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Monday, April 21, 2014

Nashville, TN: Way of the Cross prayer vigil uplifts many and offends two

Nashville TN had a successful Way of the Cross prayer vigil  in front of  the abortion facility known as the Women's Center. Approximately 125 men, women and children participated in the peaceful prayer vigil.

Apparently some people took offense at the first amendment freedom of speech being offered on Good Friday. One man in the neighborhood complained about the cross...I guess that is what is known as the offense of the cross. One lady decided that reverent prayer was offensive to her and drove her car close to the curb,  yelling at the attendees daring them to step off the curb, along with other obscenities and hand gestures. She stopped and laid on her horn.The prayers continued.

 I apologized to one family who had driven from KY to participate. The mother said she did not want to shield her children from the fact that some people are hostile to Christian witness and they needed to be prepared for it. 

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