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Friday, October 5, 2012

Pro-life blog buzz 10-5-12

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN and Kelli
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  • Moral Outcry wonders why no one raised the issue of the enormous costs of abortion in the first Presidential Debate of 2012:
    As a classroom teacher for many years who made anywhere from $27,500 to $40,000, (so let’s average that to $33,750, which is actually very low for a teacher average nationwide, but not too far from starting salaries) I’d like to propose that if we cut Planned Parenthood funding for a year we could pay a year’s starting salary to 10,761 new teachers.

  • Mommy Life calls out the Obama campaign on their shameless use of an adult with Down syndrome to push the anti-Romney “47%” rhetoric. It is Obama, not Mitt Romney, who would use our tax dollars to have people like Brittany (pictured left) snuffed out before they are even born.
  • ProWomanProLife remarks that comments made recently by both Canadian and UK officials on pro-life issues highlights the fact that any sentiment toward preborn humans is viewed as an attack against women.
  • John Smeaton notes how women over 40 can now sue the National Health Service (NHS) if they are denied IVF services because of their age.
  • Christina at Real Choice takes apart pro-choice women who choose to dress like female body parts and still expect to be taken seriously.
  • Stand True calls out President Obama for turning a blind eye to the number of botched abortions in the last 20 months – that we know of – as he continues to fund Planned Parenthood with our tax dollars:
    It is unconscionable that our tax dollars are going to Planned Parenthood, especially with their increasingly high rate of life-threatening abortion emergencies. President Obama’s support for Planned Parenthood in the face of these abortion injuries – including at least one abortion death – is a national disgrace.

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JennJ said...

Unbelievable that Obama can have the nerve to use that young woman with Downs syndrome like that. That man truly has no morals at all it seems. God willing he will be voted out in Nov.