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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nashville...thousands to marathon...We are Women rally ....negligible turnout..

Saturday, April 28th was a busy day in Nashville, TN. It was  the day  of  Music City Marathon which starts in the morning. Thousands participated in the various marathons along with supporters, vendors and  marathon personnel made  for a lot of people in the city all day.  

Yet that afternoon just a few blocks away,  the  'We are Women' rally hosted by United  held  their 'nationwide' rally touted by their website  in 56 cities . The advertised rally  was  described in the previous post as a  panoply of the bizarre.

Despite beautiful weather , speakers and handing out refreshments...the crowds were barely recognizable. The speakers promoted  for Nashville rally were Park Overall, actress and activist – Democratic candidate for US Senate and Danielle Billingsley, concerned Tennessean. Ever hear of them???

A few interesting signs were ..... Think outside my box....and contrary to popular opinion the Bible does not fit inside my uterus???  Okay????  The rally was promoted from 3-6...ending in time for Happy Hour. 

Top picture from Tennessean online...other phots from Facebook page for We are Women.


MoodyAlly said...

Hell right it ended in time for happy hour. We liberals drink like fish. In fact we had a a really nice after party.
And sense you were not there and stole these pics off our website, you should know it was hot as hell (where we are all going I am sure) and we lost some of the crowd because of that, before these pictures where taken.

Susie Allen said...

"you should know it was hot as hell (where we are all going I am sure)"

:) Gosh hope not.

MoodyAlly said...

I was being sarcastic. :)
I know I'm not.
Everyone is welcome to go to our Facebook page and look at the rest of the pictures. We actually did get a fair turnout.
But please do not use these pictures with out the owners permission, as many of them have our kids in them, and where meant for privet usage.
This blog stole the picture they have posted.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. You must have been early or late, as there were several hundreds present by 4 PM.

Anonymous said...

Please don't honor these foolish people with a response. They r just busy bodies who need a purpose in life.

Susie Allen said...

Really? It is a Facebook pAge that is published and open and a tv station did an interview. But u reminded me of something I need to fix and that is to say where the pix came from . Will fix that . Don't believe I had pix of kids. Was it a bad rally for kids to be at?

Shirley said...

In reply to moody alley, we understand the crowd being down due to weather. After all, we hold our pro-life rallies in balmy January for just that reason.
Hey on January 22nd I have stood in snow, sleet and rain along with thousands...Just last year I went to DC and it rained all day as we marched. Did you see it on the news? There were 500 thousand there but of course you did not because it was ignored by the media. But hey tough trying to rally on a sunny day in April though.

Susie Allen said...

Really anonymous..."several hundereds present" an hour after the rally concluded??

MoodyAlly said...

""Really anonymous..."several hundereds present" an hour after the rally concluded??""

Actually, there was NOBODY there, after the rally concluded. That is because it had, you know, concluded.

And Shirley....Lol, is it a "mine is bigger than yours" contest now? Sense we are only a few months in the making and this was our first rally, we did pretty good.

I wont reply again. Yall can argue about the crowd size all you want, but sense, you know, we where there.......