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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Knoxville, TN safety regs close abortion doc with hospital privileges

Knoxville, TN home of the TN  Vols will have one less abortion mill now.  A State law making abortion centers install an important safety regulation  passed last session and went into effect July 1. The impact of having abortions docs hold credentials good enough to have admitting privileges  at a nearby hospital proved too much for the Volunteer Women's Clinic in Knoxville and they closed their doors. The manger penned a farewell pity letter and shopped it to friendly pro abort sites. It is amazing to read her remembrance of 30 years of bloodshed and her acknowledgement that abortion was the revenue driver. Most amazing to me is her remembering an abortion of a full term pregnancy of a lady about to begin labor...remembered with pride!!

This blog recently wrote about their troubles with health violations and the impact of the new law here and here.

Here is a beautiful sight. 

August 10th, 2012

I found out last night that I will have to close Volunteer Women's Medical Clinic in Knoxville TN, effective today. A law that went into effect July 1st 2012 called "The Life Defense Act", made it illegal for our local, Board Certified OB-GYN physician to perform abortions in our fully licensed Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Center. The law requires Drs. who perform abortions to have local hospital admitting privileges. The law applies exclusively to abortion. One of our Drs., Morris Campbell, was actually able to reinstate his privileges a few weeks before the law went into effect. Sadly, he had a stroke and died a few days after receiving the news about his hospital privileges.

I've been able to keep the doors open and the phone staff working up until this week. We've been working on legal remedies, injunction, etc., but I was unable to bridge the financial gap of paying the monthly lease and operating expenses without knowing when we could resume seeing patients.

I'm supposed to be out of the building (5000+sq.ft.) before Monday morning and I plan to somehow achieve that. I have visions of carting all the furniture and equipment across the street to the Crisis Pregnancy Center and piling it up on their lawn rather than going through the tedious task of finding a place for everything.

The clinic has been open for 38 years and I have worked there for over 30 years. I still remember the name of the first patient I took care of on the day I started, and I remember the answer an eleven year old girl gave when, after days of counseling, I asked her what she wanted to do. She said "I just want to go ride my new bicycle". No kidding baby girl. So many images remain of the strength of women.......the day we looked out the front window and saw an Appalachian woman we'd just discharged pushing an electric blue Corvette Sting Ray fast enough that her husband could pop the clutch and start the engine.......the coal miner's daughter that was full term and about to go into labor but swore it couldn't be true because no one had ever been "up on" her.......the sorority girl that said she got pregnant by trying on her friend's diaphragm that "must have had sperm on it"......the woman I brought back to life when she stopped breathing who later told us she had withheld critical medical history from us because she was afraid we wouldn't let her have an abortion if she told us the truth......all the Catholic women who had abortions over and over again because taking a birth control pill every day added up to more sins than a few abortions a year.

I'm so angry about this, also sad, and I'm grateful for whatever wisdom I possess that keeps me from feeling like a victim.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out with kind words during this nightmare. Now, I've got to get back to packing. Imagine it all working perfectly.

Deb Walsh


KurlyD said...

Besides not having any moral code, to be a baby killer "doctor" I think you have to be somewhat of a looney also, especially what was said in that farewell letter(just incredible). Just totally wicked ppl they are! I'm glad that clinic is gone, now for some more to be shut down to.. that would be great!

my two cents,

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Chris Arsenault said...

Hey Susie - Someone needs to do an investigation to see if there was a report filed by this clinic with the TN authorities regarding a statutory rape for that 11 year old Deb Walsh is talking about.

Susie Allen said...

That is an interesting point Chris but remember that she is talking about events of 30++ years of doing abortions...I doubt we would ever get anywhere with that request. I was more shocked by the full term girl about to go into labor who presented for an abortion...

Anonymous said...

So they did late term abortions and they are fighting having a credentialed doc on sight??? Amazing... and I thought abortion was only a small part of their business model. Seems like it was the driver.

Anonymous said...

Anon, where does it say they did late term abortions? And they had credentialed doctors on site. They just didn't have hospital privileges. Read carefully....