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Friday, October 19, 2012

VA health commission resigns over abortion clinic regs in midst of meningitis outbreak

This is not about TN but in a way it is. I have been spending  a lot of time and energy thinking and working in the swing state of VA to turn it  red. This  article caught my eye. 

Karen Remley, health commissioner, has resigned her position and stated in her resignation letter  the VA law requiring abortion facilities to meet the specs other ambulatory surgical  treatment centers "compromised her ability to fulfill her duties."
Really?? She has reported that  "all 20 abortion facilities eligible for licensing have been inspected and that plans of correction were received and approved where necessary." Of course the abortion industry objected to the new law saying that coming into compliance would be too costly and may shut some facilities down. The pro life forces say this is necessary to protect the safety of the women seeking surgical abortions. But if the facilities are complying there should be no issue, right?
So what is the problem??? Remley was appointed by the former Gov Tim Kaine(D) who is running for Senate against Republican George Allen. Is this political? Sure seems that way.
"The Family Foundation of Virginia questioned the timing of Remley's announcement, citing the upcoming presidential and Senate elections.

"Twelve medical experts offering a wide range of expertise voted to adopt reasonable abortion center safety standards," Victoria Cobb, president of the Family Foundation of Virginia, said in a statement.
"The timing of this resignation, less than three weeks before an election where Tim Kaine, the governor who appointed Dr. Remley, and his close political friend Barack Obama, find themselves falling further behind and are desperately trying to wrap themselves around abortion in the misguided belief it will save their campaigns, reeks of political posturing,"
Remley sees fit to resign when their state is responding to a "national outbreak of a rare fungal meningitis in patients who received steroid injections to the spine. Two medical facilities in Southwest Virginia were among more than 70 facilities in 16 states that used the steroid product." Va now has 37 reported cases, the third highest in the nation. Yet, she sees fit to resign over this?? Public servant indeed!!


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