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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bucket List to Israel

On my way to Israel for two weeks.... lots of sights to see and looking forward to this experience. Watching the news from America as well.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Another tasteless ad from POTUS...naked women

So many important things going on in this country.....unfolding information about the terrorist attacks and what really happened in Benghazi...the economy but this president continues to play small ball and put out tasteless attacks. Wonder why he did not let his two daughters pose for this ridiculous ad. I think what I agree with this... 

 From Erick Erickson: The reason Barack Obama is running this ad is because he is done trying to get independent voters. He’s given up. Despite campaign rhetoric about fighting for evangelicals, he’s given up there. He’s given up on Catholic voters. He’s given up on the South. He’s given up on men who have daughters. He’s given up on moms. He’s given up on everyone expect his core base of singles, gays, and minorities, including college kids he is desperate to get back to the polls.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Live Action investigation reveals Planned Parenthood lies about safety

Live Action investigation reveals Planned Parenthood lies about safety

The real question in the debate should be is God sovereign....not rape

Is God in control or not.....this fabricated war on women which is the last gasp approach of the failing Democrats running for office including POTUS is ridiculous. Why this story even warrants a place on Politico shows again the media bias or ignorance...take your pick.

 Here is the offending statement from Indiana Republican candidate for the Senate who won the primary against Richard Lugar and is now facing Democratic challenger Joe Donnelly in a debate.
Richard Murdock (R)
"Mourdock was asked during the final minutes of a debate whether abortion should be allowed in cases of rape or incest.
"He replied: “I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that’s something God intended to happen.”
Of course the Democrat challenger jumped on that stating his God that.... "he doesn't believe “my God, or any God, would intend that to happen.”
How many gods are there Joe??  Murdock clarified that his statement acknowledged that only God can create life. So what's the beef here?  Everyone agrees that rape is a horrible act of violence against a woman. No one is condoning or excusing the act of rape. When a woman is raped pregnancy sometimes occurs and  sometimes does not occur. 

So is God in control even during the times when horrible acts occur...yes!! So does life begin at conception.....yes!!  So is God in control.....yes!! Can God bring something beautiful out of tragedy?? Yes!!! Ask the  many babies conceived  in rape. Are their lives bet!!
Joe Donnelly (D) 

I guess the God of the challenger is impotent and just throwing up his/her hands in desperation saying oh no.....I can't do anything here!!

So is God sovereign ? I guess remembering God almost did not make the cut in the Democratic platform at their convention ..maybe not so much. Faithful Dems need to be calling our their candidate instead of trying to fan the flames of the fictional war on women. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pro-life blog buzz 10-23-12

from Jill

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN and Kelli
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  • Judie Brown of American Life League calls out Cardinal Dolan’s hypocrisy in inviting President Obama to the Al Smith Dinner. While Dolan claimed on his own blog that dining with sinners is Christlike and that to disinvite opponents would leave him dining alone, Dolan declined an invitation to offer the opening prayer at a 2009 Pro-Life Wisconsin banquet because Brown (who has publicly castigated bishops) was going to be the keynote speaker:

    On the one hand, he found it problematic that I led and continue to lead a campaign to beseech Catholic bishops to obey canon 915 and deny Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians. On the other hand, he finds it Christlike to dine with the most pro-abortion president in the history of this nation.

  • Albert Mohler pans a New Yorker piece which called GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan’s statements on abortion and faith “geniunely disturbing and scary” and similar to that of a “mullah.” Mohler writes:
    Ryan stated the obvious — “Our faith informs us in everything we do.” Any faith of substance will inform every dimension of our lives. It is hard to imagine that Adam Gopnik would have complained or even taken offense if a similar statement had been made, for example, by the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., concerning his advocacy for civil rights….
  • Pro-Life Action League president Eric Scheidler has an op-ed in the Washington Times explaining why liberals and moderates should be concerned about the Obama administration’s egregious attack on religious freedom.
  • Abortion State captures the real war on women: another woman injured at a Planned Parenthood clinic – this time in Everett, WA. Women should be truly offended by the way Obama ignores women who have been injured and even killed at the PP clinics he so unabashedly supports.
  • Ethika Politika discusses a 1947 admonition from Pope Pius XXII stating that abstaining from voting when the interests of the Church are at stake is a “grave and fatal sin.” We must not be silent in the face of evil.

