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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rallies for "panoply of the bizzarre"

I don't know that I would be eager  to show up at a rally armed with my  cardboard uterus with sponsors such as "This Slut Votes" or  "Rock the Slut" vote.  

Pro Life Action League notes that copycat rallies planned for April 28th hope to counter the tremendous success  of the March 23rd rallies to Stand up for Religious Freedom that brought out 63K++ people in the middle of a work day in over 140++ cities across the US. I suspect their rallies will have to be held more in line with the local happy hours. 

         PLAL  notes the panoply of the bizarre on their website. From mocking scripture...compliments of their religious choice sponsors to the pictures stating that science must be taught...wonder if they are against teaching the life begins at conception...probably not and to online sales of onesies for babies who survived the pro abortion mentality. 

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MoodyAlly said...

I don't understand why the pro-life movement thinks it was a copy cat rally. But, hey, if you want to be conceited like that, what ever.

The "slut" Movement come from the far-right calling women who use birth-control sluts. It is their way to throw it back in the rights faces that even "sluts" have rights and vote.

The rallies where held at a time that was best for everyone across the state, as MANY had to drive for hours to get there We also had to accommodate the people booked before us, and we had to wait until the state troopers could be there. Next time you want to slander someone, do your homework.

We also have every right to mock scripture that you use to try to in-crouch on our rights. There is a reason for the separation of church and state.

Yes, we ask that science be taught in schools. I really dont understand why anyone is against this.
We also ask for comprehensive sex ed to be taught as well. Take a look around at the teen pregnancy rate. Your way obviously isn't working.
And on a finale note, I don't think anyone is arguing that life begins at conception, in fact it starts before that as both the egg and the semen are "alive". We argue that it isn't a sentient life. Also, something that depends on our bodies to live shouldn't have more rights to our body than us.