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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nashville TV station infers PP gives prenatal care for expectant moms...

Channel 4 Nashville (WSM) had the following write up on their website....Get this headline....

"Lack of funding leaves expectant moms looking for options...."
Expectant moms!!! Really!!!I did walk in on the video of  this story playing  on the local news coverage, but since I missed most of it I wanted to go to their website and see the actual script.

I wish there was a place for comments. What a totally inaccurate write up!!
First of all, Planned Parenthood / Nashville  does not do prenatal care...  in fact only a tiny proportion of PP centers around the country report providing this care....63 out of 800+ and as for Nashville from their own website, they clearly  state that if you are pregnant and wish to continue the pregnancy, they refer you out for prenatal care....but this headline suggests that expectant moms will be out of luck for prenatal care ????

Expectant moms going to PP come out  not pregnant as in abortion. Oh ya, they say they do adoption counseling as in what???? carry the baby for 9 mos. and choose adoption???? need an abortion. Adoption  referrals as in you want to do adoption???...go somewhere else. 

If I did not know better and heard/read this report, I would think that the govt. cut the Title X monies for STD testing, well women check ups and birth control.... instead of just said that the services in Nashville would be done  at the county health dept. instead of the nation's largest promoter and provider for abortion. The person who wrote this report was clueless.  

Again, they kept saying poor women are going to be denied necessary care and  try to paint PP as a totally benevolent organization bemoaning that the abortion giant cares only about women and not the sweetheart annual grant of  $335K from our taxes. Look at this fact sheet about  Maybe their non profit prez can chip in something from $100K++ salary?

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