  • Live Action responds in two parts to Jezebel’s assertion (content warning: profanity) that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is wrong for strictly interpreting the Constitution on abortion and other social issues.
  • Charmaine Yoest of Americans United for Life wishes she had just one question for the President at a debate:
    Mr. President, is there not a single limit on abortion that you would support? Not even one?
  • At The Leading Edge, Brendan Malone notes a recent TV panel discussion in which ethicists claimed parents have a “moral obligation” to use abortion to weed out imperfect children. Designer babies? Yes. Sex selection abortion? Yes. Unfortunately the audience tended to agree with the panel. Find podcasts from Malone’s “Edge of Reason” here.
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Sandra Fluke 15 minutes of it up already??

What if you gave a campaign event and no one came? 

This is what Sandra Fluke must be asking herself. This infamous law school grad who became famous for going before a congressional committee and saying that birth control pills should be paid  at 100% cause  many attending the prestigious school of law at Georgetown University cannot pay the $9.00 per month that a prescription at your local drug store would charge. It is hard when you are attending a law school whose tuition tops 40K per year. You must prioritize, don't you know.

So Sandra Fluke answered the call for the cause and happily spoke at the Democratic convention. Great for your resume right? Well onto the campaign to take her message of you pay for my bc pills.....cause the cause is calling you. Sandra's 15 minutes of fame might be up because a recent campaign stop in NV brought 10 people .....5 were probably wondering what was going on. 
Ah fame it is so fleeting....

He knew better but said it anyway.....

He lied....that's why he just said that. He had been corrected before but he is desperate....

Friday, October 19, 2012

Pro Life Blog Buzz 10/19/12

 from Jill

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN and Kelli
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  • At National Review, Michael New remarks on President Obama’s frequent mentions of Planned Parenthood during the second Presidential debate, stating, “The fact that federal funding for Planned Parenthood is now a salient issue during Presidential debates is good evidence of pro-life progress.”

  • Our newest addition to Top Blogs, Voice of Hope, notes the unfortunate editing of the televised premiere of October Baby, in which a pivotal scene was omitted (spoiler alert at link). GMC has since apologized and plans to run the movie in its entirety in the future.
  • Wesley J. Smith says Obamacare, modeled after the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), would practice age discrimination as a “consequence of centralized health care, global budgets, and top-down management”:
    The United Kingdom’s National Health Service rations care and, evidence shows, discriminates against the elderly. Now, the Royal College of Surgeons finds that elderly patients are being denied life-saving surgery based on age rather than fitness.
  • The Road to Roe has links to audio and transcripts of the oral arguments in Roe v. Wade, which had “no evidentiary record in either Roe or Doe,” therefore, “the oral arguments are essential to understanding the Justices’ thinking and the mistakes they made in reaching such unprecedented and sweeping decisions that have sparked 40 years of social, medical, constitutional and political controversy.”
  • Moral Outcry tells us why we should avoid MacHeist, a company that offers drastically reduced prices on Mac software bundles. While the company claims to give 25% of the purchase price to 10 charities, “at least two of the ten charities getting the software money are fully pro-abortion agencies: The Global Fund for Women and Save the Children.”
  • Mommy Life shares video of a father whose heart was changed by his daughter, Paisley, who has Down syndrome:

Romney speech at Al Smith dinner mentions innocent pre borns....

VA health commission resigns over abortion clinic regs in midst of meningitis outbreak

This is not about TN but in a way it is. I have been spending  a lot of time and energy thinking and working in the swing state of VA to turn it  red. This  article caught my eye. 

