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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

TN: Shelby Co Health Dir. will take Title X $$ mo. to mo. but not rule out using PP

 The Commercial Appeal writes that Shelby County Dept. of Health Director, Yvonne Madlock has  told her boss that she will accept the Title X funds ($1.345 MM )like the other 94 counties in TN but on a month to month basis. She continues to insist that she will not rule out subcontracting the work out to other vendors INCLUDING Planned Parenthood.  Obviously she is willing  to go to the mat for PP and I have to wonder why??? One of the commenters who is a nurse points out....

MemphisRN writes:
It amazes me that Memphians really believe that Planned Parenthood is the only agency that can provide "non-abortion family planning and health services" to patients who do not have insurance. There are many other agencies who perform the same services without providing abortions. All people should have access to these vital cancer screenings and they do through other non-profit agencies in our city. Be honest with yourselves Title X money going to Planned Parenthood through the Health Department is doing one thing- allowing an abortion industry to thrive. Over 8,500 abortions were performed in Shelby County last year and it is because our government dollars are continuing to support agencies like Planned Parenthood. They are many other deserving agencies in our community who provide family planning and health screenings without providing abortions.
Also, I have to wonder about the accuracy of the number of family planning visits PP throws out there in an attempt to save the tax $$ from flowing in.....I recall how Abby Johnson stated  that as a PP Dir. they manipulated stats to their favor such as counting 12 mos. supply of bc pills as 12 visits . When PP is caught in over billing charges to Medicaid...this other information spills out. 
For instance, an article in the Tennessean, a PP supporting newspaper, recently printed an article about a lawyer who is  currently in litigation with PP of LA for over billing the govt. for $180 MM for bc pills and other meds.
Their client in the case is Victor Gonzales, a former vice president for finance for Planned Parenthood.
“He knows where the skeletons are,” Crain said.

And let us not forget  the Memphis PP that made the news and distinguished  themselves....

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