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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chinese demographics suffer under one child policy....

I heard this on NPR...Chinese officials are getting some public criticism of their forced abortion and one child policy that targets females from inside their own country. 

Although there were some mild complaints about human rights issue most of the concerns centered around the demographics and what this means economically not to mention the absence of girls as prospective brides and mothers to future generations. Why don't we get an ad used to say...don't mess with Mother Nature!
"But Wang says the problem now isn't that Chinese couples are having too many kids, it's that they're having too few. Last year, census results showed what demographers had long suspected: the fertility rate is very low.

As the population ages, health care costs are expected to soar. With couples having fewer kids, there will be far fewer workers to pay for that health care.
"I think the harm has already been done," says Wang. "So even if China stopped the one-child policy tomorrow, this new birth would not become adult labor until 20 years from now."
However some conscience pricking is going on especially after the alternative media exposed the forced late term abortion of the daughter of Deng Jiyuan and Feng Jianmei when they failed to cough up $6,000 fine for having a second child.

"Family planning workers are aware of the research, but must enforce the rules. Some are riddled with guilt. Zhang Erli used to work as a high-ranking official with China's National Population and Family Planning Commission.
Last month, he made an extraordinary, tearful apology on TV to the millions of women who have had to end their pregnancies because of the policy."

 Pix: Quirky China News / Rex Features

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