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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Knoxville TN: Two abortion 44 pages of health violations...

 Two Knoxville, TN abortion facilities  received inspections after people praying across the street from one observed a woman being discharged in obvious distress and complained to Dept. of Health. This photo of a woman being discharged that finally convinced the  TN DOH,  after several calls,  to check out  Knoxville Center for Reproductive Health on Clinch Avenue and Volunteer Women's Clinic on Concord Street.    

The  inspection showed  23 pages of violations  at the Volunteer Women's Center which is licensed as an ambulatory surgical treatment centerExamples of violations included  autoclave for sterilizing equipment not operational and emergency crash cart not containing required equipment and out of date meds. It is interesting to note that the state of TN does not currently require that facilities that perform abortions be licensed as ambulatory surgical treatment centers. So if this is how an ASTC  operates, it is scary to image how those who do not meet even these requirements operate and prey  upon the women they pro-port to serve.  

The Knoxville Center for Reproductive Health which also does abortions had 21 pages of violations discovered including sutures 12 years beyond expiration date, outdated birth control pills, improper storage of sterile equipment. In other words, these facilities did not follow proper infection control protocol for their surgical services and basic patient care services.

One doctor said Tuesday that he became seriously concerned for women's health after reading the reports. 
Dr. Rod Briggs ,a practicing OB/GYN,  spoke Tuesday across the street from Volunteer Women's Health Clinic which performs abortions. He said the violations found in the 21-page state inspection report raised serious questions for him as a physician.
 Clinic  co-manager of the  Center for Reproductive Health Corrine Rovetti ,  dismissed the seriousness of the infractions.

"None of those deficiencies directly affected patient care. They were more related to tidying and cleaning up, they did not affect patient care at all," said Rovetti.
Dr. Biggs disagreed stating....." If the instruments aren't cleaned when the procedures are performed, what an egregious medication situation we have here"
  The DOH  did not feel the violations were serious enough to warrant closure and allowed the abortion facilities  two months to correct infractions before re inspection. The plan of correction did not mention advising former patients of possible issues surrounding their care.

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