating blood is not an appropriate mechanism to obtain screening for sexually transmitted diseases or any other test result. Though donated blood is screened, and is safer than it has ever been, the hallmark of the system is the honesty of the donor in completing the donor history questionnaire.
Moreover, if your blood is rejected, they may not tell you why, in order to discourage people from abusing the blood donation system.

Why do I bring this up now?

Today is National HIV Testing Day. The Centers for Disease Control has a website,, which lists testing locations throughout the country. I commend them for their efforts to eliminate this life-threatening illness. There's just one small problem [click to enlarge]:Yes, the CDC site is referring possible HIV-positive individuals to that same Planned Parenthood in Roanoke. I sincerely hope that the Planned Parenthood will not refer these individuals to the local blood bank!

Fortunately, people in need of HIV testing do have other, healthy options available. Planned Parenthood is not the only provider of legitimate reproductive healthcare! In fact, HIV shows that there are at least eight other HIV testing locations within a 30-mile radius of Roanoke.

If you are sexually active, I encourage you to get tested today. Avoid the blood centers and Planned Parenthoods; carefully choose a clinic where you feel comfortable. Although AIDS remains a serious disease, medical advances have brought us to a point where being HIV-positive doesn't have to be a death sentence. Early detection is key!

Live Action says wait and see what they have next for PP.....

Sunday, June 26, 2011

TN:Shelby Co. Health Dir. shouldn't get to choose her assignments

When the  belt tightening TN lawmakers  voted to reduce the budget for the infant mortality reduction program that begin in 2004  by " cutting the program's $4.6 million budget in half for the fiscal year and  then eliminating it entirely the following year".....Shelby County Health Director, Yvonne Madlock,  did not hide her strong displeasure. 

Later when discussing the distribution of family planning monies, she responded to a question posed by Senator Campfield  who wanted the funds to be administered by her dept.  instead of Planned Parenthood .   He asked if the Health Dept. had a legal obligation  to provide these services. Ms. Madlock replied.....
" Yes, it would be legal for this health department not to provide family planning services,"
"But our mandate is also a mandate to protect the health of the community and protect the least of those in our community," Madlock said, before playing the city's health trump card: infant mortality rates that best those of many developing nations.
"Preventing unwanted pregnancies, allowing families to space their pregnancies, allows us to better control our infant mortality rate."
She does not hide her  animosity at having a project that  enjoyed strong funding for the past  five years cut and being told that she now is responsible for administering a program with funding for a project she preferred  to outsource.  Is this why she is resisting providing this service unlike all  other 94 counties in TN ?  She continues to insist  she will do it on a month  to month basis and refuses to rule out outsourcing it to Planned Parenthood. 

Ms. Madlock  needs to live in the real world where we do our jobs and get over our disappointment when our preferred projects are not funded and assignments are not of our choosing.  

Yet Madlock continues to strong arm her superiors showing  a strong  loyalty to Planned Parenthood.

"Though both she and Planned Parenthood’s Shelby County director, Barry Chase, said on Friday there had been no direct communications between them for several weeks, the bottom line seemed to be that, as Madlock said last week, Planned Parenthood continued to be on her list of hypothetical family service partners."
I encourage Ms. Madlock to look at Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga  and than to remind her of the above quote about the mandate of protecting the health of the community that employs her.

Photo: Commercial Appeal

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Welcome to Abolish Abortion

Welcome to Abolish Abortion

Smoking hurts the baby but abortion eliminates the fetus.....Obama/Sebelius reasoning....

 What??? Does Sebelius and Obama approve???? Yes, they do and they even say the B word. They fully support abortion on demand when the B word turns into the F is not a baby but a fetus....but when it comes to is a baby. They are hypocrites of the first order.  I like the comment at Jill Stanek's blog on this topic.....

