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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Walker's choice for spokesperson draws concerns despite his otherwise solid pro life credentials

Scott Walker is gaining attention each day as speculation grows that he may become  a presidential candidate.  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel posts an article about the  strong pro life governor being in trouble with the state's pro life organizations for selecting a spokeswoman who is a Planned Parenthood supporter.  Alleigh Marre, has previously worked for pro choice Republicans such as Scott Brown,  but she draws special ire for not keeping her abortion opinions to herself instead  of blogging about it.

"Obviously, naturally, that's a problem," said Matt Sande, legislative director for Pro-Life Wisconsin, which endorsed Walker in 2010 election and his recall contest. "I think he needs a new spokeswoman, immediately."

"As a person in the public representing the governor, I think it is a problem," said [Barbara]Lyons of WI Right to Life, a longtime Walker ally. "It's a problem for people who believe in Scott Walker and his pro-life position."

"America is a great country where people can have differing points of view on various issues," said Tom Evenson, Walker's campaign communications director."

"One unnammed activists suggested it was a matter of sloppy vetting but others have suggested it is a preamble to a national campaign to soft peddle his pro life views. Pro lifer Gary Bauer is less than impressed with the impression of being pro life but not wanting to talk about it."
 Pro lifers have been used and taken for granted in the past. There is a litany of state pro life politicians who suddenly forget those stands once national office beckons.  Here's hoping Walker is not one of them. If you want to employ a abortion supporter for a job,  please don't make him/her your spokesperson.

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