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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Komen continues unholy alliance with PP

Susan G. Komen apparently knows no shame. They have a slick marketing dept. and bring in lots of $$. But how did they get this unholy alliance going with Planned Parenthood?  Jill Stanek posts another exchange that is just unbelievable. Susan G. has been continues to give donated $$ to PP even though they were forced to admit that PP does not perform mammograms. 

Okay, I get that they refuse to accept the link of increased risk of breast cancer for those who choose abortions but to give large grants for basically doing a topical breast exam and handing out brochures is really outrageous. You can learn how to do a breast self exam and feel what the lump feels like with the dummy used in demonstrations. I learned that while attending a women's luncheon one year.  Why not donate this $$ to county health depts. that actually do the mammograms?

I recently received a request for participation in one of their race for the cure. I wrote and asked why I should donate to a cause that gives $$ to PP when I am pro life. I received a terse reply that my email was forwarded for an answer. When the answer did not come, I emailed back and asked where it was only to receive another terse email stating that "they" were busy and would get around to my answer. The answer was  a form letter that parsed words and basically tried to lead me to believe that the screening and handing out brochures was worthy of those grants. When a lump was detected they referred them to other agencies for the mammograms and in some cases paid for the mammograms. So they are forced to admit that their previous wording that PP does mammograms with these grants is patently false.

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