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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nashville: PP moved out of Christian night spot

Word on the street  has now been confirmed that the  Planned Parenthood  presentation at Rocketown  is out  and  they are taking  their act to another venue.  See back story here.

When  Rocketown became fully aware of Planned Parenthood's underhanded  hijacking of the NPT booking, they made the right call. PP hoped to use the event  to infer credibility and acceptance in a Christian venue. This backfired when word got out  and reaction was swift.  Just as PP was rightfully kicked out of our  state budget in 2011 ( and other states) they were kicked out of Rocketown.

We appreciate the principled leaders of Rocketown who made the right decision to protect their credibility and well being of  the youth under their influence from Planned Parenthood's "if it feels good, do it " skits.

Please remember to thank founder Michael W. Smith for his pro life stand. Contact him here.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like another instance of PP infiltration done in secrecy. Good job, Rocketown -- thanks for protecting our youth.