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Monday, June 20, 2011

Shelby Co. TN Health Dir. supports PP but worries about demise of babies prior to birth!??

 Yvonne Madlock's  quote from a panel discussion on babies  seems a little strange given her refusal to rule out subcontracting Title X monies to Planned Parenthood of Memphis. I know she is the darling of the abortion supporting pols from Memphis ,  but as Director of the Shelby County Health Dept,  she is saying that unlike the other 94 counties in TN she may not be able to  handle family planning services with this money. She must reserve the right to subcontract out and refuses to  rule out the nation's largest abortion provider as a potential recipient. 

I thought she was concerned about the demise of  babies before birth.

"The other thing that this community has
finally adopted -- I'm really very happy about this, we all
should be -- is that we now have a fetal infant mortality review
project here in Memphis and Shelby County. What that allows us to
do is to really analyze why do we lose fetuses? Why do we lost(sic)
babies before they are born?"
Ummmm Director Madlock....that would be abortion.

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