Carla says:
Shouldn’t the warning label say
WARNING: Smoking during pregnancy can harm your non sentient, nonviable parasitic clump of cells that isn’t even a baby until it’s born  ??!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

(Prolifer)ations 6-24-11

from Jill

Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN and Kelli
As always, we welcome your suggestions for additions to our Top Blogs (see tab on right side of home page)! Email
  • Americans United for Life unveils the Bronx Planned Parenthood’s way of bilking chemical abortion patients – ignore FDA protocol for the drug and force patients to agree beforehand to obtain surgical abortions at the facility if RU-486 fails.
  • Timmerie updates readers on a woman who changed her mind after starting an RU-486 abortion.
  • Bryan Kemper, who is now working with Priests for Life, notes the public’s apparent mental disconnect between abortion and the Casey Anthony trial.
  • Pro-Life Wisconsin reveals a new statutory rape ad campaign undertaken by Planned Parenthood WI in partnership with the United Way.
  • ProWomanProLife wonders what the sex ratios will be in Canada if sex-selection abortion is allowed to continue there.
  • At the Pro-Life Action League, John Jansen hypothesizes why the new Millennials are pro-life despite having secular views on a range of other social issues.
  • Parenting Freedom discusses Sarah Palin’s e-mail letter to her family, written before the birth of son Trig, who has Down Syndrome. Instead of discovering “dirt” on Palin, the MSM found evidence of a loving, compassionate person.

Post abortive man speaks for lack of father's rights in billboard

A state district judge Thursday ordered an Alamogordo man to immediately take down a billboard that implies his ex-girlfriend had an abortion.
State District Judge James Counts issued the ruling as part of protective order the woman sought after Greg Fultz, 35, took out the sign on the city's main thoroughfare in mid-May.
The billboard shows Fultz holding the outline of an infant. The text reads, "This Would Have Been A Picture Of My 2-Month Old Baby If The Mother Had Decided To Not KILL Our Child!"
Fultz's ex-girlfriend has taken him to court for harassment and violation of privacy. A domestic court official had recommended the billboard be removed.
But Fultz's attorney said his client is adamant about protecting his free speech rights and will appeal.
"He said he is prepared to go to jail for this," attorney Todd Holmes said.
"His position is that this billboard is not really about her. It's about his statement of fathers' rights."
It was unclear if the woman had an abortion or a miscarriage.
Her attorney, Ellen Jessen, said earlier this month that she has not discussed the pregnancy with her client because that was not the point. The central issue is her client's privacy and the fact that the billboard has caused severe emotional distress, she said.
Jessen didn't immediately respond Thursday to a call and email seeking comment.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Post abortive issues lead many youth to be pro life....

 Wow, this graphic really spoke to me! In an article on why the young generation (ages 18-29) is pro life is that they have experienced abortion and are dealing with the aftermath.  I hope post abortive men and women will seek healing through the many wonderful  resources available.

Postcard submitted to in 2008

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

TN: Shelby Co Health Dir. will take Title X $$ mo. to mo. but not rule out using PP

 The Commercial Appeal writes that Shelby County Dept. of Health Director, Yvonne Madlock has  told her boss that she will accept the Title X funds ($1.345 MM )like the other 94 counties in TN but on a month to month basis. She continues to insist that she will not rule out subcontracting the work out to other vendors INCLUDING Planned Parenthood.  Obviously she is willing  to go to the mat for PP and I have to wonder why??? One of the commenters who is a nurse points out....

MemphisRN writes:
It amazes me that Memphians really believe that Planned Parenthood is the only agency that can provide "non-abortion family planning and health services" to patients who do not have insurance. There are many other agencies who perform the same services without providing abortions. All people should have access to these vital cancer screenings and they do through other non-profit agencies in our city. Be honest with yourselves Title X money going to Planned Parenthood through the Health Department is doing one thing- allowing an abortion industry to thrive. Over 8,500 abortions were performed in Shelby County last year and it is because our government dollars are continuing to support agencies like Planned Parenthood. They are many other deserving agencies in our community who provide family planning and health screenings without providing abortions.
Also, I have to wonder about the accuracy of the number of family planning visits PP throws out there in an attempt to save the tax $$ from flowing in.....I recall how Abby Johnson stated  that as a PP Dir. they manipulated stats to their favor such as counting 12 mos. supply of bc pills as 12 visits . When PP is caught in over billing charges to Medicaid...this other information spills out. 
For instance, an article in the Tennessean, a PP supporting newspaper, recently printed an article about a lawyer who is  currently in litigation with PP of LA for over billing the govt. for $180 MM for bc pills and other meds.
Their client in the case is Victor Gonzales, a former vice president for finance for Planned Parenthood.
“He knows where the skeletons are,” Crain said.

And let us not forget  the Memphis PP that made the news and distinguished  themselves....

