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Sunday, April 22, 2012

PP in WI: discontinues chemical abortions when law mandates following FDA protocol...

 Cross Posted at Wisconsin Right to Life.....Good work. The cheerleaders for the abortion industry will cry a river over this saying it is unnecessary....well take it up withe the FDA...note that per the protocol put out by the FDA is 3-4 separate visits with a doctor.  Sorry to inconvenience you but not that number of deaths and adverse incidents with the use of this killer drug. It is not a magic pill.....

 WI Right to Life Applauds Suspension of RU 486 Abortions. Suspension Likely to Spur Decline in Wisconsin Abortions

In a true victory for Wisconsin women, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin announced that it is suspending dangerous RU 486 chemical abortions because of the new law, Act 217,  which takes effect today. The FDA reports that 14 American women have died during RU 486 abortions and there were over 2,200 adverse incidents for women through use of this drug.
 Act 217, the Coercive and Web Cam Abortion Prevention Act, requires the abortionist to determine if a woman is being coerced into having an abortion and prohibits web cam RU 486 abortions.   The purpose of the law is to ensure the health and safety of women in these situations. 
Wisconsin Right to Life was the major organizational force behind the enactment of the law.
People mistakenly believe that women who have chemical abortions pop a pill and, magically, they are no longer pregnant.   Yet, FDA protocol for use of this two-drug regime is three to four visits to a doctor with close supervision.  “With the advent of web cam abortions, now taking place at Planned Parenthood clinics in Iowa and Minnesota, instead of this close supervision, women discuss their abortion over a web cam without a physical exam by a doctor.  Planned Parenthood envisions bringing web cam RU 486 abortions into local communities.  But now, not in Wisconsin, thanks to Act 217.   And, because chemical abortions comprise 26% of Wisconsin abortions, their suspension will result in another decline in Wisconsin abortions which is great news for mothers and babies.
 Opponents of Act 217 complain that the requirement of a private discussion with the woman to learn if she is being coerced is somehow detrimental.  Yet, women who are coerced are many times accompanied to the abortion clinic by the person doing the coercing who want to make sure she has the abortion.  This common sense law protects women at a time when it is most needed and provides help if she is a potential or real victim of domestic abuse.
Wisconsin Right to Life applauds Senator Mary Lazich, Rep. Michelle Litjens and the state legislature for passing this important bill and Governor Scott Walker for signing it into law.
Barbara Lyons

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