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Friday, October 26, 2012

Another tasteless ad from POTUS...naked women

So many important things going on in this country.....unfolding information about the terrorist attacks and what really happened in Benghazi...the economy but this president continues to play small ball and put out tasteless attacks. Wonder why he did not let his two daughters pose for this ridiculous ad. I think what I agree with this... 

 From Erick Erickson: The reason Barack Obama is running this ad is because he is done trying to get independent voters. He’s given up. Despite campaign rhetoric about fighting for evangelicals, he’s given up there. He’s given up on Catholic voters. He’s given up on the South. He’s given up on men who have daughters. He’s given up on moms. He’s given up on everyone expect his core base of singles, gays, and minorities, including college kids he is desperate to get back to the polls.

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Anonymous said...

Given up on independents? Moms? Catholics? The south???? Well in hindsight, we can see how wrong that assertion was, given Obama's large victory. And the suggestion this ad shows Obama gave up
In dads with daughters is ridiculous: any dad who has daughters the age of the women in this video and thinks they aren't sexually active is a fool.

" Desoerate"? Ahahahahaha!!!!!!