Unnatural Selection: This is where choice leads....

 Excellent book review on a book written by a reporter who supports legalized abortion but is being truthful about what is happening and where this is going. Note: that "" Planned Parenthood's role  in this. They try to portray themselves as caring about women but the facts get in the way of their PR agenda. A great read....


"Ms. Hvistendahl also dredges up plenty of unpleasant documents from Western actors like the Ford Foundation (Note from SA: PP president Cecile Richards is a trustee), the United Nations and Planned Parenthood, showing how they pushed sex-selective abortion as a means of controlling population growth. In 1976, for instance, the medical director of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, Malcom Potts, wrote that, when it came to developing nations, abortion was even better than birth control: "Early abortion is safe, effective, cheap and potentially the easiest method to administer."
The following year another Planned Parenthood official celebrated China's coercive methods of family planning, noting that "persuasion and motivation [are] very effective in a society in which social sanctions can be applied against those who fail to cooperate in the construction of the socialist state." As early as 1969, the Population Council's Sheldon Segal was publicly proclaiming the benefits of sex-selective abortion as a means of combating the "population bomb" in the East. Overall Ms. Hvistendahl paints a detailed picture of Western Malthusians pushing a set of terrible policy prescriptions in an effort to road-test solutions to a problem that never actually manifested itself.
This is where choice leads. This is where choice has already led. Ms. Hvistendahl may wish the matter otherwise, but there are only two alternatives: Restrict abortion or accept the slaughter of millions of baby girls and the calamities that are likely to come with it."

Sebelius: approves of graphic visual images....sometimes

 Tobacco  use  Abortion is the foremost preventable cause of death in America," said Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of Health and Human Services, and the diseases consequences caused by tobacco  abortion  results  in cost government health services millions of  deaths dollars a year of our children.
The new warning labels reflect the " honest negative consequences" of smoking abortion , from lung breast cancer to emotionadental problems to heart  infertility disease.

"They tell the truth," Sebelius said.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Proliferations 6-21-11

from Jill

Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN and Kelli
As always, we welcome your suggestions for additions to our Top Blogs (see tab on right side of home page)! Email
  • At Planned Parenthood Corruption, former Kansas AG Phill Kline lines up evidence of corrupt public officers participating in a massive cover-up to protect late-term abortionist George Tiller and Planned Parenthood in KS. Be sure to check out this new addition to our blogroll. This article is a must-read.
  • Live Action reveals that Catholics for Choice received a grant for $300k from the Ford Foundation – a group for which Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards is a trustee and chair of the Finance Committee.
  • The Anti-Abortion Gang calls out abortion proponents for attempting to blur the lines between miscarriage and elective abortion.
  • Moral Outcry expresses confusion as to why the Obama administration would seek to fight Indiana on its defunding of Planned Parenthood, a private organization: Once again, we must stress that exactly zero freedom has been taken away from American citizens. In fact, more has been given. Now those who want to ensure their tax money doesn’t go for something that they choose not to be involved with can rest assured they have choice, and, tragically but still, those who choose to kill a baby still can.
    … [T]he assertion some freedom has been taken away when abortion is still legal and some private organization doesn’t get the government’s help to kill babies is sickening and misleading – and it’s blatantly despicable for the government to align itself in such a way.
  • Abstinence Clearinghouse remembers abstinence advocate Michael Johnson, a man unknowingly infected with HIV through a casual hookup as a teen who tragically passed the virus to his wife after their marriage. Michael is survived by his wife, Sherie, and a son.
  • Abortion in Washington laments that Republican/Catholic AG Rob McKenna is now running for governor as a “pro-woman,” pro-choice candidate. AIW observes, “dead babies don’t vote or contribute funds to political campaigns.”
  • Accepting Abundance posts a cartoon “… demonstrat[ing] how [author] Ayn Rand’s basic philosophy plays out with parenting”: 
  • The Culture Vulture counters the argument that if men got pregnant abortion would be “a sacrament” by pointing out “… pro-life opposition to abortion has absolutely NOTHING to do with the gender of the pregnant person carrying the unborn child; instead pro-life opposition is based solely on the status of the unborn child.”


Tennessean: hatchet editorial demonstrates how out of touch they are....

