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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Funding site refuses to allow documentary based on facts about Kermit Gosnell...past documentaries about serial killer fair game

Even  though this documentary is going to be taken from actual sworn testimony, Hollywood and  political powers do not want the story told. They have resorted to refusing to allow these film makers to use their crowdfunding website. The certainly have done films about other murders but Gosnell is off limits. Why do I think the Planned Parenthood money has something to do with it.

"Phelim McAleer and his wife and creative partner, Ann McElhinney, have joined with Magdalena Segieda to make a move about Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia late-term abortion doctor who was recently convicted of multiple murders and 21 illegal abortions, including the horrific killings of many babies as they were being delivered. The trio has previously collaborated to produce the documentary FrackNation.  
But their plans to raise in excess of $2 million via the crowdfunding website Kickstarter was derailed recently when the site's operators objected to the description of the project and raised concerns about the political machinations behind it.
"There have been four movies about Ted Bundy, five about the Zodiac killer, three about John Wayne Gacy, and the Lifetime network has already made and broadcast a film about Jodie Arias -- who killed one person. Kermit Gosnell killed more than them all put together," McAleer said.
"Rather than go to Hollywood for financing -- something the trio believes is a lost cause -- they have now turned to Indiegogo, a crowdfunding rival to Kickstarter."

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