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Monday, October 22, 2012

Sandra Fluke 15 minutes of it up already??

What if you gave a campaign event and no one came? 

This is what Sandra Fluke must be asking herself. This infamous law school grad who became famous for going before a congressional committee and saying that birth control pills should be paid  at 100% cause  many attending the prestigious school of law at Georgetown University cannot pay the $9.00 per month that a prescription at your local drug store would charge. It is hard when you are attending a law school whose tuition tops 40K per year. You must prioritize, don't you know.

So Sandra Fluke answered the call for the cause and happily spoke at the Democratic convention. Great for your resume right? Well onto the campaign to take her message of you pay for my bc pills.....cause the cause is calling you. Sandra's 15 minutes of fame might be up because a recent campaign stop in NV brought 10 people .....5 were probably wondering what was going on. 
Ah fame it is so fleeting....

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