What a hatchet job from the Tennessean. No surprise that their editorial board  which is so beholden to the abortion industry. They are out of step with the Tennesseans per their own poll which states most Tennesseans are pro life. They just can't believe that taxpayers don't want to support Planned Parenthood...such a benevolent organization...NOT.  No wonder readership is credibility except in a few liberal pockets.

Even their commenters take them to task.  Our county health depts. are the ones to offer  birth control services  and cancer screenings. This is the way it should be and if they cannot or will not because of their loyalties...let's get someone that will. 
Listen to the ones who came out of  the abortion industry such as Abby Johnson.....PP relies upon tax money to operate....they use those other services as foot traffic for the profitable end of their business...abortions.
I wonder if I start a grocery store will the govt. pay for the potatoes for me to stock and I will advertise them for a low price or maybe even free to get customers in my store and place them next tot he sirloin steaks which feeds my profit margin?? Just a thought.

Anyway back to the is one that caught my eye.

"Tony V....All emotional issues are confusing. My granddaughter recently found she was pregnant. She's also not married. A visit to the local Planned Parenthood office left her with only one recommendation. Have an abortion. I've heard of this happening in other situations but this was the first time I had a first hand experience with it. She has already made one mistake. Taking the life of an innocent child makes this mistake a minor detail."

Carelton U./Canada continues fight to ban pro life club

What happens to the north of us is important for us to watch because this thought process will try to come our way. Carleton University (Canada) is attempting to have a lawsuit dismissed brought by a student pro life club that was denied campus standing/access because they oppose abortion. Amazingly enough the non discrimination policy of the college will only allow clubs that abide by their viewpoint supporting abortion. This is so egregious that even the Canadian version of ACLU is siding with the pro life club. Hearing is Thursday. For back story read here  and  here .

TN: 2 Polls confirm Tennesseans are pro life ...both from liberal sources

Poll published today in Tennessean shows  has some interesting stats about the life issue.

Do you think abortion should be legal in all cases, legal in most cases, illegal in most cases, or illegal in all cases?

  • Legal in all-6.5

  • Legal in most-14.6

  • Illegal in all-16.9

  • Illegal in most-9.6

  • don't know-2.6

  • Missing-49.8

On the issue of abortion, would you say you are: 

  • Definitely pro choice -12.4

  • some pro choice-6.4

  • some pro life-6.6

  • definitely pro life-20.2

  • don't know- 3.7

  • Missing-50                                                                                                                                                                                                

Now I wonder about the missing. I guess the respondent did not feel comfortable answering so just skipped the question.  These are not easy things to talk about so that may be the case. 

Vanderbilt published a poll portraying the legislature as losing favor for tackling some controversial issues.  I doubt their conclusions since the point of the legislature is not to look nice but to take up these very issues.  But on the life issue.....they mentioned it but did not make a big deal of it.

"The majority of Tennesseans consider themselves pro-life and oppose abortion."

Monday, June 20, 2011

Shelby Co. TN Health Dir. supports PP but worries about demise of babies prior to birth!??

 Yvonne Madlock's  quote from a panel discussion on babies  seems a little strange given her refusal to rule out subcontracting Title X monies to Planned Parenthood of Memphis. I know she is the darling of the abortion supporting pols from Memphis ,  but as Director of the Shelby County Health Dept,  she is saying that unlike the other 94 counties in TN she may not be able to  handle family planning services with this money. She must reserve the right to subcontract out and refuses to  rule out the nation's largest abortion provider as a potential recipient. 

I thought she was concerned about the demise of  babies before birth.

"The other thing that this community has
finally adopted -- I'm really very happy about this, we all
should be -- is that we now have a fetal infant mortality review
project here in Memphis and Shelby County. What that allows us to
do is to really analyze why do we lose fetuses? Why do we lost(sic)
babies before they are born?"
Ummmm Director Madlock....that would be abortion.

Chris Matthews notices that women are now on the right not left

 Pro abort Matthews laments the absence of women on the left .....especially in his age range. He is right....the young women are on the right and although he does not say life!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Komen continues unholy alliance with PP

Susan G. Komen apparently knows no shame. They have a slick marketing dept. and bring in lots of $$. But how did they get this unholy alliance going with Planned Parenthood?  Jill Stanek posts another exchange that is just unbelievable. Susan G. has been continues to give donated $$ to PP even though they were forced to admit that PP does not perform mammograms. 

