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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hilltoppers for Life battle continues on the campus of WKU...student refuses to apologize and art teacher backs her......

The Art student who placed condoms on approved display of crosses put out by Hilltoppers for Life on the campus of Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green wrote the following email to the pro life group pointing out that contrary to reports of her apology...she does not legal action is now being taken according to Students for Life.  
Among their demands is that the offending student not receive credit and apologize  to the Hilltoppers from the student along with  the art teacher  and the authorities for not taking action against this offense.  

(View the ADF letter here.)

 Forwarded Message —– From: “Smith, Elaina, C” Sent: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 3:11 PM Subject: Elaina Smith During the week of April 16th, the Hilltoppers for Life’s pro-life display remained un-interrupted. The student body tolerated this intrusion without major incident. The voice of the pro-life community was heard. On the last day of this event, I attempted to add to the visual dialogue with my own voice and was met with strong resistance. I take this subject very seriously, and had hoped to remind people of the effectiveness of condoms and other forms of contraception in preventing unwanted pregnancies. I do not ask that everyone agree with my point of view or the way in which I tried to express it. However, I stand by my actions. I do not believe that I impeded anyone else’s freedom of expression. I did not break any laws. I did not damage any property. I voluntarily removed the condoms even though I was not required to do so. At the time, I thought that the matter had ended there. I do not feel that I should apologize for attempting to exercise the freedoms that we all are entitled to.
 Elaina Smith


patsijean said...

Sorry to disagree with you, but your demand that Elaina Smith receives no credit for her Art class is based on your belief that 4000 Popsicle crosses taped to bleachers is Art (Not! Popsicle sticks? Really?), and your outrage that someone else disagrees with you and is not afraid to say it. You have no more to say about her grade than I do, even though I agree with her. Consider this: those condoms represent several hundred unwanted pregnancies. Perhaps, if you are so rabid about the abortion issue, you should focus instead on teaching people reliable methods of preventing pregnancy. That way there would be no need for those 4000 crosses.

Susie Allen said...

Hilltoppers were not trying to say their display was art. Certainly putting condoms on a display is not art. For a teacher to condone this much less give credit is beneath the university and the president and dean should act accordingly toward the so called educator.