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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Care2 ads appear uninvited in your in box spreading amazing misinformation...worse than spam

The  Obama never ending campaign has their talking points about abortion
after their loss in Texas. They come to your in box uninvited when you click on some ad unknowingly...there they are! 

They are really bad and don't make sense and are completely inaccurate but that does not stop them. Here are some bullet points from a latest email criticizing the TX ban on late term abortions....after the 5th month of pregnancy. They even mock the part of the bill that is about the safety of women. They don't care that the doctors are not qualified enough to have admitting privileges at local hospitals or that their abortion mills do not meet the standards required of other surgery centers but  the worst one is wanting to continue to administer RU 486 beyond what the FDA recommends. Do people fall for this?? Obviously some do but the truth wins out and the public is becoming more pro life. This is what has them so scared. Thus the uninvited emails where fact checking could debunk everyone of these items. But they count on people reading and believing and unfortunately some do. The latest blather...

  • the Bible does not speak about abortion
  • the evil Republicans are a bunch of fundamentalist who hate women
  • they want to force childbirth on women who were rape or the victims of incest- they think women who are raped might for some unknown reason wait until after their 5th month of pregnancy to abort.
  • their insistence that abortion centers meet requirements of other surgical treatment centers will not make abortion safer
  • making doctors have admitting privileges is medically unnecessary
  • they want to ban the abortion pill...reason not given except they just hate women
  • What they really want is to ban all abortions even in cases of rape, incest or when you are going to die.
  • These evil people want our children to live in poverty. They don't care. They are not pro life they are pro birth and don't forget they hate women.
They then ask you to sign a petition so they have your contact information. Worse than spam...

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