Okay, I get that they refuse to accept the link of increased risk of breast cancer for those who choose abortions but to give large grants for basically doing a topical breast exam and handing out brochures is really outrageous. You can learn how to do a breast self exam and feel what the lump feels like with the dummy used in demonstrations. I learned that while attending a women's luncheon one year.  Why not donate this $$ to county health depts. that actually do the mammograms?

I recently received a request for participation in one of their race for the cure. I wrote and asked why I should donate to a cause that gives $$ to PP when I am pro life. I received a terse reply that my email was forwarded for an answer. When the answer did not come, I emailed back and asked where it was only to receive another terse email stating that "they" were busy and would get around to my answer. The answer was  a form letter that parsed words and basically tried to lead me to believe that the screening and handing out brochures was worthy of those grants. When a lump was detected they referred them to other agencies for the mammograms and in some cases paid for the mammograms. So they are forced to admit that their previous wording that PP does mammograms with these grants is patently false.

TN RTL uncovers that tax $$ pays community educator/lobbyist...

How would you feel if you knew that your tax dollars paid more than 50% of the Salary for Planned Parenthood's "Community Educator?"

The following description is currently posted on an internet job search webpage.  Kayce Matthews, the contact for more information, is a Planned Parenthood employee whose salary is subsidized by your tax dollars. 

Note that in addition to providing birth control information and coordinating teen outreach,  the advertised position requires an ability to "plan and execute grassroots actions as political/lobbying actions."  Is this how our elected officials intend for your tax dollars to be spent under the guise of so called 'family planning?'

About the Job
Planned Parenthood of Middle and East Tennessee External Affairs Coordinator Full-time with benefits. Responsible for promoting PPMET services within the community and furthering the mission of PPMET through: * Providing sexuality education and training to meet the needs of the community. * Overseeing all aspects of the FYI peer education program. * Organizing / scheduling volunteers for special events and projects. * Working with dept. to plan and execute grassroots actions as political / lobbying actions. * Assisting in planning and producing events. Requirements: Bachelor degree in Education, Counseling, or related field, or equivalent experience. Experience in teaching and/or group facilitation, ability to work with diverse populations. Good rapport with teens. Grassroots organizing and exper. with volunteers ideal. Strong self-management skills. Please send resume with cover letter by Fri., June 24 to Planned Parenthood of Middle and East Tennessee, Attn. Kayce Matthews, Education Department, 50 Vantage Way, Suite 102, Nashville, TN, 37228. EOE.  

Notice that in documentation provided to pro-life state legislators by the Tennessee Department of Health, 55% of Ms. Matthews' Community Educator salary was funded by contracts with the Tennessee Department of Health.

It's time to end Planned Parenthood's shell game!
End tax funding of the radical pro-abortion organization now.

Please contact Governor Haslam immediately urging him to direct his Commissioner of Health, Susan Cooper, to take every action necessary to persuade the Davidson and Shelby county health departments to accept the entire contracts for 'birth control' services in order to prevent tax dollars from being disbursed to Planned Parenthood affiliates in Memphis and Nashville.

Phone: 615.741.2001 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Family Planning and Reporductive Health poll....public tired of talking about abortion

Politico "breaks" a poll "commissioned by the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association, an organization that represents family planning administrators and clinicians, and the Communications Consortium Media Center, a public interest media center that works with nonprofits."
 Hmmmm....sounds pretty biased right there...but ask a bland question...
"While the current political debate focuses too much on abortion, there is a much broader discussion that needs to happen around reproductive health. We may have different opinions about abortion, so rather than continuing to argue about this one issue, our elected officials should focus on the broader context like providing greater access to birth control, teaching comprehensive sex education and improving maternal health and childbirth outcomes." Do you agree?
Wow....what breaking news...... then Politico posts a headline stating that the public is  tired of the abortion debate... a more correct statement might be the abortion industry wants to change the subject.
This commenter hit the nail on the head with this one.

"..a new survey by a Democratic polling finds."
...and in other breaking news, studies conducted by the tobacco industry now PROVE that smoking is good for you, improving blood circulation and lung capacity!!"
Further....they state four in 10 Americans said they would be less likely to vote for a member of Congress who votes to defund groups like Planned Parenthood.  Well that means that 6 out of 10 would vote for those who promise to defund PP.

Time to hit the spin cycle again....