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Friday, April 20, 2012

Proliferations out takes.....

While blogger Pro Life Pro Woman is busy taking a course in Israel, readers are being a watch dog for her.
"But for now, enough of you have emailed me this link about six hospitals in Toronto hiding the knowledge of fetal sex.It’s amazing how slow people are to wake up to the fact that yes, this is happening in Canada. And it’s further amazing to me that some women defend it and claim they are “defenders of women’s rights.”
Priests for Life is excited to about  the  new  series call The New Catholic View for Women. " The idea for the show was conceived by host Janet Morana, executive director  of Priests for Life and co-founder of the Silent No More awareness campaign.
" I’m so upset with the lack of objectivity in the secular media; it’s  absolutely devastating to women,” said  [show's co-host Teresa] Tomeo. “The media can do so much good,  but, lately, they’ve been doing so much damage.

 Sara Flushing of Women of Faith in Culture  asks the your faith a fraud as she reviews bookSaving Jesus from Those Who are Right 

"And it seems that in the last two years or so there has been a fervent effort under the big tent of evangelicalism to usher in postmodern theologies with a clearly liberal feminist slant, seeking to normalize positions that undermine the authority of scripture."
Women's Rights  without Frontiers has a post that should wake up the conscience of all Americans who take their freedoms for granted.  It appears that  Broadcasting Board of Governors had planned to stop radio broadcasts  of Voice of America China in Tibetan and Cantonese. It is easy to make a budgetary decision but a letter from holocaust survivor Annette Lantos, wife of the late Congressman Tom Lantos, is urging them to  reconsider.
"Mrs. Lantos recounted the way that VOA broadcasts “fanned the fires of resistance in the brave underground fighters who sought to destroy the brutal Nazi totalitarianism from within.”  Her letter states:
“I well remember as a girl in Nazi-occupied Hungary, how every Sunday afternoon my family would draw the shades, close the curtains, and gather around the shortwave radio, pressing our ears close so that we could catch each precious word of freedom and hope that poured out of that radio receiver like manna from heaven . . . The VOA and BBC broadcasts were our one connection to freedom, our one connection to hope, and our lifeline that gave the resistance the courage to endure to the end. . . To cut off the VOA broadcasts would have been to cut off the very legs of the resistance.”

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