Karen Remley, health commissioner, has resigned her position and stated in her resignation letter  the VA law requiring abortion facilities to meet the specs other ambulatory surgical  treatment centers "compromised her ability to fulfill her duties."
Really?? She has reported that  "all 20 abortion facilities eligible for licensing have been inspected and that plans of correction were received and approved where necessary." Of course the abortion industry objected to the new law saying that coming into compliance would be too costly and may shut some facilities down. The pro life forces say this is necessary to protect the safety of the women seeking surgical abortions. But if the facilities are complying there should be no issue, right?
So what is the problem??? Remley was appointed by the former Gov Tim Kaine(D) who is running for Senate against Republican George Allen. Is this political? Sure seems that way.
"The Family Foundation of Virginia questioned the timing of Remley's announcement, citing the upcoming presidential and Senate elections.

"Twelve medical experts offering a wide range of expertise voted to adopt reasonable abortion center safety standards," Victoria Cobb, president of the Family Foundation of Virginia, said in a statement.
"The timing of this resignation, less than three weeks before an election where Tim Kaine, the governor who appointed Dr. Remley, and his close political friend Barack Obama, find themselves falling further behind and are desperately trying to wrap themselves around abortion in the misguided belief it will save their campaigns, reeks of political posturing,"
Remley sees fit to resign when their state is responding to a "national outbreak of a rare fungal meningitis in patients who received steroid injections to the spine. Two medical facilities in Southwest Virginia were among more than 70 facilities in 16 states that used the steroid product." Va now has 37 reported cases, the third highest in the nation. Yet, she sees fit to resign over this?? Public servant indeed!!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pro-life blog buzz 10-16-12

from Jill

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN and Kelli
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  • Big Blue Wave shares a video from Alliance for Life Ontario, which the Advertising Standards Council of Canada claims is “demean[ing] and denigrat[ing to] women.” The ASC plans to penalize the pro-life group for refusing to amend or withdraw the ad:
  • At National Review, Michael New notes the critical flaws in the recent study in favor of free contraception:
    [T]here are at least five reasons why this study greatly overstates the impact of no-cost contraception.
    1) No control group… 2) Limited impact on repeat abortion rate… 3) Exaggerated impact on overall abortion rate… 4) The weighting mechanism overstates effectiveness of contraception program… 5) The results are not generalizable to a large population….
    All in all, the pro-life movement receives plenty of criticism from the mainstream media and supporters of legal abortion for not being more contraceptive-friendly. However, in reality there is little evidence that supports the effectiveness of contraceptive programs. Separate studies from both the Guttmacher Institute and the Centers for Disease Control both indicate that a low percentage of sexually active women forgo contraception due to high cost or lack of availability.
  • Accepting Abundance also comments on the free contraception study:
    Caring for women is not the real agenda. Saving the taxpayers money or reducing abortion is not the real agenda. The real agenda is about power. How do you gain power? You convince people they need you to take care of them. You convince them you can save them. You convince them you are god. Works every time, right?
  • 40 Days for Life provides updates from several cities at the halfway point of the campaign. Pro-life speakers David Bereit, Abby Johnson, and Rev. Walter Hoye paid a visit to the Nashville gathering.

  • FRC Blog responds to an article that attempts to paint the pro-life as something it isn’t:
    When working through policy issues with my interns, I often remind them to make sure they know the real principles guiding any discussion. Being pro-life is about valuing life because it is God-given and necessary for all other human experience on earth.
    It is NOT about being pro-opportunities and pro jobs or any other such thing. No dead people have jobs, enjoy art, or get a good education. Being pro-life means you don’t want innocent people to be murdered. A little state charity doesn’t make a platform of murder more palatable.
    If a man ran for office, ended all poverty, gave everyone an ideal education, but every day stood outside the White House and presided over the legal killing of innocent Americans, no one would vote for him. That is what happens in America, only it is labeled “choice.” Innocent people are killed and not a single one of them gets a good education or a chance to have a good life. It is the first liberty without which the others can’t be exercised.
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Monday, October 15, 2012

40 Days of Life Nashville hosts special guests....


 While in Nashville to speak at the CareNet national pregnancy center conference, David Bereit, 40 Days for Life’s national director, visited the local 40 Days for Life campaign and brought along other conference speakers, including former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson and Rev. Walter Hoye of the National Black Pro-Life Coalition. Upon arriving, they joined an enthusiastic crowd of more than 60 people, including the Survivors youth pro-life team that was passing through Nashville on their way back to California.

