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Monday, January 16, 2012

Ryan Dobson.... on a birth mother's love

Except for some inaccurate adoption language...give up for adoption as opposed to make an adoption plan..good video showing how much love and courage it takes for a birth mother to make an adoption plan.


Anonymous said...

Ryan I am a birthmom, and my son just turned 41. I gave him life and loved him so much I wanted him to have a life that I could not give him without family support. We are in a good reunion, I thank God everyday for bringing him back into my life.

Susie Allen said...

So, obviously you had a closed adoption. What a wonderful testimony. I am glad you are having a good reunion.
I like what you said about loving him so much. I hate to see birth mothers denigrated.

Lilacjoe said...

Too many people say they are pro-life without knowing what it really means. To them it is only an idea. Maybe they think it makes them "holier" than pro-choice people.

To me, being pro-life means:
- I was kicked out of my parents' home because I refused to have the abortion that they suggested.

-I have gone for nearly 20 years without hearing my daughter laugh or looking into her eyes.

-my parents disowned me and other family members excommunicated me because I am a birthmother.

-the children I raised have few extended family members because of stresses surrounding the adoption

-my daughter's adoptive parents raised her to believe she would've had a bad life with me.

-my daughter is afraid to reunite with me

-Iam humiliated when my pastor announces that birthmothers don't care about their children

-I am stereotyped, such as when pro-life leader Richard Cash told me I "only care about having sex and getting high".

To pro-life choice is something that I live with every day. It has caused more pain for my loved ones than any other thing that I know of.

Yet, when I look back at the decision that I made in 1985, I am thankful that as a young, unwed mother, I did what I had to do to LET MY DAUGHTER LIVE.

Susie Allen said...

Wow! Of course to make the choice for life against all odds is truly courageous and wonderful. How amazing that you did not have the support for making an adoption plan for your child. I have never heard such denigration of birth parents you describe.
Adoption is a beautiful and courageous choice.