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Monday, January 16, 2012

TN: Tennessean promotes skits from Planned Parenthood

PP looks to friendly media outlets and can always count on the abortion supporting Tennessean to prop them up. This write up glorifies the PG 13 players (stands for Peer Guidance) that are recruited and trained by Planned Parenthood....the nation's largest promoter and provider of abortions. They were recently booked to do their "real life skits" at Rocketown, a Christian teen night spot. When the public objected strenuously,they were moved to a secular venue.

They are peddling their no boundaries skits to other venues such as the public schools and  are ready and willing to bring their version of real life  into the classroom but must have the invitation of the teacher and approval of the principal. Recently liberal NY  school kicked PP out for telling students that abstinence includes oral sex.  
"In the second skit, Joy Bhowmick, a senior at Martin Luther King Jr. Magnet High School, was disappointed by her new boyfriend’s lack of enthusiasm in the bedroom. “Sex equals love,” she told him, and she secretly told a friend that she was seeing another guy, too."
Planned Parenthood website suggests that the booking cost  of $175.00 although they enjoy tax money and acknowledge financial support from private organizations as well. Check out the award winning educational venue from PPFA that directs your child to the local PP.

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