Pro-life blog buzz 10-12-12

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN and Kelli
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  • Women’s Rights Without Frontiers marked the UN’s International Day of the Girl Child yesterday with the start of their “Save A Girl” campaign to end gendercide in China. WRWF gives “monthly stipends for a year to mothers who are at risk of aborting or abandoning their baby girls. This money helps the mother resist pressure to abort or abandon their baby girls” and also gives to “help support women who are pregnant without a birth permit and are hiding or running to escape forced abortions.” Pro-woman, pro-life. Abortion does not help women. Real support does.
  • ProWomanProLife points out the insane political correctness in Canada, where being pro-life (and teaching that abortion is wrong) supposedly violates anti-bullying laws because some view it as “misogyny.” (Funny how Canada can’t seem to find any misogyny in sex-selective abortions.)

  • ProLife NZ disagrees with a NZ Herald article which asserts that having a child centered marriage is a threat to marital happiness:
    We all know that mums and dads need regular time alone together to nurture their relationship, but to suggest that parents who devote themselves to loving their children above and beyond the call of duty are engaging in one of the “greatest threats” to their marriage is just selfish nonsense….
    This is the very attitude which underpins so much abortion in this country – many people now believe that they shouldn’t have to be responsible for the very children that their sexual choices have brought into existence, or that children are a threat to their personal happiness.
    All the talk of bodily autonomy and “freedom of choice” is really little more than an attempt to get around the fact that… everyone wants to be sexually liberated, but no one wants to be sexually responsible.
  • Michael New analyzes last night’s Vice Presidential debate responses to the question of abortion:
    Now, some pro-lifers will doubtless be disappointed that [GOP candidate Paul] Ryan specifically carved out exceptions for rape, incest, or life of the mother. However, Ryan’s position is consistent with the stances of Republican presidential candidates since 1980. Though pro-lifers have made some impressive gains in the court of public opinion — most people still think abortion should be a legal option in hard-case scenarios.
    All in all, Ryan stated the pro-life position in a very humane way that was clear, compelling, and convincing.
  • National Pro Life Radio posts the story of Pamela, a mother who was advised by two doctors to abort after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After rejecting this advice, her son Thomas was born prematurely with a brain bleed. Doctors again advised her to allow him to die. Instead, Pamela authorized a life saving shunt… but as days went by, Thomas’ prognosis improved, and surgery was not needed.
  • Reflections of a Paralytic posts a video tribute to baby Ethan, whose mother was told at 18 weeks that her pregnancy was “incompatible with life.” This family also proved the experts wrong:

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pro-life blog buzz 10-9-12

from Jill

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN and Kelli
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  • Newly added to our Top Sites, Cradle My Heart, a website and radio program dedicated to post-abortion healing, features a podcast interview with our own Jill Stanek. Jill describes her introduction to the horror of live birth abortions, what she learned as a result of that incident, and how it changed the course of her life. Please share with people who are still unaware of this issue and how Jill came to have personal firsthand knowledge of Barack Obama’s position and votes against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

  • Generations for Life reminds pro-lifers to register and participate in the upcoming Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity:
    It’s just under two weeks away, and already, students from over 800 schools — along with over 80 home schools, more than 120 businesses & ministries, and over 400 individuals/non-students — in 33 countries have registered to participate!
  • At the FRC Blog, Jessica Prol lists “a few brief questions” she would have asked President Obama on the life issue at the first Presidential debate:
    Mr. President, in 2007, you told the moving story of an unborn child who was tragically shot by a stray bullet. In light of your admission that this specific pre-born being was both a child and a victim, would you please explain why you voted — 4 times — to deny Constitutional protection to children who are at a similar developmental stage, but have survived a failed abortion?
  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life re-posts a timely article from last year, written by Notre Dame’s O. Carter Snead on the importance of protecting the weak and vulnerable in society:
    [T]he “life issues” — including especially the conflicts over abortion and embryo-destructive research — involve the deepest and most fundamental public questions for a nation committed to liberty, equality, and justice.
  • At Live Action, Angela Kim of the Teenage Life Club writes on how teenagers can make a difference in the pro-life movement.

