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Friday, October 5, 2012

Memphis Editorial calls legislators and school administrators "prissy fools" for promoting abstinence

Shelby County TN (Memphis) has  one of the highest teen birth rates in the nation.  Yet the Commercial Appeal writes an editorial calling educators and legislators "prissy fools" for acknowledging their sex ed methods have not worked and agonizing over the new law that went into effect on July 1st. 
"According to The Urban Child Institute's data book on children in Shelby County, one in six births in Shelby County is to a mother in her teens." 
Planned Parenthood has enjoyed a free reign over the students for years and the results have not been stellar. They start out with the premise that everyone is having sex and move quickly in techniques to satisfy yourself and your partner(s) and circumvent  pregnancy. Except everyone understands that in the heat of the moment the best laid plans...well you know. So pregnancy and STI's are off the chart. Now Planned Parenthood has the answer for the pregnancy part and their revenue stream of abortion on demand is a well oiled machine. Don't want your parents to know...we have a friendly judge with a judicial bypass for you. Don't want to tell the judge the true age of the man who impregnated you.....our counselors can prep you on how to lie about his age. Hey, we were even caught on camera doing that.  But with all those pregnancies some choose not to abort and the end result is borne out in the statistics that are a national crisis. So what is the definition of insanity...doing the same thing and expecting different results. 

The shrieking editorial has a fit that parents have more control over the sex ed their minor child is being taught. Shocking....after all it is their child.  The editorial thinks it should be up there with the 3 R's. regardless of what parents think.  Next the new word of the day is nonabstinence is introduced to us. 
"The law forbids participation in the classes by groups that promote nonabstinence."
 How is that for a new word...... nonabstinence. Is that how the style book at the Commercial Appeal says to say screwing around or the F word???  Actually tried to look it up in the urban dictionary. Nope not there. But the unmitigated nerve of kicking out those who promote sex???

 That is the part that angers Planned Parenthood and their friendlies.   Why if Planned Parenthood can't go in and give them cards with their number on it to text for private sex info ..there goes there marketing strategy. 

Prissy fools...says the editorial.....wonder if  they had a day long meeting in the editorial board room to come up with that wise statement. 

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