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Friday, January 6, 2012

Nashville Christian teen nightclub to feature Planned Parenthood skits

Rocketown in Nashville TN  is  a teen club founded by Christian artist Michael W. Smith to "give teens a positive alternative to the many negative pressures"   is amazingly allowing the  
PG 13 ( stands for Peer Guidance in Planned Parenthood speak)  teen actors recruited and trained by Planned Parenthood to do their skits at the club on Monday night,  January 9th.

The Mission Statement
"Rocketown shares Christ’s love with youth through creative programs and mentoring relationships that are culturally relevant and eternally significant."
Why would a club founded on Christian principles with a board of pro life citizens want to give credibility to an organization that has wiped out a third of their generation and advocates for behavior that is contrary to respect  and dignity of the youth?  Planned Parenthood topics tout their  anything goes lifestyle advocating for condom use  and  their sexual advice that is X rated. Check out some of the  advice  on website Take Care Down There  for what PPFA considers award winning use of social media.

Allowing Planned Parenthood access to this venue gives them the appearance of respect and an  entree   to impressionable teens Rocketown  set out to serve and a betrayal to the parents who considered this a safe venue for their teens.  Please encourage Rocketown to cancel this event.

Contact  them at  615-843-4001 or . 
You may contact Michael W Smith here.

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