  • At Ethika Politika, Jacqueline Harvey takes apart a deceptive “report” from Guttmacher on women’s reasons for using contraception:
    The authors also gloss over the fact that while they state the importance of giving women control over their lives (via contraception), 31% of women cite that their partner’s desire for them to use contraception is a “very important” reason for using contraception. Since only 51% of women sampled indicate having a partner, it seems that a majority (over 63%) of women with partners abdicate the control that they supposedly gain to their male partner. Some could consider this antithetical, and I wonder if the supposedly “free consumers” of contraception are free at all and not coerced by their partners.
    Furthermore, if the thesis that the authors offer is that contraception provides women with greater control over their lives, allowing them to finish school and endure their economic hardships, this thesis is discredited by the fact that in nearly 50% of women, it fails to do so.
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Friday, October 5, 2012

Pro-life blog buzz 10-5-12

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN and Kelli
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  • Moral Outcry wonders why no one raised the issue of the enormous costs of abortion in the first Presidential Debate of 2012:
    As a classroom teacher for many years who made anywhere from $27,500 to $40,000, (so let’s average that to $33,750, which is actually very low for a teacher average nationwide, but not too far from starting salaries) I’d like to propose that if we cut Planned Parenthood funding for a year we could pay a year’s starting salary to 10,761 new teachers.

  • Mommy Life calls out the Obama campaign on their shameless use of an adult with Down syndrome to push the anti-Romney “47%” rhetoric. It is Obama, not Mitt Romney, who would use our tax dollars to have people like Brittany (pictured left) snuffed out before they are even born.
  • ProWomanProLife remarks that comments made recently by both Canadian and UK officials on pro-life issues highlights the fact that any sentiment toward preborn humans is viewed as an attack against women.
  • John Smeaton notes how women over 40 can now sue the National Health Service (NHS) if they are denied IVF services because of their age.
  • Christina at Real Choice takes apart pro-choice women who choose to dress like female body parts and still expect to be taken seriously.
  • Stand True calls out President Obama for turning a blind eye to the number of botched abortions in the last 20 months – that we know of – as he continues to fund Planned Parenthood with our tax dollars:
    It is unconscionable that our tax dollars are going to Planned Parenthood, especially with their increasingly high rate of life-threatening abortion emergencies. President Obama’s support for Planned Parenthood in the face of these abortion injuries – including at least one abortion death – is a national disgrace.

Memphis Editorial calls legislators and school administrators "prissy fools" for promoting abstinence

Shelby County TN (Memphis) has  one of the highest teen birth rates in the nation.  Yet the Commercial Appeal writes an editorial calling educators and legislators "prissy fools" for acknowledging their sex ed methods have not worked and agonizing over the new law that went into effect on July 1st. 
"According to The Urban Child Institute's data book on children in Shelby County, one in six births in Shelby County is to a mother in her teens." 
Planned Parenthood has enjoyed a free reign over the students for years and the results have not been stellar. They start out with the premise that everyone is having sex and move quickly in techniques to satisfy yourself and your partner(s) and circumvent  pregnancy. Except everyone understands that in the heat of the moment the best laid plans...well you know. So pregnancy and STI's are off the chart. Now Planned Parenthood has the answer for the pregnancy part and their revenue stream of abortion on demand is a well oiled machine. Don't want your parents to know...we have a friendly judge with a judicial bypass for you. Don't want to tell the judge the true age of the man who impregnated you.....our counselors can prep you on how to lie about his age. Hey, we were even caught on camera doing that.  But with all those pregnancies some choose not to abort and the end result is borne out in the statistics that are a national crisis. So what is the definition of insanity...doing the same thing and expecting different results. 

