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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tennessean: hatchet editorial demonstrates how out of touch they are....

What a hatchet job from the Tennessean. No surprise that their editorial board  which is so beholden to the abortion industry. They are out of step with the Tennesseans per their own poll which states most Tennesseans are pro life. They just can't believe that taxpayers don't want to support Planned Parenthood...such a benevolent organization...NOT.  No wonder readership is credibility except in a few liberal pockets.

Even their commenters take them to task.  Our county health depts. are the ones to offer  birth control services  and cancer screenings. This is the way it should be and if they cannot or will not because of their loyalties...let's get someone that will. 
Listen to the ones who came out of  the abortion industry such as Abby Johnson.....PP relies upon tax money to operate....they use those other services as foot traffic for the profitable end of their business...abortions.
I wonder if I start a grocery store will the govt. pay for the potatoes for me to stock and I will advertise them for a low price or maybe even free to get customers in my store and place them next tot he sirloin steaks which feeds my profit margin?? Just a thought.

Anyway back to the is one that caught my eye.

"Tony V....All emotional issues are confusing. My granddaughter recently found she was pregnant. She's also not married. A visit to the local Planned Parenthood office left her with only one recommendation. Have an abortion. I've heard of this happening in other situations but this was the first time I had a first hand experience with it. She has already made one mistake. Taking the life of an innocent child makes this mistake a minor detail."

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