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Friday, April 22, 2011

Daily Telegraph: Late abortion figures must be released, High Court rules

Daily  Telegraph: Late abortion figures must be released, High Court rules

This is  causing consternation in the UK. The abortion industry decries this ruling stating that abortion after 24 weeks for cases of abnormalities must be revealed. In the UK abortions for social reasons prior to that time is permitted but after that period the doctor is supposed to have discretion and perform abortions for serious risk to the mother or seriously handicap of the child. The pro life movement contends that babies are being aborted for minimal defects such as club feet or cleft pallet.

Pro life movement state that this lax rule with no auditing created an "outrageous  imbalance" between the rights of the mother and unborn child. The abortion industry says that the privacy rights however remote might be breached causing  the women choosing abortion and the doctors concern. So I thought doctors were proud of their service and women proud of their choice.

"The health department stopped publishing a full breakdown of figures for the previous year in 2003. The last set of statistics, for 2001, showed that a foetus was aborted after 24 weeks because it had a cleft palate, a defect surgeons can in most cases remedy."
Demanding perfect babies and the willingness of doctors to terminate the less than perfect. Hmmm where have I heard that justification before. Slippery bet.

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