The shrieking editorial has a fit that parents have more control over the sex ed their minor child is being taught. Shocking....after all it is their child.  The editorial thinks it should be up there with the 3 R's. regardless of what parents think.  Next the new word of the day is nonabstinence is introduced to us. 
"The law forbids participation in the classes by groups that promote nonabstinence."
 How is that for a new word...... nonabstinence. Is that how the style book at the Commercial Appeal says to say screwing around or the F word???  Actually tried to look it up in the urban dictionary. Nope not there. But the unmitigated nerve of kicking out those who promote sex???

 That is the part that angers Planned Parenthood and their friendlies.   Why if Planned Parenthood can't go in and give them cards with their number on it to text for private sex info ..there goes there marketing strategy. 

Prissy fools...says the editorial.....wonder if  they had a day long meeting in the editorial board room to come up with that wise statement. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pro Life Blog Buzz 10/2/12

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN and Kelli
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  • Judie Brown shows examples of a “dysfunctional America” which glorifies “convenience, self-gratification, and tolerance” through an onslaught of messages which, at one time, would have shocked the human conscience.

    Case in point: a Facebook meme created by the Care2 organization which attempts to denigrate the pro-life positions on contraception and rape (pictured left). Brown refers us to pro-life blogger Mindy Goorchenko, who says the meme would be accurate if the child were the one portrayed as the flotation device:
    Abortion is actually like falling into the water with an innocent child and using him as a flotation device. He dies, while you manage to climb back on shore and dry off.
    You do this even while there is a dock just a few feet away which can provide safe harbor until you are able to not only ensure the child’s survival but your own.
    Rather than teaching people how to jump with both feet into the treacherous waters as adolescents, along with the often ineffectual life jackets that are notoriously misused by children and adults, we should teach them to avoid the rapids until they are able to swim more effectively, and preferably with a buddy.
    A committed buddy, who would sacrifice their own life for yours.

  • Big Blue Wave highlights an article on the refusal of the staff and physicians at New Zealand’s Southland Hospital to perform abortions. Rather than stay out the abortion biz, however, the Southern District Health Board has decided to bring an abortionist in from out of town one day each week (“at great expense”) to do abortions.

  • The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition applauds Calgary Herald columnist and editor Licia Corbella’s excellent article on the slippery slope of euthanasia in the Netherlands, which was originally supposed to be available only, as Corbella puts it, “to terminally ill, elderly people, who were suffering and in full control of their mental faculties. Period.” But things haven’t gone quite that way. Corbella writes:
    Earlier this week, the annual report cataloguing euthanasia deaths in Holland for 2011 was released. And it’s rollicking good news for euthanasia pushers — deaths are way up! Last year, 3,695 Dutch citizens opted to end their lives early with the help and the blessing of a physician and the state. That’s an 18 per cent increase over 2010 and more than a doubling since 2006. If that were a company’s bottom line, its CEO would be on the cover of every business magazine in the world.
    While a significant spike in the number of people deciding to check out of life is not proof of a slippery slope, it is proof that the idea of doctors killing their patients is gaining wider acceptance….
    Remember, in Holland, the initial plan was to make euthanasia available only to suffering elderly people who had total control of their mental faculties. Now schizophrenics and clinically depressed psychiatric patients are being given prescriptions by their psychiatrists, not to help them get better, but to kill them. That, folks, isn’t just a slippery slope, it’s Mount Everest in an ice storm!
  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life links to a National Catholic Register article about Abby Johnson’s new ministry to help abortion workers seeking to leave the industry:
    “Former abortion workers have seen and heard and experienced things that people cannot imagine,” explained Johnson. “Our first goal is to provide stability, so they can get out of where they’re working and have families that are healthy and happy. Our second goal is recovery, so that they feel mentally and physically healthy.”
    In addition, the organization offers spiritual healing and legal assistance.
    Abby intends to accept a limited number of free speaking engagements (love offering only) for this new ministry.