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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Scranton Bishop objects to pro abortion speaker at Catholic institution

Good for   Bishop Joseph C. Bambera of the diocese of Scranton.... let him  know of your support. or call 570-207-2238

"The bishop of the Diocese of Scranton is publicly expressing his disapproval with the University of Scranton for allowing a former U.S. congresswoman who supported abortion access bills to speak on campus.
Marjorie Margolies, who represented a suburban Philadelphia congressional district from 1993-1995, is the keynote speaker for a Jan. 28 program for women who want to run for office.
Bishop Joseph. C. Bambera asked that the university withdraw the invitation to Mr. Margolies, and the university refused......
Despite the university's lack of endorsement of the personal views of the keynote speaker, as a Jesuit and Catholic university, the inclusion of Ms. Margolies in a University-sponsored program has created concern and confusion among members of the Christian faithful," Bishop Bambera said in the statement. "Thereby, in this instance, the university's charge as a Catholic institution of higher learning to permeate 'all university activities' with 'Catholic teaching and discipline' has been compromised."

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