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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Knoxville may become abortion free with new state law

   Knoxville Metro Pulse article discusses  the shortage of abortionists  in Knoxville. They lament that the two abortions facilities may have to close due to a new law taking effect July 1. The article stresses that one third of their clients are women who come from other states.

"In April, the Tennessee Legislature passed the Life Defense Act, requiring doctors who perform abortions to have hospital admitting privileges."

"At VWMC, Dr. Richard Manning is the primary physicain and he has opted not to restore his admitting privleges, which he relinquished years ago when he transitioned from full time OB/GYN practice to the ambulatory surgery clinic. Dr. Manning is 69. As of Sunday, July 1 he can no longer perform abortions in Tennessee. "
The article  further states that a colleague of Dr. Manning applied for admitting privileges to take over for Dr. Manning but died two weeks later. According to the reporter his name is being withheld since some members of his mourning family were unaware of his abortion practice.  Another doctor is willing to fill in temporarily  but unwilling per the article to do this on a full time basis. The article will not identify the female physician out of concern by "domestic terrorists in the anti abortion moment" and the woman also fears the backlash from the professional community.

The article is written very sympathetically to the abortion advocates and completely ignores the need to protect the women who are undergoing surgery  by doctors who fail to obtain admitting privileges at hospitals.

The law was passed in April and the article states that admitting privileges  take 30-60 days and a fee of $100.  The abortion mills price their  abortions from $490 -$950. One facility will acknowledge aborting  1600 babies per year. Wow, you think they can afford the $100 fee and they knew in April this was coming. Could it be that the doctors who do abortions do not have the credentials necessary to have admitting privileges?

So would we feel bad for TN not to be the abortion mecca of the south? Is this the reputation we want? Do we care so little about the safety of women and are so eager to abort babies that we oppose laws like this? 

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pameladutka said...

It makes me feel good when places stop aborting their babies, it's a crime called MURDER, I just wish that more places would stop killing their babies